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Found 21 results

  1. Listing for a friend - Black Hole Challenger C761MHS — acid wrapped, great bait rod for stripers and eels. 9/10 condition no major scratches etc. $200 picked up, Upper Cape or Sagamore area.
  2. -11’ Black Hole SBS 2-8oz blank. -1/2” cork x 1/2” spiral spacing -alps reel seat -fuji blue and metallic silver -voodoo brite blue, Snow White x pearl white marbling pigments I did an open chevron with blue and silver. My buddy wanted marbling in the open chevron. Enjoy for now. Super tired.
  3. Another build I just done with for a friend. 9’6” black hole Suzuki with an open wrap. Idk what it’s called I just came up with it as I went along. Enjoy cause I’ve been super busy lol
  4. Hello! I am looking for some advice on guide placement and size on a 9’2 black hole surf blank. I am looking to use double foot Fuji K guides. Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA!
  5. I’m planning to do a custom 10’ odm evolution 3/4-5oz. But it’s going to take 2-3 weeks to complete. I was wondering if anybody can suggest a 1 pc rod 10’ or 10’6 rod that I can buy that would be better than waiting to get this odm evolution rod. Budget is around $500.
  6. Black Hole Striper Special 10’ 1-6 anyone using this rod? Can’t seem to find much info on it. Would like to know how it throws through its range, sweet spot, sensitivity etc. I usually throw anything from 1oz Yo-zuris to 4oz metal lips. From the specs it seems very versatile. Can anyone fill me in?
  7. The blank is a 11’ black hole striped bass special rated 2-8oz. I did a little marbling along with dragon scales. Guides been laid out for a penn torque 2 7500. kw30-25-20-12 then kt8’s to the tip top. Enjoy and tight lines everyone.
  8. st. croix legend 9'medium power $175 picked up suzuki special s-801l $120 picked up located at 02188
  9. Looking for a nice condition Suzuki 962 9' 6" surf rod spinning Shipping to 08037 South Jersey, or local meet up within reason. Thanks for looking, Pat
  10. Was looking to pick up a spinning rod that can handle dropping down and jigging up to 16 ounces. Mainly to switch up arms. Lol. Was originally looking to get an United Composites 700m but now I’m looking at the 73mh charter special. Would love to here people’s opinions on its capabilities and experience with it.
  11. Looking to pick up a Black hole bank 761mh and was wondering if traveling to one of the shows would save me some money. Do they usually have specials at the shows and if so how much. Thanks
  12. Hey guys, so I recently got into rod building this past winter. I built a ODM jigster 11’ 4-10 oz and I have been using it so far this season at the canal. I love the rod. very versatile rod but i love it especially for jigging. looking to build another rod that can do both jigging and top water. anyone have recommendations? i was looking at the Surfmachine elite 11’ 2-8 oz or a black hole just for jigging. I have attached some pictures of my jigster below.
  13. Just got done building two Black hole 11’ 1102 3-10oz heavy surf rods for two friends of mine to jig the canal and to throw chunks when they want. First rod rod has a black and gold theme. Along with some marbling. X flock shrink tube Second rod has a black a silver theme. Along with a simple chevron dec wrap. Legend style x wrap for the bottom and foregrip with the Japanese shrink tube. I’m not too fond of aluminum reel seats but my buddy liked it so it is what it is. Enjoy layout for both is kw30-25-20-12-kw8x5
  14. Hi all, My first post on the forum. I am from the UK and I target the European Sea Bass, or just plain Bass as we call them here. A few anglers here target them here from surf beaches with lures. Would anyone here be able to describe the differences between the two rods I mention in the title please? What is the sweet spot for both? How much farther will they 10' cast if at all (I know, lots of variables here)? Action faster on the 9'6? Does one perform different tasks, i.e. is one better with a hard plastic lure (minnow) or metal or heavy soft plastic How's are they both for Buck tailing (something I want to try over here) I want to get as much reach (casting) as I can, but be able to throw soft plastics with jig heads up to 60g, as well as metals into the surf, to reach structure (bars, rips holes etc.). I see a lot of videos that Kil put up are from the boat, are there any where people are using these rods in full surf conditions? I would love to know your thoughts, Any help would be great! All the best Kark
  15. Here is my latest build I did for a friend. The blank is a 9’6” black hole Suzuki. The layout is KLH25-12-8m-7L then kb6’s to an LG6 tip top. This is probably the lightest 9’ surf rod I’ve ever had the pleasure of messing around with. Full built rod comes in at 9oz.
  16. I'm interested in the 9'6" BH cape cod striper nano rod but wanted some feedback from some of you folks who may have used it already.. I had planned on buying the 9'6 blank for a spinner build this winter so I went to a local shop to give it a feel. That's when I held the 9'2 and now I cant decide.. the area I plan to use it has some serious rips and turning a decent fish in that current takes some back bone, that's what pushed me towards this rod to begin with. However, after feeling it, I'm just not sure how well it will handle the lower end of its range. The rod is rated 1-5 ..The majority of what will be thrown with it would be between 1oz and 3oz (occasionally down to 3/4 and up to 3.5).. I know the rod can handle 3oz+ with ease, it's the 1oz (even maybe 3/4oz) that I'm worried about.. I really liked the feel of the backbone in the 9'6 but wasn't sure the tip would be soft enough to handle the lower end of its rating well. Looking for a little feedback from you fine folks that will hopefully make my decision a little easier..
  17. Anybody want to get rid of one? Must be in excellent condition. They are out of stock everywhere. I might have a few fishing or firearm things to trade as well + or - cash. I should probably add shipping will be in order. Ca, 95560
  18. I'm building a new spinning rod for the kayak and I'm having a hard time pairing a reel. Rod will be used mainly for weakfish and fluke in the back bays. I'm building on the black hole challenger bank 691UL 6'9 0.5-1.5 so I'm looking at a reel in the 2500 size that would be spooled with #10 or #15. The stradic seems like the obvious choice but I'm curious about those daiwa ballistic LT reels. If the daiwa sizing runs a bit large like they have in the past, I may be able to get away with the 1000 size ballistic LT. Anyone have these reels and used them for similar application? Other reel suggestions in appropriate size class?
  19. posted a thread on some new offshore reels, so here are the rods! All the rods except for one are BRAND NEW but no longer have the tags as they were intended to be fished, not sold. PayPal, cash, venmo, or USPS Money Orders accepted located in Boston area if meet up is desired. willing to ship anywhere but given the nature of shipping a rod, will have to add $20 for shipping costs first up is a Black Hole Cape Cod Special 50S 450g Spinning Rod. Retails for $395 ASKING $300 or $320 shipped Next is a Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H Spiral Wrap Conventional Retails for $355 ASKING $275 or $295 shipped Third is a custom build based on an OTI OceanXtreme Popping blank. Length:7'6 2-Piece rated 60-80lb line, up to 5oz lures, fight drag: 22lbs max drag: 30lbs blue anodized aluminum Alps Seat and gimbal, Fuji MNSG Guides this rod has been used once and successfully boated a 6ft Blue Shark. small scuff at top of first guide from rubbing another rod in transport. Built by Eric at CMS Tackle in New Bedford, MA Factory rod Retails for $260 build cost: $315 ASKING $185 or $200 shipped Last is another custom build based on a Batson Rainshadow 7'0 500g Knife Jigging Blank. they no longer make the blank in that weight but the model number was RCKJB508-500. Fuji reel seat and gimbal. Fuji MNSG guides in a spiral wrap Built by Matt of Eastern Rodworks on Long Island Build Cost $350 ASKING $200 or $225 shipped
  20. Very lightly used Black Hole Cape Cod Special 350g jigging rod. Went on about 3 or 4 trips. Asking $325 shipped. $300 picked-up in Queens, NY. Will accept Cash, Paypal (with additional fee), Venmo or Chase QuickPay. Black Hole CCS 350g Rod: Good for Tuna up to 100~200lb, but it can handle heavier Tuna if needed.Also great for Amberjack for any size.Recommended for 20~25lb drag though it can take much heavier drag.
  21. Do we have any local guys - local meaning from Delaware north to Maine - who can report on the Black Hole rods for NE surf plugging? Has anyone built upon BH blanks, or spent serious time plugging with them for striped bass and bluefish and red drum? Kilsong's here now and then, but I'd like to hear more details than are latent in a given big-fish photo.