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Found 25 results

  1. I have (5) Quantum Smoke baitcasters in right hand retrieve for sale. Great condition, imo (1) XPT. Gear ratio = 8.1:1 Used = Spooled up, 3 boat rides in a rod locker. Some pitches at home in the yard. Maybe 5-10 pitches, tops. Cosmetically 9.5/10 & mechanically 10/10. $120 shipped (2) SPT. Gear ratio = 6.1:1 Both used for about 10 fishing trips. Cosmetically 9/10 & mechanically 10/10. $110 shipped (2) HPT. Gear ratio = 7.3:1 Both used for less than 30 trips. Cosmetically 8.5/10 & mechanically 9.5/10. $100 shipped
  2. Team Daiwa Fuego, Left hand retrieve. Filled with 15 Lb Power Pro. Line capacity - 120 yards of 12 lb test, 100 Yards 14 lb test. Gear ratio 6.3:1, Weight 7.6 ounces. Local pickup / meet in North Jersey. $80.00.
  3. Akios S-Line 651 CTM (lefty) in excellent condition. Reel comes with box, manual, neoprene cover and extra handle. $180 picked up. Located in Ocean County NJ.
  4. Selling a few reels I seldom used. All reels were very well cared for and can almost pass as new. Great working condition. All included items are pictured. Shipping is in the contiguous USA. Van Staal VM150 - Brand new in box. Only taken out for photos. $450 shipped. Shimano Saragosa 8000F - Two available. Both are in very good condition. $170 shipped EACH. 1 SOLD, ONLY 1 LEFT Shimano Stradic 5000FJ - Very good condition. $150 shipped. SOLD Shimano Stradic 8000FJ - Very good condition. $170 shipped. Shimano Chronarch 200E6 - Very good condition. $170 shipped. Penn Spinfisher VI 2500LL - Very good condition. $140 shipped. Penn Spinfisher VI 4500LL - Very good condition. $160 shipped. Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 HS - Good condition. $125 shipped. SOLD Photos
  5. I'm looking to sell 13 Fishing Concept Z3 Z3-7.3-RH I bought it a couple of years ago and maybe used it 2-3 times. I couldn't find the original box or any of the contents that came with it. The reel is smooth and strong, but it does have an uneven line lay. There's more line on the right compared to the left. It's probably an easy fix for someone. Also, there are couple of chips on the paint (Cosmetic). Please see close up pics. It is spooled with 50lb J-Braid x8. I bought it to fish on the jetty and needed heavier test. I'm looking to sell for $150 shipped, or trade with the following: Braid (J-braid x8, Sufix 832 30lb - 50lb) Slow Pitch Jig set (Average 200g) ...? What I'm NOT looking for: Reels Rods Plugs
  6. I used to be 75% baitcasting/conventional and 25% spinning from shore. However, it has reversed and I'm using my spinning gear more. I decided to sell those that I don't use much anymore. Check my other threads for additional baitcasters. I will list them separately so it's easier to keep track of. I am selling two as a bundle. I don't think I could sell the Orra2 Inshore by itself, so just throwing it in there for an incentive, LOL. I used and abused the Orra2, since that was one of my first baitcasters that I used for learning. I didn't use the Revo Inshore as much. Abu Garcia Revo Inshore (RVO3 INS) spooled with 30 lb Spiderwire Abu Garcia Orra2 Inshore (ORRA2INS) spooled with 20 lb Kast King (Not sure) I'm asking for $150 shipped for both. I couldn't find the boxes.
  7. Looking to sell an Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 HS baitcaster reel. Very good cosmetic and working condition. Some very minor scuffs shown in the pics. I purchased it used and only fished it a handful of times. Decided I prefer a left handed setup. 6.4:1 gear ratio. Sorry, no box. $165 shipped contiguous USA.
  8. Searched around for some info on Gomexus replacement handles for baitcasters. Seems like most Gomexus threads are about knobs/spinning reels. Wondering if anyone has any experience with their double paddle offerings. I have a few JDM Shimano Bantam and Metanium MGL's, and the stock handles in Japan are a bit short/small for my all American sausage fingers. They come with 84mm handles and sweet spot for me is 96-105mm. The paddles/knobs are also generally smaller for most JDM reels. Looks like pretty much any Gomexus 7x4 double paddle handle should be a direct fit for most Shimano low profiles, so a good amount of options out there on the bay. Appreciate any feedback on the items I've screenshot below. A bit weary about the potential quality gap feeling hand with putting a $28.95 after market handle on a $420 MSRP reel, but have heard good things about Gomexus. Side note: The $29 and $39 options in the pics both say they are compatible with the same list of Shimano baitcasters. I find this odd as I had always thought low profiles require either a swept or straight handle based on the design of the drag star, but maybe I was wrong in thinking this.
  9. For sale is an Abu Orra Inshore low profile reel. I brought it used a few years back but haven't used it much. It has some slight discoloration from the pouch I had it stored in but doesn't impact performance. $50 shipped.
  10. Try to reassemble my Tranx 301A. This was not a full breakdown, just took it down to removing the handle/drag star/4 frame screws etc to take a look at the inside and apply some grease to the main gear. Anyway, once I get to reassembling the drag star, I'm running into the issue of my drag star also seeming to tighten/roughen up the cranking of the handle. It is progressive... fully disengaged drag = brand new reel smooth...fully tightened drag = barely a full rotation if I tap the handle and a very rough sensation/vibration of the reel in hand. Have watched and rewatched @scoobydoo 's video several as I am assembling and disassembling, I am pretty sure I have everything oriented correctly, but obviously something is off (the video is extremely helpful and detailed, I am just screwing up something). Any input would be very helpful as I am not even sure what to check at this point. My newbie guess as to what the issue is has something to do with the initial hand tightening of the tension nut and/or how it is making contact with the washer that sits between the nut/sleeve.
  11. I was just wondering how many of the tradition round reel anglers are using the round baitcasters? Not meaning of the conventional surf casters like 525 mag, fathom etc. I am speaking of the round counter parts to the low pros like Lexa HD, Tranx, Komodo in the 300-400 series Sizes. Reels such as the Calcutta Conquest, Ryoga, Luna etc. I saw quite a few low pro baitcasters spiked at the surf and used from piers bridges and walls at canal and river outlets on my fishing trip to Florida a few weeks ago. Still overwhelmingly spinners as expected. On my Stradic FL 3k, I caught some nice slot red, huge amount of sheepshead with a good nunber of the latter 20"+. Struck out on pompano; think I was a bit early. The typical amount of blues, whiting , ladyfish......and a stupid ungodly amount of sw catfish grrrr. I know a number of people are running the lexa hd from shore & boat. Saw a Zillion TW HD on a boat inshore pulled in a huge bull Snook had to be 25lb+ from the look of it. Saw a Luna 300 as well as a couple of Calcuttas, which caught my attention. Made me wonder if any on here were running the round bc. I am seriously considering a Calcutta Conquest in the 200 or 300 series as a dual role salt protected waters slot reds and striper, tautogs, trout, flounder etc inshore and fresh bass, pike, snakehead, catfish. So anyone, on here, using these round baitcast reels in the 300-400 range in saltwater; boat or shore? Specifically Calcutta or Luna? Any thoughts or input on using them in these fishing scenarios?
  12. I'm weighing options for a new freshwater baitcasting reel & looking for advice from the SOL community! I was considering - Shimano Curado K Shimano SLX DC Daiwa Tatula SV TW
  13. Hi all, I broke my fishing rod (10 feet, 15 year old) during transportation. It was worn out anyway. Well, I have the Shimano 6000D baitcaster reel. Usually have 50lbs braided line on it. Mostly interested in surf fishing for stripers (or whatever comes my way). The one I had was 10 ft, I think if I get something longer, it would be better? Thoughts on this? Can you recommend a fishing rod, preferably 2 piece (easy to carry). That will work well with the Shimano 6000d? Thank you so much.
  14. I want to build 4 setups around TWO low profile baitcasters for saltwater (Southwest Florida inshore fishing). I currently only have freshwater baitcasters (bass) and conventional beach heavers. I have tons of spinning gear, but I want to change it up and I prefer baitcasters to spinning gear for most applications. When it comes to whats available in low profile baitcasters for salt, I am somewhat a newbie. I fish inshore on a flats and bay boat. I shore, beach, pier, wade, and kayak fish as well. The range of species I target is huge. Light game: mangrove snapper, sheepshead, & trout. (Occasional spanish mack) Large game: Snook, jacks, tarpon, reds, & grouper. I want a light lure setup (300 size) and a heavy (400 size) setup. Light Setup This reel would be used for light jigs, spoons, jerkbaits, small live bait, popping corks. Heavy Setup This reel would be used for medium chunk bait, large live bait, large swimbaits, heavy bucktails/flarehawks, large poppers, & jerkbaits. Ideally, I would have 4 rods, 2 or each reel. I am not concerned about rod models yet, as I build custom rods and have not decided to build or purchase the associated rods. I just want to get a few reels and build rods around them for my applications. 2 in fiberglass or ugly stiks for live bait/poppers I am not too overly concerned with rod sensitivity on live bait rods. 2 would be faster action graphite blanks (one medium/light, one heavy) I am interested in a 300 & 400 series Tranx or Lexa (not interested in the Revo Beast or Okuma models). (I would love a Tranx 500, but I can't justify $500 for this setup) I would like to have one of each, Lexa & Tranx. Which should I purchase for the 300 and which for the 400? Eventually, I will purchase dedicated reels for each rod. At the moment I want to stick with two nicer baitcasters. I prefer to have multiple blanks/spools for each reel depending on the application and get the most use out of each reel! I know I can get by with a size 200 real, but I don't mind a little extra weight, and I like the added ruggedness the 300 series reels seem to have over 200 sizes at the moment. Thoughts? Am I off base? What would you guys recommend? Should I just buy a 400 and buy spare spools?
  15. Hey guys, Sorry to beat a dead horse some more but I was hoping to get some help with deciding what baitcaster to buy next. I fish the surf for Coho and Chinook, and sometimes off a rock jetty but just as often I am waded to my knees and being pounded by waves. I've been using Daiwa BG which is amazing for its salt resistant qualities in the meantime, and Abu Ambassadeur 5601 C3 which take a beating and stop working so fast, even with maintenance. It's always the anti-reverse bearings that stop working and can't really be maintained since the bearing housing is plastic with little plastic V springs which bend when you try to clean them, or the main gears end up going. I maintain them every few days sometimes but it doesn't seem to matter as water wicks up my line and directly into the reel or waves hit me and get it wet, and the thing just lets water right in. I fish the surf hard in the summer, sometimes 8 hours a day,5 days a week casting lures from 7 grams to about 28 grams (ounce) max. I would like a casting reel as I can get further distance with 15lb mono and I land far more Coho on mono as they flip around like crazy at the shore and pop off with braid. Spinning works with 20lb braid for distance but I find I lose more fish on it even with a mono shock leader. I've read tons over the past week on these and other forums and have come to the conclusion that there is no salt sealed baitcaster as the spool needs to be free to spin, so water will always enter there. I am leaning towards a Daiwa lexa 300 HD Left hand, or a Daiwa Coastal tws 200 left hand/ sv tw 150 left hand, or an Abu revo 4 inshore. I am sort of leaning towards the lexa 300 HD but I just can't choose. If they all will take water and need maintenance I am even tempted to just replace the 5601 c3 parts but it's very annoying having to buy a whole new side plate for 40$ to replace the anti-reverse (I don't have access to a press to press the bearing out, I am in an apartment), and new gears for 50$. Almost may as well buy a whole new reel at that point. Any advice is appreciated, open to other reels too. I am in Canada. Looking to spend 300$ Canadian, could got a little over. Looking for sheer casting distance with 7 grams to 20 grams on average (sinker with 6 foot leader to a weightless size 5 spinner), salt will be getting into the reel so maybe ease of maintenance, and DURABILITY of the parts being the most important I reckon. Thanks!!!
  16. $180.00 paypal (includes shipping to lower 49 states) Curado 200E5 baitcaster (RH) with Carrot Stick 7'2" E21 Boyd Duckett rod. (rod specs: 1/4-5/8 lure weight / 12-20lb line) Reel is filled with 20lb Suffix Extreme braid Got this a few years ago and took it out twice in Fresh Water only. Would make a great light bay fluke or schoolie outfit Condition of both are like new
  17. I like to Fluke from Inlets & Jetties. I’m usually slinging 2-4 oz sinkers dragging strip bait. I like a long rod and go for distance. I recently purchased a Penn Battalion 11’ 2-6 oz rod and like it. I recently tested my 3 best casting reels over 2 fish outings. Here’s my thoughts. Ambassaduer 6500CS Mag Elite (levelwind) with 30lb PowerPro. Easily my best caster but with 3oz sinker and pulling against a moving tide you really have to crank down drag to stop from slipping. Another con is the mag slider is right where I palm the reel and I’m always moving it inadvertently. Old Penn 525GS (not mag) with 2 of 4 centrifugal brakes on. 50 lb PowerPro. Casts second best and although level winding with finger does get easier over time it becomes a pain and my fingers get waterlogged and wrinkled. This reel would be my top choice if I was soaking baits not hour after hour casting and retrieving. Daiwa Lexa 400 (original model) 50lb PowerPro. Smooth, fast ratio and large power handle and is a dream to cast and retrieve all day. Only Con I feel is the disengaging levelwind. If you cast when the levelwind is to one side and not in the middle you can really feel and hear the line ripping across the spool. I wish they would make a model with non disengaging levelwind. So so I guess my perfect reel would be something like a Lexa 400 with a non disengaging level wind. Does one exist ?
  18. Have two Tranx 300 for sale. One is literally out of the box. Never fished or spooled. $250 local pickup Queens/Nassau The second has never been fished. I’ve added a jigging world power handle to it and spooled it with 20lb super slick. Original handle included. $275 local pickup Queens/Nassau Both have boxes and paperwork. Please add 8.95 for shipping.
  19. Hi All, I am about to pull the trigger on an Abu Garcia Revo SX baitcaster and wanted to see if anyone had any input on this reel. I am worried it may not hold up in saltwater use for too long. I will mainly be using it on a boat so won't be getting submerged and may get the occasional splash. Any input you all can provide would be great.
  20. Built this for the way we fish around here in the Texas bays. Works in the surf too but I like them in a 7' to 7'6" range more for that. NFC 7' HM blank cut down to 6'9". Fuji Torzites RV6, KB5, KB4 and KT4 done in a spiral wrap. Did a tiger wrap between the spit grips. The reel seat is a painted Matagi.
  21. Just curious to see if anyone started out with right hand retrieve and learned to use left hand retrieve... How useful or useless it is. I started out with right hand retrieve, so it's much more natural for me to use my right hand to retrieve. At one point, I bought a cheap no name low profile left retrieve baitcaster to try out (so that I didn't have to switch hands after casting). I used it one time for several hours and it hasn't been used since. I just bought a Daiwa Lexa HD 400 left hand retrieve by accident and wondering if I should give it another try. Just throwing it out there... Did you start with right hand retrieve and gone to the dark side? Are you able to comfortably switch easily? (Ambidextrous) How long did it take for it to feel natural? Any changes to your preference on which side?
  22. Looking to sell newly used St. Croix Avid Series inshore casting rod – model VIC70HF 15-30 7ft paired with like new Shimano CT300d Calcutta reel. Both were bought brand new this spring. I have used the outfit twice (this was my first bait casting outfit) and really just decided I don’t like bait casting setups compared to traditional spin outfits. Rod bot directly from St. Croix for $260 and reel purchased from tackledirect for $380. Reel is spooled with 300 yards of #30lb aqua green power pro super slick (another $35). Line color matches the rod. This is a $700 outfit after tax used twice, washed after each use, and stored inside. Asking $575 for the outfit ($225 rod & $350 for reel). Willing to sell separately – contact me directly if you need pictures, but literally like new. See links below for details. Located in Wilton, CT, can ship or meet. *
  23. Selling a lightly used Daiwa Aird Coastal 100HA Baitcaster loaded with 20lb powerpro braid. Was used only a handful of times for shallow water jigging sea bass and fluke. Oversized handle with metal star drag and carbon drag. Same size class as a shimano curado 200 series. Price is $60 and includes original box.
  24. Lamiglas Inshore Classic Extra Heavy (IC90-XH) 9'0" Conventional rod. Excellent condition. Asking $150. Lure: 0.75-3 oz. Line 15-30 lb. Note: ***Will sell as combination with Abu Garcia Reel for $240.*** CK OTHER ADS
  25. I was looking at getting a Baitcaster for light tackle fluke. Any ideas if it's good to do? I've been using spinning feels all my life and haven't used a baitcaster ever
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