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Found 7 results

  1. A co-worker of mine brought this to me, it’s been in his family for 40+ years and has no real knowledge where it’s from or even what it is. It’s made of a really hard wood, looks hand carved but has no identity markings. It has (pictured) a apparently brass slide in the bottom that has the number 18 stamped into it. This slides out about an inch but we can’t figure out what it’s for. The wire “wraps” around the nose of this appears to be soldered forming two loops. Overal this “plug” is about 5 inches long and ila out an inch thick. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!! mike
  2. Hey guys, Been clearing my grand parents house out for the summer and stumbled upon this. I've never heard of it before, seems to be very well built everything is metal has some weight to it. Any body know anything about it? Worth anything? Thanks Kyle
  3. Hey guys this one of my first posts. My pop pop was recently moved into assisted living and I was given a box called “Fishing Stuff”. As you can imagine it was a tangled mess of rusty hooks and random sinkers. But it had these really cool striper plugs and some smaller lures from the 50s and 60s. I can only imagine my pop pop slinging 30s from the Mantolokin surf with these big poppers. I cleaned them up and thought I’d share.
  4. 2 Old/ Antique PT. Jude Swim Along metal lipped lures. Both are about 5” and 1.5 ounces. $50 shipped. *
  5. I am new to rod restoration. The only rod repairs I have done have been replacing broken tips. I am asking for help on 7 rods that I have acquired over the years that have outlived their ability to function as fishing tools. I want to restore them to the point of looking restored for the purpose of retiring them to a place of honor on the wall of our home. They do not have to be fully functional, but I want to make them look good. I have made measurements and taken four pictures of them and made a list of the repairs I want to make. 3 are thick bamboo saltwater boat rods (I have labeled as A, B, and C); 2 are either fiberglass/graphite boat rods (D -spinning and E - trolling/casting); and two are hexagon shaped bamboo boat rods ( F and G). All rods will have reels attached - 6 old saltwater open face reels and 1 spinning reel. Rod A - is a complete thick Bamboo rod 107" long. My questions for this rod are: 1. Should I add 1 - 2 eyes? and where are the best sources for finding them?; 2. Thread material and size for re-wrapping the fore grip? 3. Finishing coat varnish or epoxy for bamboo? 4. Finish coat same or different for wood handle? Rod B - is thick Bamboo rod 97" long from tip to end of male ferrule, without a handle assembly. Male ferrule is 1.03" OD at the base where the bamboo enters and the length of the base is 3/4" before the flare reduces to .975" OD at the tip, which is 2 1/4" long, making the total ferrule length approximately 3". For this rod I need help with: 1. Wooden foregrip or other foregrip suggestions; 2. Chrome reel seat size recommedations and best sources for finding; 3. Wooden butt and some type of gimble Rod C - is the same type as Rod B and is 101" without a handle assembly. It needs the same components as Rod B, and the Male ferrule measurements are .88" OD at the base where the bamboo enters and the length of the base is 1.0" before the flare reduces to .83" OD at the tip, which is 2" long, making the total ferrule length approximately 3". In addition to the same components of Rod B, I need to find a replacement tip as well, so any sources you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Rod D - is a 75" fiberglass or graphite spinning rod without a handle or male ferrule. It has a wooden fore grip, and the ID of the blank is .54" with OD of .86". For this rod I need: 1. Reel seat and butt handle assembly and gimble suggestions (i.e. wood? or some other economical wrap other than foam); 2. Replace 1st eye and re-wrap: 3. Blank finishing epoxy. Rod E - is a 85.5" fiberglass or graphite casting boat rod without a handle assembly. It has a Male ferrule which measures .96" OD at the base where the blank enters and the length of the base is 1.0" before the flare reduces to .93" OD at the tip, which is 2" long, making the total ferrule length approximately 3". For this rod I need help with your suggestions: 1. Reel seat and Handle assembly; 2. Should I replace the tip? 3. Thread material, size and finish for re-wrapping the eyes. Rod F - is a short 73" split bamboo two section casting? rod . 1. I'm not familiar with the tip, should I replace it? ; 2. Should I add 2 or 3 additional eyes? spacing? size? Rod G - is a long 103" single section split bamboo boat rod. 1. Should I add 3 eyes? 2. How do I remove "caked on" dried finish? 3. Same rod finish as the other bamboo rods A,B, and C, or different? I have watched many videos and read many articles, but I have not been able to find out how far the reel seat will fit on the male ferrule on the top or how far the butt male ferrule fits into the reel seat. I am excited about these project rods to get a feel for building my own rod or two for fishing once I get these under my belt. I hope you are able to help with my "rookie" questions, or if you cannot, at least point me to any sources you can where I may be able to get answers. Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
  6. How is everybody ? Im new to the site and figured this forum was best suited to get my feet wet! i recently came into ownership of some antique fishing lures and being a surf caster my whole life i have never seen lures like these, I'm sure they were pretty common back in their time but i was wondering if anyone on here could shed some light on what i have and the company who used to make them, they are beautiful lures. thanks !!
  7. I have a great antique bamboo fly rod and reel for sale for $150 Rod and reel for sale, rod is a champion, reel is a vernley trout reel, 5 pieces (3 tips), cork handle If you would like a more specific picture just ask, located in mass, can meet on the south shore to the canal Thanks for looking, -Matt