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Found 125 results

  1. Title says it all, want to sell or trade my VSB100 in silver, US Made, never seen saltwater, it was used a handful of times by the previous owner in freshwater only. Have box, bag, etc. Bought it with the intention of using it on the kayak and decided that I really don't want a bail. $600/bo, also willing to trade for a US Made VS100 (no bail) or VSX100 (no bail)
  2. Hello all, looking for VS100’s series gold handle (later model). Please let me know if you have a spare. Thanks.
  3. I have a brand new Vr50, I am looking for a silver VSX150. Thanks SOL!
  4. Looking to buy a van staal fly reel bag. Please post pictures and price. Thank you.
  5. Up for sale is my used VR 175 spooled with 50lb PP Super Slick. Still have the box and the bail if you wanted to put it back on. $400 OBO
  6. Hi everyone, I am currently looking into buying a new surf rod and equipping it with a Van Staal. I have never before owned a Van Staal, and I am unsure of the size that I should get for my rod. The rod that I am buying is a 9'6" Shimano Tiralejo. It is rated medium action. From what I've heard, VS150 is for rods in the 9' range and the VS200 is more for rods in the 10' range. This stumps me because the rod that I am getting is right in between these estimates. If I were to buy the VS 200 I am worried that the reel would be too heavy and bulky for a long day of surfcasting. I am not so much worried about extreme drag or extreme line capacity. Because of this, I am leaning more towards the 150. Just wanted to ask everyone's opinions before I pulled the trigger on such an expensive reel.
  7. Used Van Staal 150, black, bail-less. Great shape overall, small scuff marks between the spool and rotor from sand getting into the tight tolerance. This was my backup reel that has just been sitting unused. The reel is "tight" indicating seals are still doing their job. Braid included but should be re-spooled. Either add more backing or new braid (lost 50 yards at some point?). Asking $525 - local deal preferred (Bergen County to Monmouth County area).
  8. VS275GOLD in excellent condition. $750. No trades.
  9. VS150G in good condition. 600 shipped PayPal.
  10. Looking for a spare 125 spool for my VR...
  11. I have had an interest in buying this reel for a while. I have known this reel as the Trydent SeaProof, the Blue Marlin BMT, The 3-Tand Submariner, The RK-Sports Sub Aqua and now it bears the name Van Staal VR150. I want to mention that Van Staal has been good to me over the years. This is the 15th Van Staal I have owned (If I remember them all). I have owned every size and version except for the 300 size and the new X series. I have received exceptional customer service buying replacement parts directly from Tulsa and through River's End. More than once I was given "upgraded" parts without charge. I currenlty own 3 Van Staal including the new VR. I am also a very happy customer of ZeeBaaS. I have owned 3 and currenlty own 2. ZB has delivered exceptional customer service and support. I am excited I have some new aluminum bumpers on their way to me to replace my fugly plastic bumpers. I will post these when I receive them. I ordered the reel from River's End 1/25. They don't currently do web sales, but I think they will soon. I called them and ordered this the old fashion way. They processed my order and I received the reel today 1/26 - about 24 hours turn around. Pretty good people over there. They do have a few more reels in stock for those that are looking. In addition, they are a Van Staal repair center so they can repair your reel if for some reason you have issues. Their repair guy "Q" is very good. Back to the VR : Lets Compare it to a ZeeBaaS27 - Van Staal VSB150 - Van Staal 150N Lets get inside Deeper Even Deeper VS150 Bail - VR150 Bail VS150 Gear - VR 150 Main Gear ZB Body - VR Body ZB Pinion - VR Pinion ZB - VR Rotor Cup "thingamombobber" So what are my first impressions? 1) Don't sell your reels yet, this reel is not at the same level as the ZeeBaaS or Van Staal VSB/VS 2) There is a distinct "knock at top and bottom of shaft travel and slight wobble in the rotor (worse than VSB but better than VS150N) 3) The reel is NOT smoother than ZeeeBaaS or VSB, but is smoother than the VS150N 4) The main shaft on the VR has much more deflection under pressure than the ZB, VSB or VS 5) The finish on VR is inferior (even without scratches direct from factory) The Bad: Lubricant leaking from the main body/rotor cup "thingamombobber" O-Ring to seal body Scratches brand new in box: The ZeeBaaS and Van Staal VSB/VS series are not water proof. Both are very water resistant and require maintenance to prevent damage. I cannot see this current design being superior to ZB in any way. Due to poor pinion removal design on VSB/VS service is easier on the VR then the other VS reels. I will add a video of the noise my VR makes when reeling.
  12. Looking to buy Van Staal reel, VS200 or VS250 Preferably bailless
  13. Looking to trade my lightly used Springfield 1911-A1 in .45 for a Van staal reel. I purchased it around 8-9 years ago and it's only seen around 100 rounds down the barrel. Excellent condition and never has a misfire the times I shot it. The only reason it never got shot much was I also have a TRP Operator 1911 that was my go to. In fact I had plans of rebuilding the gun into a complete custom but it never happened. There are only 3 reels I'm interested in and must be in new or excellent condition, -VR50 plus cash to equal trade -VS100BX must be bailed. -VS150BX must be bailed. -All local and federal laws will apply. If a trade is to be made the firearm will ship through my FFL to a verified FFL of your choice. Even though this is a personal gun of mine I will ship it through my FFL for added safety. If your state has a magazine limit under ten rounds, the gun will not ship with a magazine.
  14. Hi all, looking for some used 6” VS pliers if anyone is not using theirs.. Thanks. Do
  15. I'm thinking about making the plunge into a new Lami and wanted some feedback. I'm looking for a 9' light action rod. I have my eye on the GSB91LS 9'0 1 piece 1/2 -2 oz. Pairing with a VS100. Does anyone have experience with this rod? Thoughts? Other rods I should be looking at? I also thought about a G.Loomis IMX 1084-2S 1/2-3oz. I'm not sure if it's worth the extra $100 though.
  16. Selling a VS100/VS200. Both reels have been dunked in the past and serviced same year. The reels were treated with Salt-X and not serviced thereafter. The reels have not seen water since then. The VS100 (serial number in the 1000s) is mechanically a 8/10 and does have a internal counterweight. Cosmetically it is also 8/10. The reel has some scratches and wear to it but still visually extremely appealing. I have taken some extreme high quality photos which will overexggerate the west. Asking for $480 firm and buyer pays for shipping. The VS200 (serial number in the 9000s) is mechanically a 9/10 and cosmetically 9/10. The reel is overall in very nice condition. Asking for $520 firm and buyer pays for shipping. Both reels do no have a box nor bag but were registered. I live in Maryland and would not mind a pickup either. I will be going up towards cape cod on August 8 and can deliver on the way up.
  17. I'm looking for a Van Steal VS150 or Zeebaas ZX2-22 Willing to trade some VERY RARE Bourbon --- Including Old Fitz 11 year, Willett 80th anniversary, Store Picks of OWA, Blanton's and a PVW15.
  18. Like title states, if anyone has a spare VS100/150 GOLD handle (used is okay), please let me know. Thanks.
  19. Looking to trade my Saltiga Expedition 5500 for VS100,150, or 200 Would really like 2 reels willing to add cash on my end for the right deal. Saltiga has scratches on the ball handle cosmetically 7/10 mechanically 10/10 never skips a beat. Comes with neoprene cover and box.
  20. Looking to trade my Saltiga Expedition 5500 for VS100,150, or 200 Would really like 2 reels willing to add cash on my end for the right deal. Saltiga has scratches on the ball handle cosmetically 7/10 mechanically 10/10 never skips a beat. Comes with neoprene cover and box.
  21. Ok lets try this again I have a brand new VSX250 and power knob. I'm looking to trade for a VSX150 and some cash if it is used. Looking to get $700 SHIPPED paypal or cash local to RI.
  22. I have a gently used VS150B, It has some surface scratches but nothing your fingernail would catch. Also including a new spool, both spooled this season with 40lb PP, one spool has mono backing. Comes with original bag and box. Looking for $450 shipped paypal, or local meetup in RI cash.
  23. Looking for a lightly used to new pair of Van Staal 7” Pliers.
  24. Hi, Sorry for my bad english. I've an old VS300 serial number below 1000... Can you show me how to disassemble the side plate ? if possible show me pictures of the tool or video Best
  25. Looking to buy 2x st croix legend xtreme. Post me model number and pictures. Cash or willing to trade a vs100 (serial number 1034) or a vs200 (serial number 9589). Quick history of the reels. These reels have been saltx'd and serviced alittle under 2 years ago. Since then they have not been dunked or used much.