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Found 63 results

  1. Scooby did a great tear down video on this reel earlier this year. Then I found out they had a P (5.1 ratio) version. I picked up a 15P for my dad as he doesn't fish much and at $225 (no tax, free shipping, ebay bucks), I figured it was a perfect buy. Hasn't been fished yet, but looking it over, I have to say this is one very well made reel. No it doesn't have 10 bearings. But it has 4 CRBB's and that's more than enough. At least I know the bearings I have are corrosion resistant. 17 pounds of drag is more than enough and even the star drag itself feels comparable to the saltiga. It's very smooth. It's not heavy at all but it feels solid. I was so impressed, I purchased the 20 size for my wreck rod. Figured I didn't need to spend $400 for my least used set up. That all being said, I think for the money it's a better value than a trini, ocea jigger, or saltiga (not to say I wont/dont own them and like having super nice reels).. No, it doesn't have the same amount of refinement, smoothness, high level of gearing, protection and so on and so forth... But it's just a really good reel at a really fair price and you barely hear anything about them. Would've thought the toggers in the North East would have been all over them.
  2. Looking to trade these two new reels for a ZeeBaas ZX2 25 or 27 Bailess in good to great condition. My first preference would be a 2-for-1 trade, but if no takers, individual prices are below. Saltiga 30HA: $380 Shipped PayPal Saltiga 35LD: $380 Shipped PayPal Thanks for looking!
  3. I purchased this reel in May, 2017 at $450 from TD. I've used it only 3 times, but there are some signs of wear. Mainly, a scratch on the left side plate (in the pic) and some dings. I intended to use it on the surf, but it never made it to the beach. I practiced distance casting from a bridge, but couldn't tame the beast. I took it on headboat a couple of times since then and that's where it got a scratch and dings. There's absolutely nothing functionally wrong with the reel that I am aware of. I have a smaller Saltiga (SASD15H) that I use on headboats now, so this bigger reel is only collecting dust. I couldn't find the manual, but it comes with a box and whatever you see in the picture. It's spooled with 50lb power pro with 50lb flourocarbon leader. I am selling this at $300 shipped. I accept Venmo, Paypal, Check, or BoA wire. I think the preferred method is Paypal on this forum for buyer/seller protection.
  4. Selling a Brand New never used Seigler SM star drag in red #305. Purchased, spooled with Jbraid 50# but never saw the outside of my house. Asking $350 shipped. Also for sale is a very good condition, 9/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically Saltiga Z 4000H I recently purchased from a member here. Reel is buttery smooth, spooled with 45#, 100% made in Japan. I hate to sell this one as I never even got a chance to fish it. But things come up. $375 firm. Please see pics for reference.
  5. New w/box. Only opened for pics to post, never used. Hate to do it but have to let this go, raising funds to repair my truck. $350 shipped PayPal. Thanks for looking.
  6. I have the red Daiwa saltiga surf 6000 spinning reel. My question is, will the 5000 saltiga surf spool fit on the 6000 reel? Thanks very much in advance
  7. Hey guys looking to move a couple rods. Daiwa Salt Pro Surf spinning rod. 9 foot rated 1-4 oz. Bought last spring only used once. $100 Star Stellar Lite Surf Rod. 7'6" rod rated 3/8-2 oz. One piece. Great back bay rod. Bought last spring and used a handful of times. $60 All rods in great shape. Need some cash for the holidays. Pictures will be posted this evening. Located in Gloucester County South Jersey. Willing to drive a bit to meet up. Thanks
  8. For sale is a light tackle blackfish combo. Jigging World Black Widow rod (15-30lbs) with some wear on it. Please see photos. Daiwa BG 3000 only fished once. Still have the box. $225 Local pickup in New York only. Queens/Nassau
  9. Daiwa BG30 - $75 Shipped Prolly fished 5 times. Has some scuff/scratch on the outside lower part of the spool that is pictured, otherwise great shape Daiwa BG15 - $65 Shipped, in great shape Shimano Sahara 2500FD - $45 Shipped, has a ding in the spool lip, shown in picture Penn 450SSG - $55 Shipped, has scratch on spool lip, shown in picture
  10. I was wondering what rod you guy would use with a 3000 saltist back bay i was thinking a 8-14 pound test rod (usually labeled as medium light) but i know that the saltwater daiwa reels tend to be on the larger side so i'm just looking for some of your input
  11. Looking to trade a brand new Daiwa Millionaire 7HTMAGST for a Van Staal 200 or 250.
  12. I have a brand new In box, never used Daiwa Catalina 4000, current model. Butter smooth, built like a tank, using Daiwa latest and greatest technology, “ poor man’s saltiga “ will last for many seasons. $400 firm shipped to your doorstep or trade for 5000 size in similar condition.
  13. I am not too familiar with using braid but I just bought a Daiwa BG 4000 reel, which i heard casts best when using braid but the only braid I have is 50lb and 80lb. Are there any drawbacks with using heavier pound test braid?
  14. Girlfriend went ahead and ordered herself a new reel without talking to me about it first and endud up with something much bigger than she wanted. Anyone get a new BG 4000 or possibly 4500 that they then decided they wanted bigger? Let me know.
  15. I am selling a Daiwa Lexa HD 300HS-P baitcaster with the 7.1:1 gear ratio and loaded with 30lb multicolor J-braid. The reel is in great cosmetic and mechanical condition as I only used it for 1 season and serviced it a month ago. It was mostly used for jigging sea bass and fluke and I'm only selling because I am moving on to different things. It comes with the original box and papers. Price is $165 and I am located in Massachusetts.
  16. As the title says. Show me what you got!
  17. Hello all, Like most of you im sure, I am literally counting days until the spring season.. part of my winter time coping process is building rods, plugs, teasers etc and buying more gear for next season that I don't need. So, in the spirit of adding to the crap I dont need, im looking at the new Daiwa saltiga bay jigging spinning reels 3500/4000 (SABAYJ3500H-JDM and SABAYJ4000-JDM) for the spring. I played with one over at J&H and it was impressive. Small and solid, also absurdly smooth. Honestly, and I hesitate saying this, but maybe even smoother than the Stella. Its Mag sealed (I'm not sure how I feel about that yet). I've fished stellas for years but never a saltiga. They seem to have a good following of guys who love them. I was hoping this new line of smaller "bay jiggers" would be little beasts as well. I would like to put it on a nice 7'2 10-20 I'm building right now and use the combo from the boat and the kayak for 30+ lb bass and monster bluefish. Anyone have one of these reels yet? Or experience fishing one? Any input would be appreciated.. Daiwa makes great reels but I'm always hesitant to drop $800 just to guinea pig a new product
  18. Looking to clear out some space on the rod racks and sell some of the ones I don’t use as often. Would like to sell the rods locally, Mays Landing, NJ. Will not ship. Meeting at Surf Day may be an option but not currently 100% sure I’ll be going yet. SPINNING Shimano Teramar Northeast (TMSE70M)- $85 -7’0”, 15-30lb, 1/2 - 1 1/2 oz, Fast Action Shimano Zodias (270MH)- $120 -7’0”, 6-12, 3/16 - 5/8oz, ModFast/Fast St. Croix Mojo Inshore (MIS70MHF)- $100 -7’0”, 10-20lb, 1/2 - 1 1/4oz, Fast BAITCASTER St Croix Mojo Bass (MBC70MF)- $75 -7’0”, 10-17lb, 1/4 - 5/8oz, Fast 13 Omen Green (OGC68MH)- $50 -6’8”, 10-20lb, 1/2 - 1 1/4oz, Fast Daiwa Tatula (721MHRB)- $100 -7’2’, 10-20lb, 1/4 - 1 oz, Regular (Fast) St Croix Premier Crankbait (PC70MM)- $75 -7’0”, 8-14lb, 1/4 - 5/8oz Moderate Prices reflect condition of the rod and how much each one has been used. I believe they are fair prices so I am firm on them unless you decide to buy more than one. I’ll attach pics later today. Thanks SOL
  19. I'm building a new spinning rod for the kayak and I'm having a hard time pairing a reel. Rod will be used mainly for weakfish and fluke in the back bays. I'm building on the black hole challenger bank 691UL 6'9 0.5-1.5 so I'm looking at a reel in the 2500 size that would be spooled with #10 or #15. The stradic seems like the obvious choice but I'm curious about those daiwa ballistic LT reels. If the daiwa sizing runs a bit large like they have in the past, I may be able to get away with the 1000 size ballistic LT. Anyone have these reels and used them for similar application? Other reel suggestions in appropriate size class?
  20. Long story short, I bought the Saltiga 15H in December of last year and used it once. While I was using it, I confirmed that something wasn't quite right with the drag. I was on a boat using 8 oz sinker and the drag was slipping when I was setting the hook (without any fish on). I tightened it as far as I was comfortable doing and I was still able to pull line out by hand. I sent in the reel for warranty repair and it came back exactly the way I sent it. Then I called Daiwa and spoke to a service tech, Johnny, and he told me to send it in again. I spoke to him a few times about the issue today and it looks like he can't do anything about it. Basically, I don't feel comfortable locking down drag on any of my reels in most scenarios. It has 17.5 lbs of max drag and that's more than plenty for what I am targeting. I usually go 80% from being locked tight and that usually works fine. But Johnny told me that he measured 22 lbs of drag when he tightened as far as he could. I told him that that wasn't my issue and I don't need 22 lb of drag. I want to be able to go from 1lb of drag to 17lb of drag gradually. Not 0 drag to 22lb drag instantly only when the reel is locked down. What worried me was when he said "You'd be surprised how much I had to tighten." I have many other star drag reels and they all have fairly wide sweet spots and drag seems to go up gradually. If there is a sweet spot on this reel (which I still think is a lemon), it is probably extremely narrow. Not what I expected from a $400 reel. Johnny first said that he would put in an extra drag washer, then changed his mind and pointed me to aftermarket drag washers... Smh. He's definitely a nice guy, but in the end, wasn't very helpful. Anyone else with Saltiga 15H drag problems?
  21. Relisting reel parts for Saltiga Surf. Spool, handle, drag knob. Used but in perfect working condition. Take all for $55 shipped.
  22. Selling my Daiwa Saltigas to get funds to purchase a broken home appliance for the wife... I am selling Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag SASD15H... Very sad to let these go... Purchase date: December, 2017 Usage: Used 1 time Cosmetic: 9/10 - Since I used it once, I am giving it 9/10. See pictures. Mechanical: 8/10 - After using it for the first time, I thought that there was something wrong with the drag. It was very smooth, but weak. I sent it in for service and just got it back today (see picture of the service sheet). The drag still seems weak, so I'm giving it 8. If you know how to upgrade drags, this one is for you. Line: 40lb Power Pro braid - not charging extra What's included: Just the reel and the box. I don't know where the manual and the little tool went. Purchase price: $400 Asking price: $315 shipped
  23. Selling my Daiwa Saltigas to get funds to purchase a broken home appliance for the wife... I am selling Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag SASD35HA Purchase date: June, 2017 Usage: Used 4-5 times Cosmetic: 7/10 - there are few very noticeable scratches (see pictures) Mechanical: 10/10 - used only a handful of times and it was VERY smooth Line: 50lb Power Pro braid - not charging extra What's included: Reel, box, clamp, and red brakes. I am not sure where the manual went. Purchase price: $450 Asking price: $350 shipped
  24. I have a large group of Rods I'm looking to sell, as well as a couple of baitcast reels. Several I bought recently for a trip to Florida and they ended up not getting used and are new with tags. All rods are priced for local pickup in North Jersey (Passaic county area), otherwise add $20 for shipping for rods, buy multiple I can put in the same tube and pay for shipping on just 1. Reels are prices shipped. Casting: 1- Lews Mach II speed stick- I bought this rod with a combo with the mach II for $170, but only need the reel. Rod has been very lightly used, only has some light discoloration on the green Winn grips. 7 ft MH action. Looking for $60. 2- Field and stream Tec-spec Elite- this rod was bought just before the florida trip and was used about a week. Rod is like new minus the tip guide which was replaced (broken guide, not rod, it is still full height). 7 ft 6 in XH action. Was originally about $80 new, I bought it on sale for $50. Looking for $35. 3- Field and stream Tec-spec Arsenal- rod is brand new with the tags. Originally a $130 rod, purchased for $94.97 as shown. 7 ft MH action. Looking for $70. 4- Daiwa Ballistic Rod- this rod was bought about a year ago and was never used except 1 day in Florida. Rod is in like new condition. 7 ft 3 in XH action. Rod was $110 new, looking for $50. Spinning: 1- 2 Field and stream Tec-spec black- another brand new rod bought for Florida for pond hopping but was never used. 6 ft 6 in M action. Retails $60, got it on sale for $50, looking for $35 each. 2- Duckett Inshore- the last rod is a Duckett Inshore spinning rod. Rod is 7 ft 6 ML action. Rod was used throughout the summer last year. Very good condition. Excellent rod with high end features including Fuji K-guides. Rod costs $140 new, so looking for $65, less than half that. Reels 1- Lews tournament TS1SH casting reel used right handed 7.1:1 gear ratio I listed separately for $55. 2- Lews mach 1 baitcast reel- I have a Lews mach 1 right handed 7.1:1 reel that I bought in december for the trip and don't need it anymore. Reel was used for 1 week during the trip, that's it, and has 50 lb powered on it. Looking for $80.