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Found 34 results

  1. WTS After Hours Sr Danny and A-40. $55 shipped. Never thrown but tested.
  2. WTB sporting wood Danny, preferably white or light colors. Looking to fish it, used and scratched is fine. Thanks!
  3. Well, after grabbing a new rod to cast heavier metal lips this fall I am tasked with working with a faster action rod while trying to keep the metal lip cartwheeling to violently. So.. my thoughts are to try increasing the drop on the plug from the rod tip, while making a effort to not horse the plug too much. Have any of you found that the drop length of your casting plays a role on the flight characteristics of a Danny?
  4. These are Sporting wood blanks. What you see is what you get. I have made a couple in past years and they work great! 6 bottles 4 darters 2 large pencils 1 danny $75 shipped
  5. Hello all, I have been turning some Donny plugs and have tried a number of lips. I used pine 2x2. I was hoping for no roll but no matter what lip I try the plugs roll. They don't roll out but it's they had eyes the would look at 2 and 10 alot. My next try is going to be ayc. Other donnys I have bought also roll about the same. Is this normal? Thanks Jeremy
  6. Selling these plugs as a lot (I made the clownfish- I’m just throwing it in- free beta testing haha) BM older run Danny Tom White Danny SP Minnow $80 shipped- NOW $75
  7. Id like to try my hand at some metal lips but I really can't find much info about the lips, obviously a danny is a danny a pikie and a lefty swimmer are all their own thing but when you lay the lips on the table the differences are very subtle. If anyone could direct me to the resources to read up on this would be greatly appreciated. I just really want to figure a basic understanding of the differences and the rest I can slowly learn on my own.
  8. Free Shipping 1. New Dragster Bloody Ghost 7” 4.2oz - $45 2. New C&R Danny 6” 2.5oz - $45
  9. Beachmaster danny and RM Smith Large metal lip swimmer both are new. $55 for the pair shipped...pp only
  10. Looking for a few 6 inch danny's and Jr's. Lightly used is fine. Whites, Yellows, Blurple color shades/combos but open to others. Thanks.
  11. All are new. Free shipping if you buy 3 plugs or more. Add $6 shipping if you buy only one or two plugs. Paypal only. Shipping to US addresses only. Indicate your choice or make an offer by including the # below. 1. Small darter $35 2. Small cloud Danny $35 SOLD 3. Small Danny black over purple. $35 SOLD 4. Blurple needle $40 5. Large old style MAPLE darter. Heavy $40 SOLD 6. Large old style MAPLE black. Heavy. $40 SOLD LOT PRICE: $175 SHIPPED
  12. Opened in another thread.
  13. Lost a couple last season and looking to replace. Please let me know what you have available! Thanks!
  14. Used 7.5" 3oz yellow/white danny, resembles a BM but it could be something different. The white danny is a BM and is used for reference. Finish and dimensions are similar. $20 shipped, PayPal.
  15. Ok. Trying this again. Trying to complete my RM Smith Danny trout collection. From what I know, he made a few in the regular Danny style. Picture below is the color pattern- NOT the plug. Would also trade.. have plenty of stuff
  16. NEW Black Label 3oz Needle ($30) NEW Larry Schmid Atom ($35) NEW Larry Schmid Danny ($35) NEW Ruru Mini Danny ($30) Prices are shipped. PP only. Thank you.
  17. Sporting wood bottle plug like new lupo large Danny like new $30 paypal shipped
  18. Looking for a few different plugs in a few different colors. 3oz New Run Darter : White, Silver, Gold, Black Orange, Sea Foam Large Danny : Chartuse, Silver, sea foam, gold, white Cowboy Snr : Silver, Gold, Chartuse, Black Orange
  19. Both new just stored for a while $60 picked up add $7 for shipping pp
  20. Two Lupo Dannys. About 7.5" and 3.5oz. $25 shipped, PayPal preferred
  21. Afterhours Humpback Pencil - $30 Big Ed Floating Needles - $35 for the quad Cape Cod Tackle Atoms - $30 for the trio Guides Secret Old School Swimmer Pair - $20 KCC Squid Plug w/ Frothy Lure Co. Tail - $15 Lemire's Goo Goo Eye - $15 Montauk Steve or Pete (not sure) Cloud Swimmer - $15 RM Smith Peanut Waverers in Squid Bone and Squid Black - $40 for the lot RM Smith blue scale Freshwater Popper - $20 (SOLD) Striper Maineiac Rainbow 3 oz Danny - $15 Tattoo Lot - $45
  22. New in package 2oz Tattoo darter, Black over purple. $35 shipped pp CCW wonder bread jetty swimmer 1.9oz and orange mac small danny 2oz $62 shipped pp for the lot Black label parrot spook 2.6oz and Jig Man spook 2.4oz $52 shipped pp for the lot
  23. Selling by lot only. Paypal payment + shipping. PM for payment information. Please, include the lot number, your name and your shipping address in the PayPal payment message. Only serious inquiries, please. Thanks. UNLESS A LOT IS MARKED AS SOLD (WHEN PAYMENT IS MADE), IT'S STILL AVAILABLE. LOT 1: RM Smith Danny & Waverer - $40 LOT 2: RM Smith Custom Plugs Jigsmith (Zombie Mackerel & Chickenscratch) - $40 LOT 3: Large Musk mania Doc and squid plug - $28 (SOLD) LOT 4: Sebile Magic Swimmer , 5oz 9", slow sinking - $45 LOT 5: 2017 Sebile Stick Shads Sinking - $26 LOT 6: Sebile Magic Swimmers, 5oz 9", slow sinking, (2017 and older model) - $28 (SOLD) LOT 7: New Canal Magic Swimmers, 5oz 9", slow sinking - $16 LOT 8: Canal Perfect Swimmer, 6", 1.3oz - $8 (SOLD) LOT 9: Guppy Pencils and Left Hook Popper, about 5" 1.25 to 2 oz, slow sinking - $36 LOT 10: Creek Chub Wood Wooden 8" Pikie Metal Lip Diving + Herring Danny - $18 (SOLD) LOT 11: New Papi's Pride handcrafted wooden danny plug, swimmers. 6.5" long, 1 1/4" wide and weigh roughly 2 oz. - $18 LOT 12: Likely new Washed Ashore swim darter 8" 2oz (squid) and Spook 5" 1.5oz - $38 LOT 13: 2 new and 1 likely new Bomber Magnum Long Shot A, 5" 3/4oz - $13 LOT 14: PK's Canal Bombs - $29 LOT 15: Jesse Koder's bombs - $35 LOT 16: Two Guppy Pencils (6" and 5") and 1 Left Hook Popper - $45
  24. All priced shipped each. Must purchase at least 2 plugs to make shipping worth while. All plugs new in package unless noted in description. 1. Bob Hahn 1.5oz swimmer, white. $12.00 SOLD 2. Cap'n Andy deep Brok'n-Bak swimmer. 10" Eel Skin plug $12.00 SOLD 3. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting open package and missing cardboard label. $10.00 Sold 4. Al Gag's 5" darter 1-1/2oz $12.00 SOLD 5. L. Cooper Goo-Goo eyes 20-D Deep Swimmer "Husky Swimmer" $20.00 SOLD 6. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting $12.00 7. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting, unopened missing label. $12.00 SOLD 8. Island Lures 2oz darter $12.00 9. Stan Gibbs 1-5/8oz darter white $12.00 SOLD 10. Lupo Danny 3-3/4oz deep trolling and casting $12.00 SOLD 11. Gibbs Pencil Popper 3-1/2oz white / red $18.00 12. Gibbs trolling swimmer 3oz Mack $15.00 SOLD 13. Gibbs trolling swimmer 3oz White $15.00 14. Sebile Stick Shadd FW 155MM / 6-1/4" 2-1/2oz $12.00 SOLD
  25. New rm smith waverer in weakfish and new linesider69 glider in parrot. $60 shipped for the lot. CCW Cigar Danny in bone and small Danny in mullet. Both carried, the bone looks new besides a little oxidation on the hooks. The small Danny has a tiny dent on the head and some light scuffs. $42 shipped for the lot. SOLD