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Found 2 results

  1. Too bad he’s gone, that’s all.
  2. Listen to this one...gotta’ be one of the craziest, stupidest, lucky-somebody-didn’t-die, trailer mishaps ever. Got these brother friends who run a heavy tow shop, so they get to see the worst of accidents. I didn’t go out on the initial call, but did the second day to retrieve the boat, and met the two fools involved. They come from Ohio to pick up a boat from a relative who’s located about 30 miles east of Bingo. They’ve got a nice, new diesel ¾ ton. The boat is this old motor sailer type, with an inboard, say 26’-28’, heavy thing. They arrive and just wanna hook up and head back. The trailer is crap, and they weren’t sure it had brakes (if it did, they weren’t working). AND...they had negative tongue weight, they had to push it down onto the ball. They head back west on I-88. After about 20 miles, they get to this big downhill, two miles long at least. They start rolling down and gaining speed, and the trailer starts swinging. Whatever they did, or didn’t, do, they weren’t controlling it. They go over a bridge and a trailer wheel hits a curb. Then they’ve lost it. Remember, they’ve got negative tongue weight, so the trailer’s trying to lift the arse end of the truck up in the air. At this location, the WB lanes are about 15’ higher than the EB, separated by about 75’ of grass median, lowest in the middle, you get it. Past the bridge there’s no guide rail. They’re running off the left side of the they go off, the trailer detaches and launches itself over the truck, hitting the cab, and eliminating about 6” of headroom. The truck ends up in the middle of the median in the ditch. So does the boat and trailer, about 75’ past them. The boat actually stayed on the trailer. Injuries were minor, amazingly. Truck was a total, and so was the boat. I bet that wreck of a boat is still in the brother’s yard, ‘bout five years after the fact. Only way they might have gotten out of it was to keep that truck going faster than the trailer wanted to roll (without brakes and with negative tongue weight) but they might have ended up going about 90. Accidents like that don’t happen every day (thank God), it takes a special type.