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Found 84 results

  1. Hey guys, first post. I know a lot of people have asked similar questions but haven’t seen anything exact. I see the new Stratic has been leaked (thanks tackle advisors for the update as always). Was looking to buy 4 reels in the 6-20k Shimano size range here in a couple month. Was curious if anyone has heard anything on reels getting updated like the Gosa, saltiga, ect or if any new Spinners in that size/quality range might be released to the American market. Was thinking about the Daiwa Catalina but was thinking about waiting till after icast to make sure i don’t miss a new spinner from daiwa. Thanks eveyone.
  2. Selling 2 reels I purchased new recently. Both reels are NIB all papers etc. Please see pics below: 1st is a JDM Certate LT 4000-CXH, purchased sight unseen and its just too nice and light for my style of fishing. Probably the smoothest reel I have ever felt however bar-none. Asking $360 shipped paypal. 2nd is a New Shimano Twinpower SW 5000 BXG. This is a US (not JDM) reel purchased locally, and spooled with 300yards of 30# PP Maxcuatro. Selling simply because I dont need it. Asking $450 shipped paypal.
  3. I know there is a decent price difference between these two reels but after receiving a defective Penn Spinfisher VI 2500 I am returning it. I have wondered if I should shoot for another Spinfisher or get a Daiwa Fuego LT 2500 instead. Does anyone have experience with both of these reel? I will be using it for saltwater and freshwater applications.
  4. Hello, I would like to sell my Daiwa CALDIA LT 1000S-P MAG SEALED Spinning Reel. I purchased the reel for my UL rod, but do not like the shallow spool. I am going to go a different route. The reel is perfect for 2-3# test. Please look at the specs on the box. The reel is listed as Used, but it is like new condition. Only used once to test out the line. 10/10 mechanical, 10/10 cosmetic. FEATURES: ATD drag technology, full size drag button Bearings: 6 + 1 including 1 CRBB ZAION carbon body and carbon Air Rotor Aluminum spool with Long Cast profile Ultralight one-piece screw on aluminum Air Handle directly fixing to drive gear $165 for all, includes shipping. Free shipping for U.S. only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska...sorry).
  5. Looking to trade my barely used Curado K 201 for a 4000-5000 size spinning reel or small conventional (penn squall/fathom 12 or Avet sxj/sx or similar size). It is the 7:1 speed and left hand retrieve. Will post pics in the morning. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in a trade for something of similar value (retail). Let me know what you got. Located outside Philly. Have a MH Shimano Exage casting rod I can include as well.
  6. Selling my used Daiwa BG 5000 spinning reel. Has been mostly a backup reel for the last year, seen the water maybe 5 times in minimal use, if that. Looks great minus one small scuff on the spool and a little bit of paint missing on the reel arm from where the top reel seat connects, but otherwise in mint condition. Spooled with brand new never casted 50 lb braid, forget the brand. Comes with original box and paperwork. $90 shipped paypal.
  7. Since this is a relatively new line, it deserves it's own thread to make future search easier to find. 8lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (19.25,17.10,18.55) = 18.30 lbs average Line Mass : 7.20 mg/ft, very light and thin braid Line Diameter : listed at .005 actual is .0074 S/W : 2.54 FG knot : (15.05,13.95,14.60) = 14.53 lbs average = 79.42% Double line uni-uni = 13.65 lbs which is excelllent Twice thru Palomar knot to swivel : 13 lbs = 71 % 15 lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (26.75,29.05,25.60) = 26.75 lbs average Line Mass : 13.60 mg/ft, average for 10-15 lb braid Line Diameter : listed at .007inch actual is closer to .0102 inch S/W = 2.0 FG knot : (22,17.6,15.75 lbs) = 18.45 lbs but very inconsistent = 68 %. Needs further testing with next batch 20 lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (40.50,38.60,35.10) = 38.07 lbs Line Mass : 17.10 mg/ft Line Diameter : listed at .009 inch, actual is closer to .0114 inch S/W : 2.23 FG Knot : (24.40,23.30,24.80)= 24.17 lbs very consistently bad, even after I scraped the line, it came in at 25lbs. FG knot length was also varied from 20-32 turns with no improvement. FG Knot Strength is low 63.49 % Double line uni knot is 18.05 lbs = 48 % Twice Thru Palomar Knot is 23.80 lbs = 63 % PR knot is 37.35 lbs = 98.12 % So knot strength is pretty bad and PR knot proves itself as the king of all line to leader knot once again. 30 lbs J Braid Grand: ABS : (46.10,43.85,47.60) = 45.85 lbs average Line Mass : 21.60 mg/ft Line Diameter : listed at .011 inch, actual is closer to .0128 inch S/W : 2.12 FG Knot : 33.40 lbs = 72.85 % consistent with Relix knot results so only one test due to limited line Relix Knot > 34.40 lbs (mono broke due to multiple reuse) PR Knot is 44.10 lbs = 96% So 30 lbs has great S/W ratio and excellent knot strength all around.
  8. Very lightly used Daiwa Saltist BG40H for sale. It has a small scuff on the left side plate, picture is included. 10/10 mechanically. I only have the reel, no box included. I am located in MD and will ship at the buyers expense. Asking $130 or best offer for the reel. I accept Venmo and Paypal. Thanks!
  9. For sale is a Daiwa Saltist back bay 4000. Used once at the pier to cast a few times. Spooled with 20lb braid. Jigging world power knob has been put on the reel. I do not have the original knob. Box is included. $165 shipped
  10. Hello to all, I am a new member this is my first post looking for some reel advice. I have a shimano saragosa 8k I’ve been swapping between a chunking surf rod and fluke jigging rod I just acquired a daiwa saltist 8k have not much experience with daiwa spinning reels. Wondering if anyone had some knowledge if one would perform better than the other at said tasks ? Thanks in advance and appreciate everyone and everything this sight has to offer!
  11. Looking at purchasing an older Daiwa Saltiga z30. I love that it has the line capacity of the current saltiga 20 but with the low gear. An alternative would be the Saltist 20P. Those Z30's had the low gear, auto engage, and were some of the most well built and popular reels around. If I could pick one up in good shape, have it serviced, is it a worthwhile purchase? Or has it just become too old and out of date?
  12. Hi, Seem Daiwa got different packaging for different poundage in their diameter. 60lb - 0.28mm 65lb - 0.41mm (only 5lb extra) 80lb - 0.35mm (thinner than 65lb???????) So how I select?
  13. Need to thin the herd to finance some new gear and other things. Listing some very fine reels. I am the original owner of all listed except the Torque. All reels shipped insured via USPS, buyer takes PP fees. [Sorry for bunched up pics below Im on my phone, they are in order however.] First up is a brand new inbox(opened for pictures), JDM 2016 Daiwa Catalina 4k straight from Digitaka. Asking $400 firm Second is a Daiwa Certate HD 4000, used for Albies last season. Smoothest reel Ive ever fished. Spooled with 30# jbraid x8. Condition: Cosmetic 9/10, Function 10/10. Asking $250 Third is a Shimano Spheros 6k spooled with 30# Jbraid x4. This was my backup surf reel but never saw action, so basically unused but was still on a rod. Asking $150. Cosmetic: Like New, Function: Like New Last is a Penn Torque5 bailess. Purchased from a member here and replaced all the seals, metal sideplates, main shaft, and bushings from Mystic Parts old stock. (Only thing is the power knob is a little wobbly). Loaded with 40# pp. Hasnt been fished since. Cosmetic 9/10 Function: 10/10 (See pics). Asking 350 Firm, No box. Please look at all pics below. No trades at this time thanks.
  14. Brand New Daiwa BG 3000, with box. Never used. Ended up with two, only need one. $80 firm, cash pick up in Monmouth Co. No trades.
  15. Selling a used, great condition Daiwa Saltist conventional reel with levelwind. This is the black version of the reel. It is spooled with 65lb Suffix 832, which has been used in a couple togging outings at a local pier. Switched to Left-Hand retrieve so this one doesn’t get much use. Model #: STTLW20H-C Gear Ratio: 6.1:1 IPT: 35” Weight: 18.3 oz Drag: 20 lbs Asking $125 shipped and insured TYD, PayPal. Comes with original box, reel clamp, and manual. Cy
  16. Brand new. Never fished. Spooled with 20lb jbraid grand. $90 shipped
  17. Never fished. New. Spooled with 30lb jbraid. Fantastic reel. $400 shipped. Firm.
  18. Hey guys, I bought a penn clash 5000 at the end of last season and paired it with my 9’ mojo and it was treating me great. I caught about fifty bass up to about 18 pounds on it at the end of this season and countless cocktail bluefish. For some reason there it a bit of resistance when the line roller comes past the reel foot. It is very noticeable at slow retrieves but is gone once you start to crank faster. On faster retrieves it is still rough and the reel has gotten raspy and noisy. My battle II 4000 feels like a Daiwa compared to it now even though the clash has CNC gears. I’ve opened up the reel to check for saltwater intrusion and to regrease the gears about a dozen times and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I took it to my local (experienced) tackle shop to get it repaired and they said it might be the rotor is not balanced. I disagree because it can be felt on the slowest of retrieves but not as much on faster ones. Any suggestions would be great.
  19. Daiwa BG30 - $75 Shipped Prolly fished 5 times. Has some scuff/scratch on the outside lower part of the spool that is pictured, otherwise great shape Daiwa BG15 - $65 Shipped, in great shape Shimano Sahara 2500FD - $45 Shipped, has a ding in the spool lip, shown in picture Penn 450SSG - $55 Shipped, has scratch on spool lip, shown in picture
  20. For sale is a brand new Saltist 20P. Never fished. Spooled with 40lb jbraid grand. Fantastic reel. Smooth. Well built. 5.1 low gear, great for blackfish. $220 shipped
  21. Hey folks, Had a SASD15 previously. Sold it. Just picked up another. For whatever reason (maybe in my head), it feels like this one has more play in the handle knob/shaft. Not the arm. I may be remembering wrong, but I thought that my old one had no play at all. Anyone experiencing this? Thanks.
  22. Scooby did a great tear down video on this reel earlier this year. Then I found out they had a P (5.1 ratio) version. I picked up a 15P for my dad as he doesn't fish much and at $225 (no tax, free shipping, ebay bucks), I figured it was a perfect buy. Hasn't been fished yet, but looking it over, I have to say this is one very well made reel. No it doesn't have 10 bearings. But it has 4 CRBB's and that's more than enough. At least I know the bearings I have are corrosion resistant. 17 pounds of drag is more than enough and even the star drag itself feels comparable to the saltiga. It's very smooth. It's not heavy at all but it feels solid. I was so impressed, I purchased the 20 size for my wreck rod. Figured I didn't need to spend $400 for my least used set up. That all being said, I think for the money it's a better value than a trini, ocea jigger, or saltiga (not to say I wont/dont own them and like having super nice reels).. No, it doesn't have the same amount of refinement, smoothness, high level of gearing, protection and so on and so forth... But it's just a really good reel at a really fair price and you barely hear anything about them. Would've thought the toggers in the North East would have been all over them.
  23. Looking to trade these two new reels for a ZeeBaas ZX2 25 or 27 Bailess in good to great condition. My first preference would be a 2-for-1 trade, but if no takers, individual prices are below. Saltiga 30HA: $380 Shipped PayPal Saltiga 35LD: $380 Shipped PayPal Thanks for looking!
  24. I purchased this reel in May, 2017 at $450 from TD. I've used it only 3 times, but there are some signs of wear. Mainly, a scratch on the left side plate (in the pic) and some dings. I intended to use it on the surf, but it never made it to the beach. I practiced distance casting from a bridge, but couldn't tame the beast. I took it on headboat a couple of times since then and that's where it got a scratch and dings. There's absolutely nothing functionally wrong with the reel that I am aware of. I have a smaller Saltiga (SASD15H) that I use on headboats now, so this bigger reel is only collecting dust. I couldn't find the manual, but it comes with a box and whatever you see in the picture. It's spooled with 50lb power pro with 50lb flourocarbon leader. I am selling this at $300 shipped. I accept Venmo, Paypal, Check, or BoA wire. I think the preferred method is Paypal on this forum for buyer/seller protection.