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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys long time lurker of this forum. I've been wanting to get into kayak fishing for some time now. I'm looking for a kayak in the sub $2000 range. I'm 6'2" and I'm 255 lbs. I really don't think I can afford a pedal drive system so I'm most likely going to have to paddle for now. I'm sort of leaning towards a Feel Free 11.5 lure which has a center council that I can switch out for a pedal drive system or a powered drive in the future. Are there any other kayaks I should be looking at in this price range. Oh by the way I do have kayak experience but it's been years since I've been on one. So I'm out of the loop and I'm just looking for a little knowledge and help. I'll most likely start off by going to local lakes and pond to "wet my feet" and become comfortable kayaking before I hit the bays and harbors of the Connecticut coast.
  2. Been on SOL for a couple yrs now but haven't spent much time non the fly or fly BST forums.. I have a friend who wants to fly fish in northern Idaho in August (mix of targeting chinook/kokanee/trout I think) so I'm gonna do my best to acquire my first outfit and as much practice as possible under my belt in the interim. I've yet to do an extensive weekend scouring of the SOL fly forums (which a plan to do), but wanted to ask what are some of the top fly boards/communities to learn and interact like here. Especially more freshwater focused. I could easily blow this out into a bulleted list of questions about gear/species/books/flies/techniques/etc/etc/etc but I'll refrain for now. Just asking for dedicated fly forum recommendations for research. Thanks in advance!
  3. I was cleaning out a storage unit and came across a Thomas and Thomas hs907s. All I could find was the brand is good but nothing on that specific rod. It is still in perfect condition with the plastic still on the handle. Just wondering if I should keep it or is it worth something to someone who would appreciate it more? I also found a pflueger 1495 medalist reel in perfect condition from the 1950’s to 1960’s not sure exact year.
  4. Hwy what's up, I'm from the east coast of Florida and usually fish for snook and tarpon but I need help, I'm taking a trip up to Portland Maine and the Cape Cod Canal with my family and I want to go striper fishing but I have no clue where to start. Currently I plan on bringing my Penn spin fisher 3500 and my 7'6 medium rod. I have a Penn battle 6k but I don't have a rod for it. What type of rod should I get for the 6k for striper. I will be doing land based fishing and plan on using lures. I can also fish off the beach if I want but I don't even know where to start. Also what are some good lures for striper that aren't terribly expensive? Can someone guide me in the right direction? Thank You!!!
  5. Looking to get into some airbrushing for finishing kits and other fun stuff. Not really looking to get into selling so hoping to save some cash. Would mostly use for plug kits and blank plastic FW crankbaits. I'll list some stuff I'd be interested in below, but show me what you have, as I currently do not have anything. This would be a casual basement endeavor with no professional ventilation for me, so going with water based/epoxy finish approach. For budget reference, if purchasing new I'd probably go with the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS (~$150) and the Master Airbrush 1/5 HP compressor (~$90). Not super rushed to buy. Items of interest: -airbrush; in good working condition with decent variable width adjustment -hose(s) -compressor (quiet as possible is a must) -drying station (rotating) -water based paints -cleaners -stencils -eyes
  6. I moved to Brooklyn this year from Cape Cod. (yeah pretty terrible timing) l spent my first 10 years out of college starting an eCommerce saas product while gillnetting and longlining seasonally. I have fished for stripers my entire life on the tidal flats of the Cape Cod Bay and surfcasting along the national seashore. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions for shore fishing for stripers in Brooklyn or else in nyc. Any and all advice is very much appreciated. It’s not easy to admit but I am far less of a fisherman than I used to be (or think I am!) Thanks & tight lines
  7. I’m primarily a surfcaster now that I’ve been living in South County RI for about 7 years, but used to primarily fish for LMB and Pike growing up in the Northwest corner of CT. After seeing the Carp runs in the Housatonic River near Great Barrington MA and at Bartholemew’s Cobble (and being ill equipped to target them), I’ve always wanted to give carp fishing a real shot. But that’s a hike for me now and I’d like to start closer to my new home. Does anybody in South County RI or Eastern CT have some helpful local knowledge to help out a newcomer? I’ve pieced together what I think should be the appropriate gear from my surf setups, and have researched the rigs and tactics. But it seems like most carp fishermen in the area heavily focus on the very productive and well-known spots around Providence and Coventry. I’d rather keep it closer to home, not looking to catch any monsters, just learn the technique. There have to be some Carp-filled sections of the Pawcatuck River where it slows down and meanders down here. I’m also thinking that the slow river sections around the old mills in Norwich could be great areas for carp. Any guidance is much appreciated, I’m not looking for people to burn spots, just a decent heading on what to aim for and what tactics to use. I just think that it would be fun to learn a new approach to fishing while the stripers aren’t around. Obviously it’s a C&R effort and I’ll bring a big net and wetted towel to do that responsibly. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I’ve never used buck tails before, but after reading and watching John skinner, I’m Excited to go out and try. I’ve purchased a wide range of buck tails (.5oz to 1.5 oz) and otter tails. However, I noticed some “contradictions” in two of skinner’s videos with the book. From my understanding, when using buck tails you when to present the lure near the bottom to target fish. To do this, do you cast and then wait until you feel the “tick” indicating you’re at the bottom then slowly retrieve? Or do you do a slow retrieve as soon as the buck tail hits the water? From what I’ve read, in shallower waters (5 ft and less), you should begin reeling immediately since your lure is always going to be in the strike zone. However, I’m confused on what to do for areas greater than 5 ft and may have rocky bottoms. If I wait until it hits the bottom, then the lure will most likely get stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I’m a little confused right now. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
  9. Hi all, I am looking to get into fly tying. As of right now I only fly fish freshwater mainly for trout. I am planning on getting a 9 wt setup so I can target stripers and blues in the back bays and surf too though. I am looking for advice on what to get for tools, a vise in particular. Ideally I would be able to try tying both trout flies and some saltwater flies on this one vise but I am just graduating college and budget is a major limiting factor so I know this may not be a possibility. I mainly want something that is going to give me a good idea of if I like tying or not but that is not going to set me back a crazy amount. If I do end up liking tying I will be willing to upgrade after a few months but don't want to go all in right away and not like it. Any recommendations? The vise that I have been looking at a little is the EZ rotary vise. It is only $69 and seems to be decent. Does anyone have any experience with this vise? Thanks in advance!
  10. Folks, I am a newbie and this is my first post, so if it is in the wrong place please bear with me. I haven't fished for years, but caught the fishing bug again. I used to drag a lure behind a trailer-sized sailboat in Southern California, and whatever caught itself I was happy with. That is the extent of my expertise. I am 12 years new to MA but don't have the luxury of a sailboat, but do have a sit-in kayak equipped with two rod holders and a medium duty spinning rod. Would you kindly recommend places where I can take my kayak and do my beginner-like saltwater fishing here in MA, preferably where I don't have to pay $$$$$ for parking. I am in Canton, so Boston Harbor and places south are generally within range. My intent is to park the truck, dump out the kayak and just go. Can you help? Thank you all, Herman
  11. I'm interested in surf fishing as Open Charter Boats get kind of expensive after a while. I have never been surf fishing and was wondering what are some the basics you need to know about surf fishing. I live just outside NYC and would appreciate any advice or suggestions on Tackle, Gear, Bait and Locations to start fishing in the tri state area. I like to fish for fluke, sea bass, stripers, porgies and just about any edible fish.
  12. Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but not to fishing. I'm 18, and I live about 2 hours from the cape(1.5 from the canal). I've been fishing on the cape every year since I was a little kid, now that I can drive on my own I'm looking to start going down with a friend or two. Naturally, I want to start fishing the canal as well and I need advice on a rig. Right now I'm thinking the Penn SSV 6500 paired with the Okuma longitude 10'(not sure how good it is, but it's super cheap). I'm also looking at the Diawa BG 4500 and the Penn Prevail 10' or 11'. I'm looking to make at least 1 trip down a week. I'll be throwing topwaters, sluggos, kastmasters and whatever else you guys recommend. What does everyone else think? Should I pick a better rig, or is mine fine(I'm a little on edge about the rod)? Other advice is also appreciated. Thanks, John
  13. Nik J

    vs150 pair

    hey guys, I'm a couple years into the sport and I've really caught the fever. I bought a used vs150 in the off season and I have an airwave elite 10'6 1-3.5oz for now that I know I can pair it with. Any suggestions on an upgrade for the rod to match the vs150. I want to keep focussing on sandy beach light pluging 3/4-4oz for now I've been looking at rods in that rating. I would love to get the bang for my buck but at the same time I have to ask if you guys want to start recommending something like century, should I just go custom. Thoughts? Also I know a lot of guys up north go 250 when they get much past 9' or 9'6 but I like the longer stick so unless you all steer me shorter I'm still thinking the 10'-11' range. Any and all comments appreceitated
  14. Hey guys, I've recently become enthralled with hitting the surf for some bigger fish than the 6-inch dinky Large Mouth Bass at my local lake. The idea of using the biggest body of water available to me to catch fish that I can actually take home and eat is extremely appealing to me. The fish I intend on hitting primarily are Perch, Corbina, Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod, and Striped Bass (if they're around). I am unsure as to whether Rockfish and Lingcod inhabit my local Orange County jetties but they look like loads of fun to catch! I know that Leopard Sharks, Rays, Guitarfish, as well as other larger species inhabit my local beaches so I'd like those fish to be taken into account on the off chance I hook one. I would prefer my gear not to snap and leave me a little in the hole! I've been doing a lot of research on gear and technique and have been looking at a few reels and rods and would appreciate advice on my choices. The reels I am looking at (Open to suggestions, of course): Fin Nor Lethal LT60 Penn SSV Penn Battle II For the rods (open to suggestions again, and also unsure of what size rod I should purchase): Offshore Angler Powerstick Star Stellar Lite Daiwa Beefstick Ugly Stick Surf Rod I've been watching a ton of videos on rigs and general fishing tips. So I have a rough idea as to what I need. I know that I need a variety of 1-4oz sinkers (both pyamidic, round, and coin), basic sabiki rigs for bait fish, ~30(?) Pound braid and fluoro leader, and hooks (unsure of what size). For baits, I've heard that Berkeley Gulp Sandworms are "Perch Crack", shrimp and sandcrabs are good; however, I am uneducated in swimbaits so I would also be open to advice there. General beginners advice for the species I have listed would also be very helpful. Any advice and help is much appreciated! Thank you!
  15. Hello SOL! New to this game, and like many before me, ‘hooked’ simply does not describe this obsession. I live in Bath, ME about 30 minutes north of Portland. I am not looking for spots or coordinates, but had a question about my location. Southern Maine has its famous beaches, but the options seem slimmer up in the Mid Coast. Is it worth putting in my hours in the mid coast? I want to conquer this area from the shore! Any insight or input is much appreciated. TL!
  16. Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendation's/ advice on a fly combo to learn on. I will be targeting Striped Bass and Blues on the east end of Long Island. I've done a bit a research and came across a couple combos like the TFO Left Kreh and the Orvis Encounter/ Clearwater but I'm unsure if these are suitable for saltwater use in rocky terrain. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. I am very new to fishing but i hear that Lake Marburg in Hanover, PA is pretty good for beginners. We have been there and fished a little from the shore with zero luck at all. I want to take my son out there and a get him interested in fishing but the shore is working. We have Kayaks and plan to take them out soon. Any good tips. Catching anything would be nice i hear white perch are plenty. Not even sure what setup are needed and bait so any help would be great.
  18. Hello, this is my first post, but I am a 20 yr old from RI and looking to get into surf fishing and am wondering if people have recommendations where to go surf fishing and if there are any easy places to take my 14ft skiff into the bay? also what types of lures and set p I should use. I am looking to go for striped bass.
  19. I want to start turning my own plugs. Been buying pre-turned plugs from Salty's (happy with the product just feel want to make the plug from start to finish). While looking into wood lathes, automatically get swamped with hundreds of options. Right now, I'm thinking about the Craftsman 1/2 hp 12"x16" Midi Lathe or, one from Harbor Freight seeing as I'm just starting out. Read a few bad reviews about a couple Harbor Freight lathes but a majority of reviews were positive. Anyone have any experience with any Harbor Freight lathes? Should I just spend the few extra $$ and go with craftsman?? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance!!
  20. (I apologize in advance for this post, I'm just really excited to go fishing this summer) I spend a lot of time freshwater fishing in the north shore area and it was just this summer that I started to transition towards saltwater fishing. Last summer however, my lack of proper saltwater gear and knowledge of the fishery limited me to jigging up squid and mackerel from the Salem Willows pier. Currently, during my Christmas break, I've been spending a lot of time researching the striped bass fishery and purchasing new tackle for this coming summer. Hopefully you guys who are familiar with the fishery in the north shore area will be able to answer a few of my questions regarding tackle that I would need and some other striped bass related questions. The equipment that I have right now is: pflueger trion spinning combo (6'6'' medium action graphite rod, trion 30x reel, 12lb mono) - the only saltwater readyish rod that I had last summer unfortunately Ugly Stik Bigwater 9' medium-heavy + Okuma Avenger abf 50 + 17lb mono w/40lb shock leader - just recently bought from a friend barely used I plan on purchasing: -a couple 3/4 oz bucktails -a couple 4 oz bucktails -pack of softbaits (something along the lines of berkley gulp) -2 floating daiwa sp minnows -2 cotton cordell pencil poppers -Berkley big game 17lb -Berkley big game 40lb -a bunch of the basic tackle (bank sinkers, swivels, hooks, sabiki rigs, etc.) This season is going to be mostly a figuring things out time for me, so I don't plan to put too much money into it, but I am willing to spend enough to where I'll be able to figure out what works and what doesn't. I honestly have no clue how to surf fish for striped bass and bluefish, however I did spend some time browsing forums and reading articles on the subject, which gave me a pretty basic understanding of what I'll need. I'm not too sure though so I have a few questions. Will the surf rod and reel (the ugly stik and okuma) that I picked up work well for surf fishing in the area? Also, do you think that the lures that I picked out will be sufficient for catching bluefish and striped bass? I understand that giving away fishing spots in a big no no in the fishing world, but as someone who genuinely is clueless as to where to fish from, do you think you guys could direct me to a general location in the north shore that would a good place to for me to get the hang of things and learn the ropes? I've heard good things from the plum island and Gloucester harbor areas. Also, I don't really need to go to an established "fishing' location like a pier or a jetty right? Like with surf fishing I'll be able to just set up along a beach that seems fish-able and make a day out it? Last part I promise. This is purely out of my obsession over getting everything planned out as soon as possible. For bait, I hear a lot about using clams, mackerel chunks, bunker chunks, and eals, but I seldom hear anything about squid. After last summer, I've gotten pretty good a catching squid. I was wondering if I'd be able to rig up a squid the same way you would a fish chunk and cast it out for bluefish and striped bass. For example, on Monday I spend day catching a whole bucket of squid off the salem willows pier and throw them in the freezer right when I get home. Would I then be able to use it for bait later in the week. This would save me a lot of bait money. Hopefully I won't get banned or something for this ridiculous post, but thank you so much to those of you who reply!!!
  21. Looking for a little guidance. I am pretty new to surf fishing. The only spot I really surf fish from is a beach with current. Not really sure on the tackle to use at this location. I always try to eye-hustle everyone else's setups. However, it's usually too dark to figure it out. Bucktail? size? Do I need a teaser? Do people attach things to their bucktail? Storm Shad? * Had a guy last week tell me to cast left (upstream from the current) and let the bucktail drift for 15 seconds before reeling it into shore? Does this sound appropriate? As short a learning curve as possible would be great. (*edited - I removed the locations from your post. Sounds like you need some generic help with the basics of surf fishing - things that apply to every similar situation. We don't allow overly specific locations here...feel free to ask any fishing questions you want but please don't ask for someone to tell you how to fish a specific spot. Thanks. TimS)
  22. I need your suggestions on what rod wt should I buy? I'm a saltwater fisherman living in a tropical country and I mainly fish for milkfish, barramundis and occasionaly barracudas. They are stored in a giant pond so I don't need to fish in a boat. At the same time most of them usually weight around 4-10 pounds and I can only buy either an 8 or 9 wt rod since I'm on a tight budget.
  23. ive always loved fishing but i kinda dont know much of what im doing. especially from the surf. christmas is coming soon and i would like my father to buy me this combo, will it work, is it good i want to target stripers and bluefish mostly with this set up. i want to use the penn spinfisher 6500 with a lamiglas 9ft rod. also what do i have to do when fishing im a total newbie feel free to link me to any forum posts or videos i should watch.
  24. Hey everyone, I have spent a lot of time at work and at home reading this forum, after a few more years I decided to sign up. I recently sold my boat which I used to fish any time possible. I am now looking over all of my boat poles and gear which is making my hair fall out from the money spent. To make a long story short I am starting a new collection for the surf. I was hoping some guys local to the south shore of LI could help me out. I admit I do not know much about fishing from the beach, and absolutely nothing about driving on the beach. I will be getting the NYS permit come Labor day and will mainly be using it in RM and my annual trip to MTK. When I go to RM I will have all of the required gear along with a personal inflator, I just cannot budget for a high end model that will fill up quick. I was wondering what kit i can get from Harbor Freight that will work with the tire stations LIBBA installed at RM? Also any tips for driving on the beach in those areas would be great. I do not need to hear any replies about speeding, lights on at night and so on, I respect the beach, and fisherman alike. However I do tend to get a special HATE for plovers this time every year. thanks in advance
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