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Found 9 results

  1. I went out fishing 2 nights in a row with a buddy looking for bass and was surprised that we couldn't catch bass because we were catching blue fish every cast. I have been living in Florida for college so I haven't been up to date with ct's fishery but I didn't know bluefish stay so late.
  2. hello guys, i will travel 8 to 12 hours from canada ( 25 to 30 oct ) to go surfishing again in the usa. where should i go this trip, cape cod, RI or Montauk??? where do you still have bait/fish activity ? thank you for your advice, and im not looking for spot just general area. tight lines everybody
  3. So I have a question I’m in the market for a new reel for stripers, blues and bottom fishing....so it’s between Avet MXL 5.8 and the Seigler Small game....so I’m coming here for your honest opinion on which one would you purchase and why?
  4. Good afternoon, i fished (*great south bay) for 3 and half hours this morning in the rain changing lures/poppers every hour and didn’t get a single hit. Now I know that you can’t always catch fish. but this scenario has been the same the past few times I have been fishing. i used 2oz bone color popper, 3oz blue/silver deadly dick, 4oz sinker lure that looks like peanut bunker, (black & silver) I only saw a bunker splash out of the water twice.. and tried fishing that spot heavily for a while. my first question is do you think I was in a bad spot and if so where would you recommend? second question should I be using different tackle? any answers will be greatly appreciated. sam
  5. I believed in the "blue fish is gross, disgusting, throw it away" cause until recently. With my recent experience, I have been converted. Prior to this, I had some snapper blues that were given to me and it wasn't iced right away. It smelled fishy when I cooked it (whole with salt and pepper) and it tasted fishy and over bearing. Yes, it was disgusting! This past weekend, I caught a bigger blue just under 6lbs and bled it right away while keeping it in the water. Once fully bled, I threw it on ice to be filleted the next day. Upon filleting, I got rid of any sign of red or dark red. Sure it's less meat but the purpose is to eat it, not throw it away. Cut into big chunks, salt, pepper, thin beer batter (paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder, flour, beer), and fried. Hesitant at first, I took a bite and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! Not fishy or smelly at all! Seriously people, a properly handled blue fish is delicious. Blues will be coming home with me from now on. Disclaimer: This was fried fish for a fish and chips meal. Not sure how it would taste any other way.
  6. I have for sale an excellent condition Tfo Pandion. It casts like a dream. It includes a Lamson Guru Reel. This is a 700.00 set up. Asking 450.00 obo
  7. Hey all I wanted to ask those of you who actively wet suit during the fishing season if the Hyperflex Cyclone 2 Men's Wetsuit 4/3mm an adequate suit to use in montauk during the fall run. this would be my first attempt at wet suiting after taking several spills last season while wearing waders and being lucky enough not to have em fill up with water. My knowledge is limited on wet suits and right now only know that warmth and comfort while wading out to rocks is paramount. so what else should i consider when choosing a wet suit. how far off from shore is safe for doing this type of fishing? how do dose one get over the thought / fear of doing this at night? after 7 years I still consider my self a bit of a tourist in this sport and want to be more committed to earning my stripes in catching these fish, i feel wet suiting might help with that. Lue
  8. Hello, I am an avid surf fisherman. I was in my local tackle shop, and the guy there was telling me that a lot of people don't really fish anymore because the fish population has gone down. He said there is no more really big fish around because fishermen years ago killed all the big fish. Another time I was at the beach fishing and I was talking with this guy who used to surf fish back in the 60s. 70s, and 80s. He told me back then, people were catching fish just about every day. The fish were everywhere. But when I fish now, a lot of times I don't get anything. Is the ocean running out of fish, or is this just a myth???
  9. Ill be heading to cape may county wednesday morning, and wondering what is good to throw on the surf. I have a surf rod and a boat rod, prefer blue fish or stripers of course. What are they hitting so far if at all down that way? Thanks in advance
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