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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I would like to add my findings for anyone else that may run into this same issue. I have a penn battle 2 3000 which is an awesome reel and I’ve never had an issues with it. I disassembled the drag system HT100 to clean it all up and put it back together. I also took apart the HT100 drag adjustment knob on the top of the spool that clicks as your turn it, and once putting it back together (initially incorrectly) I realised the knob itself was no longer clicking as I turned it. I googled for anyone else that had the same problem and also for diagrams hoping they would should what goes where inside the knob but there is nothing on the internet for this based on my searches. Long story short (see pics) there is a tiny spring with a spring loaded ball bearing in the end of a little stainless cylinder. This gets placed base of spring in first and ball bearing side sticking out of the top of the knob facing the black disc with circular imprints all around it on the washer side. The spring loaded ball bearing rides across the divets in the black disc which creates the incremental clicking sound and feeling you get when you turn the knob. I hope my findings solve someone else’s headache one day! Thanks
  2. I'm having issues with the drag on my Fathom II 15SD. When I tighten it down all the way, I can still easily pull the line out, probably no more than 5 lbs of drag. I've got it set up to the heaviest drag option. Looking at the schematic, it appears that everything is there and in the correct location. I took it to a local guy yesterday who services a lot of reels (not this model specifically) but he had no luck. I've had the reel for about 6 months and I've done some casting with it, but haven't fished with it yet. To be honest I'm not sure if I ever checked the drag to see if it would tighten all the way down. What actually puts tension on the drag washers? It appears Part 9 Spacer Sleeve interlocks with Part 7H Heavy Metal Drag Washer as you spin the dial. But the Spacer Sleeve doesn't slide in and out to adjust the pressure on the drag washers, as it's locked in with pins? Does the raised section of the heavy metal drag washer face up or down onto the drag washers (I've tried both ways)? The orientation of the spring washers (Part 8) appear to be correct as well, but I've tried different ways. Here are some photos of what I have and the schematic. I'm sure it's something I'm doing/not doing or something I'm missing, but I'm lost. Any ideas or suggestions?
  3. Wondering if any one else has had similar issues before I send it in for repair/maintenance. Firstly this is not a new reel. The drag knob is not able to be tightened down and more or less constantly spins making the drag setting pretty much nothing. The drag knob itself is stuck free spinning both clockwise and counter clockwise and won’t come off making it impossible to remove the spool. The knob seems to have a bit of play so I’m thinking it might be something with the bushings. I will post pictures in the morning any help is appreciated.
  4. I have a Penn Squall 15 star drag and watching a reel repair guy on YouTube took it apart to get some of the thick factory grease out. I got reel put back together with a little bit of difficulty, but now that it's back together the drag isn't nearly as strong as it should be. There were no parts that I left out, any reel experts on here who could suggest a place to begin looking for what I did wrong, or a simple way to get the drag back up to snuff? Thanks!
  5. Can't quite get my Tranx 300 back to normal performance after my first breakdown of it. With the drag loosened all the way from 0 to about 33%, everything feels fine... once I tighten down the drag star to about half and beyond, this also is having a moderate lock up effect of the handle turning. Although the reel does function, this issue creates a distinct and persistent knocking sound and vibration of the whole reel in hand as you turn the handle. In light drag scenarios this is unoticeable, but when I go to use this reel for flippin and punchin with fully engaged drag it will be an issue. Any thoughts/suggestions? Have reassembled the handle/tension nut/spring/etc portion of the reel several times now and nothing seems to mitigate. Thanks for any help!
  6. Try to reassemble my Tranx 301A. This was not a full breakdown, just took it down to removing the handle/drag star/4 frame screws etc to take a look at the inside and apply some grease to the main gear. Anyway, once I get to reassembling the drag star, I'm running into the issue of my drag star also seeming to tighten/roughen up the cranking of the handle. It is progressive... fully disengaged drag = brand new reel smooth...fully tightened drag = barely a full rotation if I tap the handle and a very rough sensation/vibration of the reel in hand. Have watched and rewatched @scoobydoo 's video several as I am assembling and disassembling, I am pretty sure I have everything oriented correctly, but obviously something is off (the video is extremely helpful and detailed, I am just screwing up something). Any input would be very helpful as I am not even sure what to check at this point. My newbie guess as to what the issue is has something to do with the initial hand tightening of the tension nut and/or how it is making contact with the washer that sits between the nut/sleeve.
  7. Easter Bunny in drag. Who's in there? I'm guessing the Health Secretary
  8. Hi All, I've never really had a big fight where the fish pulls much line/runs and was wondering if you could give some insight on proper drag adjustments and line test weights for when I (hopefully) hook up with a cow. I am using a 4000 sized reel with max drag of 13 lbs according to the specs. Does this mean that if I use 25lb test braid there is no chance of the braid snapping even if I crank the drag down as much as humanly possible? If that's true, I did have my line snap once so assuming that was from frayed line? Even the 8000 size reels I see have max drags of 25lbs. Does that mean that if using 25 or 30lb test, breaks should be near impossible in pretty much all cases? Nobody's ever really explained drag to me and I just set it by 'feel' when pulling a bit of line with my hand since I'm worried it would snap if too tight.
  9. So I've had my Van Staal VSX 150 for about a year now. Ever since I got it though, I felt that the drag was too light. When locked down tight, I could turn the spool without much effort. I didn't return the reel and just fished it with drag locked tight every time - I know I shouldn't have been. I'm currently going through my reels for maintenance. In the process, I checked out the drag for my Shimano Stradic FK 3k and 4k and both have much more drag output than the VSX. I quickly searched to see if I could upgrade the drag on the VSX myself, but it looks like it's not as straight forward, because it is sealed drag. My question is... Has anyone upgraded their VSX drag? If so, how? Currently, I don't think that it has enough drag to handle spring stripers in the 35lb+ weight class - I'd have to worry about getting spooled. I still have about a month until the 1 year is up on the reel, but I'm not sure if VS will identify it as a "problem" since mechanically, it's fine... It just doesn't perform.
  10. All, Just bought a sweet used VS 150 and have a question about the drag. The reel is basically unused or has been used very little and seems in mint condition. The drag however as some small issues. With no drag knob attached, it still has some resistance. As i tighten it, it does get tighter but not anywhere near as tight as my other VS 150. I can max out the drag knob and still fairly easily pull drag. I caught one slot fish last night and the thing pulled more drag that I’m really comfortable with with the knob tightened all the way. So I did a little forum pounding and found some ppl with similar issues but no real easy fixes. Someone said to leave it overnight fully tightened down, another said to tie the leader to something and walk/run with rod to break in the drag. Serial Number is 17xxx Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Brand new vsx 150 fresh out the box, started going over everything then got to the drag. Started cranking down the nob and checking strength, fairly loose. Kept going noticing minimal drag difference. Locked it all the way down thinking it might magically be the expected drag but i could still move with no effort what felt like maybe 8 pounds of drag. Obviously something is not right. Looking to see if anyone has experienced a similar situation. Thanks.
  12. I’m looking to upgrade the bearings and drag in a Newell s229-5. Any recommendations?
  13. Hi all, i decided to pull trigger on a brand new Penn Slammer 8500hs for everything from land based shark fishing to throwing big metal and poppers. Straight out of the box I noticed a very weird creaking/grinding sound when turning the spool against the drag (almost sounds like somebody snoring). I thought lining it up and pulling out drag might spread some grease around might fix it but to no avail. Has anybody dealt with this or have any suggestions? I will try to upload a video. Thank you in advance for the help. -Dan
  14. Hello, first post here so let me know if I'm doing anything stupid. The felt drag in my Shimano Solstace 4000 Front Drag gave out and I would like to replace it with a carbontex drag system. I can only get a hold of this through Mike's Reel Repair, and he doesn't seem to have anything for the Solstace because it has been discontinued. Is there any other reel that has identical drag? The Stradic maybe? Any help is appreciated.
  15. I am in the process of ordering parts to rebuild an old Penn Squidder 140 and hoped to get some comments regarding the Brian Young 5 stack drag as opposed to the regular Smooth Drag 3 stack drag. I will be replacing the sleeve with a stainless one (Mr. Tani's with the flats milled to the ratchet to accommodate the Brian Young drag) and static magging it regardless. The use will primarily be fishing from a bridge where we float deep diving plugs (Rapala Magnum 20s) out with the tide about 60 yards to some rock piles (that are about 100 yards long) and then crank them back for grouper (up to about 30"). The drag will be cranked down all the way just shy of locked up to snatch the grouper away from the structure before you get "rocked up" as we say. I was using a magged Penn Senator 4/0 with a Smooth Drag replacement which worked well but is very heavy. Then a magged Penn Senator 3/0 with a stainless shaft and the Brian Young 5 stack which is a little lighter, and now I am going to try it with this magged Squidder. The hope is that the Squidder will cast much better than the Senators and reduce all the time it takes to float out to the rock piles and be a bit lighter to work with as well. I do appreciate that I am probably pushing the limits of a Squidder with this craziness, but it keeps things interesting. Any comments will be appreciated.
  16. Ordered the wrong part. These are unused only taken out for photo. Fits TLD Star 15/30, 20/40. TSM IIIFS, III, IV, IVFS. $15.00 Shipped. Paypal.
  17. Long story short, I bought the Saltiga 15H in December of last year and used it once. While I was using it, I confirmed that something wasn't quite right with the drag. I was on a boat using 8 oz sinker and the drag was slipping when I was setting the hook (without any fish on). I tightened it as far as I was comfortable doing and I was still able to pull line out by hand. I sent in the reel for warranty repair and it came back exactly the way I sent it. Then I called Daiwa and spoke to a service tech, Johnny, and he told me to send it in again. I spoke to him a few times about the issue today and it looks like he can't do anything about it. Basically, I don't feel comfortable locking down drag on any of my reels in most scenarios. It has 17.5 lbs of max drag and that's more than plenty for what I am targeting. I usually go 80% from being locked tight and that usually works fine. But Johnny told me that he measured 22 lbs of drag when he tightened as far as he could. I told him that that wasn't my issue and I don't need 22 lb of drag. I want to be able to go from 1lb of drag to 17lb of drag gradually. Not 0 drag to 22lb drag instantly only when the reel is locked down. What worried me was when he said "You'd be surprised how much I had to tighten." I have many other star drag reels and they all have fairly wide sweet spots and drag seems to go up gradually. If there is a sweet spot on this reel (which I still think is a lemon), it is probably extremely narrow. Not what I expected from a $400 reel. Johnny first said that he would put in an extra drag washer, then changed his mind and pointed me to aftermarket drag washers... Smh. He's definitely a nice guy, but in the end, wasn't very helpful. Anyone else with Saltiga 15H drag problems?
  18. I purcased Penn Clash 4000 in the spring 2016 and used only once in 2016. I used it a couple times this year, no dunkings. The only time it got wet was during after trip clean up. Went to use it last week and immediately noticed an issue with the drag. I can set the drag loosely, but as line is taken, the drag tightens up to the point of lockdown. I do note the drag knob turns with the spool as drag is pulled, thus automatically tightening against itself. I am at a loss for what is causing this. Suggestions?
  19. So I picked up a Penn Battle (original, not II) 6000 from a fishing guide in the Keys who probably put a few sharks and tarpon on it inshore. He showed me that the spool rotation when pulling line was super sticky and uneven, and he said it was probably a flat spot on a drag washer that could be replaced cheaply. Rather than opening it up like a reasonable person, I immediately ordered carbon tex washers as replacements. When I got the washers, I opened up the Penn and saw there were already carbon fiber washers, which are pretty resistant to flat spots and unevenness, but there was a lot of black residue in the cavity like the washers had been smoked a few times. Anyway, I greased and replaced the washers, and the spool rotation is just as bad as it was before. I took the line roller off and it checked out okay, so I oiled and re installed it. It turns freely. What am I missing here?
  20. Okay guys, I need your help again. I recently disassembled my Mitchell 308 I bought online. Since I never got to own a 308 when I was young (only 300 and 302), I bought my first one just a month ago. It was a satisfying feeling, if a little overdue. Anyway, after taking it apart for general service I noticed I am missing three washers... I think. There is no Teflon base washer (81285) on the spindle but under the spool. There is no steel thrust washer (81276) under the drive gear, Finally there is no "D washer (81302?) between the pinon asembly and the rotator. It looks like some parts changed, were dropped and were added over the years. I am confused if I am really missing any or some of these parts and should I try to add them. I am also confused about what year my 308 was manufactured and what schematic I should be using. If you know the answers to these questions, I would appreciate your help. Explanations and history lessons are welcomed. I am trying to learn all I can on how this all fits together with Mitchells in general. I have a few other Mitchells and I know they are from different eras. Thank you for your help. Florida Phil
  21. Hello to the fisherman all around the world! I have just purchased a new Dawia Certate 13 2506H with a 3kg (7lb) drag setup. The dragsystem is a single felt washer setup, and i wonder if i can upgrade the drag with Carbontex on a single felt washer to 1. increase the drag, and 2. get the smoother drag. I have google some but online find tutorials on how they do it on a multi-surface-dragsystem. BR
  22. I have an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500-C3 reel that I recently oiled and cleaned completely. After I put it back together, i could just pull out line without pressing the button. I have monofilament on it, so it is not slipping. What should I do?
  23. I bought Abu Garcia Orra 2 Inshore Spinning reel (ORRA2INS40) back in February and only used it a handful of times. While using it this past weekend, I realized that the drag was letting the line out way too easily. I came back home and tested the drag with a digital scale and at the absolute max drag setting (to the point that the knob wouldn't turn anymore), the line started to let out at around 13 lbs. Once the line started to let out, it averaged between 11 - 12lbs. This is about 5-6 lbs less than the spec. I just started the warranty process with Abu Garcia. I am wondering if there's something that I can try before sending this back... I want to save on shipping if this is something I can easily fix at home. I am thinking that maybe the Penn Reel Cleaner got into the drag system, but I doubt it. Model: ORRA2INS40 Drag: 18 lbs
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