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Found 45 results

  1. Post recipes here so we don't have to search threads!
  2. Girlfriend and I were on the Potomac last night. Blue cats are my favorite fish here. This one was 45”. We also caught the 12lb one at same time (which is about my average size fish. caught on a 4oz piece of channel cat penn battle 4000 7’ penn rod 30# runcl braid from Amazon , 7/0 gamakatsu octopus, 60# big game leader, wind was nasty, but otherwise beautiful day had to use 4oz lead i included a pic of how I fish. Lash a 1.75” pvc to doc post. Carry it all in a wagon from Home Depot. Still angry when released! IMG_1038.MOV
  3. Hi, I know Edisto is a little south of this group's range but I wonder if anyone can shine a little light on the fishing here during October. I have done a lot of fishing for Reds in Bulls Bay and Grays Bay north of Charleston and the Edisto State Park via flyrod. What might be present during this period and are there areas you would recommend? Have adequate spinning gear for light salt. Threw in a SM pic from the backyard.
  4. Sold my Century C3LD here last year. Now its my Century TTLD. I used both rods together TTLD for 2-5oz work. C3 for heavy work, 5-10. Rod is 13' long. Does not have a reducer. Was not designed to use one. Mark1 generation. Bought when it was first released. This was a big deal as most beach rods were 25-30mm diameter then. This debuted at 19mm. Much slimmer but with similar power of the fat version rods. Even today, its still a slim rod compared to newer ones. Awesome slim rod (hence low diameter name) for 2-5oz and bait. Easily does powerful pendulum casts with bait. Really put baits far out. Basic casting styles will handle up to 7nbait, still puts bait extremely far out. Has nice rod action. Best description is heavy power, moderately fast but not too fast. Lightning quick tip recovery like all Century UK beach rods. Its a good fishing tip basically, not too stiff. Itll handle very big fish and wont fold over. Ive done big rays in the summertime on it that weighed up to 80lbs. Has normal usage marks but no crazy stuff. Some of the shrink tubing on handle got torn off when i was putting stuff away for the season. You can replace or electrical tape it for simple fix (then use tape as a ruler marker) I took pic of lifted piece. No damage to butt. Regardless this LD rod is extremely well built as all century UK rods. Durable as heck. Apparently a quick search indicates locally US shops sell similar range models at $800+ in shops. And no stock. Wow... Im selling $380 shipped fedex. $350 local in NYC. Edit. Added pics Note please do not go by century website pic. That is a mk2 model which is also discontinued. Just added for its spec. Mk1 uses fuji bhng guides. Also it has 2 coasters cause the sliding seat sucks and long removed.
  5. Selling my 12' Mojo surf spinning rod. 6-16oz lure rating. 20-60lb line weight. 70-30 split. Easily throws 8oz and a bunker head. Some light scratches but 9/10 condition overall. All guides and reel seat perfectly intact. Pickup/meetup only, north NJ/NYC area. Will drive to meet up within reason. $250 OBO.
  6. For me, finding live or fresh bait has always been a problem. I just got home from Buxton and people were catching bait with a cast net. Is that something you can do around Assateague? In the surf, out back or in canals around OC? p.s. I always have a bait rod out but sometimes catching bait is tough
  7. Hello Everyone, Im just getting into Saltwater fishing as got all my equipment spending money to get things going properly. Heard that Black Fish are the fish to be going after for the fall season and was made aware that green crabs are the bait of choice. I know i could go to shops to get the bait but am now really tight on money due to the new equipment i obtain from local shops. I am hoping someone would know what beaches would be a good location for me to go flipping rocks or digging through seaweed to find these guys. Thanks in advance.
  8. I’ve been fishing at fort foster, Maine, for a while now. Because of work, I can only go once or twice a week for a few hours at a time, and I have one or two days a month that I can stay from open till closing. Each time I go, I throw my bait in new spots, but nothing seems to work. I’ve seen people catch striper there, and I’ve seen striper every once in a while, but I’ve only ever had one big bite. There’s these big pillars in the water that were to stop nazi ships from passing into the harbor during WWII (I’ll provide pictures of them below) and I’ve read that “Stripers will set up near edges and structure where turbulence caused by fast current disorients their prey, and where currents bring the baitfish to them.”. Do these pillars seem like a good place to try? The only reason I’m asking here instead of trying it is because I only have a month and a half here in maine, and I’d like to catch a striper before going to Texas.
  9. Any ideas? Woops edited
  10. Hi all New to surf fishing. Last time I went out, I got skunked and found myself with quite a bit of leftover salted clam. Not wanting to waste it, I just threw it in the freezer. Was thinking I'd toss it in the cooler tonight without ice, let it thaw out, and fish tomorrow afternoon once I get down the shore. That ok? It sat in my cooler without ice for a day last time I was at the beach. Will I be alright tossing it out there? Or should I buy fresh bait?
  11. Here's a little info on how I made a Sand Flea Trap that worked. Thought of sharing it here in case it can give some ideas to others looking to create similar stuff. I had an old pond net lying around with a badly worn out net (unusable). I also had some grilled mesh leftover from the chicken coop that I built last year which I decided to use to build this. I built this with the idea to have a sand flea trap primarily, but also have something handy to catch other small stuff to use as bait. Tested it out last night and was able to catch some decent size bugs easily, but the trap looks a little big, I may keep it like this for some time, and if needed maybe make it a smaller. Tools used are pretty basic, gloves (since I did end up getting one of the mesh wires to puncture my nerve on the back of my hand as it rolled back), wire cutter, plier and zip ties. Be careful using the wires. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or DM me. Cheers
  12. Getting bait the past couple of years in NW NJ has been challenging as more bait shops (and those selling herring) have closed. Fishing Spruce Run, and now Round Valley Reservoirs has become particularly difficult as the only bait shop in the area is Hi Way Sports shop, and he doesn't open until 6 am. I like to get out before sunrise as fishing is often great before the sun comes up. I recently bought an insulated bait bucket with an aerator. I have a second aerator as well. I then bought two dozen herring at the end of the day (around 6 pm) and attempted to keep them overnight so I could fish in the (early) morning. I even changed the water with fresh river water from the Musconetcong at around 1030 PM; when I got up in the morning (330 am), all of the fish were ok, but by the time I got to Spruce Run (430), I had some floaters, and all the fish were dead by 6 am. I missed one fish on a live herring, but they all died quickly. Any advice or guidance on how to keep these fish lively? I'm at a point where fishing Spruce Run doesn't make sense because I can't get live bait, or I need to fish at night.
  13. I know cast nets are king, but with fluke season coming around the corner, I was wondering if any Jersey guys have experience using sabiki rigs and have any tips you could share. I picked one up and tried it for the first time in NC this year and they are a lot of fun- I caught croakers on it using squid fishbites. With snappers being limited to 3 this year I am wondering what other bait fish anglers are catching here in NJ with the sabiki that I could use for fluke. What general areas would be good to target? Thanks
  14. In case folks are having trouble finding open tackle/bait shops in Monmouth County, I know that Giglios Bait & Tackle in Seabright is operating as normal (and is my #1 pick), as well as Julian's Tackle & Bait on Route 35 (note: the shop isn't open itself, but it has a live bait vending machine on the exterior of the shop, which is perfect for the current social distancing environment). Happy Fishing!
  15. Ok I need guidance, just moved to Long Island and love fishing. I never realized how much goes into the sport. I have a lot to learn. The last two seasons i’ve Been surf fishing but with not much luck( yes, i’m a bait soaker). I have tried some lures ( buck tails, diamond jig, spoons) out a few times but since I didn’t know what I was doing I kinda gave up. I have yet to catch a fish on a lure. I would like to be able to learn the lures and someday catch a damn fish. I have been to the trusty YouTube watched a few videos in hopes that things would change this year. Watched vids on how to tie different rigs, on how to read the beach which I still don’t know if I’m doing right. My gear so far: 10’ st croix mojo surf paired with penn battle 6000 12’ penn rod with penn fierce 2 live liner 8000 the 6000 has 40lb braid I believe the 8000 has 50lbs mono i think both rods are medium to heavy what the hell do I need to do other than “ get out and fish more”? More YouTube I guess any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  16. BringIng my young nephew to the beach to fish for his first time and want to leave some line out while we do other things. What are some good artificial bait options for this? Not going to be anywhere near a tackle shop or any place to get frozen bait etc. can anyone recommend something artificial??
  17. I never really fish with bait and the bait shop i go to usually was too far to go to so I went to a local shop and was told the clams are fresh...i take them home and open them up last night and literally they smell like dog **** so bad that my fingers stuck and my tools stunk...normally when i catch live surf clams they do not smell like anything but the it normal for the bait clams to smell this bad...i suspect the clams went rotten then were frozen...then defrosted and sold to thoughts gang as clam bait chunking is new to me and i suspect i got scammed....thanks again.
  18. I was completely out of bait, and Saturday was a fantastic -1.2' tide. So I went, water was like bathwater, didn't need my waders...The clams were just begging to be dug...Oh the walk back...What the @!#@ was I thinking...
  19. In the surf, what do Stripers feed on during the beginning, middle and end of their season? Secondly, what approaches work best for you and your approaches change throughout the season? Thank you in advance ——— Tight lines! SB
  20. Was looking through my log for the past 5-6 years or so and let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this theory: The near complete lack of bluefish the past two seasons has been detrimental to the fall run of striped bass from the surf. Bluefish blitzes used to push bait, adult bunker, peanuts, etc into the surf and bigger sized stripers would move either mixed in with the blues to clean up the mess or just after the blues moved on. Bass now have no incentive to clean up the scraps of the bluefish in the surf and stay offshore to feed on adult bunker schools. Now we are left with smaller bait in the surf, rain fish, spearing, pockets of sand eels and other small baits for schoolies to feed on. There are obviously more than one factor as to why the surf run hasn't been good for a while now such as beach replenishment, the recent storm patterns ect. But I'm a little alarmed by the considerable lack of blues for the second year in a row now. It's a real shame that slaughter happened 3-4 years ago around here. Tight Lines!
  21. Tica Dolphin: UGSA model 12XH2S XH 12’0″ 2pc 20-50 lbs test line rated 6-12 oz. Used maybe 4-5 times. Perfect condition. Pick up / Meet up preferred. $120 Brooklyn, NY; Greater NY Area; Upstate NY. Possible Monmouth County NJ
  22. Looking to sell a 75 gallon fish tank (48" long, 20" high, 18" wide). Currently home to two small musk turtles and some goldfish (included if you want). Would also make a great bait tank. Also included: metal stand Eheim canister filter (this thing is amazing. I have used it for turtles which are notoriously dirty and it has never had an issue!) extra filter material screen top light bar bubblers spare filter parts rock gravel nets lots of other odds and ends Looking to get $100 or open to trades for belt bag (without inserts/loops, something like the mak eel bag), penn slammer 3 4500 (I can add in cash to round out the deal), or an ODM genesis 9 foot (I can add cash). Pick up in Monmouth County NJ
  23. Relatively new to the surf and am looking for a heavy-action conventional rod for chunking in the surf. Preferably 10-foot plus and 10oz rated, but open to investigate. Looking for a used rod, but certainly prefer high-quality. Located in Mass. but can pay for shipping. Excited to give this a try.
  24. Hello, I live in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, and was curious if there are any bait shops that sell live eels within less than a 25 minute radius and without requiring to go to Philadelphia or The Shore. I’ve tried looking on maps but nothing showed up. I’m hoping maybe someone knows a place. Thanks.
  25. Is there any bait and tackle shop in New Jersey that has live pencil (6"- 8") eels? I know the minimum size for Saltwater Regulations is 9" but I've also known some bait shops that sell them smaller. So please let me know if there are any that sell pencil eels in NJ. Thanks.