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  1. I have (5) Quantum Smoke baitcasters in right hand retrieve for sale. Great condition, imo (1) XPT. Gear ratio = 8.1:1 Used = Spooled up, 3 boat rides in a rod locker. Some pitches at home in the yard. Maybe 5-10 pitches, tops. Cosmetically 9.5/10 & mechanically 10/10. $120 shipped (2) SPT. Gear ratio = 6.1:1 Both used for about 10 fishing trips. Cosmetically 9/10 & mechanically 10/10. $110 shipped (2) HPT. Gear ratio = 7.3:1 Both used for less than 30 trips. Cosmetically 8.5/10 & mechanically 9.5/10. $100 shipped
  2. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  3. I could use some help on a reel selection I am trying to make for light tackle freshwater fishing. I recently picked up a St. Croix Avid Medium light rod, lure rating 1/16-3/8th oz. I am going to be throwing a light of lightweight jigs, such as Maribou jigs with this setup. I am in South Florida and this setup will laregly be usef for freshwater fishing, targeting peacock bass and largemouth bass and the other random florida canal species that show up here (snakeheads etc). I want a very lightweigh reel to match the light rod, and while a standard approach is to consider a 1k-2k reel, its seems nowadays, some of the "nicer reels", say like a Shimano Vanford, will only gain a half oz in wieght when you go up to the 2500 size from the 1000 size, yet you get 22lbs of drab vs 8 lbs of drag,. Now I realize you will never need more than 8lbs of drag for freshwater fishing, but if I buy the 2500 vanford vs the 1000 vanford, then I can always take the reel and throw it on one of my saltwater setups if I ever want more versatility from that same reel. Do you agree with my logic? Or do you think there is an advantage to buying a reel like a vanford and staying in that 1k-2k size range even though its not all that much lighter of a reel than the 2500 or even the 3000 size? In addition, is there any reel you would recommend that you specifially like for this application? Has anyone tried JDM Daiwa Luvias? I am open to suggestions as long as the reel is lightweight. I already own a Vanford and love it, but like to try new reels. I appreciate any insights you can provide. Many thanks.
  4. lznosko

    Z Belt Q&A

    Hi Everyone this is Luke Znosko with Z belt. Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive feedback I see on here for my products. I wanted to start this thread to answer any questions you guys have. I see a lot of guys talking about belts, bags and load outs. Most of the threads on here reference the gen1 Z Belt. The gen2 regular z belt provides 20% more carrying capacity and the gen2 slim allows for offset orientation for those that want the plug bag to come all the way around front past the hip. Grateful for everyone in this industry and cant wait to answer any questions you have 1st picture is for fun 2nd picture illustrates the regular vs the slim belt 3rd picture is my goofy mario looking ass with a RI schoolie from fall 2021 Enjoy
  5. Here for your consideration is a like new Sage Smallmouth fly rod marked 7’11” 290 grain this rod was used once or twice and is in like new condition comes with factory case that can store rod with reel. There is no reel included in sale $350 SHIPPED PRIORITY MAIL CONUS thank you
  6. I know. Comparing river fish to pond fish to lake fish is like comparing apples to oranges to carnitas burritos with guac and lots of salsa verde. Or Ali to Boom Boom Mancini to Nurmagomedov. Still, I'm curious: Pound for pound, what do anglers here consider the best (or maybe just the meanest) fighting fish in North America? Pike are downright scary. Brookies are tough. Pickerel are deranged little buggers. But what's the best pure fighter, once hooked? Go ...
  7. Hello from Ireland, I am looking for ideas/thoughts on how to target bass (Dicentrachus Labrax) in fast flowing tidal channels which are typically 10-15feet deep ? The bass are on/close to the bottom in these channels. The main source of food for these bass is sandeel(sandlance). These type of spots are usually fished by gear anglers using 10-25gram Sandeel type jigs, using a sink and draw style retrieve. This is impossible to replicate sufficiently with fly gear. Especially in the dark. PS. The bass I’m targeting are basically the smaller version of the striped bass you guys have.
  8. Guys, I have been surf fishing for nearly thirty years. Just the last few years I have been building a collection of high end gear. There is a big difference forsure. I own Van staal reels and like them. I have been in the market for a Zee Baas reel but I am not sure how the sizes compare to a Vanstaal. I own a VS200,VS150 and VS100. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Had some time to finish up some more baits, from 3inch guys all the way up to massive get the fk out of the way lures,shimmy's, wake baits ,creepers ,and my version of a dual buzz blade flap tail, hope you like them Etch
  10. I saw this video and thought it was really cool. I didn't know that there were striped bass running the coast of california. This was pretty crazy to see that there all over the west coast and east coast.
  11. Tis the season. After a two month winter break, hit my favorite holdover spot last night on a favorable tide. Five minutes in and 2021 got off to a great start. First bass of the season. Didn't bring my tape (why would I, for holdover schoolies...) so guesstimate is 35-37". Best fish I've ever taken in February. Aggressive bite continued for last 90min of tide, before dying at slack. For the first 45min, I was into a school of really nice winter fish. Ended up with another definite slot, and two borderlines. Plus a few ~25's. Slot-ish. Borderline. Mid 20s After 45min the better fish bounced.. but were quickly replaced by a school of smaller (but more typical) 18-22"ers. Grabbed a half-dozen little guys before the tide died and that was that. *** White Z-man paddletail on a 3/4oz jighead did the trick. I like Zmans when running at low speed, because the paddle still paddles even when you're crawling along. There's also a sizable population of white perch in this spot, so perhaps the white z-man was a good imitation for juvi WP. Or.. maybe the bass were just hungry.. and would've hit a dirty sock had I thrown that.
  12. Shore fishing the salt isn't the most productive this time of year in my area, so this is when I do most of my bass fishing. I'm living in a different part of town so my old go-to spots aren't really convenient with the hour or so of daylight I get after work, so I've been branching out and trying some new spots. I've gotten skunked every single spot I've hit, fishing the top, middle, and bottom of the water column. Spinnerbaits and beetle spins(with and without trailers), natural colored, white, and chartreuse flukes/paddletails, and watermelon colored texas rigged senkos being my go to for the middle and bottom. What do you look for when picking a new location? Due to accessibility I'm mostly fishing small lakes (1-2 acres) and canals (Southwest Florida). Generally spots without very defined structure or coverage, but not always. What do you throw and how do you decide? At what point do you switch up your lure/technique? At what point do you move on? Do you come back? It has honestly been a while since I've done this poorly so I'm open to any and all criticisms. 20lb power pro to a 10lb mono leader (usually fluoro but fresh out), usually 3 feet or so. Thanks.
  13. Given the choice and the opportunity, where would you pick to go for a week of smallmouth fishing?
  14. Hi All, thank you for your time. I surf fish in NY and usually chunk fish finders with clam or sand turtles (sand fleas/crabs). I recently picked up a few Daiwa SP minnows online and had some good luck hooking up (small/medium sized blues) but so many fish were lost just before we got them to the sand in the final wave. Dad was fishing with: 8ft Okuma Longitude w/ Penn Battle I 4000, 25lb braid I was fishing with: 10ft Penn Prevail w/ Penn Battle II 5000, 25lb braid The lures were 7", Sinking, colors: Bone and Blurple I am wondering if they were getting loose because of the treble hooks, since I've never really lost fish using circles. Does anyone know why we were losing fish or suggestions/best practices to keep them on? I loved fishing with lures. It was lots of fun. Thank you!
  15. His Instagram post...
  16. I’m looking for a nice beginner baitcaster combo and I’m thinking about the two baitcasters names. Does someone who has used both have a recommendation? Even if you have only used one please tell me what you thought.
  17. Hello, I'm hoping to start a thread where people who do freshwater or saltwater fishing could share information and possibly meet up and go fishing. I live in Boston and have been kayak fishing for little over a year all freshwater throughout MA and NH, I'm looking to start doing some saltwater fishing and would love to meet/go out with others who are more experienced in inshore/offshore fishing. I was out in Dorchester Bay for the first time last week and caught a few stripers biggest about 22". Dealing with the wind and waves was an experience but overall I enjoyed it. I'm looking to go out tomorrow to fish for stripers, I'm not sure where I'm going, Possibly Dorchester Bay/Boston Harbor or somewhere south shore. If anyone is going out tomorrow and wouldn't mind me and possibly my cousin tagging along or want to tag along with us let me know.
  18. We all have a lot of free time now.. So I spend every day couple hours or our local lake. We have some trout, bass, crappies, sunfish, and cat fish there. This year trout was not stocked in our lake because of carnivorous... but we still have some of them left from the last year stocking.. Will be interesting to see what you have on your lake! Good luck and stay healthy!
  19. Looking for help, not specific spots i have a adult son (30 ) who is getting into fly fishing, both fresh and salt, as well as some spinning. ( much to my delight as he’s a golfer not a fisherman and I only fish ). He’s in south Portland, are there bodies of waters ( fresh) that are better than others. My goal is to get him to be successful so that when Corona Virus problem breaks we can spend some quality time. I live in MA so don’t have a lot of local knowledge / Intel for his area. Again, not looking for specifics or shops who can point him in th3 right direction.
  20. Looking for a light duty spin reel under $60 lmk what you have thank you
  21. Hey everybody, hope you all are being safe out there. I’m hoping to get some advice on a rod weight selection. Here’s the situation, My main type of fishing is in lakes for lm bass from a boat. I’d like to venture out for striper and other species of game fish and prefer having multiple rods set up for different conditions. I currently have an 8wt with a orvis bass float line and an 8wt with a rio ob sink 7. I’m looking at setting up an intermediate rig. i like the echo ion xl due to the price point either in 8wt or a 9wt paired with an airflo sniper in full int but i can’t decide which. Most fishing guides are using 9wt rods but I’m thinking in terms of cost effectiveness to go with another 8wt and sacrifice the power or follow the latter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can’t go fishing so I’ll just buy gear. Cheers!
  22. Cleaning out my closet. These reels don't get used anymore. All are in good working condition. Line included. Will ship to you. I accept paypal. Abu Revo STX first Gen, left hand retrieve, 30 lb PP: $50 shipped Abu ambassadeur 5500c, right hand retrieve, 15 lb Berkley big game: $40 shipped Ultralight Pfleuger president 6725 (rated for 2-6 lb mono): $25 shipped Okuma Aria 20: Included free with President.
  23. Selling a bunch of older tackle boxes. $10 each or take all 6 for $30. Lot of 3 at bottom is $10. All are in good working condition. Pick up in Providence- Cash. Fenwick hi tech 5.7- $10 Old Pal Woodstream 4000 Famous Fish Series- $10 Plano Phantom Pro -$10 Various Planos: Take all 3 for $10.
  24. Hi all, I am at student at UMass Amherst, and am in desperate need of some places to fish. I would ideally like to target largemouth, smallmouth, trout or anything else up here that is willing to bite. I have no idea where to fish. I have tried a few ponds I've seen on google maps, but have had minimal success. I have two spinning rods with staple freshwater lures (jerkbaits, spinner baits, spinners, jigs, plastics, topwater, etc.), as well as a fly rod with some basic flies. I am definitely more apt to fish with spin tackle though. It's also worth noting that I have a pair of fishing waders. Can anyone direct me to any spots that have shore fishing access near Amherst? I have access to a car and willing to drive up to 45 minutes away. I would love to fish some places like the Connecticut River, the Deerfield, or the Oxbow, but have no idea where these places have shore access or where to even start fishing bodies of water like that. I am new to StripersOnline, and this seems like an awesome resource for fishermen. I am from South Jersey and spend the majority of time fishing at home in the back bays or in the ocean for stripers, flounder, weakfish, bluefish, or anything else that bites. I also fish a lot of small ponds near me. I would consider myself a good fisherman, but have caught very little in Mass since coming up here. I feel very much out of my element. I would greatly appreciate any advice or tips on how to fish in the Pioneer Valley.
  25. Up for sale is a huge lot of soft plastics, tons of baits, types, and colors. INCLUDES: Berkley maxscent lures, powebait, zoom flukes and brush hawgs, and strike king tubes. Here is what is available by style bait and color: MAXSCENTS: $4.00 a bag, 40 bags total 5 inch generals (senkos): 3 bags baby bass 3 bags green pumpkin party 4 bags green pumpkin 3 bags junebug 4 inch Flatnose minnows (like flukes): 3 bags brown back 4 bags blue back 10 bags white pearl 4 inchCreature hawg (beaver/craw baits): 3 bags grn pump/water 3 bags green pumpkin 4 bags south Africa special POWERBAIT: $2.00 a bag 7 inch powerworms: 20 bags of midnight fire color 3 bags green pumpkin blue fleck 5.5 inch rib snakes ZOOM: Baby brush hogs: $2.50 a bag 1 bag watermelon seed 2 bags watermelon red "The flukes": $2 a bag 12 bags of albino color STRIKE KING TUBES: $2.00 a bag 2.75 inch bitsy tubes: 9 packs of green pumpkin red flake By my counts I have 87 total packs available. I would like $4 a bag for the maxscents (which retail $6.99), $2 a bag on powerworms, $2.50 a bag for brush hogs, and $2 a bag on flukes and strike king tubes. By my math, the whole lot would come out to $256 at those prices. I'll sell the whole lot for $215 shipped, or if split buy as many as you want for listed price plus $5 shipping. Buy $40 or more and I'll cover shipping.
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