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Found 51 results

  1. Looking to trade my ZeeBaas 25 spool for a 11’ rod in good condition. Comes with fresh #40 line that’s never been used.
  2. Ive fished most spinners from a VSX, torque, Saltiga, VRs, etc but would like to try a Zeebaas 25 or 27. Not looking for anything super rare in color or limited, just a good condition reel both aesthetically and mechanically in single pickup.
  3. Hi everyone, I am potentially looking into buying a Zeebaas sometime in the future. I have a couple of questions regarding the ZX-20/ZX-22. For one, it would be great if anyone who owns a ZX-20 or 22 could post a picture of one of these reels with a common object, or a reel that is similar in size. Next, I would love to know what type of rod people fish these reels on, specifically length, so I could look into what type of rod I would potentially pair one of these reels with. And lastly, what's everyone's experience using Zeebaas reels? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Salty
  4. Trying to thin the herd, have too many reels. Looking to trade this ZeeBaaS ZX27RD Black for a (Lot) of plugs. looking for GRS plugs - slims, giants, weasels. looking for new or lightly used. reel has minor marks, but is 100% functional. located on LI, NY. thanks for looking
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any information as to the size of the Van Staal VSX100 compared to the Zeebaas ZX2-20. These are currently (from what I've seen) the smallest models of reels from these two lines. I am wondering what these two reels look like side by side and how they compare to each other. I.E. If I were to put these two reels on the same rod would they feel and fish the same or would one be noticeably lighter or smaller in the hands. Thanks in advance. Salty
  6. Used ZX22 in great shape with power knob. Some scratches on knob. $650 PayPal shipped. Sorry no trades. Prices are firm. Do
  7. I have two in mint condition , used but never abused.
  8. Both of these reels new unused with box's. Im in Alabama Looking for Mint zx2-27 or zx2-25 Prefer a new zx2-27. But lacking cash. Plenty reels. So let me know if you have one and let's see if we can deal.
  9. Zeebaas ZX25RDB for sale with box & bag $600 shipped Never registered, blank registration card included Functionally 10/10 Just some very minor scratches that you can see in the pics
  10. I have one Black Trqs-5 Bailess mint, used one time !! One Gold trqs-5 w-bail used a lot but only chunking and excellent condition ! one Daiwa Tournament Entoh 5500 Never been used ! Trade all 3 for 1 ZB- zx2-27 . Must be excellent !!! possible ZB-25 gen 2's only ! i also have an Torque 2 -5500 silver with bail never been used. I have a 1st Jen Torque 7 Just looking to score another ZeeBaaS. Have flat fallen in love with this reel. Lets work a deal.
  11. Selling the following items. All prices include shipping and fees. (1) Van Staal power knob (Gold - VS200 and up) - mint condition $50 SOLD (1) Van Staal oval Knob (Gold- VS 100/VS150) good conditions, slight scratches - missing a bushing - $38 (1) Van Staal standard round knob ( Black- VS 100/VS150) mint condition - missing bushing and nut - $20 (1) Van Staal reel pouch - Early mode stock - signs of wear - $28 (1) ZeeBaas side plate (silver) - exterior is mint, interior has a small scratch - $33 SOLD
  12. Want to trade/ sell my penn 706 greenie and my spinfisher 6500bls with cash for a vsx150/100 or a bailess zeebaas 20 will sell just the reel for $150 (706) $110 (6500) including shipping
  13. Mint condition ZX22 Spool and Small Rotor. Will sell for $250. Barely used. Comes spooled with 40lb PP.
  14. Hi guys, selling the following rods & reels. 3 custom Lamiglass rods- picked up Custom Lami 1201L rubber shrink grips $150(spoken for pending payment from the old thread) Custom Lami GSB 1321L cork grips $150 Custom Lami GSB 1321M rubber shrink grips $150 Ocean Master OM12SC 12’ Graphite 6-12oz. looks brand new $50 Reels: Priced picked up or add shipping/PP fee ZeeBaaS ZX25RDB light use, function 10/10, cosmetic 9/10 $700 Penns 704Z bailless with spare spool. Reel shows use cosmetically but works great $70 706Z Light use $100 7500SS $70 Penn 710Z needs repair, there is a noticeable slip, same spot of every revolution of the handle. Take all Penn reels for $225 Will discount multiple purchases. Located in Port Chester, NY
  15. Hey guys so I’m looking at buying a vsb150 that was converted to Bailess. Does anyone have any idea how much a new bail would run for a 150 and how to go about purchasing it?
  16. Looking to trade a Zeebaas ZX27RD, reel is mechanically flawless, cosmetically is great condition. looking to trade for a zx20, zx 22, or zx 25. Located on Long Island, NY
  17. Not exactly looking to get rid of a Van Staal but I would like to see if there is possibly someone out there that might have a VS200 or 2 that is looking to get/trade for a vs150 (as you can obviously see). I bought this reel new ($739) w/power knob ($59) over the winter and have used it maybe 10x and feel as though maybe I should have went a size up considering how versatile I like my gear to be. We can discuss details further if anyone is interested. I would also consider trading along with cash for a zeebaas or stella. Thanks everyone! ****SPOOLED 2 DAYS AGO WITH 250YDS/40LB SPIDERWIRE INVISIBRAID****
  18. Looking to purchase another zeebaas zx22, must be in good cosmetic shape and other then black.
  19. Hey guys, I have have the opportunity to pick up a Zeebaas ZX2-22 for a pretty good price. I've been fishing both VS and Shimano products for years. I have no experience with a Zeebaas. Can anyone give me feedback. Pros / Cons / thoughts. Would be pairing this with a Lami 1081L around the CT shoreline & some RI fishing.
  20. Hi guys I am looking to service my zx20 and have discovered that there is no 'through hole' through the I can lock it and unscrew it from the shaft guide. There are holes through the outer part of the pinion but it looks like there is a liner inside where the shaft goes. I don't want to make a hash of gripping the pinion as I could damage the teeth. Any ideas?
  21. Just a heads up.... Zeebaas is doing a really great giveaway and 100% of the proceeds are going to an amazing cause. They are giving away a custom 1 of a kind 25/27 combo to one lucky winner who makes a donation for a 2 year old boy who battling cancer.. I think that just about anyone reading this would be in for a $10 chance to win a $1300 Zeebaas combo.... But more importantly your $10 will be helping a family save their baby.. can't think of a better way to spend $10, can you? Please check out the site and help if you are able. Here's what it is all about...and how simple it works!
  22. Looking for a Zeebass 1st Generation 2.0 spool in original silver (gray) or black
  23. Looking to buy a zeebaas red/silver either 22 or 25
  24. WTS VS 150 Black, Low Serial # comes with 2 spools. Reel has internal counterweight and was last serviced before start of 2017 season. Then used for the month of May and pretty much laid to rest since. Reel foot has been upgraded to new heavier, improved version by Van Staal in 2015. Comes with Bag but not box...unfortunately that was lost during a move. The reel has a blemish on bottom of foot from sitting in rod vault...aside from that its fine and ready to go. $500 shipped paypal. Thanks for looking!
  25. Up for sale two Zeebaas reels both are early second gen and early serial numbers. both are mechanically 100%, The 27 has had all if its internals replaced at the zb factory (last summer) including the main gear and pinion gear. The reel has a fair amount of scratched and dings all over it has been put to use. The anodizing on the body has faded to the famous bronze, not the spool or crank. Spool is empty, power knob on the handle. Box and Reel bag included. also includes counter weight for single pick up conversion $700 cash The 25 was serviced at the same time. All of the seals and lube replaced. This reel to has been put to use fair amount of scratches. It retains the black anodizing and is in better shape than the 27. has suffix 65lb spooled on. includes box and reel bag. also includes single pick up conversion $700 cash Ill entertain reasonable offers. I would like to keep this local if possible nyc tristate area. If you want me to ship and Paypal fine, (no friends and family) add 30 bucks to the price to cover paypal fees and shipping.