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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I just bought a Penn slammer 3 5500, it can hold 340 yards of braid 40#. I am pairing it with a rod that I am quite frankly not to confident in right now as I have not tested it and hard to find reviews on it online, it is a graphite Tica 9 foot medium heavy UEHA surf spinning rod. My biggest concern is that my reel won't be able to hold enough line for if I hook onto a monster in a strong current or if my rod will just snap. The rod costs 100 bucks so I'm hoping it can perform and I cannot afford anything more expensive than it right now, only reason I was able to get a slammer reel was because my mom paid for half. I'm just concerned I will go there and leave disappointed. It's not my primary fishing spot as I live up north and got this set up primarily for the beach and docks but I do want to get over there a couple times this summer. Please let me know if you think this gear will hold up. Thank you
  2. Hello, I am 14 years old and plan to fish the canal this year for my first keeper striper. Is the star paraflex 12-25lb MH paired with a daiwa BG a good option. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am new to this website and I am an avid 14 year old fisherman. I go to the canal probably around twice a year. I have not caught a fish yet and have only been twice. I think my gear is not good enough because I can't cast very far and I don't know any locations. Is the TFO GIS Mag Surf rod a good option? Could anybody drop an easy but good location that I could get to. Also could anybody give me recommendations on rods that can cast 5oz plus jigs and poppers. Can somebody also explain to me the new/full moon and the breaking tides thing and when that occurs. Thanks so much!
  4. Hello, I am 14 and am researching the canal vigorously. I know that the breaking tides happen and when, but is it better to time the breaking tide on the day of a new/full moon? Thanks
  5. Hello, I am 14, can somebody please explain the breaking tides and when that occurs. Also drop some good locations on the canal and what time of the year to go. Thanks
  6. Hello, I am 14 years old and currently have two surf rods that I share. I have a 9 foot Daiwa, (FTS902MFS) medium heavy. I also have a Hurricane MAKO, (1002SRF) medium heavy. The line recommendation on the hurricane rod is 17-40. Currently, I have 50 lb zebco line spooled on but I believe the line diameter is too thick thus not creating long casts. The weight rating is 2-6 oz also. I was wondering if this is good enough for the canal to start out with. I am new to the canal and live about an hour and a half away. I was wondering if I should minimize my line strength to 30 creating more line capacity on my spool and thinner diameter. What lures should I use on my two rods? Could somebody explain to me when the best time is for fishing? I heard something about a new moon tide and breaking tide but I don't know how to recognize it and don't fully understand it. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Is that only me or what seem like jigging at night time is slow? Me and my buddy been down multiple trips to ditch late night shift and we did really slow either one fish for 4hr or skunk
  8. any sugjestions i have tones of lures but i dont want to lug em all around
  9. Hey everyone, let me take this time to forewarn you that I am a jersey guy who is popping his cape cod canal cherry. Once you are done with the usual comments, I would like some advice: I just picked up the St. Croix Avid 10' 1-4oz, which replaced my avid 9'6" 2-6oz. Well a few days after I got the new avid I found out that the cape cod trip is going to happen. I haven't caught any fish on the new avid yet but I have casted it with various lures and it handles them very nicely. My question to you is: can I be confident enough to use the avid in the canal, or should I save my lunch money and pick up a cheaper rod rated heavier (probably the 2-6oz airwave)? I think that the avid will be okay but without experience there I just dont know if I should trust having only that. Thanks Guys!
  10. Looking for suggestions on best CCC rod. I mainly throw plugs (3-4oz), but occasionally some jigs if bass are down deep. Looking for rods 10-11' to pair with Stella 14000. I won't mind spending the extra money for something that will last long or if custom. Also, if you recommend a particular local place that built your rod, please let me know! Thanks!