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Found 44 results

  1. Want to sell 2 conventional set ups. Century slingshot 1327 11' 2-5oz with Akois 666 SCM W Sport cast. Rod has Fuji seat and Eye set up 24 3/4" to the bottom of the seat.$450.00 Lamiglas LSB 1322m 11' 3-8oz Made by Dan Grulke. Rod has Fuji seat and eye set up 24 1/2" to the bottom of the seat. With matching Orange ABU Ambassadaur 6500 C3 CT mag-elite Sweden made.$350.00 Will ship if buyer pays shipping. Haven't shipped a rod in a while but would think should be around $30.00 or so.
  2. Want to buy a Century Slingshot spinning rod shipped to GA (30360). Thanks.
  3. WTS my backup new Custom Century Stealth S-2 1326 11’ - 2-5oz Rod built by Chris Abut. It was wrapped with Fuji’s best Torzite guides. The rod is super light and can handle big fish in big current. It’s a parabolic rod that takes less energy to cast compared to the Slingshot series. $485 Stella 3000 Reel 9.5 out of 10. It includes everything that originally came with. $375 I would consider trade for other quality fishing products.
  4. Century Kevlar Nor’easter 11ft 1-5 KNE 1326 $400 + shipping located CT
  5. Does anyone have any experience with both of these rods? I'm looking for a rod for next year for all ranges at the canal. If anyone has any input, I'd appreciate it.
  6. I just took delivery of a new rod, on a Century blank, and I'd like to hear from other anglers using it for plugging. To start the thread going, I have some preliminary comments. The rod in question is in the SlingShot lineup, two pieces, rated 2-5 oz. It is not one of Century's highest-end products, baked in an autoclave and sprayed with unobtanium by dancing virgins. First disclaimer. I did not pay list price for the Century 1327 blank. Ryan White was keen to have Al Goldberg build on a Century blank, to see what he thought of it, and he was kind enough to encourage me with a discount. List (go advancedfishing-usa dot, etc.) Al did build on it. When I find the cable to connect the Canon point and shoot camera to the computer, I'll post pictures. It's pretty as all get-out, with an abalone wrap and metallic blue wraps on the guides. I prefer to cast a tin, plug or fly to fishing bait. In the 2-4 oz weight range covering most larger plugs and tins live, the best rods I own for distance casting are as follows. 1) BreakAway LDFS, 12'3", which dates back to the years when they were building on AllStar blanks. This is a spinning rod, and the 2-5 oz rating is pretty accurate (an accurate rating is a rare thing in a factory rod.) A twelve foot rod is a bit awkward in some places. I wish I'd bought the 11'9" rod that was next to it on the closeout shelf. Materials technology has advanced, too. 2) Lamiglas 1322, built by Al Goldberg as a conventional rod. A fine casting rod, but my right hand hasn't entirely recovered from surgery and thumb control is erratic. Rehab continues in the gym. I like the 1322 at 2-4 oz., not at five. These are my standards for comparison. So I took the SS 1327 to Al, who built it with nine guides and a tip. Leg and knee issues have cost me my spring season, but I'm good to go again. No fish on it yet, just test casts with a range of weights and payloads. A) The blank's rating is off, IMHO. I was surprised by how easily and well it loads and casts with one ounce, though it'd be silly to buy this blank for that weight. At least in a spinning configuration, this rod will work with one ounce Bombers and such. The optimal range, again IMHO, is one and a half ounces through four, sweet spot is two and a half to three and a half. Get to five ounces and you're lobbing. YMMV. I prefer blanks that let me load the rod aggressively. B) Within its' weight range, the rod is excellent, especially with plugs. A stiffer rod would add a few yards to a cast with a tin. I have a suspicion that if I had a chance to match the 1327 with an identically configured 1328, the 1327 would fish plugs more easily, the 1328 would add those yards with a tin. You pay your money, you take your choice. C) The tip is soft enough to work a pencil, in that preferred weight range of 1.5 to 4 oz. D) There's enough give in the tip to make it hard to lose a fish by ripping its' lip off. I expect (not having proved it yet) that this is a good fish-fighting stick. E) Not a pendulum-casting blank, really, this rod isn't stiff enough to justify the effort. This is a high-end rod for overhead casting, though there is some hip rotation in my casting when loading the rod aggressively with a tin or diamond. F) There isn't enough in the tip for a strong hookset with a plug at distance. That's the flip side of having a tip soft enough to fight a fish, and work a plug nicely. This might be a problem at the CCC, and comment from anyone who has used it there is solicited. Second disclaimer. I fish open sand beaches, for the most part, and don't climb on jetties or riprap any more. If I DID do that, I'd bring my Lami 120-1M (another Goldberg), because I suspect it's more resistant to impact damage if you took a fall. I will ask Ryan to comment on this, but I don't think this is a good blank for jetty hopping. Neither do I like to wade, though I'll do it in a back bay area. If your habits differ, you may have a different opinion. I'd like to hear from people who fish rods on this blank, or have built on it. Disagreements cheerfully accepted.
  7. I'm looking for an excellent condition Century SS1145. I have cash or a few items laying around for partial trade towards the rod. I have: Saragossa 5000SW Van Staal VM150 Spheros 5000SW Spheros 6000SW St. Croix Mojo Spinning Surf 10'6" 1-4oz (used once) Like new
  8. Not exactly looking to get rid of a Van Staal but I would like to see if there is possibly someone out there that might have a VS200 or 2 that is looking to get/trade for a vs150 (as you can obviously see). I bought this reel new ($739) w/power knob ($59) over the winter and have used it maybe 10x and feel as though maybe I should have went a size up considering how versatile I like my gear to be. We can discuss details further if anyone is interested. I would also consider trading along with cash for a zeebaas or stella. Thanks everyone! ****SPOOLED 2 DAYS AGO WITH 250YDS/40LB SPIDERWIRE INVISIBRAID****
  9. Im looking for a great condition Century SS1265 Sling Shot Surf Spinning Rod. Most likely have to ship it as I live in Ca. Got one?
  10. For sale I have a Century Stealth 11’ rated 2-5 asking $300.
  11. Title says it all. Lightly used, but not abused preferred. What ya got?
  12. WTS VS 150 Black, Low Serial # comes with 2 spools. Reel has internal counterweight and was last serviced before start of 2017 season. Then used for the month of May and pretty much laid to rest since. Reel foot has been upgraded to new heavier, improved version by Van Staal in 2015. Comes with Bag but not box...unfortunately that was lost during a move. The reel has a blemish on bottom of foot from sitting in rod vault...aside from that its fine and ready to go. $500 shipped paypal. Thanks for looking!
  13. Century SurfMachine Surf Rod 11' 3" 2 piece 50/50 split, 1-6 oz lure,, Moderate/Fast action Used less than a dozen times, little reluctant to sell but, casting this out there to try and justify gearing up more for Kayak fishing, awesome rod in great condition. Built by Hatteras Jack of NorthCarolina. Had it built to pass 125lb tactical anglers through all guides, 26" to center of reel seat. I'm in Central Mass and hoping for a reasonably local deal looking to move it asap so first $450 w/o shipping. yup that $200 bucks off new, so don't even get ridiculous. you can look it up at CENTURY RODS SURFMACHINE 20MM FUJI DPSM REEL SEAT FUJI BMNAG (CASTING) FUJI BKWAG (SPINNING) JAPANESE SHRINK GRIPS RUBBER BALL BUTT CAP BLACK GUIDE WRAPS
  14. Title says it all. Looking for an off the rack or custom Century heaver for throwing 8 ounces and chunk bait. Most likely going to use with a heavy long-cast spinner of some sort. Show me what ya got
  15. Looking for a lightweight, 8' rod for the surf. Particularly looking for the Century Sling Shot SS965C. Plan to toss light jigs and mirrolures for trout/drum/flounder.
  16. Testing the water to see what's out there. I am looking for a Century surf rod set up for a conventional reel. The rod will be used for plugging so I'm looking for something around 10'6" rated 1-4oz. If you have one you are willing to part ways with please let me know. Thanks
  17. Hi, This is a Custom built on the Century Sling Shot SS1267. This is 2 pc. 10'6" 2-5 oz. This has been test casted at one outing with a bunker spoon and it casts a mile. My shoulder is not cooperating so back to bait for me Silver/Red and it has name "Just Pat" on it. 464.00 is new off the shelf price, so 375.00 paypal. (Of course this was built from the blank 341.00 plus Fuji components plus labor) Thanks for looking, Pat
  18. Rod is an 11’ Century Slingshot 1327 2-5oz built by CMS in September. The rod is immaculate. Never been fished, and the only use it ever saw was when I tested one of my plugs in a freshwater lake, maybe 10 casts ever made total. Blank is completely gloss and matte black. No writing anywhere or model numbers, original receipt included. I wanted it to look factory from a distance, but up close you can tell no question this is a built blank. It was built with the very comfortable and rugged Paco grip, Gloss black wraps. Fuji K frame guides with CMS concept layout, and black Alps reel seat. $400 local pickup (Sandwich Ma) (VSX 250 not included)
  19. I have decided to go another direction and am putting up for sale a century slingshot ss1145 blank. It is brand new never taken out of the tube or bag. This is the century slingshot 9'6" 2 piece rod rated for 3/4-3oz. Let me know if have any questions or need any pictures. Asking $250 shipped.
  20. What's out there? Custom or factory, don't care, as long as it is in good shape. Pickup in RI, southeastern MA, or eastern CT preferred.
  21. Like new condition Stealth S1 1325 spinner, 11', rated 1 - 4, described as light power/mod fast, factory wrap by Advancedfishing-USA, shrink wrap handle - 25" butt cap to stem, 13.2 oz overall weight, 60/40 split. $420 shipped CONUS/East Coast, PP preferred. $390 picked up in NJ shore area.
  22. Beautiful rod, like new, near perfect condition. 10'6" throws 1-3oz. a mile. Love the rod but my lower back doesn't. Willing to trade for SS1145 in like condition or sell for $375. Photos to follow. Thanks.
  23. want to buy used good condition odm jigster or century 1329 .
  24. Has anyone here, save for Big Dave, had a chance to fish with the Century Surf Machine? How did you like it?
  25. 11' Stealth S1 Stalker in good condition, 8+ 25" from the butt to the middle of reel seat 76 inch top half with 7 Fuji guides Shrinkwrapped handle, cork foregrip. $220 is a good price, pickup only in Hudson County area