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  1. Wondering if anyone has a good recommendation line pairing on the CTS affinity x rods. I tried a #9 Rio flats pro but felt underlined. Could go up a size but hoping someone has a good recommendation I can go off for grain weights.
  2. Recently I broke a 1-6 11' ODM genesis I built, it was a great rod but I'm looking for better and the unimpressive 1.5 year lifespan left a bitter taste in my mouth with ODM. I'm strongly considering a CTS vapor trail but I'd like to hear how it stacks up against other top brands. The durability of a Lamiglas is also appealing but I've never liked the floppier action they have. Anyone experienced with these brands have any advice?
  3. Probably a long shot.. Looking to see if anyone has a used 10ft cts baycaster 2-4oz 1 piece rod or any info on how I might be able to find a blank would be much appreciated.. Thanks in advance.
  4. As the title states, looking for a rod between 9’6-10’6. My main rods were all blown apart by my tonneau cover breaking free and blowing them up in the rack the other night. My preference is the odm NXE-105 but I’d go as long as the NXE-116 for the right deal. Can pick up in the philly, Delaware, jersey areas. Let me know what ya got - tight lines
  5. Looking to buy 9-10 foot CTS rods - surf and jetty, bay caster, vapor trail, etc looking for lightly used to new condition rods, will pay above acv for the right rod. Philly/ jersey /New York area or willing to ship. Broke a few rods - help me out.
  6. I just picked up a VS250—thanks to HusonFirst! Now I need a rod for it. This is my bigger water and Montauk combo but it be nice to still be able to throw 1oz BTs and smaller swimmers if needed. Looking for a Lami GSB 132m or 120m with newer style guides. Open to 132L too. Also open to other rods: Legends, Avids, CTS, etc. Would like to pick it up this week. Heading to Montauk on Thursday night. Can pick up in PA, NJ, and Long Island.
  7. Looking to see what is available. Fast action, need something to throw down to 1.5 oz on occasion for Tarpon, etc. but need enough backbone for around bridges. Probably something in the 3-8 range that can handle around 25-30 lbs. of drag. CTS S8, jigster, nano, rh customs. Shipped to Philadelphia or meet up. Not trying to go above $350. Rod must be in good/great condition.
  8. Built by CMS Tackle. Spinning. Lightly used. Very minor blemishes. Still looks fantastic. It was 12ft. Cut a foot off the butt. Now it’s 11ft. Cobalt Blue blank. Rated 3-6oz. Will cast 1oz SP Minnows nicely. 4oz will go very far. Has Fuji K guides, x-flock grip, Fuji reel, Red/blue/silver dec wraps. 24inch butt to reel stem. $200 pickup SE MA
  9. ISO 2 piece vapor trail. 11’ 3-6. funky custom colors welcomed. cash Paypal (Or trades) meet up in jersey/philly
  10. Bought this rod and reel over the winter with cabin fever in anticipation for warmer weather. Threw a few bloodworms with it and that was it, it wasn’t the only winter purchase and just don't have much of a need for it and could use the money to put towards a work truck. $450 OBO
  11. I note, on the CTS site, that CTS' heavy surf rods are available with a choice of either a 50/50 split or a 70/30 split. Ksong has mentioned that BH's chief designer feels that 70/30 splits are stronger. Is there a consensus here on this? Assuming that you're talking of a Heaver-ish rod, like the 1306 I was looking at, is there a real gain in strength by choosing a blank with a 70/30 split?
  12. Question on CTS blank. ? I want buy some cts blank cts s7 11’ , 2 pieces 2 -4 oz. just wonder rh customtackle still sale it. Or where I can buy it, Thanks
  13. I started this build for a buddy of mine. It’s a 12’ CTS vaportrail 3-6oz he will be using at the canal and surrounding areas. Here are are some pictures for now. Just got done doing the underwrap today. Layout will go rv25-rv16-kw10m-kw8 kw8 x how ever many to the tip top. Tip top used is a Fuji KG ring 8
  14. Electric Pink CTS Vapor Trail 11', rated 3 - 6, carbon fiber seat, 25 1/2" butt to stem, like new to mint condition. $475 picked up cash Ocean County NJ, add $30 for shipping and PP fees.
  15. Here is a recent build I just finished today for a client. 11’ cts vaportrail 4-8oz using KLH single foot titanium torzite guides. Sorry if some photos came out not as nice.
  16. Anyone know how i can get my hands on a CTS blank preferably a heavier one i can use to throw big plugs like GRS and trolling style lures. Ive tried the website but the biggest 11ft blank they had only throws 3-6 oz plugs
  17. CTS 9’ Surf and Jetty CB903-1, 2-4oz. I’ve had this for 4 years I believe. Had a spill with it first season. Pics show scratches on blank and dings in resin. Fortunately limited to the area near the label and no structural damage. Outside of that rod is in great shape. Been used over the past few years plugging the beaches and the canal. Fast action for sure and a ton of backbone for a 9’er. $170 cash pick up/meet up in MA. I live on the South Shore and head to central MA frequently. Could also head to canal area or Bristol Cohnty.
  18. Looking to buy a lightly used, quality 9ft rod. CTS custom or surf and jetty would be my first choice, but I am willing to see any other quality rods that may be available. Looking for a more moderate action 9ft rod with a rating somewhere close to 1/2- 2, or 1-3. Trying to get away from fast action rods like TFO and st Croix. After getting used to my vapor trail its been hard to go back to a real stiff rod. Will be paired with a VS 150. I live in the philly/NJ area.
  19. Looking for a quality inshore rod , 7 - 8ft to pair with a new Stradic Ci4 4000. Anything for sale? Looking for something with a moderate action rated .5- 2oz or so. Mostly throwing smaller metals and lighter jigs. Would be willing to trade plugs for it as well.
  20. 9' 1pc. rated 2-4oz. (CB903-1) Fished a few times this spring pretty close to mint condition $325 local pickup
  21. Going to redo my CTS CB901-2 rod. Originally it's built using KL guides, but riding in the trunk proof too much for the KL guides, a few of the guides are loose, including the stripper guide. I want to rewrap the rod with more better, more durable guides. The reel on this rod will be a shimano stradic FJ 5K with 20lb braided line with lure weighting in 2oz or less. I am thinking KW for first one or two guides and maybe step down to micros. I have also hear good thing about the new KLH guides, are they more durable and perform better than the KL guides? I am also thinking the brand new RV guides, love the design, only thing negative is the price at this point. One to two RV guide seems to cost more than the entire guide train. Need some ideas from the FUJI gurus. Thanks.
  22. I'm looking to buy a surf rod mostly for beach fishing rated from 1/2 to 3 oz. I have a slight shoulder problem so would highly prefer a lighter rod. Please post price and pictures of the rod. And 2 piece only, I don't have a space to store a 1 piece rod.
  23. Looking for a Vapor Trail 11' 3-6 oz. Please let me know if someone is looking to part with theirs.
  24. For Sale (no offers or trades) Used a handful of times New-never casted 50lb Sufix 832 Offshore knob Single pick up bailless NO box or bag (Hunter Reel Bag can be added for an additional cost) See pictures for cosmetic condition it's a 9/10 in my eyes! $750 Buyer pays Shipping/Insurance and PayPal fee. First "I'll take it" gets it. Thank you!
  25. Hey Everyone, Have read through several older threads pertaining to Century Slingshots and have a couple of very specific questions that I was unable to find answers to. I've fished the SS1265 and love the rod, but felt I was a little bit under-gunned trying to turn a larger size fish in current. Was in MA at the time and definitely wondered if life would have been more difficult at home in a boulder field. What I'd like to do is move from a rod with medium power (ss1265 is rated 12 - 20# line, 1 - 3.5oz lure) to something mh rated 15 - 30# like the SS1267, BUT hopefully without losing the ability to throw very light bucktails. I throw a lot of 3/4 and 1oz jigs and think that I'm able to stay hooked up sometimes for this reason, so ideally I'd be able to find a rod that has a little more backbone than the 1265, like the 1267, that's especially able to handle the low end of (or slightly below) its weight rating well. Obviously the "correct" solution is to have multiple rods for these two purposes, but I'm wondering what would be the bigger reach, so to speak, trying to throw 3/4 - 1oz with a 1267, or trying to turn a ~30# fish in current with a 1265? Alternatively, is there another rod like a Vapor Trail or S8 that you like for throwing light weights especially well? I've heard that the 11' vapor trail rated 3-6 will throw down to 1oz very well and obviously the GSB 120 1l is an incerdibly popular all-around rod, although I've come to really appreciate the actions on the ss rods... Thanks!
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