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Found 6 results

  1. Been awhile since I purchased replacement trebles and I'm thinking this fall I will be out and about a lot more than the past few years... I'm certain there must be a chart out here somewhere but my search didn't yield any results. Looking for a chart that shows the standard sizes for common lures... Bombers 6" & 7" SP Minnows \ Yozo Mag Darters... MegaBait's I "think" I used to get 1\0 for Bombers and 2\0 for the Mag Darters... although they were smaller in size they always had bigger hooks... Anyway, if anyone has any kind of chart with recommended hook sizes for common lures, I'd appreciate it. Thank you, ErikT
  2. WTB VMC 6X treble hooks in 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 Also looking for o'shaughnessy style hooks for tails (big eye, short shank) in 4/0, 6/0, 8/0, and 9/0 Looking for about 25 of each Show me what ya got.
  3. Whole lot $60 shipped PLEASE DO NOT assume that the qtys on the labels are how many pieces are in each bag. Some bags are fuller than others. However i did count the tactical angler 75# clips and there are at least 43. Most items are brand-new however I have discounted the entire lots based on reduced quantities and then discounted at least 50% off what I paid. These area all of the hooks that I would swap out the 1x junk some manufacturers use. Some of the hooks have been sharpened in the trokar style, some haven't. The yellow packs are siwash hooks with open eyes, except the 6/0 CL those are closed eye. These are triple hoop split rings Note the overall photo show the entire lot up for sale shipped. The following images just show detail of the main lot.
  4. Hi all- for those of you who do, how do you go about getting a cut hook onto hangars or swivels of a plug? Do I need to buy or make a treble hook "holder" of some kind or can this be done other ways? I'm cutting hooks from 2/0-5/0. No problem cutting but having problems applying. I did a search for this question on the site and didn't come up with much. Any info is appreciated. Feel free to point me to an already established thread as well. Seems like this would be a common question. Thanks!
  5. So I picked up the new do it molds swimbait head jig to keep my busy over the winter. It comes set up for a new Mustad light wire hook, which was a little thin for my liking. I ordered some 5/0 VMC Barbarian regular wire hook and they fit with just a tiny filing around the hook eye. Can't wait to get these in the water come this March.
  6. I'm 100% a believer in them....for a few convinced me 100000% that they are better than trebles. They trailing hook is far less likely to catch the eye, gills, or other part of the fish. The hooks hold much more securely and are much less likely to be thrown. Trebles are tough to get to penetrate down to the base of the bend. Not with these. Much less likely to hook oneself. As evident by the insane brown today. watching the video over and over i still don't get how i wasn't hooked. Less prone to snagging, fouling, or picking up debris. less prone to gut hooking. Since they can pull out a bit and catch the jaw. Less prone to snag netting or fabrics. ONLY downside is weighting I had a few fish on a tiny husky jerk where i said out loud. No way am i landing this landed hooks were top jaw or corner sunk deep with 6lb line and a light tipped drop shot rod. Take your confidence lures and swap out the'll do less damage and land more fish!!!!!!!!