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  1. Hi, I was wondering if any of yall have tried putting an aftermarket knob on the Daiwa Procyon al. I have the 2500 size and was planning to get a knob either from gomexus, asian portal, or digitaka. Thanks
  2. Im looking to get a casting reel for throwing plugs from a boat for a 844c loomis pro blue. Im in between the lexa hd and tw, they both seem like good options so just curious for some opinions of people who have used them.
  3. I'm looking for a budget 2500-4000 reel for crappie fishing. It's only going to be used for freshwater fish and unlike other reels where I'm willing to spend more money on better quality, I want to stay super cheap under $70. I thought about the regal/legalis, sedona, pflueguer president, okuma ceymar... Any recs?
  4. If money wasn’t an issue what 5 different spinning reels would y'all have in your arsenal? I'll start off Shimano Stella 8k/10k/14k (heavy duty reel) Shimano Ultegra 5500 ci4 (lightweight distance casting) Daiwa Saltiga 6k (do it all) VanStaal 100x2 (surf for stripers/blues) Daiwa Exist/Airity 3k/4k (inshore/lightweight) btw I could swap out the Stella and Saltiga sizing since the latter drag handles big fish better... HM: Okuma Maikara 20k, Saltist MQ 8k, IRT 400, Daiwa Revelry 3k , Penn Authority 10k
  5. Was thinking about how the Daiwa BG series especially the 5000 might be slightly overrated. For example, a Penn Battle 5000 can be compared to a Daiwa BG 4000/4500. The Battle 5k weighing at 18.8 oz has 25lb of drag. A BG4000 weighs 14 oz while having 17.6lb of drag while the 4500 weighs 22oz with only 22lb of drag. The BG 5000 is an even heavier reel at 22.6 oz but still only has 22lb of drag since the body is the same. A Penn Battle 6k also weighs less & has more drag than the BG 5000. The tsunami shield 6k is even lighter at 16.5 oz and has 30lb of drag while being well sealed. In fact the Shimano Socorro which is considered one of shimanos "failed" products seem to have better stats than the BG. The Socorro 8000 is also lighter and has more drag than the BG 5000 while holding more line. You could argue that the BG is a bit smoother but they have felt more buttery and the reel seems to not spin as freely as even the battle. Overall as an owner of a BG 5000, I think there are better reels in the price range that are more durable, smoother, tough, stronger, and lighter. And if you are willing to spend even as much as $50 more, there is a vast increase in performance.
  6. Looking at the new 23 Daiwa BG reels, they seem to be solid.The 6000 size weighing 13.5 oz has 26.4lb of drag which is solid. They also upgraded some of parts internally too with the ATD drag system still there and a full aluminum body. Has anyone had the chance to try one yet?
  7. Does anyone have more info on a Daiwa caldia? I plan on purchasing a 6000 size to pair with my 11' and was wondering if it had any issues. I heard the drag was much smoother than the Saragosa and that it was a budget version of the twin power/Stella. Thanks
  8. Daiwa_Shimano reel comparison chart.pdf USA BIG 3 REEL PRICE COMPARISONS.pdf
  9. Hi I have these for sale.. 1.Kencor mag 7ft 2 piece 6-15lb $100 2.Kencor zebra 5ft 5-10 lb (it was extended 1ft by a metal piece). $100 3.Kencor magna ocean series 8ft 15-40 lb $100 4.Graphite rod not sure what it may be 6ft 4-10 2 piece $60 5.Okuma celio graphite rod 5ft 4-10lb $60 6.Fenwick hooksetter 5'6" 1-6 lb $100 7.Truline octagon number 1580 15lb rod $120 8.Truline hr75 blank 7'3" 15 lb blank $60 9.Truline chocolate spinning rod 7'2" 8-15 lb $50 10.Truline dynamo ultralight 5ft 2-10 lb $100 11.Harnell 7ft 30-80 lb $160 12.Harnell ul5 5ft 2-5 lb $100 13.Shimano symetre 1000fl $60 14.Garcia Mitchell 300a $40 15.Lake King rod 6ft 5 -10 $40 16.Seeker spinning rod 7ft 15-25 $100 17.Calstar ul 6ft 5-10 lb $50
  10. I never put too much thought into it before my first import Daiwa purchase, but now when looking at a 2023 Saltiga I figured I should ask some questions for the folks with experience. I purchased a Australian Certate LT 4000D-C (ARK Model), I had read that you can typically get imports serviced in the US but not warrantied before purchasing, but I would love to hear your experience with both below(warranties and service)! I am thinking of picking up a JDM 23 Saltiga and wanted to ask about JDM reels getting serviced in the US and peoples experience with it, and has anyone sent their reel to japan for warranty or servicing and how was that experience? I am willing to get the XH model, as that is what is sold in the US market, if that makes getting it serviced here more likely. Two extra questions, does anyone have a 4000 certate and a 23 saltiga? Which size do you feel like is a worthwhile upgrade from the 4000 for a different reel size feel, thinking 5000 or 6000 with a bias towards the 6000. Secondly, does anyone have a 6000 23 Saltiga and what size rod do you like throwing it on?
  11. Hey yall Im planning to get one of these cheap spinning surf rods for casting 3 oz weights. I have multiple other surf rods and need one on a budget. I've narrowed it down to these two as I needed something lightweight, able to cast 3 oz sinkers, and decent quality. I think I'm leaning towards the emcast as it is a rod I've felt before and enjoyed. Furthermore it has more guides which will allow it to cast further. If any of yall have tried these rods please let me know any information you have. Thanks Okuma Rockaway 11' -10.6 oz -6+1 guides -Originally $130 but on sale for $77 Daiwa Emcast 11' -unknown but still extremely light -8 guides -$90
  12. Wtt my daiwa saltiga 14000 for saltiga 4000 It has to be in the same condition as mine. Prefer meet for trade or I like to sell my for $750
  13. 1.) Customized handle daiwa DX swimbait rod 8 foot heavy rated 2-8 with shimano cardiff 301 spooled with 20 lb big game - $125 2.) Aubut custom swimbait rod 8 foot medium heavy rated 1-5 moderate action with daiwa lexa cc 300L spooled with 20 lb big game - $150 3.) 13 fishing blackout combo 7'3 mh with matching reel spooled with 20 lb bps fluoro (I'll throw in the jig for free) - $75 Located in Hull MA but can meet up within reason. More pics upon request. Thanks for looking!
  14. Fs: Calcutta 200 gtb tsunami trophy combo, daiwa costal sp surf 9ft, daiwa bg 2000 fenwick combo, concept z 13 fishing fate #1: Calcutta 200 gtb with 20 pound 8 strand power pro with tsunami trophy series acid wrap 7ft heavy 20-40lb 50-120g (1.75-4.25 oz). Would be a great bucktailing fluke rod, jigging for seabass, black fish jig rod, or flutter spoons for bass. Used for one season light wear on it #2 daiwa costal sp surf 9 foot medium 2 piece 70-30 split 1-4 ounces 10-20lb would be a nice plug rod from the surf for bass I just have no use for it being a boat fisherman. Used one time #3 daiwa bg 2000 with 7lb sunline braid, rod is a fenwick eagle 6ft6 medium 2 piece 1/8-3/4 6-12 used less than 5 times would be a good light fluke rod or largemouth bass rod #4 13 fishing concept Z 8:1:1 20 pound spider wire with 13 fishing fate black 7ft4 heavy 3/8th-1 1/2 oz 14-25 pound line would be a nice large bass frog rod #1 asking 300 obo for the Calcutta #2 asking $120 obo for the daiwa costal #3 asking $150 obo for the bg #4 asking $200 for the 13 combo asking $700 for everything Meet up Monmouth or ocean county New Jersey Personal Message about shipping I’ll post more pictures of them later
  15. Looking to sell some reels that I’ve collected over the years and were barely used. All are in great shape - no visible scrapes, gauges or nicks except for the Shimano that has slight marks from the rod reel seat. All payment via PayPal FF or in person in SE/Central CT. 1. Daiwa Laguna LT4000c - loaded with 20# braid (can’t remember the brand) - super light and very smooth for a budget reel - $35 shipped 2. Shimano Spheros SW 4000xg - great reel but I have a Vanford and Stradic so this one just sits. Comes with box. $70 shipped 3. Penn Pursuit 2 and 3 4k - selling as a lot. These were probably fished 2 or 3x each for porgies from a pier. $50 shipped thanks for looking!
  16. Bought a year ago but unfortunately not a lot of time to fish. Used less than 10 hours. Comes with extra eva power knob. PRICE: $300 + Shipping Located in Vero Beach, FL 32963
  17. Team Daiwa Fuego, Left hand retrieve. Filled with 15 Lb Power Pro. Line capacity - 120 yards of 12 lb test, 100 Yards 14 lb test. Gear ratio 6.3:1, Weight 7.6 ounces. Local pickup / meet in North Jersey. $80.00.
  18. Thinning out the backup reel collection. This is a like new Daiwa Certate LT 5000D (US Model). Took this out for one trip and took all the line off and cleaned the reel and back in the box. My primary one is holding strong so won't be needing this one. The only blemish I could find is the EVA foam knob looked like a hook went into it briefly leaving a tiny dent. Wasn't able to show this in the pictures. This reel model is one of the best I've ever owned with unparalleled smoothness. Price: $425 shipped.
  19. Looking for an EXCELLENT to LIKE NEW Certate 8000h...checking to see if anyone has one they are not using. US version please. Thank you
  20. Looking for another one of these, half the JP stores are out of stock, or charging an arm/leg for retail + overseas shipping.... It's the larger sized neoprene cover with a reel handle pouch. Please and thank ye
  21. Bought a few weeks ago thinking I'd have the time to really get into swimbait fishing, but that doesn't look like it's happening lol. Rod is a Daiwa DX extra heavy rated 3-10 oz. Used maybe 3 times and is basically brand new. Reel and bait not included. This would also make a great bottom fishing rod if you don't mind the 8 foot length. Asking $85 picked up in or near Hull MA 02045. More pics if you need em. Thanks!
  22. got these for a guy. bought from hedgehog shop in japan. he didnt want them afterwards. some cussing and words later. i let it go. got them in black as it blends well with most reels. i just put it on a reel to demonstrate how it looks or its purpose. You can see how it lifts the reel up off the bottom. want to sell. i have no use for it personal. My boat reels uses similar but with line clips instead. reel stands are nice to stand your reel off the ground, sand, concrete, whatever. protects it from ALOT of scuffs marks when laying rods down. $12 shipped. no need to order from japan and pay like $30 shipping. take all 3 for $30 shipped. PPFF venmo zelle fits the reels ill list underneath. please make sure you have a model on the list with a Type A size hole. generally smaller size reels, fw, inshore sizes. i cant confirm other fitments, daiwa and shimano uses a standard thread for those reels. which is classes as Type A. the diameter of the threads are 11MM. Compatibility DAIWA - 22 EXIST (supports up to No.4000) - 18 EXIST (supports up to No.4000) - 15 EXIST - 12 EXIST - 05 EXIST - 17 STEEZ - 14 IGNIS TYPE-R - 08 IGNIS - 21 LUVIAS AIRITY - 20 LUVIAS (supports up to No.4000) - 15 LUVIAS - 12 LUVIAS - 07 LUVIAS - 19 CERTATE (supports up to No.4000) - 16 CERTATE - 13 CERTATE - 10 CERTATE - 10 CERTATE HI GEAR CUSTOM - 17 morethan - 14 morethan - 17 紅牙-KOHGA EX - 17 紅牙-KOHGA AIR - 14 紅牙-KOHGA - 21 EMERALDAS AIR - 15 EMERALDAS AIR - 12 EMERALDAS - 09 EMERALDAS - 17 月下美人-GEKKABIJIN EX - 08 月下美人-GEKKABIJIN - 21 PRESSO - 14 PRESSO - 08 PRESSO - LUVITO - CAYEN - Racing Condition - LIN * Corresponds to reel No.1000-3012 class of the above reels. * LT concept reels are available from No.1000-4000. * In the case of old reels, the reels No.3500-4000 cannot be installed. * Please note that it may not be possible to install on old tournaments - TD-Z - SILVER CREEK, etc. due to individual differences. * Cannot be installed on early model CERTATE- CERTATE HYPER CUSTOM- BRADIA. SHIMANO - 22 STELLA - 18 STELLA - 14 STELLA - 10 STELLA - 07 STELLA - 21 TWIN POWER XD - 20 TWIN POWER - 17 TWIN POWER XD - 15 TWIN POWER - 11 TWIN POWER - 08 TWIN POWER - 20 VANFORD - 20 STRADIC SW - 19 STRADIC - 18 STRADIC SW - 16 STRADIC CI4+ - 15 STRADIC - 19 Vanquish - 16 Vanquish - 13 Vanquish LIMITED EDITION - 12 Vanquish - 17 SUSTAIN - 21 EXSENCE - 20 EXSENCE BB - 18 EXSENCE CI4+ - 17 EXSENCE - 13 EXSENCE LB - 11 EXSENCE LB SS - 10 EXSENCE LB - 12 EXSENCE CI4+ - 10 EXSENCE CI4 - 09 EXSENCE - 14 EXSENCE BB - 19 Sephia SS - 18 Sephia BB - 17 Sephia CI4+ - 15 Sephia SS - 12 Sephia CI4+ - 08 Sephia CI4 - 09 Sephia - 06 Sephia - 13 Sephia BB - 12 RARENIUM CI4+ - 09 RARENIUM CI4 - 11 BIOMASTER - 08 BIOMASTER - 21 ULTEGRA - 17 ULTEGRA - 12 ULTEGRA - 21 NASCI - 22 SAHARA - 18 SoaRe BB - 17 SoaRe CI4+ - 13 SoaRe CI4+ - 13 SoaRe BB - 10 SoaRe CI4 - 07 SoaRe - 07 SoaRe 30 - 19 SPHEROS SW - 21 COMPLEX XR - 17 COMPLEX CI4+ - 13 COMPLEX CI4+ - 10 COMPLEX CI4 - 13-14 AR-C AERO CI4+ - 炎月-ENGETSU - 18 CARDIFF CI4+ - 12 CARDIFF CI4+ - CARDIFF AREA - BB-X 10-09 TECHNIUM Mg - BB-X 06 TECHNIUM Mg - BB-X 12 Remare - BB-X 06 尾長スペシャル-Onaga SP - BB-X 13-14 HYPER FORCE - BB-X 08-10 HYPER FORCE Mg - BB-X 16 DESPINA - BB-X 11 DESPINA - BB-X 16 Larissa - BB-X 11 Larissa
  23. Available for sale two brand new, never used Daiwa Harrier X Rods 1- HRX58HS: Jig Weight 100-250g Line: 65-120lb 2- HRX66MHS Jig Weight 80-200g; Line: 50-100lb Never used them and trying to rationalize some space. Asking $75 each (can buy one or both) - pick up only, ideally on the north fork or northwestern nassau, but can be flexible in Long Island (but not this week, since I'll be away for a couple of days).
  24. Bought this past fall used a few times. Reel recently serviced very good condition. Spoiled with Power Pro 30lb comes with original box. Local pickup only central NJ $90
  25. They announced it, smaller saltigas! 4k, 5k, and 6k sizes! Anyone seen one in the wild yet?
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