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  1. I have a question for Striped Bass Anglers. Do you see Massachusetts as a summer destination for Striped Bass? The time frame would be June-September. This would be for Kayakers, Boaters and Surfcasters. This would include accommodations for up to 4, with all meals provided and 4 guided trips per week. What would you pay for one week based in Boston to Cape Ann for inshore Striped Bass? Thank you
  2. hi everyone, looking for this Rod, PENN TRQ BOAT SERIES. i already have one but I'm looking for another one for my friend, anyone know where do i buy it? thanks in advance
  3. All, I am currently in the market for a boat with a motor and trailer. My price range is at most $7000. Looking for a boat that is at least 20’ and at most 22’. Doesn’t matter if aluminum or fiberglass, duel console, center console, or cuddy. Any make and model is ok except Bayliners. Boat doesn’t have to be in drop and go condition, just needs to have a solid floor, solid transom, and solid hull. Not looked for a project boat or a boat that needs major work. Small things that need to be replaced that don’t ruin the integrity of the boat such as bilge pump, steering, fuel lines etc is ok. Good condition running Outboard motor only, I’m not picky on the size/hp of the motor. Would prefer a 2-stroke Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, or Mariner but Chrysler, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda is Ok, doesn’t matter if pre-mix or oil injected. Motor needs to run with good compression, has spark, and good fuel flow through carburetors. Trailer just needs to be towable with good tires, good wheel bearings and zero rot. Paperwork for both the boat and trailer is a must. I don’t want the risks of registering a paperless trailer as homemade. I am located in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. I am willing to travel as far as a 60 mile radius to look at a boat that meets the requirements I have listed above. If anyone is selling a boat that meets or is similar to what I am looking for above just hit me up. Thanks
  4. I'm in the market for a new boat anyone have recommendations for a center console that is 21ft something does light offshore runs and jump around the block. I was looking at a maritime 20 pioneer 2003. Does anyone have any experience with these boats what can you do and how do they handle in hair waters?
  5. I m fairly new to boating, I normally tow the boat with the outboard on the kickstand and also while in storage. But a friend of mine said that someone he know said I should put it on the hydraulic instead, but he forgot the reason why! So i came here to ask you guys with more experience why? Thanks!!
  6. For sale I have 5 rods (all in excellent condition) A* 3 piece (5’x3) saltiga surf 15’ custom rod 8-12 oz 25-50lbs This is my go to for bait fishing from the beach. This casts a 6-8oz and bait super far effortlessly, due to the custom reel seat). This rod was designed to fish casting or spinning. I’ve fished on beaches where I was the only one catching because others couldn’t cast out far enough $200.00 B* 2 piece(5’x2) saltiga surf 10’ mh rod 3-6 oz 15-30lbs $100 C* 2 piece (8’&2’)Abu Garcia Beast fantasista 10’1”rod 8-18 oz 60-100lb $100 D* 1 piece shimano trevala 6’9” jigging boat rod ml 20-50lbs $100 E* 1 piece wSt Croix legend inshore 7’6” medium spinning 8-17lb 3/8-3/4oz $100 I’m in Brooklyn 11210
  7. I'm booked to go on Yakee Capts Pulley Ridge LITE trip next year and I'll be going with my buddy, who doesn't have any boat tackle. Unfortunately, they don't rent gear for this particular trip. My buddy is a lefty, so I'm looking to get a used reel that he can use and I have two kids who are lefties as well, so I figure they can use it when they are old enough. Recommended reel for the trip: Shimano Trinidad 20 or 30 Shimano Torium 20 or 30 Shimano Talica II 16 Daiwa Saltist 40 50 lb braid Looking for open face (No levelwind). Picture with description of the condition would be great. I will consider other similar reels as well, as long as it's under my budget. Thanks in advance!
  8. now that the fall is coming soon. i havent really upgraded my cold weather gear in a couple of years or 10. typical stuff like pvc grundens and hansen setups are still serving me well. what are some newer recent style clothing youve tried or can recommend looking into? im looking to mainly use it on boats and not in the surf. probably warm, temperature regulating, comfy all day long stuff, decently lightweight. most extreme use will be the coldest of days going for winter cod etc. getting nailed with rogue waves splashes, hitting swells at speed, getting hit with jigs or a fish tails coming over the rails, just general boat stuff.
  9. Or something similar. 14-16 foot. Cape cod MA/ area
  10. Hello, I believe that this is my first post on this forum, although I have been using the forums as a resource for some time. I'm looking for a boat that I can use primarily for fly fishing on protected inshore locations of the Chesapeake Bay and the Outer Banks. I would also likely use the boat on freshwater impoundments such as Santee Cooper reservoir The boat I'm currently considering is a Carolina Skiff model 192JLS, which is a 19' boat with a Suzuki 90HP or 115HP outboard. I would appreciate any member feedback about this particular boat, or any other boats in this size range that would be good for my intentions. Thanks, Mary
  11. Hi, I recently bought a 14 foot boat that has a 35 hp force motor on the back. The prop is looking pretty rough and I want to replace it but I'm not sure how to size the proper one. I took a picture of the numbers stamped on the current prop, does anyone know what they mean and how I can determine the size I need? It says 293 12 1/2. Thanks
  12. Hi, I recently bought a 14 foot boat that has a 35 hp force motor on the back. The prop is looking pretty rough and I want to replace it but I'm not sure how to size the proper one. I took a picture of the numbers stamped on the current prop, does anyone know what they mean and how I can determine the size I need? It says 293 12 1/2. Thanks!
  13. Excellent condition Lund SSV-14 (14.5 ft) with 2007 Yamaha F20PLH Electric start/power tilt&trim outboard. 10 micron water separator installed. 2 battery system - starting battery and house battery (for trolling motor) with combiner switch - will charge starting battery, house battery or both. Transom mounted 2017 Minn Kota Endura 55 lb thrust trolling motor. Custom bow casting platform (batteries installed underneath). Set up for fly fishing with 3 full 9' fly rod storage along the side. Spare tire for trailer. Trailer has superlube hubs and new springs. All in immaculate condition - well maintained and taken care of. Engine hours are estimated at 200. Has been used in fresh water only!! Price: $6500.00
  14. I live in Atlanta,Ga.Most of my fishing is done in florida.I'm going up to New Jersey to visit family in the fall.No specific date is planned.i'm looking to go striper fishing in northern New Jersey.looking for suggestions on a good charter.And the best dates to go.Im thinking late October or early november for the fall run.I have been told that Raritan Bay,near Sandy Hook is good.Is there any good party boats for stripers, or should I charter.All info on striper fishing in north jersey ,appreciated,Gleng
  15. I just jumped on the baitcasting bandwagon. I ordered a LEXA HD 400 7.1:1. I haven't used a baitcaster in a looong time, but WTH, right? I do most of my fishing on jetties, almost never use bait and most stuff I throw is under 3oz. like everyone else. I'm looking for a plugging/BT/Tins rod under $200 to learn with that will be able to get distance and handle the load. Has to be 2 piece. Has to be under $200. Is anyone plugging and distance casting with these reels? Also, what pound test.should I be spooling the reel with, I'm also getting a boat rod to maybe fish for tuna.
  16. Hello all. I am interested in getting a rod that's rated 4 - 10 oz load for fishing on headboats. I currently own Lami TFX7030CT and thought that I could use a heavier rated rod under certain water conditions. I've used the TFX7030CT up to 8 oz. It handled it okay, considering that the rod is fairly stiff. I would like to go on wreck fishing with the wife and let her use the TFX7030CT while I use the heavier rated rod. I didn't even know about Kevin Bogan Fish Poison rods until I was on the BTS forum. I read up on what I could and it seems like general consensus is that Fish Poison is a very good rod for wreck fishing (Togs). Kevin Bogan Fish Poison FC70MH (4 - 10 oz) with cork handle = $230 shipped Lamiglas TFX7040CT (4 - 10 oz) = $247 shipped from Tackledirect I do not own any Fiberglass "E-GLASS" rods, so I don't know if I will like the softer action. I tend to prefer faster action... Any inputs would be appreciated. I have done enough googling and still can't decide. Lamiglas TFX7040CT vs. Kevin Bogan Fish Poison FC70MH Graphite vs Fiberglass (No preference) More vs Less sensitivity (I prefer more sensitivity) Faster vs Slower comeback rate (I prefer faster) Off the shelf vs Custom (No preference) Lighter vs Heavier rod weight (I prefer lighter, but if it's only a few oz's, no big deal) +$17 for Lamiglas, but not much different so doesn't matter Yea, based on the comparisons, I am leaning more towards the TFX7040CT, but maybe there's a big factor that I didn't account for.
  17. Hey guys I just recently bought a Van Staal VS 200 which I purchased for surf fishing. Almost all of my fishing is done from the surf but I occasionally do some bass fishing trips on a friends boat.I don’t really want to spend more money on a conventional reel that I will barely use so I was wondering if anyone uses their Van Staal as a boat reel? And if so what are your thoughts?
  18. Hi, I want to purchase a bib or waders that will work for surf fishing, creek fishing, and to wear on a boat. I already know that I want to get a pair that goes up to my chest. I just can't decide whether to get one with built-in boots. stocking feet, or ones that just cut off at the ankle. I don't really want to have wear waders with built-in boots on a boat. However, I think that if I just slide boots over the bib with no feet, water will come in after the tops of my boots go underwater, and I won't have as much versatility. Do y'all think that I could buy the bibs that just go to the ankles and then buy hip boots and an elastic belt to go around my waders that the hip boots strap onto? I would tuck the bib into the hip boots. Or should I just get a pair with built-in shoes and look kind of dumb on the boat? I don't own a boat so I only fish with my friends who have boats and charters, and I do most of my surf fishing in the summer but occasionally in the fall/spring. I don't want to spend too much; they don't have to be insulated, I just want them to last. Thanks for the help.
  19. Listing for a friend that's moving out of state. Rods in my posession, will get better pictures tonight if needed. - ODM Frontier NFX1002-4 3/4 - 4 oz Condition 8/10 $250 - Daiwa Saltiga G Jigging/Spinning SAG-J 60MHFS 6'MH Condition 9/10 like new +Daiwa Beefstick BF-BT 70HR 7'H Conventional, 10/10 new, with tags. $75 for the lot - Local Hooker MSF800f1225s 8' 1 piece rod 12#-25# line, Custom built by Bob Jenkins, great jetty rod. Condition 7/10 $75 Pick up only, North Jersey to Monmouth county.
  20. So I have a 32' Trojan cabin cruiser with twin 302 Ford inboards. Boat runs great. When I first start the boat and idle out, the oil pressure is normal (between 30-60 psi is normal for me). When I'm going at full, the oil pressure is also fine. But I have noticed that on my port engine, the oil pressure is pinning at over 80 when I slow to idle after cruising for a bit. The oil and filters have all been changed, so it isn't that. I have talked to quite a few people about this and searched online but can't really find anything. Some people are telling me that it's impossible and the sending unit might be bad (a real possibility). Could it be a pressure relief valve? Seems really strange that it's only at idle and not when I am cruising. The gauge definitely does work. I have gauges on the bridge and down below, and they are reading the same. Any insight?
  21. So, are we doing our annual fluke contest this year? Ray, you up for doing this again? Who is in?
  22. Which Lamiglas model casting rod would do you prefer for fluke Fishing from boat was looking at Lamiglas triflex will be mostly Fishing fire Island inlet and ocean bucktails and spearing and sinker
  23. So, I've had this boat for 5 years now and have always been perplexed by the manufacturer code listed on the registration. It says "BIG". I don't know if BIG is an acronym or an initialism, but I've searched around for boat manufacturers back in the 60's and haven't had any success. HIN's were not a requirement back then, but there is a little plate riveted to it with the number "6811467". I can't find any HIN lookup or decoder that has information on this. It's not even a valid format so it must be some kind of serial number from the manufacturer. This boat had it's 50th anniversary recently and I'd appreciate some background on it because it's fun to talk about. I purchased it in New Jersey and I have no idea about it's history prior to me owning it. It's a typical 3-bench rowboat. I put on a custom built, 1-piece diamond plate transom extension and also mounted the Cabelas pods on the back to help with buoyancy. The benches are riveted directly to the floor and it only has 3 stringers running from gunwale to gunwale. You can see some other plate on the front bench but that plate doesn't have anything etched into it. There's nothing identifying on that piece. It's such a fun setup that I've taken everywhere - the middle of the Raritan Bay shipping channel, the Delaware River, back bays and even 1/2 mile out of Absecon and Townsends Inlets on glassy oceans. She has seen many fish landed in the short time that I've had her. She's retired now and we're going to make a nice garden with this boat as the centerpiece, that way I can keep her around forever. Any info is appreciated!
  24. Does anyone know of any laws around using beach wheels to walk a small boat across a beach to launch in the surf? like a zodiac or similar size boat.
  25. I surf cast, i boat, and i kayak, but hands down love the Hobie way of life
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