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  1. Had the pleasure of fishing the Cheeky Schoolie Tournament for the first time this past weekend. While we were there we had the pleasure of meeting a local photographer who lives in Brewster MA and exchanged some good fishing stories and knowledge. Unfortunately I never got the fellow's name or contact. This is probably a shot in the dark but if anyone knows who this gentleman is and can get me his information that would be much appreciated. Cheers, Theodore
  2. One time, I was watching a YouTube video of somebody fishing the Cape Cod Canal. I was reading the comments and someone said that you would be able to open a tackle store with all of the stuff lost there, if you could dive for them. Another person responded briefly that you can't dive there, might be illegal. This comment was made over 3 years ago and I doubt I would get a response clarifying this, especially on a video with little views. I have never been to Cape Cod, much less the state of Massachusetts in my life, and live far away from it. So I am not aware if this is true and I simply am wondering about this. All I know so far is that it is rocky an deep, and heavy tackle is routinely used there due to the conditions. Is it really illegal to swim or dive around there, will you be stopped, have anyone done it?
  3. Anyone have any luck hunting turkey or deer up the National Seashore? Not looking for a spot burn just to see if it’s worth stomping around up there
  4. Hi Everybody, I'm coming to Cape Cod pretty soon on vacation with my parents and we're staying in Harwich. Now, I don't usually fish for Stripers; I usually either fish for Lmb or I jig some blues on a pier in Long Island, but I'm excited to try to catch some nice stripers. The issue is that I don't really have the right gear for Cape Cod, whether it's fishing surf or fishing the Canal, or some other spots. It would be really awesome if someone could recommend a spot near Harwich, as well as some gear or a nice local. bait shop. Many thanks, Tight lines
  5. Yes, I have read almost every thread on this topic. Yes, I know that there is no all in 1 set up. Yes, I am still making this thread. My goal is to get close for an "AI1" set up that could do plugs swimmers and jigs on the cape cod canal while also holding down surfcasting around the cape, not going to do anything insane though. I am looking to pair a reel with my St Croix legend surf 10'6" MH 1-6 oz The year is 2020, and Japan has 2 hot new reels SALTIGA and STELLA. Do I need to spend 1000 on one? I can but does it mean I should? Saragosa? I want to hear your thoughts stripersonline! Suggestions for reel and size would greatly be appreciated. See you on the canal!
  6. Hey guys, so I recently got into rod building this past winter. I built a ODM jigster 11’ 4-10 oz and I have been using it so far this season at the canal. I love the rod. very versatile rod but i love it especially for jigging. looking to build another rod that can do both jigging and top water. anyone have recommendations? i was looking at the Surfmachine elite 11’ 2-8 oz or a black hole just for jigging. I have attached some pictures of my jigster below.
  7. Fish around Boston and Lower Cape often. I am planning on going to the canal. Instead of going during the sunrise and low tide rush, I am planning on going at high tide in the evening. Never fished the canal before but hoping for some advice. Is the East End better at high tide? Planning on casting top-water plugs.
  8. Disclaimer: This may seem like a stupid question but as avid trout fisherman and saltwater angler it is something that I have thought about many times. I've always been very intrigued by sea run trout and found it interesting how the state stocks Scorton Creek and the Pamet River (both tidal rivers that run into Cape Cod Bay) with trout every spring, despite the fact that I've never really heard of any real results except for a few people getting lucky and fishing right after they were stocked. But for the most part it seems that people think that these fish are swept out with the tide and into the bay and never really seen again. So my real question is what would happen if the state tried stocking fish into a small harbor. Something that is connected to the ocen and also has a creek that runs out of it (Sesuit Harbor would be my best example). I feel as though that with the proper water temps and food that the fish would be able to thrive in the area and hold inside the harbor rather than just be swept out with the tide like in Scorton. I know that Scorton does run into Barnstable Harbor but Barnstable Harbor is massive and very open, Im talking about something much smaller and enclosed. I've seen the massive trout that are pulled out of the harbors of the great lakes and thought it would be somewhat comparable. Now obviously this would come with environmental effects and is a complete hypothetical situation. But am I crazy to believe that the state could successfully stock a harbor like Sesuit with trout and see better results than just stocking tidal rivers like Scorton. Or would the fish still end up being swept on into the bay regardless. I know this may seem like a pretty out there question but it was something me and my friends had ben debating over and I am looking to get some outside opinions. Thanks.
  9. Hey Everyone, Heading down to my house in Hyannis at the end of next week for a few days of fishing. Will probably be focused on the south side as that's close to my home. With that said wanted to start a thread to discuss GENERAL activity going on on the South Side of the cape. General areas where fish are found, best tides, lures being used and what the bait abundance looks like. Feel free to get as specific as you want, just not trying to get lit up for spot burning. If there is already one of these threads let me know and I will delete it. Best, Chad
  10. First off its a pleasure to find this forum and post here. I appreciate any help you guys can provide in advance. I need some tips on baits, parking and fishing locations on the outer Cape. Iv'e lived on the Cape my entire life but have never spent the night on the beach in P-town fishing. In the days of my youth I fished Nauset lots but never made my way to Race Point to fish. I recently visited Yellow Stone and have the National Park Pass. I took a ride up a couple weeks ago to refresh my memory. I did notice the parking lot we use to hang out at has mostly washed away, but I did see some smaller parking areas between Herring Cove and Race point. Ive never really explored between the Beach Comber and Truro so I'm not against trying that area out. If you only had one chance to do this adventure where would you start? I live down in Falmouth now and P-Town is a trek for sure. Thanks for your help
  11. I need a new Canal rod because of my mojo breaking. I’m thinking about buying the TFO GIS SURF 10’6 rated 2-8 oz. anyone out there use this rod and is it cable of 6oz jigs? And how true is that 2-8 rating. Does it have enough backbone to cast far? Does it handle the current when fish is on. Last questions has anyone dealt with TFO’s warranty program. Thanks
  12. any sugjestions i have tones of lures but i dont want to lug em all around
  13. Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but not to fishing. I'm 18, and I live about 2 hours from the cape(1.5 from the canal). I've been fishing on the cape every year since I was a little kid, now that I can drive on my own I'm looking to start going down with a friend or two. Naturally, I want to start fishing the canal as well and I need advice on a rig. Right now I'm thinking the Penn SSV 6500 paired with the Okuma longitude 10'(not sure how good it is, but it's super cheap). I'm also looking at the Diawa BG 4500 and the Penn Prevail 10' or 11'. I'm looking to make at least 1 trip down a week. I'll be throwing topwaters, sluggos, kastmasters and whatever else you guys recommend. What does everyone else think? Should I pick a better rig, or is mine fine(I'm a little on edge about the rod)? Other advice is also appreciated. Thanks, John
  14. Finally able to share my pic of this nice 42" striper - caught on the Brewster Flats during a midnight low tide on a clear, moonless night in August 2015. Used a 9" albino shad SLUGGO, rigged a la Steve McKenna of Saltwater Edge - check it out it works!!
  15. For the last 2 years, I have gone to Cape Cod in August. I have had very little luck on the ocean beaches - Nauset (including the inlet), Coast Guard Beach, Head of the Meadow. SEALS EVERWHERE, even at night. With no oversand vehicle or permit, I found the Race just too much walking to get to good spots. Are there any good ocean beach spots where a guy like me may have some luck?
  16. Hey everyone, Thought I would start a new thread exclusivly focused on action on the south side of cape cod, pretty much from the RR bridge to naucet beach. Just trying to help out those fishing the south side find some productive water Anyway, Fished a south cape beach last night which is in barnstable last night, very crowded. my buddy got a schoolie, saw a dude pick up a blue and I caught a massvie alewive on the fly (ate a 1/0 baitfish imitation)
  17. About one hour I was fishing off the East Jetty of Sesuit Harbor in Dennis, MA and I caught a very small schoolie, 14 inches or less, with a a yellow tag inserted into its back, the tag was unlike any that I have ever seen instead of a needle like tag it was a loop of yellow material that was tied on the end, the tag was covered with algae and weed so it was pretty much illegible but I did take a picture of what I could read, I wanted to release the fish quickly so I only took a few pictures. If anyone knows where or who this fish could have been tagged by please let me know. Thanks.
  18. Hey guys so I am new to salt water fishing on the Cape, for the last 2 years I have just been using an old Ugly Stick that would constantly break and I've decided this year to upgrade and really get into it so I was wondering if you had any suggestions for setups that are reasonably priced and would last some time. I have been fishing for 5 years now but only freshwater so I have some experience. I live in Dennis on the cape so I will be fishing at Chapin beach 10 minutes from my house so if any one is familiar with the beach I would love all the help I could get. I am also looking to do a little Canal fishing so should I buy a new rod and just switch the reel or do I need to buy a whole new setup. Thanks, I appreciate all the help I can get.
  19. Hey all, New to the forum and this is going to be my third season of seriously targeting striped bass on the fly and Im looking to spend some time on the cape cod flats. With that being said does anyone have any tips, I will primarily be wading or using a SUP board. Thanks in advance, Ctokowicz
  20. Since we're planning to be away a lot this summer we are renting out our house in N Truro. Its 3BR, 2 bath, open, only 6 years old. It has a separate driveway that ends at a hose, with basement access (door), and fish cleaning table that when I am there I use with my parker 23se that i tow daily to and from the Pamet. A great house to vacation at when you want to bring along your trailered boat (!) There is a non exclusive rental broker that has the house online - so you can see everything here: http://www.vacationcapecod.com/rental/house/2041?Avail=&Stay=&User=KGR430702 If you are interested in renting the house, we can offer you a direct rental at a discount to the rates listed by the broker. If you rent from us directly, we do not pay commission and you do not pay booking fees - savings to both of us at about 20% off the broker's posted rates. Just pm me directly if you are interested and we can let you know if the week is still available. The best bass season out there is typically June. BFT gets going in august and is typically strong thru September and October. The last few years best biggest BFT we got were actually in early November. By then its a lot to do with the weather (wind). Lots of bluefish coming and going throughout the season. Tons of mackerel - especially into September and October. Its the Outer Cape. All of Cape Cod Bay, Provincetown Harbour area, around the backside, and out to Stellwagen is within easy reach of the Pamet. Anyway - interested, please PM. Thanks.
  21. Had a fun night of fishing last night. Caught around 10 bass with almost half being keepers. Also, ran into some blues at the same spot I was at. Nothing of great size but still fun. Will prob hit some beaches and the Ditch this weekend. Who's heading out to do some fishing this weekend?! - Al
  22. Hello All, Just moved to the Boston area from the south and I am going to be in the market for a boat in the near future. I am trying to figure out what makes the most sense for someone who wants to almost exclusively fly fish NE from May until October. Ideally, I want a boat I can pole the flats and sight fish as I think that is the most exciting way to fish. The options for this would be a larger technical poling skiff (Ankona Cayenne 17 e.g.) or a true flats boat (Hewes Redfisher 18). I would think most days a boat with smaller freeboard would be fine inshore and in cape cod bay. That being said I know the weather in the NE can unpredictable and there are some species that can't be caught inshore that would be fun to target such as false albacore. I'm not completely opposed to a bay boat if it really will give me that much more flexibility and ability to catch fish for 6 months of the year. I understand no one boat is great for everything, I just want to make an informed decision on whichever I choose. Being new to the area would like some advice from those who've fished these waters for years. Best regards, Brendan
  23. Great white shark all-you-can-eat buffet. http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2016/04/12/video-shows-horde-seals-off-chatham/7sfMidCYOs2ljwkKJXfmqO/story.html
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