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Found 39 results

  1. Up for sale is a huge lot of soft plastics, tons of baits, types, and colors. INCLUDES: Berkley maxscent lures, powebait, zoom flukes and brush hawgs, and strike king tubes. Here is what is available by style bait and color: MAXSCENTS: $4.00 a bag, 40 bags total 5 inch generals (senkos): 3 bags baby bass 3 bags green pumpkin party 4 bags green pumpkin 3 bags junebug 4 inch Flatnose minnows (like flukes): 3 bags brown back 4 bags blue back 10 bags white pearl 4 inchCreature hawg (beaver/craw baits): 3 bags grn pump/water 3 bags green pumpkin 4 bags south Africa special POWERBAIT: $2.00 a bag 7 inch powerworms: 20 bags of midnight fire color 3 bags green pumpkin blue fleck 5.5 inch rib snakes ZOOM: Baby brush hogs: $2.50 a bag 1 bag watermelon seed 2 bags watermelon red "The flukes": $2 a bag 12 bags of albino color STRIKE KING TUBES: $2.00 a bag 2.75 inch bitsy tubes: 9 packs of green pumpkin red flake By my counts I have 87 total packs available. I would like $4 a bag for the maxscents (which retail $6.99), $2 a bag on powerworms, $2.50 a bag for brush hogs, and $2 a bag on flukes and strike king tubes. By my math, the whole lot would come out to $256 at those prices. I'll sell the whole lot for $215 shipped, or if split buy as many as you want for listed price plus $5 shipping. Buy $40 or more and I'll cover shipping.
  2. I was asked by a friend who lives in south FL to make some spinnerbaits that will imitate Gold Shiners. He referenced a Booyah color that he liked, so I made them for him. The two togegther are 1/2 oz.and molded on an Owner 5/0 hook. Powder painted, with a tied skirt. The other is 1 oz., also with an Owner 5/0 hook.
  3. Any New England trophy large mouth bass fishermen on here? Let’s see some big bass pictures!
  4. Finished out my 2018 season with some nice fish out front on Sunday fishing with Gary and Chris. We spent the morning dodging the fleet to snag some bunker to live line. Had two nice fish landed up to 27lbs. Now it’s time to put away kayak till next season and waiting for the new baby boy to come.
  5. When going for bluegill and smaller bass whats the best practice to set hook automatically when using bobber? I was under impression using biggest possible bobber will set the hook, however i getting too many just take the worm/bait and leave me with bare hook, maybe 2 out of 10 hook like this.
  6. First off its a pleasure to find this forum and post here. I appreciate any help you guys can provide in advance. I need some tips on baits, parking and fishing locations on the outer Cape. Iv'e lived on the Cape my entire life but have never spent the night on the beach in P-town fishing. In the days of my youth I fished Nauset lots but never made my way to Race Point to fish. I recently visited Yellow Stone and have the National Park Pass. I took a ride up a couple weeks ago to refresh my memory. I did notice the parking lot we use to hang out at has mostly washed away, but I did see some smaller parking areas between Herring Cove and Race point. Ive never really explored between the Beach Comber and Truro so I'm not against trying that area out. If you only had one chance to do this adventure where would you start? I live down in Falmouth now and P-Town is a trek for sure. Thanks for your help
  7. I caught my first stripped bass 2 weeks ago 33” and I’m hooked. I was out by Montauk close to governors island. My uncle took me to a sand bar where the edge of the water on the Bar was Bubbling and there was a decent size drop of to the terrain under water and there they were so many on the fish finder. And I caught my fish with a piece of clam within 2 minutes. now I live by the Jones inlet I’m fishing by point lookout and tried to copy what he had done. And I couldn’t get anything but Robins. I was out at magic hour when the sun was coming up. I don’t have a good fish finder just a single pulse but I can see schools of something underneath. I guess what I’m asking is my uncle seemed to know exactly what location to get a stripper how do I pick my location? Please help I’m obsessed with finding another one and anything I find online is how to setup a rig I’m new here and wasn’t sure where to post this thread. Admin Please move it for me if you can (But let me know where lol)
  8. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  9. I'm from Missouri, Northeast corner of the state that is and wondering is there any more like me here. I fish for large mouth bass and walleye mostly, but bream and crappie are welcome too. Who was that masked man? Son, that's the lone Fisherman! Sorry, I fry in the sun! I'm a newbie here, but it doesn't matter where you get your line at, fishermen are full of knowledge, just waiting to share!
  10. So, I start my morning at the lake around 5:15am, sunrise is approx. 6:10-15am. (I’m lucky to work at a college, surrounded by a huge lake and every morning, I see dozens of bass boat launch) My First choice is top water poppers typically then to a different style top water, of a few different patterns, colors, sizes, etc. My retrieval starts slow, a pop at a time. At times I let the ripples fade away then make another set of ripples or I pop frequently and at faster rate. I have also used jerk baits. The Lake is smooth as glass and bass are jumping all around me. And still NOTHING!!!!! What I'm I doing wrong??? Please advise
  11. Hello everyone. I'm a new member on this site, and new to striper fishing. This year will be my first attempt. I would appreciate any info about rod and reel setup, technique, plugs and lures, times of year, and places to fish( I realize that's probably not going to happen).
  12. Give me your top five (or more) saltwater lures, plugs, soft plastics, or anything else that you have used to fish for stripers and blues over your fishing career.
  13. should I be putting money into pre rigged swimbaits, or jigs and soft plastics?
  14. What is your favorite soft plastic when fishing the back bays for bass?
  15. So I picked up the new do it molds swimbait head jig to keep my busy over the winter. It comes set up for a new Mustad light wire hook, which was a little thin for my liking. I ordered some 5/0 VMC Barbarian regular wire hook and they fit with just a tiny filing around the hook eye. Can't wait to get these in the water come this March.
  16. Can anyone explain to me the main difference between bass rods and inshore rods? Aside from the name and marketing, some rods may share the same length, power, action and line rating. I was having this convo with a friend awhile back and my understanding was that inshore rods generally have a longer butt section... however this may not even be true. I use the same rods for both salt and freshwater so its not much of an issue... but I'm just curious.
  17. went back to the same spot I was yesterday and the fish were waiting in the "pocket" (a spot I found that I call the pocket). Release 12 dink striped bass and landed 2 in the 32 inch range. its been really really good in ocean county.
  18. went back to the same spot I was yesterday and the fish were waiting in the "pocket" (a spot I found that I call the pocket). Release 12 dink striped bass and landed 2 in the 32 inch range. its been really really good in ocean county.
  19. I found this super helpful when I was out the other day. Hopefully you find it helpful as well. *
  20. Hey everyone, Thought I would start a new thread exclusivly focused on action on the south side of cape cod, pretty much from the RR bridge to naucet beach. Just trying to help out those fishing the south side find some productive water Anyway, Fished a south cape beach last night which is in barnstable last night, very crowded. my buddy got a schoolie, saw a dude pick up a blue and I caught a massvie alewive on the fly (ate a 1/0 baitfish imitation)
  21. Just wanted to let everyone know about the Free Fishing Days in California. Catch Stripers with family and friends without paying for a fishing license. I enjoyed the last one out on the Delta in Oakley @ Halland Tract. We caught around 6 Bass throughout the day and maybe 30 bluegills. All catch and release I may add.....anyway. *
  22. Went out the other day in search of the elusive clown knife. Was highly disappointed with no clown bites despite seeing over 20 of them gulping on the surface. Did manage this nice toad, my biggest so far this year.
  23. Hello, this is my first post, but I am a 20 yr old from RI and looking to get into surf fishing and am wondering if people have recommendations where to go surf fishing and if there are any easy places to take my 14ft skiff into the bay? also what types of lures and set p I should use. I am looking to go for striped bass.
  24. Anyone use a six weight for largemouth, and what flys do you throw on it?
  25. Does any one break out the small rods and ice fish here? I'm new to it but not even halfway through winter and I'm already dying to fish. Is it always shallow water fishing or do people target the deeper areas too?