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  1. This one is nice. Maybe I used it once. More likely that I never used it. There is line on it, but that looks clean. I guess I put mono backing on it and never loaded the braid. No rash that I can see. Works as made. Seems minty to me. The stuff you see in the pics is from the light coat of storage oil. Smudges picked up by the camera. No rash at all. Original series of the SX 5.0:1 in a limited color. $125 shipped CONUS
  2. Like new Avet SX 5.3 G2 MC with glide plate. Used a few times. I like the SXJ off my kayak. $250 Cash No shipping.
  3. I have a Seigler SGN Lefty in new condition with box, receipt, rod clamp. No scratches and barely used. I purchased it several months ago for togging and loaded it with 30# super slick. I would be open to trades for a lefty Avet SXJ g2 plus a little cash coming my way, or a nautilus NVG 6/7 with cash coming your way. Otherwise thinking $270 for the reel without trade. It saves the purchaser $100 if you were to buy a new sgn and load it with line. Preference of person to person transaction, if not buyer responsible for shipping/fees. Thanks!
  4. Little new year clean out! I have reels for sale, all very little use and well cared for. All prices for pick up on Long Island - Western Suffolk county. Will ship any Priority for actual cost, believe it's $15 for medium box Newell S229-5 - $125 SOLD Newell 344 - $150 SOLD Avet SX5:1 - $125
  5. WTB Everol, Penn International, Avet, Shimano Tiagra 50-130W. If you are selling as a combo with a rod am open to that as well. This will close when I find something whether it’s here or elsewhere. Thank you
  6. Looking to sell a NEARLY brand new Avet SX G2 5.3 MC LEFT HAND. Purchased over the summer and fished literally once about 3 casts. Decided I am gonna stick to low profiles for now. Spooled with 40 lb braid w/ Mono topshot; split is roughly 85/15 - 90/10. Comes with box, papers, extra hardware included with new Avet reels. Asking $265 shipped to lower 48. IMG_0718.tiff
  7. Been working on my technique a lot lately but still can't always get it where I need it. Soo i've decided ill either get a longcast (probably ssvi 65/7500 or maybe a ULTEGRA XTC), or an 11ft casting rod for one of my conventional reels. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both and how distance compares. How would the level wind affect distance. Should i use the one without the LW. Would prob end up using mono on the conventional reel at least to start so how will that change things. I think i'm inclined to get a longcast reel because i think id be more willing to wade in which would give me a good extra bit of distance and maybe a cheep casting rod cause i think i want to learn. But any thoughts welcome.
  8. I got a few high end conventional rods that I have never seen the water. Tbh I have never even tried using any before. Because I have heard it's alot harder to use. But last night I met an old timer at FINS who suggested I give it a try. To say the least the guy seemed to be able to cast as far as I could , but with much better accuracy. Again this will be my first attempt at using a non spinning reel. So I'm just looking for something to get started with. That is also easy to use. Thanks gents
  9. For Sale is my Avet Sx Raptor, used a handful of times, spooled with 40lbs white suffix 832 braided line. Come with original box, $310 shipped within continental USA!! Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Time has come to say good by to some of my prized boat reels. I am downsizing and decided to sell three of them. I like these all equally and I'm planning to sell only the first three that get claimed. All are 8/10 cosmetically, 10/10 functionally. I would actually give them an additional point for cosmetics, but that's all relative. I can take more close-up pictures upon request. I only took two reels at a time on boat trips and I didn't get to rotate them around too many times. The Saltiga saw more action than others. Not sure why, but that reel just feels extra nice. Avets are both G2's and they are built like tanks. Definitely not as smooth as the other three reels, but perfect for togging in the winter or going for sea bass in wrecks (maybe overkill). Daiwa and Shimano are all very smooooooooth, especially compared to the Avets, but they also cost more. I worked hard for these babies... One part of me says just keep them all, but a small part of me (and the wife) says let some go. Prices include shipping to CONUS. I am accepting Paypal. Avet G2 SXJ MC (SXJ G2 5.3 MC RH) spooled with 50 lb Power Pro Purchased new (first owner), selling for $145 Currently retails for $265 Avet G2 G2 SXJ 6/4 MC (SXJ G2 5.3 6/4 MC RH) spooled with 50 lb Power Pro Purchased new (first owner), selling for $255 Currently retails for $345 Daiwa Saltiga Star Drag (SASD15H) spooled with 40 lb Power Pro Purchased new (first owner), selling for $285 Currently retails for $400 Shimano Trinidad A (TN12A) spooled with 40 lb Power Pro Purchased new (first owner), selling for $325 Currently retails for $460 Shimano Talica Lever 2 Speed (TAC8II) spooled with 65 lb Power Pro Purchased new (first owner), selling for $350 Currently retails for $500 I don't have much room to negotiate.
  11. Up For Sale Brand new in box Avet SX 5.3 Lever drag casting reel I received this as a gift but I already have a similar sized reel. Asking $185 shipped via USPS priority mail or $175 pick up Since I am pretty new to the forum, I prefer to meet up around Baltimore, DC metro or NOVA area. Thanks.
  12. Looking to trade my barely used Curado K 201 for a 4000-5000 size spinning reel or small conventional (penn squall/fathom 12 or Avet sxj/sx or similar size). It is the 7:1 speed and left hand retrieve. Will post pics in the morning. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in a trade for something of similar value (retail). Let me know what you got. Located outside Philly. Have a MH Shimano Exage casting rod I can include as well.
  13. Still gearing up for the season, looking for one or two more salmon/halibut reels. No color preference, thanks! aloha, isao
  14. Trying one more time. Looking for an unused Raptor SX Raptor Dorado. I know these are next to impossible to find. Will purchase outright or have reels for trade.
  15. A question, and a speculation, on "twin drags." This comes in response to Kilsong's preference for the IRT Dual Drag reels, but isn't limited to them. I don't own anything with dual drags. If you do and have a comment, make sure you tell us what reel it is that you own. I have assumed, all along, that the real value of a dual-drag or twin-drag design isn't the ridiculously high loads you can place on the reel. The gain is in drag smoothness as line is taken, the diameter of the loaded spool shrinks; since the lever arm (distance from the surface of the loaded spool to the spool axle) shrinks, leverage declines, and the actual drag load increases. However contra-intuitive, you'd have to reduce the drag as the diameter of the loaded spool is reduced in order to maintain the same load on the drag. A related thought or two. First, current braids are skinnier then those of just a few years ago, never mind mono. This reduces spool shrinkage when Moby Whale climbs on, and takes off. So there's less need for twin drags then there might have been. Second, modern reels can, with a single drag setup, exert ridiculous amounts of pressure on a fish, enough to pull me over the side of any boat, if I'm careless. There's a Torque 300 in my basement, lined with a solid braid for jigging tuna. I never used it ... the box says it can exert 29 lbs. of pressure. Having played with it, I believe the blurb. Zcoker has remarked that he catches blacktip sharks on a Stella 8000, with a rated top drag of 60 lb. SIXTY LBs on a surf reel? That's wild. That last anyone would see of me, with that much drag on a surf fish, would be the drag marks of two feet and a belly. And my nose. Do those of you who fish an Accurate reel with two drags, Avet or Maxel with what they call two drags, Okuma Makaira, IRT DD or anything else, feel you're getting something for your extra bucks? I suspect that Accurate, AFAIK the first twin-drag user, shows the best result. They put a drag washer and pressure plate on each side of the spool, on their lever drags. No doubt they fenced off their design with lots of patents, as broadly written as possible. Avet has had - I suspect - to step around that arrangement. Maxel, I think, got in a patent fight with Accurate, and lost. The Makaira gets great love on Alan Tani's site, but that may or may not be because of their drag design. Accurate's TwinSpin spinning reel did not get love from Alan Hawk in its' first iteration, and user reports are few. Ladies, Gentlemen, persons of indeterminate gender, those who are confused, the floor is open. Kilsong, I'm going to start another thread with IRT - specific questions.
  16. Looking for a brand new (I know chances are slim) Avet SX Raptor in the Dorado color. May have a SXJ Raptor Dorado to trade, or will outright purchase if available. I'm in New York, would prefer an in person deal, but let me know what's out there.
  17. Looking to buy a well taken care of avet sxj lefty. Can be either original or G2. Let me know if you have one available. I am in South Jersey.
  18. Avet Pro EXW 30/2 for sale that is loaded with 100lb hollow core braid backing/100yd 80lb topshot. The reel is in great condition both mechanically and cosmetically as it was serviced last spring. Price is $350 shipped and I'm located on Cape Cod. Selling to upgrade my gear for giant bluefin. Sorry no trades. (P.S. - Sorry about the crooked pictures the website keeps flipping them on me no matter what I do)
  19. Hey , will ship for extra St croix mojo 8ft, custom spinoff paco style back grip and x fore grip. 115 picked up in Andover, or Boston. Teramar 7 ft, 1/2-1.5 --------- 65 bucks picked up, Okuma celios 6'6'' , 1 piece1/8-1/2------- 15 picked up Bass anglers custom rod, mh action, 6 feet---- 25 picked up (no reel seat, tape on) ANDE TOURNAMENT 6 FOOT 20-50 line, 20 picked up. Avet and soujorn musky rod------- 85 picked up.... Anti reverse went in the avet. needs to be serviced.
  20. have a nice collection of offshore setups that i don't want to have to dump but they haven't gotten any use at all except for one setup and the heating system needs to be replaced before winter.. so.... here we are. PayPal, cash, venmo, or USPS Money Orders accepted located in Boston area if meet up is desired. willing to ship anywhere. first up, a Quantum Cabo 120 PTSE. this is the reel that has seen some use. one trip out and successfully brought a 6ft Blue Shark alongside the boat. light scuff on roller arm from transport and small scuffs on foot from reel seat. lined with 460yds of 100lb Jerry Brown Hollow. retails for $320 plus about $90 worth of line (included) ASKING $260 shipped or $250 Meetup next up is a Quantum Cabo 100 PTSE. Brand New, never used. only taken out of box for line to be put on. lined with 405 yards of 100lb Jerry Brown Hollow retails for $300 plus about $80 dollars worth of line (included) ASKING $240 shipped or $230 meetup Third is an AVET JX 6/3 MC Raptor 2-Speed Lever Drag. another brand new one that hasn't seen salt yet. lined with 405yards of 80lb Jerry Brown Decade Line One which changes color every 10 yards for easy depth monitoring while jigging. ALSO INCLUDED: power jigging handle from Jigging World ($80 dollar value) retails for $468 but is on sale at TD for $420 plus about $80 worth of line (included) ASKING $420 shipped or $410 meetup Last up... an Okuma Makaira 16 Two Speed Lever Drag. sadly, this reel has also not seen action. I'm most going to miss this one because of how excited i was to get it, but maybe ill own another some day. lined with 480 yards of 130lb Jerry Brown Hollow retails for $510 plus about $120 worth of line ASKING $460 shipped or $450 meet up
  21. First I have a barely used avet sx in silver. Price is $155 shipped US POSTAL MONEY ORDER sorry I don't have the box any longer. Second is a Abu Garcia orra SX baitcast reel it's in very nice condition mechanically and cosmetically. Price is $55 shipped US POSTAL MONEY ORDER. Third is a group of 4 reels. one is a old Mitchell spidecast spinning reel it still works very well just old. Second is a zebco 11 micro push button reel works very well. Third is a south bend 760a spinning reel still works cosmetically I'd say it's a 3. Fourth is a a SHIMANO triton sea spin 6500 series baitrunner reel. It needs a spool and the top of the drag knob needs a nut. $55 shipped US POSTAL MONEY ORDER for all four reels.
  22. So I pre-ordered Avet SXJ G2 5.3 MC Single Speed Reel in black from TD in December of last year (2016). I saw the "Expected Availability" date change at least 4 times, starting with January and now it's showing early May delivery. The vendor has not communicated any information about the delay, so I just finally contacted the vendor to see if they had any more information. Does anyone here have any more info? Maybe a manufacturing issue? Also, I am wondering if anyone has a different Avet G2 5.3 model and how they are liking the reel so far? I bought the SXJ version for wreck fishing and the MC option in case I want to use it on the surf occasionally.
  23. Looking to buy 2 inshore trolling reels as part of a package deal. Preferably Avets or Shimanos but Ill consider anything. I'm interested in both used and new
  24. I am looking for an Avet SXJ 5.3:1 reel for trolling, I am just looking to buy used before I drop the dime on a new one. If anybody has one for sale, please let me know. I will be using it for trolling on a kayak, would also be interested in any other "SMALL" lever drag reels. Thank you.
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