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  1. Hello… I'm selling my favorite rod/blank as I just don’t have the time to rewrap it. If you are interested, I will go to my storage unit and grab the guides I purchased off of eBay a few years back that are a near match to what was used originally. They were spendy, but I will cut you a deal. It is in great shape, only minor paint loss on logo but otherwise too notch shape. No knicks, cracks, or any damage of any kind. Its a 50/50 split, blank on blank (too connects to bottom) casting rod/blank. It is 12ft long and definitely a great surf rod I do not have the line rating or power rating… I was asking $250 + Shipping (I have a tube ready, just need to get bubble wrap) I live in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area. I prefer payment via PayPal, friends and family would be great, but I understand if you want to do Goods and services, just add the fee they charge me. I will update the post once I get the guides from my storage and add a price for those.
  2. Hi all, Looking to see if anyone has experience fishing one of these old honey rods and what they're really capable of. I've seen they're rated for 4-8oz but looking for real world experience. I'd be using it to throw my "bigger bag," ie 6.5" spook and popper, 2oz bucktails, some swim eels. Everything basically ranging from 1.5/2oz to upwards of 4oz or so. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Below is a photo of the rod. Trevor
  3. Continuing to clean for the upcoming fall season! I just found this in a tote with some other reels! I figured I would throw it up here and see if anybody was interested in it! Penn Sportfisher 2100 The reel is fully functional but definitely needs some love and attention lol! I’m not sure if the line roller has a bearing or not, but does not spin and bail wire is rusty but does function! $40 shipped, tracked and Insured usps mo or personal check or I would trade you for a couple of decent wood swimmers(like Gibbs)! As always thanks to Tim and the SOL community EA
  4. Here is an original Banana plug, arguably one of the first glide baits. To understand how this plug works is really quite simple. Anyone who has tried to tow a deep vee boat back in has experienced the same action. The V digs in and drifts to one side, when it reaches it's furthest arch it then moves to the other side. Rather than a constant wiggle you get the erratic semi curve much like a bunker isolated from the school. The tin was from a gunsmith that worked in CT. at Colt I believe. He made many of the jigs Jack used. In 1970's money power tools were waaay more expensive than today. A 7 1/4" Craftsman miterbox was around 150.00 Jack hand cut most everything using a back saw and a gents. The drill press was his main power tool.
  5. Grabbed these on ebay. Google search just brings me pages on the diamondback squid. Anyone familar with them. Approximate weight? I could be patient and just wait til they come. But what fun is that!
  6. Here are photos of an old Montauk map showing names and locations of said spots. Ill gladly send this to someone that would restore it and make me a copy.
  7. Fenwick 333 9' 5oz Jim Green Autograph Can anyone tell me more about this rod? I called up Fenwick directly but they have no record of it. I'm guessing its a 1955-1962 model because the logo does not have the Fenwick eagle.
  8. Picked this up today, but honestly know next to nothing about it. How old is it? What is this style of plug called? What is the color scheme called? Are they rare to find still in the package like this? Any other info anyone can enlighten me with?
  9. A co-worker of mine brought this to me, it’s been in his family for 40+ years and has no real knowledge where it’s from or even what it is. It’s made of a really hard wood, looks hand carved but has no identity markings. It has (pictured) a apparently brass slide in the bottom that has the number 18 stamped into it. This slides out about an inch but we can’t figure out what it’s for. The wire “wraps” around the nose of this appears to be soldered forming two loops. Overal this “plug” is about 5 inches long and ila out an inch thick. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!! mike
  10. Hello, Selling my Penns that are all working great, most are in amazing shape, some have a few blemishes or cosmetic issues. Prices include shipping for USA. No. 155 - $25 No. 160 - $25 No. 140 - $45 No. 85 - Full Mottle - $30 No. 85 - Full Mottle - $30 No. 85 - 1/2 Mottle - $20 No. 60 - $30 No. 130 - $50 No. 285 - $25
  11. Hey guys, Been clearing my grand parents house out for the summer and stumbled upon this. I've never heard of it before, seems to be very well built everything is metal has some weight to it. Any body know anything about it? Worth anything? Thanks Kyle
  12. Ran across this old French Spinning Reel that does not have manufactures name or model number. I would appreciate any information you might have. It has a spool that is marked Pelican and is the size of a Orvis 100 because the spool from the Orvis fits perfectly. Everything works great but It need a new bail spring. Thanks Roger
  13. Old school surf bag by The Surfcaster Darien Ct.. The strap is not original. $125 tyd, insured and Paypal included. Best offers considered on all my stuff. Thanks Gil
  14. I found an old salt that is blowing out his collection of plugs. I'm not much of a collector but this seems reasonable. He wants $250 for 36 plugs. Does anyone see anything particularly worthwhile here?
  15. Original Don Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is a 7 1/2" Torpedo Sr. Maple - 4 oz. Off White/Cream finish. Metal parts have oxidation but lure is in unused condition - $155 shipped.
  16. I'm looking for old Ugly Stik Bigwater series one piece 7' rods specifically the BWS1102 spinning rod and BWB1140 boat rod. I'm located in Boston, MA. Would prefer to pickup, but willing to have shipped if reasonable. Will be in NJ next weekend.
  17. Not that kind of crack, get your mind out of the gutter you degenerates. I had the pleasure today of plundering one mans collection. Picked a few wood poppers, some musso's, some needlefish, and a plug bag. This guy has a massive amount of old Crack reels (probably 30 or more), vintage Honey Lami's, vintage graphite rods, etc. Plenty of stuff for the pickins. he does have a Van Staal, he wants $650 for the Van Staal and $125 for a 12 foot Lami rod. He has molds for tins, repair parts, etc. Quite a collection. He was one of the guys that bought up the last new old stock Crack repair parts. Ron in Commack. At his age, he's not on the internet so I told him I would pass his number along to anyone that might be interested. I personally don't think it's worth the trip unless you need Crack repair parts or are really into vintage stuff. Send me a PM and I'll send you his number. Really nice guy, just trying to help him move his collection.
  18. Original Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is the 6" size Torpedo Jr. Gold over white - Pine. In unused original condition - $155 shipped.
  19. Original Don Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmer. This is a 6" Rattler Jr. Pine 2 1/2 oz. Blue Mullet finish. In unused condition - $155 shipped.
  20. Original Musso Super Strike wooden metal lip swimmers. These are the 6" size Torpedo Jr. Two available - both are pine. In unused condition - $130 each shipped.
  21. Hello guys Wanted to get an ID on these poppers. My dad gave these to me he bought them at a flea market. The bottom one I am 99% sure is a rebel and it’s plastic. The rest are wood and they are heavier I would say 1.5 to 2.5 maybe even 3 ounces. Going to replace the hooks and split rings and fish them this year hopefully. Any info is appreciated guys and have a good day on the water.
  22. Does anyone have interest or info to share about the Ru Sport reels imported after WWII? or any of the larger Ru reels?
  23. NIP old stock Gibbs Polaris popper never opened. Blue scale yellow belly. 1 1/2 oz. $20 shipped.
  24. I may re-wrap this old rod. When it was given to me it had an old Punch reel on it. It is marked "Ace List Price $24.00" .
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