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Found 36 results

  1. 70/ 30 split model # MSC110MHMF2. 15-30 LB. 3-8 oz. I used it a couple times but preferred spinning reel over conventional. This rod is nearly weightless( real talk) no BS. Im asking $150 picked up on long island. I can send more pics if needed. Thanks for your consideration guys.
  2. Cleaning out my closet. These reels don't get used anymore. They work excellent, some minor boat rash. Line included. Will ship to you. I accept paypal. Abu Revo STX first Gen, left hand retrieve, 30 lb PP: $50 shipped Abu ambassadeur 5500c, right hand retrieve, 15 lb Berkley big game: $40 shipped
  3. I'm selling my Penn Leveline 350 Conventional with an upgraded spool. Reel details: -Self Leveling Line Bar -was unique to this reel for many years. -Mint Condition. -Upgraded Aluminum Spool for better casting (costs $40 on its own). -Use for Shore Casting, Jigging, or Trolling. Asking $30 cash picked up in Providence Happy holidays
  4. hi what reel is this
  5. Bought this rod and reel over the winter with cabin fever in anticipation for warmer weather. Threw a few bloodworms with it and that was it, it wasn’t the only winter purchase and just don't have much of a need for it and could use the money to put towards a work truck. $450 OBO
  6. Hi. I am looking to purchase a 9’ or 10’ rod, as well as an acceptable surfcasting conventional reel, for under $200. I mostly fish small to medium-sized stripers and bluefish. I obviously don’t need the best of the best, but the reel should last and be a decent caster. Any suggestions?
  7. I like to Fluke from Inlets & Jetties. I’m usually slinging 2-4 oz sinkers dragging strip bait. I like a long rod and go for distance. I recently purchased a Penn Battalion 11’ 2-6 oz rod and like it. I recently tested my 3 best casting reels over 2 fish outings. Here’s my thoughts. Ambassaduer 6500CS Mag Elite (levelwind) with 30lb PowerPro. Easily my best caster but with 3oz sinker and pulling against a moving tide you really have to crank down drag to stop from slipping. Another con is the mag slider is right where I palm the reel and I’m always moving it inadvertently. Old Penn 525GS (not mag) with 2 of 4 centrifugal brakes on. 50 lb PowerPro. Casts second best and although level winding with finger does get easier over time it becomes a pain and my fingers get waterlogged and wrinkled. This reel would be my top choice if I was soaking baits not hour after hour casting and retrieving. Daiwa Lexa 400 (original model) 50lb PowerPro. Smooth, fast ratio and large power handle and is a dream to cast and retrieve all day. Only Con I feel is the disengaging levelwind. If you cast when the levelwind is to one side and not in the middle you can really feel and hear the line ripping across the spool. I wish they would make a model with non disengaging levelwind. So so I guess my perfect reel would be something like a Lexa 400 with a non disengaging level wind. Does one exist ?
  8. I'm looking to enter the dark side and get a conventional setup for surf fishing from the beach. I read about magnetic brakes and windlevels being convenient but effects distance. Cabela mentioned Abu garcia c3 striper and Penn Rival I've been fishing for years but no nothing about a conventional reel. I'm looking first for maximum distance for casting 3-8 plus bait. I like the idea of the magnetic break and windlevel but dont know. I would like to keep it under 200 if possible. any advice is much appreciated.
  9. Up For Sale Brand new in box Avet SX 5.3 Lever drag casting reel I received this as a gift but I already have a similar sized reel. Asking $185 shipped via USPS priority mail or $175 pick up Since I am pretty new to the forum, I prefer to meet up around Baltimore, DC metro or NOVA area. Thanks.
  10. I have a xra 1321 built conventional. It started its life spinning. Felt like a pool noodle so I rebuilt it to squid with. It ain’t pretty with a few of the old wraps still showing (see pics) but doesn’t interfere with functionality at all. I will consider trades for 9-10’ one piece plugging rods like 1081L/1201L/1083 for light plugging from 1/2-2.5 Otherwise $200. Rod is located in the DC metro but I go to RI a bunch. It’s a one piece so no shipping.
  11. Selling a used, great condition Daiwa Saltist conventional reel with levelwind. This is the black version of the reel. It is spooled with 65lb Suffix 832, which has been used in a couple togging outings at a local pier. Switched to Left-Hand retrieve so this one doesn’t get much use. Model #: STTLW20H-C Gear Ratio: 6.1:1 IPT: 35” Weight: 18.3 oz Drag: 20 lbs Asking $125 shipped and insured TYD, PayPal. Comes with original box, reel clamp, and manual. Cy
  12. Was just wondering if anyone has used this reel for distance casting from the shore/bank. What your experiences were. I only want to know about this reel please leave out any other distance casting reels. Thanks and merry christmas.
  13. Looking to trade these two new reels for a ZeeBaas ZX2 25 or 27 Bailess in good to great condition. My first preference would be a 2-for-1 trade, but if no takers, individual prices are below. Saltiga 30HA: $380 Shipped PayPal Saltiga 35LD: $380 Shipped PayPal Thanks for looking!
  14. Looking for a 6000 or 6500 series Abu Garcia. In generally working order but may needing a breakdown and cleaning. $45 max for C3 reel.
  15. I’ve fished since the mid 1960s with both conventional and spinning reels. I’m right-handed. A majority of the world is right-handed. If you are right-handed, you have more dexterity in that hand for cranking the reel. You don’t need any dexterity in your left hand to simply hold onto the rod. Yet, despite that right-handed conventional reels have the cranking handle on the right side, spinning reels by default have the handle on the left side. [And yes, I changed the handle side to all of my spinners.]
  16. Selling a penn fathom 12 loaded with 40lb suffix 832 paired with a tsunami 7’6xh rated 40-65lb and 3.25-7oz. Asking for $230 for the combo. Located in Atlantic county and can meet up within a reasonable distance.
  17. I need a conventional reel for a 12' Penn heaver. The guy at the tackle shop mentioned three different reels- Daiwa Sealine X30, a Daiwa Saltist 30, or a Penn Squall 15. I'm leaning against the Squall because of line capacity- rated only for 190 yds of 20 lb. mono. So with the Sealine or the Saltist, is the Saltist worth the extra money? What is the difference between the two? Thanks!
  18. I have a 10’ Lami Triflex 2 pc rod rated 2-6 oz; 27.5” butt to mid-seat, and 33” lip of upper hood to 1st collecting ring. All Fuji Hardloy MN guides and an oversized Alconite tip (bottom 3 pics). Wrapped by Dave W. from L. I. The other rod is a 9’ Star Stellar Lite rated 1-4. I’d like to kee this a a combo and ship together for $225
  19. I have an old Kunnan Fishing conventional/casting boat rod. 5 foot 6 inches long, with 7 guides and a tip. Bought it back in 1984 and all the writing has worn off with the exception of the words Kunnan, Graphite Composite, C-Striker. What I'd like to know is recommended line weight and lure weight. Its in very good condition. I'd just like some information on it in case I decide to sell it.
  20. Hi guys I am new here. I would like to ask yours opinion on which conventional reel is the best for fishing the canal today? And why that reel you are mention is the best in your opinion. Thank you.
  21. Testing the water to see what's out there. I am looking for a Century surf rod set up for a conventional reel. The rod will be used for plugging so I'm looking for something around 10'6" rated 1-4oz. If you have one you are willing to part ways with please let me know. Thanks
  22. So it all started out in December of last year. I was into tog fishing on boats and wanted an Avet SXJ. I wanted the option to be able to use it on the surf and went with the MC option. I got it, but a couple of days later, I saw pre-orders taking place for G2. I returned the G1 and placed an order for G2. Fast forward to May of this year. Avet's manufacturing issues led to delays and I got fed up. I am into surf and pier fishing now and wanted an upgrade. I wanted to cancel order for the Avet and get a surf reel that's boat friendly (instead of a boat reel that's surf friendly). I considered Seigler SM and Daiwa Millionairer Surf Cast Reel M7HTMAG. Then I read a thread about issues with the Seigler SM reel. Ultimately, I went with Saltiga 35. I took a chance, considering there aren't many reviews for the new 2016 model... I was wondering if anyone has it and has been using it on the surf? I opened it up to add the red brakes, but bigger white brakes were already in and I left them in there for now until I get used to the reel and can use less assistance from the centrifugal brakes.
  23. Shot this video a while back and thought I'd share.
  24. I am looking for recommendations on a long distance casting conventional surf reel, rod (or blank) and line. Any recommendations will be appreciated. I am looking for a fishing rig and not just to cast for distance. Thanks Gil