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  1. Rpark1214


    Hi I am interested in getting a pair of waders to use mostly during the colder months while wading in the water. However, I plan to walk farther up the jetty during the summer so I would like to get a pair of korkers. Do yall think it would be better for me to get a pair of waders with boots attached or buy waders and boots separately? I wish to spend under $200-250 for everything and am ok with buying used gear.
  2. Looking for a budget chest length wader to use mostly during the chilly months. I know tidewe got some budget ones and so do froggtoggs. Wondering if I should go with neoprene or just rubber ones. Found some decent used ones for under $100 too. Any recommendations would be appreciated
  3. Pulled these out of storage. I live in a warm climate now. No need for them. I am 5 10. 205lbs, size 9. They fit me well but wouldn’t try to fit if you were any bigger than me. Can ship in flat rate box. $75 shipped obo
  4. Hello everyone.I'm looking for a set of cleats. Spend most of my time in the sand so use bootfoot waders, but would like to be a little more comfortable on the local jetties. Appreciate any input Thank you
  5. Went out yesterday to fish a local river and ended up with a soggy foot. With what the water temps are it was not exactly a pleasant trip. By the time the trip was through I was fihless and had about two cups of water in my left boot foot. Needless to say I'm in search of a new waders. Looking to not break the bank. I'm done spending $400 -$500 on waders. So can anyone recommend a bargain brand of waders?
  6. I have boot waders. I fish the beach on the east end ocean.. I have go to a few particular MTk coves but my old feet hurt. It is no big deal. I can't seem to feel comfortable on the north side so I never go cause slipping and sliding with my boot waders. What do I need? Whats best? Felt? boot? boot with corkers? what should I buy?
  7. Oaki kids waders. Used a few times freshwater bank fishing. No tears or rips $70 shipped located in central nj for pickup also
  8. I am on the hunt for a new set of waders. I am using an old pair of LL Bean boot fit waders but after about 10 years they are leaking on the boot seam. I don't think I can prove purchase to use the lifetime warranty of the LL Beans since it has been so long. So I am on the hunt for new ones and am wondering if I should go with stocking foot or with boot fit. I exclusively fish from the surf. But came across these https://www.sierra.com/simms-headwaters-pro-gore-tex-waders-waterproof-stockingfoot-for-men~p~17mdr/?filterString=waders-and-wading-boots~d~243%2F and was wondering if there are surf fishing waders specifically. Of course going with stocking foot would require getting wading boots, which there does seem to be some salt water specific options there and would require additional cost. But the boot foot waders seem to be more clunky and poor fitting than stocking foot. So I was looking for people opinions/suggestions.
  9. Have a pair of brand new in box Simms G4 pro Waders size L (9-11 foot) in box with tags attached I ordered and didn't use. Paid close to 750.00, will sell for 450.00 cash . Picked up in SF Bay Area only . Not looking to ship.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with these waders, I just bought a pair and before I use them, I was wondering if they're any good. I've been having a hard time the past few years finding waders that will keep me dry, not restrict my range of motion on the jetty and last more than a season.
  11. Hi All, For Christmas I received my first pair of waders. They are the kind where the rubber boots are attached to the pants/bib so not separate boots. Can someone please give some advice on when and how to use waders? I usually surf cast from sand and haven't really rock hopped much. Are they mainly for colder weather months to stay warm/dry? I also heard that there are some safety things to know too (waders filled with water === bad)
  12. Bought these boots brand new this year and used them 3x and it didn’t really consist of walking or hiking because I rode a bike to my spot then waded. They are in great shape. Let me know if you want them then come pick them up in Andover/Tewksbury, Ma area or pay for shipping. $80 is the perfect price seeing as though most atms only give multiples of $20.
  13. Need to upgrade my Hodgeman waders are good in the summer but last winter did not cut it. I layered up big time but still got very cold. Dry but cold. Recommendations for a durable pair for cold weather ? Doing it all surf fishing, back bays, Delaware River...
  14. Need to upgrade my Hodgeman waders are good in the summer but last winter did not cut it. I layered up big time but still got very cold. Dry but cold. Recommendations for a durable pair for cold weather ? Doing it all surf fishing, back bays, Delaware River...
  15. Anyone else wear knee pads of any kind? Maybe you don't need em while skishing or wading, but for anything shore-based (besides sand) I find em more than worthwhile. I'm a young dude, but arthritis runs hard in the family + I'm already in trades, so anything to keep myself comfortable sounds good to me.
  16. LL Bean Kennebec Waders — Regular Large — There is a patched hole in the right knee and it does not leak, otherwise they’re in good shape. $50 shipped PayPal
  17. I am in need of a new pair of boot foot waders to fish the surf was curious on what everyone's favorite pair of boot foots are . The pairs I own are on there last patch job so to speak and I am looking for ideas on what new pair to get . Thanks
  18. Does anybody have any suggestions for this: I’d like to fish a combination of open sand beach and jetty. Don’t want to wear boot foot waders, or any waders really, because they are awkward and dangerous on the jetty. Now when water is warm I use felt bottom wading boots and neoprene socks and shorts on the beach and jetty. But for fall, can anyone suggest a neoprene pants or something that aren’t waders that will keep me warm AND waterproof? Or am I only dreaming? I was thing longer neoprene socks and some sort of tight cuffed pants could kind of make a seal.
  19. The boot foots are brand new size 11 $100 picked up or meet up stOcking foots are large regular. Have seen some use. They don’t leak $80
  20. Brand new patagonia swiftcurrent expedition zip-front waders. Size MLM (patagonia will exchange size at no cost). 690.
  21. Bought a pair of patagonia swiftcurrent expedition zip front waders that I won't be using. They are new in box. Size medium long length (40 girth, 34 inseam, 9-11 shoe size). 700 shipped. I bought them with a gift card for 750 + tax and shipping. If I return them to patagonia I will only get the money in a gift card hence why I am selling them. Let me know if you have any questions.
  22. All .. about to purchase yet another set of waders. Previously Ive purchased LLBean goretex stocking foot waders, but they as others have leaked in the surf. Yes I know there are hundreds of similar posts, but just trying to get an up to date poll on the most robust stocking foot waders (or pointers to any new wader technologies). Budget is around $250. Currently the fav seems to be Simms Freestone .. but I'm open just dont want that wet pants feeling after a years use. And yes I always hose down with freshwater after each use. Please no subjective responses. thanks very much, Haddock
  23. I’ve been on a 3 year break from fishing. My old reliable Simms Muckboot waders are leaky and I’m looking for something on par for reliability and quality. I know now there’s a bunch of wader threads but I’m looking specifically for high end quality so I figured it would be worth a new thread. Talk to me goose! thanks, ErikT
  24. (2) Allen Antero Breathable Stockingfoot Waders XL. Integrated gravel guards. One pair was worn one time while waiting for a Simms repair. Absolute mint (Still have fold creases from packaging). Other is still in factory package. $140 for the pair plus $12 ship. No longer available at byallen.com. Replaced by Platte Pro Model.
  25. My boots gave out and the waders are still going strong! Three seasons of abuse and the waders put lasted the boots. i need or am in the market for a new pair of waders to go over the top of the stocking foot type waders. I fish a lot of rocks (especially montauk) and was interested in finding any opinions from owners or happy waders owners! Rubbers soles vs felt vs studs? Let me know and thanks in advance!
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