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Found 11 results

  1. For sale, custom built by Joey’s Custom Rods. 7’. Straight guides, not spiral. Rated 15-30lb. Fuji reel seat and Bmang guides. Will hold up to a 12oz sinker. Mod-fast action. Fished twice. Clean down. Beautiful inshore tog rod. I believe this is referred to as an 8 axis fish scale wrap, please don’t quote me. $400 OBO picked up Queens/Nassau
  2. As the title states, I need a blank to have a rod made with that will work well with the Accurate BV-300 (being fished with 30lb braid for use with fluke stripers and tog) in terms of proportion. It is a small reel but I am committed to it and do not want to use a thin nano carbon blank with it. I have the United Composites CE700L and M. I love these rods but they are a bit too thick to use with this reel. Also, the L can hold up to 12oz of lead without being stressed and without the rod tip being too sloppy which makes it the benchmark for me as an all around inshore rod. Seeker inshore lite. I've seen them built and used with the BV-300. I've tugged on it and do like it. My concerns are those days when I'm fishing montauk and I need more than 8oz. I've heard 10oz as the upper limit but feel i'll run into many situations where it isn't enough. I could use 20lb braid to keep the drag down but I think I'll run into trouble with stripers and blues. I do like the tip on it. Also not sloppy and while it shuts off a bit sooner than the CE, still a nice bend to it. Thinner butt diameter. Maybe there's a way to modify the tip to handle more lead without ruining its action? RodGeeks XC733/734. I've tugged on these before. I felt that the tip was much softer/sloppier than the two above. I've learned a bit more about fishing and fishing braid since I first saw them. I would give them another look if they could fill the role I need for them. Also a thinner butt diameter than the CE. I think the 733 falls more inline with the inshore lite, which brings me to the 734. Would this be too stiff a rod? Would it work well with the BV? Opinions please. And @Billy 40 since you've worked with all three (I know your preference), please let me know what you think in relation to my criteria. Thank you
  3. Fished once. Washed down. Rated 20-40lb. Will hold up to 16oz of lead. Spiral wrapped. Eva split grip. Built by joeys custom rods. $375 picked up in Queens/Brooklyn/Long Island (firm) Add $40 if you want it shipped. Reel not included.
  4. For sale. Never fished. Built by joeys custom rods. United composites CE700L. Rated 15-30lb. Will handle up to a 12oz sinker. Hypal foregrip. Eva rear grip. Fuji reel seat. Fuji bmng guides. $535 shipped in US. $500 picked up.
  5. Never been fished. Beautiful custom piece. Neon green/Blue/Silver trim. Bmnag guides. Eva fore and rear grips. Fuji reel seat. I believe the rear grip measures 13 inches. Forgrip is 6. I don’t necessarily want to move this rod. Only selling because it’s too similar to another rod I have being made and it doesn’t make sense to keep it. But it is fantastic, light, and powerful. Looks really nice as well. $400 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  6. For sale. Neither had been fished. Custom CE700M. Fish scale wrap. Hypalon foregrip. Very light. Capable of handling 14-16oz sinkers. $350 local pickup Queens/Nassau Factory Black Hole Challenger 7’3M. Tag removed. $250 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  7. For sale. Neither had been fished. Custom CE700M. Fish scale wrap. Hypalon foregrip. Very light. Capable of handling 14-16oz sinkers. $350 local pickup Queens/Nassau Factory Black Hole Challenger 7’3M. Tag removed. $290 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  8. New. CE700M. Fuji guides and reel seat. Hypalon foregrip. Shrink wrap handle. Blue/neon green fish scale wrap. $500 OBO local pickup Queens/Nassau
  9. Hey folks, Have a beautiful custom CE700L that I’m trying to match to one of these reels. It’s possible I may swap them out for each other depending on what I’m fishing for. My fear is that the BV-300 doesn’t look right on it. Am I better off keeping the saltiga on it? Thoughts?
  10. Trying to decide between building on a 7'6mh Blackhole Challenger or a United Composites CE700L. I've used the CE700L for blackfish and it held the weight (up to 12oz) very well. Just wanted your input on which works the bucktails and highlows with weight better. Party boat fishing, block island, 80-100ft of water. Also, does anyone know the standard fuji trigger grip size that fits on the blackhole? Is it the same as the 7'3M? I assume neither would fit on the CE700L.
  11. For sales is a custom United Composites CE700L made by Bobby at causeway. Fished once and rinsed down. Very nice black and blue threading. 8 fuji guides. Fuji trigger seat with eva cushion for the palm and shrink wrap fore and rear grips. Used this rod once togging and the action is beautiful. Will load better photos when I have a chance. $275 local pickup in New York, Queens/Nassau Feel free to make a fair offer. Will also trade for a Phenix M1 inshore 7’3mh plus a few bucks.
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