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  1. Post recipes here so we don't have to search threads!
  2. Hey guys, I am relatively new to fishing and have only fished the western li sound in summer. Lately the weather has been really nice and I would like to get back into fishing. I would like to catch stripers but I know that they are not many around. Would bunker chunking work at this time of year? What methods should I use to catch any fish at this time of year? I am okay with catching anything if striper fishing is not viable. Thanks in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  3. Hey y’all I have a 13’3 surf rod in which the butt is way too long for me. I plan on cutting it 2-3 inches near the butt so it’s easier for me to handle and jig. It is 29.5”from the middle of the reel seat (where my hand will be) to the bottom of the rod. I have never cut a rod before or have done any work on one. What is the best way to cut it and can I reuse the butt cap after I cut it? Thanks
  4. I am just beginning to get into surf fishing and I’m looking to purchase a rod and a reel. Any suggestions on an affordable set up for a rod, reel, line and etc.? What brands are best for rod and reels? Looking to spend less than $200 for everything. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I recently tried to make the Holly Cattell bangle from the cookson project book. Using my little butane torch, I had real problems soldering the 5mm bead onto the ends of the 3mm silver wire. I spent all evening trying, and eventually gave up. The next day, out of interest, I tried again using my plumber's propane torch. No finesse whatsoever, but with a big roaring flame, it soldered perfectly first time. So, was my problem that the little butane torch wasn't up to the job? A friend told me it should be sufficient because it gets hot enough to melt the solder, but surely it's not just the heat, but the amount of it that also counts? (the little torch didn't even make the silver glow red, the big one did very quickly). If I do need to buy another torch, would something like a Sievert do? I have read the forums and a lot of people like the Smith's little torch, but it's a bit out of budget at the moment. So i I decided to Google if are there any free torches I could get luckily I came that promised free torches but I just have to pay for shipment only so I did. Guess what? I got delivery 2 days ago.
  6. Hello. I am a marine biologist with the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance (NECWA), an all-volunteer nonprofit based in southeastern MA. We established a community-sighting network for basking sharks and ocean sunfish in 2005 called NEBShark. We are asking fishermen, recreational boaters and beach walkers to report their sightings of both live and dead ocean sunfish and basking sharks to this network with the focus of better understanding these very unusual species in the waters of New England. We ask for basic sighting information when reporting to www.nebshark.org including: the date, time, general location, GPS position and photographs/video (if collected). Each fall, NECWA also works hard to rescue live ocean sunfish that strand along the shores of New England. As an all-volunteer group, we are always looking for help with these endeavors as all of us associated with NECWA are volunteering our time and efforts. If the animal strands dead, then we switch gears and conduct a necropsy or animal autopsy. We collect photographs of the carcass along with body measurements, weights, external and internal parasites and tissues. We are using this material to support our research as well as that of other researchers in the United States and worldwide. To learn more or to report your sighting today, go to www.nebshark.org. To learn more about NECWA, go to www.necwa.org. Thank you for your time and support. Best, Krill Carol "Krill" Carson Marine Biologist and President, NECWA krillcarson@mac.com
  7. Any ideas? Woops edited
  8. Ok I need guidance, just moved to Long Island and love fishing. I never realized how much goes into the sport. I have a lot to learn. The last two seasons i’ve Been surf fishing but with not much luck( yes, i’m a bait soaker). I have tried some lures ( buck tails, diamond jig, spoons) out a few times but since I didn’t know what I was doing I kinda gave up. I have yet to catch a fish on a lure. I would like to be able to learn the lures and someday catch a damn fish. I have been to the trusty YouTube watched a few videos in hopes that things would change this year. Watched vids on how to tie different rigs, on how to read the beach which I still don’t know if I’m doing right. My gear so far: 10’ st croix mojo surf paired with penn battle 6000 12’ penn rod with penn fierce 2 live liner 8000 the 6000 has 40lb braid I believe the 8000 has 50lbs mono i think both rods are medium to heavy what the hell do I need to do other than “ get out and fish more”? More YouTube I guess any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  9. I was wondering if anyone could help me identifying these things. I was thinking that they were bait for something else or a baby sunfish or something. My uncle says it looks like a cunner but I don't see it. The water was very rough today so they could have been brought up from further out in the ocean. They are very small, no longer than 2 inches in both length and width. Thank you for your help.
  10. A buddy of mine is visiting Greece and he caught this really weird looking fish. Does anybody have any clue what this fish is called and if it’s normal for that fish to be in those waters. He is currently on the island of Rhodes
  11. I was fishing in the Long Island sound for sea bass today, when I came across a fish I’ve never seen before. Can someone tell me what kind of fish this is?
  12. Hey all, This question go out to all who have experience or intel on fishing the south beaches of Florida. Within the next few weeks I will be traveling to the beaches of southern Florida. I am looking to surf cast off the beach for just about whatever bites! I have every piece of fishing tackle a striped bass fisherman could want, however I am extremely ignorant on what to fish down south to target the sport fish of Florida. I plan on bringing a selection of lures to cover the water column but I was curious as to what you all would recommend to bring with me. Thanks
  13. Ok so I want to get a nice and strong saltwater reel with 30 drag and big size but will that make it bad for fishing salmon or other small fishes When going fishing near where I live. (Tsunami Shield 5000)- Reel
  14. Worn once or twice, and put away. Stopped diving a few years back and this suit never got anymore use. In mint, mint condition. Riffe 5mm digitek, farmer john bottoms and snap hooded top. $300.00 plus shipping costs. Can delivery local on Long Island.
  15. WTS a good condition Lamiglas Ron Arra Surf Pro rod 11-6 rated 2-6 oz. 2 piece 70/30 split. Asking $200 or best offer, pick up Phila area or I would ship on your cost. XSRA 1382-2
  16. Merry Christmas all. Thinking about one of these in a 10.5. As a back up.. use a 10.5 Tica .. and an 11 ft euro ,, which is my favorite rod but no longer made. . The tica is a bit to beefy for me .. but it was once my fav.. anyone use one of these tsunami elite ? Throwing chunks
  17. Hi all, I was thinking about the 2017 fishing season and was wondering if any of you know of any hotspots for big stripers? Thanks, saltyfishing
  18. Anyone seen any tackle shops around in NJ that sell gulp nemesis ? I've seen it once and fished it and had amazing results and now i can't find it anywhere ! if anyone knows of any place who has it I'd much appreciate it ! i could order online but i do not like to do that too much because i love to support my local tackle shops and not the big box stores as much as i possibly can ! thanks in advance !
  19. Hello, this is my first post, but I am a 20 yr old from RI and looking to get into surf fishing and am wondering if people have recommendations where to go surf fishing and if there are any easy places to take my 14ft skiff into the bay? also what types of lures and set p I should use. I am looking to go for striped bass.
  20. What fish do you target? Here in buzzards bay I fish for Black Sea bass on my 10 footer, with the paddling I find it hard to go after stripers. But anyways the kayak is a major advantage for sea bass.
  21. Newbie here- I'm pretty new to saltwater fishing (I have been on a few party boats but that's about it ). But I have been invited up to my grandparents cabin in the Boothbay/Southport ME area (Lincoln county )and from what I remember the coastline is extremely rocky . I was hoping for some tips on how to avoid snags on the shore and rig setup advice etc. Thanks in advance- Andrew
  22. Hi all , Newbie to the forum here and looking for some advice. I am off on a boating cod fishing in January , I have a rod 7foot rovex integra gold budget rod, and I am looking for a suitable reel to match, I have had my eye on the Penn warefare 20 level wind and a decent price - would this reel be up to the task or am i better off looking elsewhere? My budget is around 50 -80pounds, any suggestions will be great. Thanks
  23. Spent 2 hrs fishing got tons of bites. Caught several. Here are some pics.
  24. SaltyNJ


    Alright bait fishing, when should i do this vs fishing with lures in the sandy hook surf and whats everyones favorite and most productive methods? Thanks
  25. Hi everyone. I have been fishing since I was a young boy, but my father was always the one to take me. Sadly, he passed away, and I hardly remember his techniques. Now that I am older I have been picking up fishing more often. My favorite spot to fish is the Aqueducts out by Taft. I usually use the fish finder rig (I think) that's the rig where I have a round 1 oz weight, a swivel, and then my leader line right? I use cut sardines as bait, and I cast it out and let it sit. The knot I use is the improved clinch knot. My line I use is a 8lb test but I think it's too weak, since my last attempts at fishing my line has snapped when a fish is on. Is that too weak? Anyway, on to the real question. I have been reading about the Carolina rig. Would anyone recommend that for aqueduct fishing? With that rig, do I have to reel in my line while fishing, or can I let it sit like the fish finder rig? Thanks everyone!
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