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Found 379 results

  1. Like new, $750 paypal shipped FF
  2. Hey Folks, I just heard Bill Wetzel say in an Instagram post last night that some kind of new upgrade kit/parts (?) is coming out for the VSX2. I think others may have heard this upgrade rumor on here too. Wetzel also said that @VSCraig was going to make an announcement about the upgrade on Surf Rats Ball. Does anyone know anything else about this “upgrade”? Thanks everyone!
  3. This reel is in excellent condition. I haven't used it much since owning. When I first bought it I had it fully serviced by Zee Baas so she's ready to be fished hard in 2023... $1500.00 or best offer
  4. Hello! Im having a great deal of difficultly figuring out what model/pretty much anything about this reel. It was purchased around 15 or so years ago by my father and after hurricane sandy all I have is the reel none of the box or paperwork. 2495 is the serial number and I cannot find any other markings on the reel.
  5. I got a VSX-100 at striper day for a good deal but im not sure what rod to pair it with. Price point is 200-300 although I can go a little more. I don't know what size and spec to get for it so send me some ideas.
  6. For sale is a mint VS200BX2, used this reel once and is basically brand new and have not registered it. It’s spooled with about 300 yds of 40lb PP slick. Bought this reel two weeks ago and only selling because I use my 150X2 more. Will come with box, bag and all paperwork that came with it. price is $810 shipped PayPal F/F or $800 pickup near 07901. Thanks
  7. I am not a reel wizard,just someone who enjoys and appreciates fishing stuff and likes to be informed. I got a chance to check out the VSX2 briefly at a tackle shop and want to share how I feel about it. Compared to a regular VSX out of the box, the X2 out of the box is smoother and feels more “free”, closer to a typical spinning reel. But a Important thing I realized was it didn’t feel that different smoothness wise to my newish VSX-200 which I only have used for 30 hours (got at the end of the season and used it a bit this fall when I didn’t have class,not alot of time but yeah) and I guess has “broken in” a bit. I found it interesting that the smoothness was a big thing but it really doesn’t seem that different once the reels are used. I suppose the x2 might loosen up more too, but I felt this was important enough to share. The 2nd thing I noticed was the rotor. I have heard alot about the rotor bending but from checking it out a little, albeit not in a shop squeezing the **** out of a reel in someones shop,but pretty firmly trying, the rotor seems sturdy and wouldn’t move. Compared to my 6000 stradic fj and a few other reels which I did squeeze the **** out of the rotor on the x2 is more than fine. I wouldn’t find it hard to believe under alot of pressure being its not the entire cup supporting the line roller just the “stalk” it would bend. But of course these are specialized reels so if you are a person who uses your van staal to its full potential, especially on rocks this is a negative for the loss of protection and on the chance that it does bend lifting a big fish. But if you are just a guy who walks the sand and walks out to a bar in shallow water the x2 is fine. As someone who hasn’t done anything super hardcore yet I am not opposed to the x2 for walking the beaches and getting a little down and dirty.Obviously the only thing we can’t know is how they hold up in time. I hope this is helpful to some people. Just my thoughts,opinions, and experiences.
  8. Selling a brand new in box Van Staal VSX200 (Black). This is the version that has the upgraded drag knob. Avoid the VSX2 issues and get this instead Price: $725 OBO includes free shipping within the US
  9. Hello SOl, Happy New Year! #1 Brand new never used VX2 150. I bought during Black Friday sale (have receipt) $720 shipped #2 used one time in Montauk. See pic scrape on spool other than that brand new. (also have receipt) $790 shipped. (Line not included) Local pick also an option located 11730 Thanks!!
  10. Parts for sale, prices are shipped. Accept PP only. 1. Used gold van Staal reel foot (fits VS200/250) - this will only fit the VS series reel (not VSX). There is a little bit of dried silicone near the bottom on the foot. $45 shipped. (Regular foot, NOT extended VSB foot) 2. used van Staal knob (black - VS100/150) - all hardware except retaining nut. $15 shipped. 3. Used Zeebaas oval knob (black) with all hardware. $55 shipped 4. Used Zeebaas short handle (silver) (zx20/22) for bailess reels - $50 shipped (excellent condiiton) 5. Zeebaas aluminum bumpers with all screws/orings (1 used and 1 new). $28 shipped for used, $38 shipped for new) 6. Used Zeebaas long handle (black) - (zx25/27) for bailess reels - $30 shipped.
  11. Prefer Burnt Orange… but will not snub my nose at any other color…
  12. Been eyeing a VS for a minute now however my style of fishing doesn't involve me getting dunked or splashed all the time. I've done my fair amount of research and the VSX just seems like overkill for my needs. I really just wanted to buy a reel that I know can handle dunking or splashes here and there and I can just go home and rinse it. I've seen a lot of 50/50s on the VR how it can or can "barely" handle getting dunked but it seems those are the guys who are hardcore fishing in the surf. Sand will not be an issue for me at all so it's really just the water sealing at this point. I was looking at a tsunami saltx as well since they are $200 cheaper but also seen mixed reviews on those. Any input/advice for me if I should even consider the VR or just stick to a saragosa. Side note: Was planning on putting this new reel on a BH Suzuki Special 9'6, any suggestions to sizes or other reels to pair with this? Was thinking the VR75 or a 5K gosa.
  13. I understand this is not a major issues but I got new VSX200 (not x2) and the handle is “out of time” as Id like to have the handle be down when the spool is fully extended. I got handle shims but it needs quite a few, 2 .3mm and 2 .1mm shims. The shims correct my issue but the handle is noticeably moved out because of them. My main concern is that the extra length could lead to the shaft snapping. The threads aren't exposed and the lip of the handle hub goes over its just a bit further out. If its an issue I will just buy a new handle hub and hope its machined better. First picture is without second picture is with the shims. I know its hard to see
  14. I understand this is not a major issues but I got new VSX200 (not x2) and the handle is “out of time” as Id like to have the handle be down when the spool is fully extended. I got handle shims but it needs quite a few, 2 .3mm and 2 .1mm shims. The shims correct my issue but the handle is noticeably moved out because of them. My main concern is that the extra length could lead to the shaft snapping. The threads aren't exposed and the lip of the handle hub goes over its just a bit further out. If its an issue I will just buy a new handle hub and hope its machined better. First picture is without second picture is with the shims. I know its hard to see
  15. Im on the edge right now between getting another vsx or going for the x2. I hear many things good and bad about the x2 but I would like some clear objective information on it. Not sure if theres a post I can be guided to that answers this already but it can’t hurt to ask and learn. Thanks.
  16. For sale a van staal vsx150 silver with power knob upgrade. I don’t have original tiny knob , no box but the bag . 585 PayPal shipped to your door . Have an oval knob was original on it , will let it go for extra 15 bucks .
  17. Cosmetically its got its scuffs and scratches but no severe damage, most of the marks are around the same areas as pictured. Mechanically its an 11/10, honestly. Its been serviced and even got a new gear set recently, it feels like butter. Its got 55lb Samurai on it. 600$ Venmo, thanks for looking.
  18. Brand new never seen water vsx 200. Thinning the heard. Spooled with 40lb super slick. This model came with the upgraded drag knob. 725$ local meet up or 750$ shipped.
  19. why Van Staal when I’m not out often beating up my equipment? I hear VS crank requires a little effort. Slow retrieve but that gives more power. Can anyone compare a VSX2 200 bailess vs Penn Slammer IV 5500 bailess? you may say there’s no comparison but why? TY!
  20. Looking to get a vr for a boat rod for strippers. My main concern is not getting a reel thats to big. Anyone have any input on what size to get? Would be for a 7 ft medium heavy rod probably up to 2 oz
  21. Hey everyone first bst post so I hope I’m doing it right, reviewed the READ ME a couple times but I’m prone to mistakes! Looking to trade my Newish Van Staal for a smaller bailed version. Looking for a Vsb100sxp or vsb150sxp preferably silver but I can manage. If no bailed versions are available I would also be happy to trade for a 100sx. My reel was used two times not even in the surf but on a boat, so take that as you will. Comes with box and bag. Can ship this weekend or meet up whatever work. Prefer to meet up in Massachusetts but will also ship for the right reel. Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for looking.
  22. Hey does anyone know if the spools on the VSX 2 are interchangeable ? Similair to how on the VSX the 100 and 150 could be swapped if im not mistaken. Please feel free to correct me if im wrong lol, kinda new to the Van Staal platform.
  23. Hi everyone im pretty new to the forum, i joined because i wanted some more info on my vr50. I live in europe austria to be exact and sending in reels for service isnt something i would do i always serviced reels myself which isnt a problem at all im a mechanical and electrical technitian and i know quite a bit about stuff like that i service all my reels mostly high end shimanos like twinpowers and a vanquish, those are not hard to service yourself and Van Staals are even easier. The only problem is that there dont seem to be any self service kits and i wanted to ask if someone knows the seal and bearing dimentions, i could check everything myself once i need it but that means that i have to wait to get all the right bearings and seals before i can put it back together and im really trying not to do that. The other thing is grease, i know van staals use rheolube, type 797, 362HB and maybe NC346 for some reels ? I think the lighter one is used for the VR50 gears and the thicker really sticky type for parts like the handle thread, which would not be a problem if the grease at the handle thread is not the original one, atleast as long as it doesnt damage the seals. I have tried a bunch of different grease like most shimano grease types, daiwa grease and quantum hot sauce but i have found that the XR1 penn grease is by far the best, you have to use only a tiny bit on really small reels otherwise there is a bit too much resistance but other than that its perfect for mid sized or bigger reels. The XR1 penn grease could hurt seals a bit in the long run but that should not be a problem if i can get seals for it, but again for that i need to know the seal dimentions. I would not be able to buy the original rheolube since its already way too overpriced as is and with shipping and customs it would be like 100$ or more and thats not something im going to do. The only seals i would need to change are the main shaft seal, line roller unit seals and the handle shaft seal, i already had some orings that fit the housing covers (1x40mm oring), and i probably have the other orings needed for the VR50 they are also the same material as the original orings. I would really apreciate it if someone could help me out with the seal dimentions
  24. A buddy of mine bought this brand new, opened the box and took out the handle, handle fell on the ground and nicked the base in two spots. See pics. Everything was put back in the box and here it is for sale, never used. $435 shipped paypal as I’m rural Nor Cal.
  25. Looking for some van staal parts for a x series. Is there a site or place that sells them? Cant find what I need online...