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Found 25 results

  1. I have not used fluoro yet and find conflicting info everywhere. I have just started plugging for stripers, mostly in the surf, in the last year or two and have simply used either 30 or 40 lb mono for my leaders. I had it on hand and it works. But the blues are coming soon and traditionally I tied on a wire leader when blue fishing. The blues will be hitting my striper plugs and I am not sure what weight leader to use and if fluoro is even the way to go. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Lot of 23 Captain John Sekora Trolling Lures for your umbrella rig. Hard to find. $100. plus $8.00 shipping. PayPal.
  3. A dozen L-Jac jigs from 2-4 ounces. $60.00 plus $8.50 shipping. Paypal
  4. Hey all, I will be staying in Corolla July 13-20. I have limited experience fishing from the sand, but am planning on fishing hard this year. In the past I have usually just found a quiet section of beach near the house and thrown out cut bait near a rip, and thrown spoons on light tackle anytime I see blues on top close to shore. I would like to try to get into some mature bluefish, cobia, mackerel, sharks etc. I'm taking the kayak with me this year and was planning on paddling baits out past the breakers. I have been told to look for changes in water color/clarity, and drop offs etc. any other input? What baits have you had success with in the past? Cut vs. live? Chum bag? What's your preferred rig? Also, do I have any real shot at catching fish up north in Corolla? I have usually stayed in Waves in the past, and fished there, and a couple times at the inlet. Do I need to make the trip down south to give myself a shot? Thanks everyone,
  5. I know that there are probably a million posts on this site about rods and reels, but I still wanted to ask everyone about them. I wanted to get a Penn Spinfisher V 4500 size and a St Croix Mojo Surf 10 foot Medium Moderate Fast. I'll be mostly fishing Block Island and Long Island during the summer for blues and stripers from the surf (maybe the occasional albie). Was thinking about 20 lb braid. Does anyone have any suggestions? The reason I picked the Spinfisher is because it has a completely enclosed case and I want it to last a while. I was looking at the Battle 2 but it has all those holes and I don't want it to get filled with sand and water. Thanks
  6. So pretty much I always see people recommending types of reels and rods but never actually see numbers example (fishing for fluke 7ft rod 20-30lb rated; single speed reel 5.2.1-6.0.1 that can handle 300 yards 30lb braid with 15 pound drag max....so I am curious what are you recommendations for type of fish. I don’t want to know brands of rods or reels but more of the technical items u need to fight these fish I think this type of info definitely helps out. Add any other species you like to the list. 1. Fluke/sea bass 2. Blackfish 3. Stripers/blues 4. Weakfish 5. Cod 6. YFT
  7. So pretty much I always see people recommending types of reels and rods but never actually see numbers example (fishing for fluke 7ft rod 20-30lb rated; single speed reel 5.2.1-6.0.1 that can handle 300 yards 30lb braid with 15 pound drag max....so I am curious what are you recommendations for type of fish. I don’t want to know brands of rods or reels but more of the technical items u need to fight these fish I think this type of info definitely helps out. Add any other species you like to the list. 1. Fluke/sea bass 2. Blackfish 3. Stripers/blues 4. Weakfish 5. Cod 6. YFT
  8. Hi, this is my first post and I need a new rod. I was thinking about the new Tsunami Slow Pitch 7ft XH, wanted to know if anyone else used this rod (pros and cons). Or if anyone has any other recommendation. I’ll be using it for stripers/blues (deadsticking and jigging) and some deep ocean fluke jigging from time to time. Thanks
  9. Howdy folks !! Been reading through many old discussions some great info . Last 10yrs i have mostly fished freshwater for different species in different seasons and mostly targetted big cats in texas blues and flatheads . I know NY freshwater doesn't have either of these species around . Where would be closest place to find good waterbodies to target big cats ? I don't mind few hours travel I am not asking for certain spots just looking for right direction for those with experience and knowledge of chasing these fish . Anyone else here target these species ? Thanks for any suggestions .
  10. Hi I was wondering if I should be casting into or against the wind. And what lures are suitable in high wind situations? Today i fished near a large bridge started half hour before high tide until 1 hour after. The weather was really choppy (the perfect conditions?) so from my picture could someone tell me which way they would be casting in this situation and what they would be using please? (Excuse the badly drawn pic, I am the yellow blob and the bridge is red, The arrows represent the way the waves and wind where going?
  11. Morning ladies and gentlemen! First post here, been a "lurker" for a while now. Well, the time has come and the run is on down here in South Jersey. My buddy and I have been hitting the sand quite hard, and have had decent success so far on shorty Stripes and Blues. I'd say at this point in the migration, we have been doing pretty well. As the title states though, I have been running into some awfully finicky Blues here and there. All of the Blues we have landed so far range from 30-35", none of them look famished, so they're definitely on the bait. From my understanding there is currently a lot of herring and bunker around, and we have the Osprey and Porpoise on the hunt to prove it. With that being said, the Blues we have hooked up on so far have all been in very shallow water (>1-3'). These particular fish don't seem to be following the pods of bait out in the deeper water, but roaming the shallows for a different treat perhaps? They also seem to be traveling in schools of very low numbers. Yesterday I watched a lone Blue cutting through the shallow wash, seemingly without a care in the world. I threw every type of lure I could at him, and received nothing more than a "check-out" before he decided it was time to slip away into deeper water. It seemed my popper grabbed it's attention the most, but the beast just refused to lunge at it. This is not the first Bluefish I've seen act like this this season either. Obviously there is no definite answer on why they do this, or how to solve this frustrating problem (that's why it's called "fishing" instead of "catching" right?). I am just curious if anyone else has seen this happening recently, and if so, your thoughts on the situation? Open to any and all suggestions/thoughts! Best of luck!
  12. Hey all, Was wondering if anyone's ever tried using trash fish like Sea robins or Dogfish as bait for Blues and Bass? Would certainly be helpful on those days when the bunker chunks are running low, or no longer stay on the hook! I've heard of people using snapper blues, as well as robins, for catching fluke. So the idea is not too far out. Thanks.
  13. Are there any $100-$130 8 or 9 weight combos for the salt?
  14. Selling my fishing gear to finance some reloading equipment, may consider trades for reloading or shooting gear\equipment. I moved to Putnam County which is a lot further from the shore and haven't had any time for any saltwater fishing and a lot less since I picked up shooting sports. these are hard for me to let go but Im also not desperate for the cash so please no low ball offers, Lightly used and are close to new condition (9/10). Rods are pick up only, Im located in Putnam but can meet in Westchester, Dutchess, and Fairfield (Stamford, Danbury areas). Rods · Lamiglas TFX 7020 CT 7' one piece. great for inshore fishing Porgies, fluke, flounder and blackfish $175 · Lamiglas BL 7030 c 7' one piece. perfect for Blues and striped bass $175 http://www.lamiglas.com/rods/saltwater-rods/tri-flex-graphite-inshore/ · Shimano Tekota 500 - $125 (perfect match with the Lamiglas BL 7030) Perfect piers and dock fishing combo for blues and stripers - $125 · Ugly Stik Tiger spinning rod BWS 2201 7’ 1 piece · Shimano Bait runner 4500B Hard to Find, RARE · Ambassadeur 6500cl Big Game (no box), Made in Sweden $150 · Ambassadeur 5500 Inshore with box, includes paddle handle. Made in Sweden $150
  15. How many and what rods do you use? And how many rods is too many. Some say you can never have enough, and some fish with the bare minimum. What do you think?
  16. For those of you who fish them, what's the most weight you feel comfortable casting with them?
  17. Had a fun night of fishing last night. Caught around 10 bass with almost half being keepers. Also, ran into some blues at the same spot I was at. Nothing of great size but still fun. Will prob hit some beaches and the Ditch this weekend. Who's heading out to do some fishing this weekend?! - Al
  18. Anyone have the new stick shadd, any shops in Ma have them? I had some guy next to me at the canal hooking up every other cast on the original or a prototype.
  19. How much does it cost to get into plug turning? Do you eventually make your money back on it?
  20. My spot get some big nonstop blitzes in the fall. They tend to be of shore a little ways but the fish usually range from 20-34 inches though. Does anyone know of light tackle surf rods that will keep the small fish fun but still have lots of distance with small plugs and bucktails? (Preferably 9ft)
  21. Hello, I have been surf fishing for years. However, I was thinking about getting rid of my conventional bait rods and just using lures. Because number 1, bait gets expensive, and number 2, it's messy. So I was wondering if I could catch fish from the beach all year long by just using lures. Or, should I just keep my conventional bait rods and switch between bait and lures. Does bait still have it's place on some days? I have been told that bait is good when the fish stay at the bottom. Can I use bucktails when the fish are at the bottom? Or is bait still better for that? Wanted some more opinions before I got rid of my bait rods. Thanks
  22. Now i dont enjoy eating blues, a recipe would be nice but thats not my focus here. I enjoy the fight of a big blue, stripers are more fun but when thats all i can catch ill take them for the fight. Anyways, whats everyones favorite single hook lure for the surf? Preferably single hook because the trebels have me sitting there for 5 mins to unhook them, a lure that can be castable on a 10'6 penn battalion. Thanks
  23. Awesome top-water hit last weekend! I forgot to bring my mack patterns and bought this plug as a last resort. I must say its been awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. For the money ($6.00/tax) this is a great plug. Only downside is the paint comes off relatively quick and the stock hooks are garbage. I swapped them out for in-line owner single hooks. Offshore Angler Lazer Eye Saltwater Series - Pencil Popper 5 - 1/4" 1- 1/4oz 7'M St. Croix Tidemaster Shimano Stradic 400FJ
  24. Hey everybody. I just picked up my first surf rod the other day and am itching to go. Can anyone tell me beaches that I can go to, preferably western Suffolk, without a 4x4? Also ones that allow me to go at night. And if there is anything I need to do to be able to get in? thanks in advanced
  25. Hi guys. I'm new to this forum things and new to surf casting. I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with the right conditions to go for stripers and blues and also a good rig set up to use. Artificial or live? Stuff like that. Also if anyone has some good location to go. I'm in western Suffolk. Thanks in advanced
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