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Found 22 results

  1. Building a blackhole 450 conventional for jigging large bluefin East of the Cape. I'll likely fish it with a Talica 20 or Torque 40 with 80-100lb hollow. Debating between Fuji MN SiC, Fuji HB SiC, or Fuji HN SiN guides. Biggest question is will the MN's hole up to 30-35lbs of drag? They are the lightest option. The HB's are huge, but I certainly wouldn't have any concerns with guide failure. If the HN's came in SiC they would be a good middle ground. Any thoughts welcomed! Mike
  2. Hi All, I have been reading and learning from SOL for years, first time posting. I fish in both the NE (most of my life) and more recently the SE too. I just decided to pickup a Visser #4 reel, truthfully did it blind based on reviews (hopefully i like it). I do fish from both boat and shore in the SE and and mostly focused on inshore, so Snook, Redfish, Tarpon Jacks. Sometimes i take a boat nearshore which can mean Mahi, Grouper, Snapper blackfin tuna etc. Im trying to use the visser for an all around high end type setup that I can take on a friends boat but also use from shore. What rod pairing would you recommend? I have been eyeballing Century The Weapon/The Weapon jr, and also Black hole rods. I will use this rod from small boats but also from shore, so I dont want it to exceed 7 1/2 ft. Im not against 2 piece rods for convenience of throwing them in the car, but I would like the rod to be able to throw a range of lures from light bucktails up to 2.5-3oz reasonably well. For me, this is a luxe setup so im willing to spend to get it right. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and if I am on the right track in terms of sizing/blank brands. Thanks
  3. I bought this new from Tomo’s Tackle in Salem, MA. Great rod…I just don’t use it enough. Condition is functionally 10/10 and cosmetically 9.8/10 (see pics). Details: Type: Spinning Length: 10’ Piece: 2pc at 6:4 (76” top, 46” bottom) Lure weight: 3~10oz Braid rating: 40~60lb Blank weight: 8.4ozs Foregrip/rear grip length: 8”/25.5” (total length: 33.5”) Action: Moderate fast Fuji Alconite guides Fuji Graphite reel seat with locking nut EVA grip MSRP: $478 I’m located 35 mins north of Boston. Will take $350 (PayPal / Venmo) local pick up, or that plus exact packing materials and shipping cost to anywhere you want it sent. Thanks for looking.
  4. As the the title states, who has one and how do you fish it? I'm curious, as a learning experience, as to how people are setting it up for fluke, tog and striped bass. Especially if you're from the cape or long island, montauk, jersey... What test braid are you using for each specific species. What are you finding it can handle real world in terms of sinker weight, diamond jigs... I appreciate Kil's perspective, but he also may be fishing a different technique and I'd like to know how it's working out for others.
  5. Wtb Blackhole Challenger 701L blank. I'm in Staten Island NY looking for one within a reasonable distance.
  6. Hello all, I am sure this topic has been brought up a lot, I apologize in advance. I have two custom builds that I love, a LamiGSB 9’6” and a Bushido 8’6” The Lani I use for relying and bigger plugs.. the tips isn’t really sensitive so it’s not great for SPs, Bombers, Needles etc. I had the Bushido built to handle the nights when I’m throwing the smaller stuff... I am looking for something a little bigger in 10’-11’ range, I would like it sensitive enough to toss some smaller plugs at times but be able to handle the occasional bigger plugs or rigged eels. I mainly fish RI and a Southern Ma. This bigger rod would be specifically for BI and if I have a chance Montauk this year... Thank you for any input and recommendations. I will be pairing a VSX250 or 275 with this as well. Tight lines!
  7. Had Ryan White from Advanced Fishing/Century/Hatteras Jacks in Rodanthe North Carolina custom build this rod with the grips, holographic striper decal and it’s 10’6 which it launches anything. Rod is in great shape and guides are great and reel seat is great! I’m located just North of Boston near the Southern NH border so if your willing to pick it up come n get it!
  8. Looking to see what is available. Fast action, need something to throw down to 1.5 oz on occasion for Tarpon, etc. but need enough backbone for around bridges. Probably something in the 3-8 range that can handle around 25-30 lbs. of drag. CTS S8, jigster, nano, rh customs. Shipped to Philadelphia or meet up. Not trying to go above $350. Rod must be in good/great condition.
  9. Hopefully going to Cabo San Lucas to surf fish for rooster fish and maybe some Cubera this upcoming June. Might be getting guide for a day, but want to be able to DIY it the rest of the week so I’m planning on building a 2 piece surf rod for the trip (but if a there is a finished rod that better fits the bill I’ll go with that). Does any one have some insight on what rods are best for area? I know pencil poppers, poppers, surface irons, etc. are common lures, and I’m also not apposed to snagging a mullet and throwing it out there. (Florida mullet run style). Hopefully that narrows it down a bit. I know many use 12+ footers in Baja for longer casts, but I want to keep it 11 foot or under so it still has some use when I back home in Florida. I also will probably put my vs 200 on the rod if that narrows it down any further. Right now looking at cape cod nano 10’6 (heavy or light) and Lami gsb 132 2l or 2m, but open to other options.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm a young angler and been fishing since I was 5 years old. Now that i'm 19 going on 20, i've experience a pretty good variety of fishing in the northeast and down in Florida and have recently fell in love with surf fishing and the gear that needs to be used with it. I liked the challenge of landing large fish from land. I gave me a sense of accomplishment that I am sure many others also share. Besides all that, I want to hear about what everyone else is using and their experiences with the setup they use either their home waters or specifically the Cape Cod Canal. I fish my home waters in New Jersey so the equipment difference is going to be drastically different which is something I was expecting. I am currently using an ODM 9ft 0.5 oz to 3.5 oz paired with a Van Stall VSX150 bailess and is doing wonders for me in New Jersey and is going to probably be my setup for Florida when i take trips down there (might be saving up for a surf setup for florida with the same rod). I am currently looking for a blank that would be around 10ft-11ft suitable for throwing larger plugs, eels, jigs and possibly able to handle the canal. I know trying to make a setup for things back home and it to be usable for the canal is not an easy task and would be seen as being very unreasonable but in a sense I like my rods to be versatile so I can be prepared to fish anywhere up and down the coast. In detail, something that is 10ft-11ft that can handle 2-10 oz would be preferable (I fish with guys that use rods 2-6oz and would like to be in that spectrum). I've been researching blanks from Black Hole, Lamiglas, ODM, and blanks from RH Customs rods which is a builder I may be working with. I would like to use Fuji K guides on the blank in a 8 guide setup similar to my ODM (haven't decided on which guides yet), a low profile reel seat that would fit another vs or maybe the new BG MQ (might get a larger VS that the build will be based off on but will use a higher gear ratio reel for canal). and a grip that isnt too thick. I like my rods to have the smallest profile possible and keep it as light as possible without sacrificing power. All I am really interested in is people's experience with fishing the canal, experiences fishing their favorite custom builds, experiences with rod building, and anything you would like to share that relates to the topic. I am young and I love to learn from people and their idea and perspectives in the sport. Fishing and the equipment involved in the fish they intend to target is something I love to discuss. Feel free to give me your two cent and share your experiences with me and maybe others could learn as well. Thank you!
  11. Anyone ever use the blackhole striped bass special? I won a 9’2 and 9’6 in a raffle. So I have both coming to me. I never tried them but does anyone have any experience with them? Also might be looking to trade one or both of them
  12. Fished once. Perfect condition. Saltiga 10 JDM with auto engage and spooled with 15lb super slick v2. Blackhole Charter Special 6’8 slow pitch $505 brand new. Selling for $465 picked up Queens/Nassau. Add $35 for shipping
  13. Anyone have or cast both? Ive built a few IP965 rods and enjoy them. How does the BH blank compare? Action ? Flex? What's the sweet spot? What does a blank weigh? Thanks.
  14. For sale. Neither had been fished. Custom CE700M. Fish scale wrap. Hypalon foregrip. Very light. Capable of handling 14-16oz sinkers. $350 local pickup Queens/Nassau Factory Black Hole Challenger 7’3M. Tag removed. $250 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  15. For sale. Neither had been fished. Custom CE700M. Fish scale wrap. Hypalon foregrip. Very light. Capable of handling 14-16oz sinkers. $350 local pickup Queens/Nassau Factory Black Hole Challenger 7’3M. Tag removed. $290 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  16. Brand new. Tag removed. Never fished. 701L spinning. Great for fluke or jigging tog. $275 local pickup Queens/Nassau.
  17. New. Never fished. Tag removed. 7’3M. $300 local pickup Queens/Nassau Middle rod, first pic. Reels not included.
  18. Stopped by tackle world today. Looked at their selection, Shogun, black demon, black widow, and the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight was the closest in weight, action, and backbone. Infact, if blind folded, I would have a hard time telling the two apart. That being said, the challenger 7’3m is rated 20-25lbs and the Dark Knight 7’2 is rated 30-65lbs. I didn’t have my challenger with me to compare on the spot. I looked at mine when i got it. So I didn’t pick it up as I’ve wanted a second. Has anyone handled a Dark Knight or fished it? Is it really a 30-65lb rod or is this greatly exaggerated. I can’t imagine a 30-65 being advertise as an all around inshore including fluke. Seems like a great tog rod tho.
  19. Want to trade my Ocea Jigger 1500PG (never been fished) for a brand new Blackhole Challenger 7'3M conventional (non spiral). Reel has never been fished, has original box. Has a new trinidad handle with white knob added, original handle with black knob is of course included. 30lb jbraid spooled completey. Looking for a deal in Queens/ Nassau
  20. Hoping to do some fishing in Hawaii next year. Would love to charter a trip for yellowtail. I'm wondering how do you guys travel with your rods? Are you traveling with one piece rods and using a special case? Is there a baggage difficulty with this? Are you using multi piece rods? Which are good to use with a Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500PG? Will that reel do the job? Thank you
  21. Trying to decide between building on a 7'6mh Blackhole Challenger or a United Composites CE700L. I've used the CE700L for blackfish and it held the weight (up to 12oz) very well. Just wanted your input on which works the bucktails and highlows with weight better. Party boat fishing, block island, 80-100ft of water. Also, does anyone know the standard fuji trigger grip size that fits on the blackhole? Is it the same as the 7'3M? I assume neither would fit on the CE700L.
  22. Specifically thinking of Blackhole 9' 2, it sounds like such a great, versatile rod that might be workable from land & sea. Boat is an older/newish to me 18' Maritime skiff, and I'm just concerned the 9' 2 may be too much rod for that small a boat. I see ksong flinging it around on deck, but he's obviously on a bigger boat. Have only thrown 7' from the boat thus far. Thoughts?
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