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  1. Gear-Up Surfcasting Bucktail pouch. Like new. Used only twice. Bought from The Surfcaster in January this year at the Striper Day fishing show at Ward Melville High School. $70.00 (cash) - if local pickup can be arranged. $80.00 (Venmo, PP or Zelle) – if shipping is required. Product details can be found on Gear-Up’s web site.
  2. I have been trying different style bucktails - bullet head, banana, smiling bill - of the same weight. They are all of what I consider similarly good quality but of different brands. I found significant differences in casting distance by type with the same rod/reel/line setup. I have experienced the differences during the same fishing sessions so weather and wind are the same. Have others experienced the same thing? It seems obvious that head shape and the amount and length of hair, use of trailers, etc. will influence casting distance but am surprised by the extent of the difference. Is this simply a function of the various bucktail types or is there some adjustment I should make? Thanks.
  3. Help!!! I can't find 3/8 oz bucktail jigs anywhere. After reading that post about casting eggs I'm trying to find some jigs to give it a shot. I've got soft plastics and flies but can't find any decent saltwater jigs. If anyone has a clue as to where to order some from please for the love of God let me know.
  4. Hey all, I'm selling a SPRO Bucktail Lot. I am estimating the weights on some of them. As you can see, most of them are in new condition with a couple of used ones and one 6 oz that got beat up on a black sea bass trip. I used them a lot up North for sea bass, stripers, etc. Then I moved down south and I don't use bucktails anymore. I'm sure they work, but I like to take the easier path, which is using what they use around the area, LOL. I am selling it as a single lot for $100 shipped. I take Paypal. Count (Some are guesses): 2 x 1/4 oz 1 x Clear Rubber Jig 2 x 3/8 oz 2 x 1/2 oz 1 x 3/4 oz 4 x 1 oz 2 x 1 oz Tinman Tackle 5 x 1 1/2 oz 2 x 2 oz 3 x 4 oz 5 x 6 oz 2 x 8 oz Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. JoeBaggs Bucktails 6 pink mackerel 2 4oz 2 3oz 2 3/4oz 1 green mackerel 4oz $35 shipped OBO
  6. Looking for heavy duty vise for saltwater jigs preferably with 360 swivel head pp ready or trade for some plugs .... capesams....grs
  7. Looking for a rotary vise for tying teasers and bucktails,larger saltwater hooks. What do you guys use..trying to stay under $100 thanks!!
  8. Two lots of hand tied buck-tail jigs for sale. Lot one 22 jigs 75 dollars. Lot two 34 jigs 115 dollars. Buyer pays for shipping @ $7.75 per lot.
  9. Hello all, Here I have a bucktail pouch that was made by a friend of mine. Used but in Great condition. Will hold upto 5oz bucktails. Added Plastic inserts to keep the pouch open. Asking: $75 shipped
  10. 2 Uncle Josh #50y (Yellow) 2 Uncle Josh #50r (Red) 2 Smiling bill bucktails $55 shipped. This is the last of what I have.
  11. Does anyone have any tip on adding a trailer hook on bucktails ? and also do you add plastic on bucktails ?
  12. Hey everyone, I’ve never used buck tails before, but after reading and watching John skinner, I’m Excited to go out and try. I’ve purchased a wide range of buck tails (.5oz to 1.5 oz) and otter tails. However, I noticed some “contradictions” in two of skinner’s videos with the book. From my understanding, when using buck tails you when to present the lure near the bottom to target fish. To do this, do you cast and then wait until you feel the “tick” indicating you’re at the bottom then slowly retrieve? Or do you do a slow retrieve as soon as the buck tail hits the water? From what I’ve read, in shallower waters (5 ft and less), you should begin reeling immediately since your lure is always going to be in the strike zone. However, I’m confused on what to do for areas greater than 5 ft and may have rocky bottoms. If I wait until it hits the bottom, then the lure will most likely get stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I’m a little confused right now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
  13. I use 75 lb TA clips for most of my striper fishing, but they don't fit through the hook eyes on my small jigs and soft plastics. I'm looking for the following with eyes that can fit a 75 lb TA clip comfortably: 1. 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz bucktail heads (i like to wrap my own) 2. 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 screw lock hooks for small soft plastics like albie snax and flukes 3. 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz jig heads for various soft plastics like shad bodies and fin-s fish If anyone has found examples that work, I'd be greatly appreciative of your input. I'd like suggestions that aren't to costly if possible. *I'm not interested in suggestions for 50 lb TA Clips.
  14. $60 shipped - Twenty-two bucktails, various weights, weight them before you use them. Some have been retied and painted. Some are retied with synthetic hair or flashabou and have different sink rates. Including some soft plastic tails.
  15. Good morning everyone, I have a pretty extensive book collection when it comes to fishing books, (how to, stories, guides, basically everything. But I’m always looking to add more to the collection. Anyone have any recommendations. Rare books or discontinued ones. If there still in print I most likely have it, but I’d still like to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks!
  16. Has anyone used the mustad hooks 32824 for there jigs? If so what are your thoughts on them, I love mustad hooks and I use them in all my jigs, but these hooks are very expensive. Just wondering what people think about them before investing them into my jigs.
  17. Lightly used flatlander hardly a mark on it. Bag is dedicated bucktail/shad pouch. Approximate interior dimensions are 4" high - 3" wide - 9" long. Has belt loops on back. $120 shipped PayPal.
  18. What are everyone's favorite bucktail company and favorite type of trailer? I recently visited a huge fishing store and was amazed by the sheer number of types of bucktails and trailers that they had there. There must have been at least ten different bucktail brands and three to four different types of trailers. There was also a huge selection of colors for both bucktails and trailers. What's everyone's favorite color combination?
  19. Need help finding a bucktail mold like the S&S rockhopper or Andreas jetty caster. I already use do-it molds smiling bills(hot lips). Looking to change pace and try something new. Thanks to anyone with advice.
  20. Hi guys! I have some questions about what I've heard is one of the most versatile lures out there; The Buck tail. Now, I rarely use these and that's probably a bad thing as from videos on you tube, forums and articles they say they produce a lot and even catch some pretty nice sized bass! I've only used buck tails for fluke but want to try it for striped bass. In my Area, there are mostly bass in the 12-24 inch range (mostly school bass) but sometimes a 28 inch or bigger will appear. So my questions are; What size buck tails should I purchase? How should I fish these buck tails? and what are some other methods and tactics to use Buck tails? All help is very appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  21. Goal is to help each other locate bass in the pacific surf, primarily Norcal (SF - Watsonville). Other areas are welcome to contribute and learn here as well. Please share any strategies you find helpful in find bass in the surf. Personally, I would like to learn how to spot them from a distance (via look out points, possibly with binoculars). We can also share ways we locate fish while on the beach/rocks/piers or reasons why there might not be fish. Thank you to all the contributors! FYI - This is my first forum topic and I'm new to the community. I will be sure to contribute where I feel I can help. Tight Lines, Sbent
  22. Hi fellas im looking to buy a used but still good quality Buck tail pouch. I like the way the gear up pouches accommodate a good amount of bucktails along with enough space for shad bodies or grub tails. my budget will only allow me to spend $45 for something like this. if anyone is looking to part with a gently used pouch let me know. Lue
  23. Hey all. I'm a budding surfcaster. I don't own a single plug yet. I'm looking to buy about $50 worth of plugs for myself and my Dad. I will be mainly fishing the North and South shores of Long Island. I thought I might be able to get a good deal from some old timer looking to lessen his tackle bag load. I've narrowed down a bunch of specific plugs I'm interested in. I'm not very concerned with color, although I read Z's book and I think I prefer yellow, white or black. Here are some of the plugs I'm interested in (I'm not looking to get all of these for $50): Bucktails (might need 3 or 4 of these, various sizes) Super Strike Darter (Yellow) Super Strike Needlefish (1.4-2.5 oz, 7 inches) SP Minnows (might need 2 or 3 of these) Beachmaster "Junior" Cotton Cordell Redfins (preferred 7 inch) Soft Plastic Baits (Tsunami Eels, Sluggos, etc) Tins (Kastmasters, etc) Feel free to post what you have for sale below, thanks!
  24. So I have a confession that I'm somewhat ashamed of being a RI fisherman - I really don't understand the use of bucktails from shore. I feel as though every other lure in my bag I at the very least understand how to fish it and when to fish it, but this one I'm really stumped. Given how little success I've had with it and how much I typically have with other things, I never find a reason to clip it on. I've fished bucktails with moderate success in Florida and South Carolina, but not up in RI. People swear by them, but I never seem to catch as much as on other lures. It could be my technique, but then again I feel like I've tried many different approaches only to be disappointed and swap out to something I had more confidence in 90% of the time. Most places I fish are extremely rocky and weedy on the bottom, so the bucktail just seems out of place unless I want to catch vegetation and rocks instead of fish. I typically use a white/chartreuse Jeck's or Jettycaster 3/4-2oz depending on the depth/current of the spot. So for those of you who have success with them, how do you fish with a bucktail typically? Bounce off the bottom, straight retrieve, jig etc? And how do you determine which technique to use at a given location to give you success? I would really love to gain some more knowledge and confidence in this lure! Smite me for my ignorance of the all-mighty bucktail Thanks all!
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