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Found 25 results

  1. I don't enjoy striper fishing anymore, so I'm selling everything. Located in Southern Maine. Pickup preferred, will ship everything free, except the Tsunami rod. Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6" 3/4-3 2 piece. Excellent condition. Has the 'cracked' reel seat, which is common and is cosmetic only. See picture for how small it is. 9/10 condition easy. Applied electrical tape ambitiously at 30/40/50". Purchased new, used maybe 20 times. Pickup in Portland, or you pay shipping. $100 Van Staal VSX 150B. Purchased new this winter. Used maybe 20 times. Never reeled underwater, only occasionally splashed. Rinsed with freshwater after every use. Mechanically 10/10, visually 8/10. Shows some minor marks on spool and body, largest spot is on the handle base (See pictures). Includes Power Knob, standard knob, box, bag, and 30# Power Pro. $675 Daiwa BG 4000. Used maybe 10 times. Visually 9.5/10, mechanically 10/10. Like new. Comes with box and 20# Power Pro. $100 Shimano Terramar XX SE Spinning rod 7' Medium Power Fast Action 3/8-1oz. This was broken when I took a tumble. Broke off the first 2 guides, now the rod is 6'6". I cleaned up the last guide and applied epoxy to seal the end, looks clean and functions fine. $35 FJ Neil Supreme Surf Bag. Medium 5 tube. Very good condition. $30 Dr. Slick Squall Pliers. Includes holster, replacement cutting blades, upgraded carbineer. Like new. $40 Dr. Slick Hook Sharpener. Large. Used once. $10 Tinman Bare Smilin' Bill Jig heads. Unopened. 3/4 oz and 1oz. $1 per jig head, buy a whole pack please. SOLD Free/Donation: I have some stuff that isn't worth selling, but that people could use. If you purchases something and want any of this, just send me a few extra bucks or whatever you deem fair, and I'll throw it in: a few jig strips, new Korkers size 11 Idogrip rubber soles, split ring pliers, white head/red eye jig heads (3/4? 1?), assorted hooks, split rings, quick clips (50#), swivels. PayPal with full coverage only. Or cash/Venmo on pickup. Please add the 3% to cover the PP fees, and I'll cover the shipping costs. I appreciate you looking, and send me any questions!
  2. I am in the process of trying to buy 3 Van Staal's a 100,150,250 USA made Orginal or X-series model no preference. No Vr models. Any color. Would be willing to pay slightly more for gold even with the recent news. Need to able to ship! I have paypal. Needs to be 10/10 Mechanical, recent service would be nice not required. Cosmetics are not a issue, just no dings/scratches on spool lip etc. Orginal box/bag will be viewed more highly then just the reel. I am only currently interested in offers in which someone is trying to part with ALL 3 models. Maybe you have an old set sitting on the shelf or your looking to get out of the game and sell all 3 easily. Maybe I can help. Please do not post to make a single offer post, although appreciated. Not right now! I would like to see if this can work, otherwise for simplistic reasons I would go ahead and make 3 separate post. Once again please only offers in which you have a 100,150, and 250. Pictures are fine, but not required on initial offer to keep it more simple. Only by request, unless its not a burden.
  3. Looking for a mint VSX250 in black with box and bag thanks guys!!! Meet up in Long Island area.
  4. 1st post .. hope it's in the right spot .. what reels r excepted to crank underwater with no worries other than a van staal ... thx
  5. 11 foot genesis ..2-6oz 10 for DNA ..3/4-4oz 10.6 century slingshot ..2-5oz ...... What do yall recommend for vsx size on these rods .. I was thinking a 200 is perfect for all 3 but I've been told I need a 250 for the 11 n 10.6 .. how true is this?? Opions please .. hope there isn't such thing as to many posts
  6. Y go bailless?? I've been into the surf fiishing for a year or 2 .. not like that matters pros n cons please n thank u .. I've heard some I just wanna hear from yall .. tight lines
  7. Listing for a friend, VSX 200 mechanically 9/10, no issues see pics for cosmetics, typical rock rash power knob (no box) 50# PP super slick V2 ~2 years old $475 shipped, PayPal
  8. WTB Van Staal Gold 150. Will pay top dollar depending on condition & box/bag etc.
  9. WTB Van Staal VSB VSB250 X Series
  10. Listing 3 reels, pile is building again and I have some offshore gear I need funding for on the way. 1st is a like new VSX200, only a season old. Function 10/10, Cosmetics 9/10. No marks on the reel but the spool bottom has "surf rash" from sand please see pics. Filled with 300 of 40# SSv2 (Never registered, comes with box and papers can't find bag) Asking $650 shipped 2nd is a BNIB Stella 6000SWC. Picked this one up at the end of last season, been sitting in the box under my desk. Literally new (bigger Saltiga replacing it). $700 shipped --SOLD Last is a reel I know nothing about a Curado 201HG (left hand retrieve?). I won this at a fishing event, rarely fish fresh water but when I do I reel with my right hand. $80 takes it --SOLD Please see all pics. No trades at the moment thanks
  11. I have the following for sale, shipped and delivered. More pics upon request. $365 - Odm Frontier x 9’6” 3/4-4oz Only had for 1/2 the season, perfect condition. SOLD!!! $175 - Odm DNA Back Bay 7’6” 3/8-1.5oz - Perfect condition, had for 3/4 season. SOLD!!!! $50 - Vsx200/250 Black power knob -Excellent condition $750 - 2019 Stella 6000 SWB HG - great condition, knob arm is only part with a scratch from lure hook.....i know, i know, my bad. Shimano platinum service makes this reel great. SOLD!!!! $105 - Odm 2 tube plug bag 2 of the d rings rusted some, ive had this bag for 3 seasons so it is what it is. Great bag, but finally ordered a flatlander. only selling this stuff for a new endeavor, tuna thats expensive stuff. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Looking to buy a used VSX200 or 250 in good condition. Preferably in silver.
  13. So I've had my Van Staal VSX 150 for about a year now. Ever since I got it though, I felt that the drag was too light. When locked down tight, I could turn the spool without much effort. I didn't return the reel and just fished it with drag locked tight every time - I know I shouldn't have been. I'm currently going through my reels for maintenance. In the process, I checked out the drag for my Shimano Stradic FK 3k and 4k and both have much more drag output than the VSX. I quickly searched to see if I could upgrade the drag on the VSX myself, but it looks like it's not as straight forward, because it is sealed drag. My question is... Has anyone upgraded their VSX drag? If so, how? Currently, I don't think that it has enough drag to handle spring stripers in the 35lb+ weight class - I'd have to worry about getting spooled. I still have about a month until the 1 year is up on the reel, but I'm not sure if VS will identify it as a "problem" since mechanically, it's fine... It just doesn't perform.
  14. Looking to trade BNIB VSX 150 Silver for a Bailed VSX 150...looking for silver bailed VSX 150 must be in mint to excellent condition if not new...thanks
  15. Selling a very lightly used VSX150S. Purchased from Saltwater Edge end of last season, only fished the back bays maybe 10 trips max. Never registered, I usually point out any minor imperfections on my reels but there really aren't any on this one. Its spooled with a little over 300 of 30# Superslick V2. Just funding other projects. Asking $600 firm shipped pp
  16. Looking for a VSX 200 Must be clean and mechanically perfect. Any color. Long Island pick up
  17. Title says it, looking for Vsx200, preferably black, was going to buy brand new but let me know whats out there! Has to be shipped to 94080. PS, also would entertain a Zeebaas z25. thanks
  18. Hello. I'm looking to sell or trade Van Staal VSB X-SERIES Bailed Spinning Reel. The only reason for trading/selling is that I'm not happy with the drag. I just disassembled, put some Penn Reel Grease on the carbontex washers and assembled the drag again. I am currently getting 10 lbs of drag right off the spool. I had a digital scale connected right off of the line roller. So the drag directly off the line roller is about 10lbs when the drag is locked tight and there's a minor scruff on the foot of the reel (you can see it in the picture). Other than that, it's in very good condition. I purchased this reel from Tackle Direct last year on 12/14 for $870 and used it only a handful of times. For trade: The reel $50 Cabela's gift card (if upgrading to a more expensive reel) + Cash (if upgrading to a more expensive reel) I'm not looking to reel underwater. I want a reel that's sand-proof. Zeebaas ZX2 (ZX22RB) Van Staal X-Series 200 (VSB200SXP) Daiwa Saltiga (SALTIGA5000H, SALTIGA6500H) For selling: The reel, bag, and box (all in the picture) for $575 shipped, or $600 shipped if you want the $50 Cabela's gift card as well
  19. Selling a very good condition VS200SX bailess model purchased winter 2016. I am the original owner (still have original receipt). Used for 2 1/2 seasons, has the usual usage scratches on the handle knob and some rash on the bottom(shown in pics). Comes with orignal box, bag, paperwork, etc. Other than that 10/10 mechanically and 9/10 cosmetically imo. $620.00 shipped via pp insured
  20. Want to buy a black VSX150. Show me what you got
  21. This is a New VS100SXP Bailess X-series reel in Silver with 350 yards of Power Pro Maxcuatro 20lb trades as i bought a 150 already..never registered...the only reason i am selling it is it is too small for my 10ft rod...i paid over 750 dollars for this setup a month loss your gain.....price is 650 shipped!!!
  22. I've had my VSX200 for 2 years, had it serviced both off-seasons and have now decided it is time for me to go lighter as I throw a lot more soft plastics and finesse lures than I did at the time I purchased the reel. My reel has some minor love scratches but reels smoothly and the drag is immaculate. Reel will come in original box. I am looking for a VSX150 in a straight-up trade or I will consider a VS150 plus a couple $$/interesting plugs for the downgrade I will try to post some pictures later tonight of the reel and scratches and if not i can more easily email/text them to anyone who is interested.
  23. Questions for Van Staal owners. How many of you service the pinion gear / bearing by yourself? Does it require yearly service, greasing? Any change made to it on the new VSX version? From the few videos that I found, servicing it require some complicated tool that an average Joe does not have.
  24. I have a pristine Gold VS 275 Spool I would like to trade for a Black VSX 275 Spool anyone need a original Gold Spool thanks joe
  25. I think all the knowledge can be pulled form all the VS vs. ZB vs. Penn Torque topics but it's hard to get through those as they are full of personal opinion and bias without any real back to back information. Mostly there are people picking at single examples of a failure and not common failure. I hope to hear about what makes a great surf spinning reel in terms of things like gear style and material. rotor cup and embedded spool vs. rotor arms and skirted spool. Line roller bearing vs. bushing, line lay importance, reeling smoothness and the trades we make giving up on that, weight, ease of mantainence and simple designs versus highly complex designs, anti-reverse clutch versus simplier ratcheting devices, retrieve rates, etc. When I think of the great surf reels over the decades I think of Crack/Luxor, Mitchells, Garcia, Penn 704/706. Many are still using these today, including me. VS definitely changed the game by adding seals. It appears to me that RK took a Crack and improved on it with seals and probably most importantly really change the design of the drag in a way that makes it really easily sealed without hindering the reeling aspects too harshly. But outside the sealing it is a Crack that is drilled out to remove the parasitic weight (unnecessary material that adds weight but doesn't improve it's strength or durability). Most specifically, I want to know about the full rotor cup versus rotor arm / skirted spool differences in design. To me, as a surf guy, you cannot possibly handle the load that would require a full cup design (even though my reels have full cups). You would get dragged into the wash, break the line, or break the rod before bending a rotor arm to hit the spool. It would be great if people responding did not mention brand names. Let's talk the feature/quality that makes a surf reel a surf reel.