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Found 18 results

  1. Hey y’all I just got a used ci4 ultegra 5500. It is the Shimano Ultegra 5500 ci4 xsb model which came out 9 years ago. I was wondering if any owners of either the new or old model could tell me if I had the long spool. The guy that sold it to me told me there was an extra spool. I am aware that it comes with one regular sized spool and a “long spool”. However the two spools I got are the same size. I added pictures below and both the spools seemed to measure 2.5 inches. Furthermore the plastic slow-oscillating unit below the spool, seems to not align straight hence the rattles and the uneven feeling when I turn. I understand that since it is an older model that it won’t be perfect but I would like to know if I got what I paid for. If not, I may have to buy a spare long spool for the reel. Thanks IMG_4967.mov
  2. Surfcasting Spool by MV Spools for Shimano Ultegra 14000 This is an ultralight Surfcasting Spool by MV-Spools. These spools are ultralight and designed to maximize line delivery for optimal distance casting when fishing. They can also shave some serious weight off your reel and improve rotational performance when reeling in. I bought a pair to test them out but decided this product is not for me, it takes certain level of experience and expertise to use successfully. In other words they are harder to use compared to the original spools because the line just wants to jump off the spool naturally so they require more attention and practice to master. They have been barely used so if you have been wanting to test this type of spools, this is a good chance. Weights only 71 gr (As a reference, the Ultegra 14000 stock spool weights 120 gr) Compatible with most Shimano Ultegras 14000 and some Techniums. Full list of compatible models here Link CNC precision machined This is the Straight model, it is not conical or tapered Made in POM-Teflon, which has very good structural rigidity and impervious to oxidation Nice progressive carbon drag and nice clicker This particular model is the so called Type 3, designed to be used with small diameter lines. Manufacturer stated Line capacity 0.16 mm/300 yd -0.18 mm/270 yd -0.20 mm/215 yd In my tests, the real world line capacity is about 20-30% less I would recommend braid in 0.13-0.15 mm (8-15 lb test), this way you can spool about 250 yds which is plenty for a nice long cast to target say Pompano or Whiting at long range. PRICE: $24.99 per spool (Shipped within the US) I paid $35 for each shipped from Europe **I have two spools available**
  3. SHIMANO Power Aero XTB 14000 Surf Long Cast Reel (EDM) - MADE IN JAPAN This reel needs no intro but all I can say is that it is superb. If you do Surf fishing and need distance, this reel is for you. It is a recent model so it has all the newest Shimano technologies: Super Slow Oscillation, X-Protect, Waterproof drag, One piece bail, Antitangle fin, Forged Aluminum frame, etc., etc. It is rigid and it feels precise in every movement. The line management is sublime. It really adds pleasure for us Surf casters. Last, this is the lightest Surf Long Cast reel manufactured by Shimano, with the exception of the Technium, it weights only 505 grams. Selling it because I bought two, being overzealous, but I only need one. Condition: Reel has not been fished more than 8 hours. I am OCD and it is clean as new. Only minor detail is that there are a couple of scratches in the reel foot from mounting it on my rods. Includes: Everything as when it came new (see pics). Box, papers, spool adjustment washers, spare spool, full kit of reducers. Price: This reel retails for about $450 in Europe. My price is $319 shipped to your door. Payment via Paypal and please follow forum rules.
  4. Spare Spool for Shimano Ultegra 14000 Ci4+ XTC/XSC These spools came from a Shimano Power Aero 14000 XTB. They will fit the Ultegra 14000 Ci4+ XTC, as well as other high end Shimano Surfcasting reels (e.g. Surf Leader Ci4+ 35, Fliegen SD, etc.) Key facts: Brand New The spool is lighter than the one supplied with the Ultegra14000 Ci4+ Weight: 110 grams 2 Spools available PRICE: $39.99 per Spool + Shipping Shipping: US only, to Paypal registered address Payment: via Paypal as the forum requires/suggests
  5. Shimano Ultegra 5500 Ci4+ XSC Selling because I am upgrading. I have two of these reels, both have been used very lightly for about a year. I am obsessive when I take care of my gear, cleaned and lubed after every outing. Reels are tight as the first day. You will fee like you received a new reel. Key facts: This is the exact same reel as the Ultegra 5500 Ci4+ XTC that currently retails for $330, only think that is different is the color. Long Cast, superb line lay with Slow Oscillation Hagane gear Carbon composite body and rotor Very light only 440 grams 100% serviceable by Shimano USA, all parts available through their online catalog Includes all you can see in the picture: original box and papers, spool adjustment washers, spool reducers. PRICE: $214.99 per reel + Shipping Shipping: within the US only via Priority mail Payment: via Paypal as the forum requires/suggests
  6. DAIWA EMBLEM SURF LIGHT 2020 - Specialist surfcasting slow oscillation reel Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 35 CW QD-P Ref. EMSL2035CWQDP This beautiful reel was launched in Europe last year 2020 and it was a total hit. Very hard to find now as they sell fast. It is a step up from the previous Emblem Surf 2018. Almost 100 grams lighter (530 grams), more refined overall, carbon composite rotor, more torque, extra seals at the handle mating points with the body, Magseal, conical spool with long cast lip, etc. If you need to reach those fish past the second bar, this is the reel! I did spool it and field tested it and it is smooth, robust and delivers the line flawlessly which translates into far casting distances. It is essentially new. I did my research and maintaining it should be no problem, it shares several of the critical components with US market Daiwa reels (antireverse clutch, bearings, etc.). This will pair very nicely with a Long Cast Rod to reel in any size fish you want. I am a reel hoarder so this one has to go. This Emblem Surf is comparable to reels that are much more expensive and I dare to call it a mini Basia. I would say is comparable to the Shimano Ultegra 14000 Ci4+, which is $340, but with better sealing. If you need the full specs on the reel you can Google "Daiwa France Emblem Surf Light" I paid close to $250 PRICE $234.99 + Shipping Quick specs: Weight 530 grams * Quick Drag System 33lb * Line recovery/crank 35" * Spool 1: 300m/0.30mm * Spool 2: 300m/0.18mm * 6+1 bearings (5 sealed) * Air rotor * Digigear II * Infinite antireverse * DS4 polycarbonate body and DS5 carbon rotor * Double oscillation line lay * Foldable aluminium handle * Anti-tangle guides on the axle and rotor to stop line catching under the spool * Manual pick-up closure * Heavy duty metal line clip with shock absorber for distance marking * Magseal.
  7. Anyone fish with the Ultegra and have any issues with the line not laying on the spool? Making some casts yesterday and the line kept getting caught under the spool. Wondering if it could be too much line but I usually don't fill to the brim anyway, Can't remember exactly how much line I had put on it but it wasn't more than the recommendation. I ended up just making sure I flipped the bail right when my lure hit the water so there wasn't extra line to get caught when I started reeling. Just kind of a pain to check each time. It almost looks like the part under the spool should be higher. Thanks! Al
  8. Never been used. Has 300yds/30lbs of Sufix 832. Comes with a spare spool. $100 pickup in Plymouth, MA. $115 shipped PayPal.
  9. I'd like to try out a long cast reel. like new condition only please. Let me know what you got. Shipping is a must, thanks.
  10. Century Stealth S1 1325 paired with a Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTB CI4+ 11 foot 1-4oz rod. Rod is in great shape. Reel functions as normal, has some scratches from regular use. I'd say 8/10 condition. Comes with box and 2 extra spools and reducers. Originally bought this setup for Carp fishing, only to realize that this type of fishing is not for me. I'm sure this would make a good surf setup. I'd like to trade this setup for a higher end reel, such as; Van Staal VS VR, Twin Power etc. Pretty much open minded to anything surf related. I could add cash $$$ for the right item. Only interested in trading as a combo, don't want to split up. Located in RI/Mass
  11. Brand new in box with extra spool, shims, schematics and line capacity adjusters. retails for $189.99. Selling for $120 picked up, $135 shipped. In SE mass, willing to meet within reason. Also willing to listen to trade offers for kayak stuff.
  12. I have 9mm Smith and Wesson steel 9mm with (4) magazines and a half box of ammo (50 rounds). (2) of the magazines (black) were not kept in the case and have surface rust, I've never dropped them in the gun with rust and you can keep or throw away but the (2) stainless ones are good to go either way. No issues. Case included. I'm looking for a Canal worthy reel, preferably Shimano in the 8K-14K size range. Prefer no shipping, especially for trade. Sale price: $300
  13. Looking to sell a brand new in box shimano ultegra c3000hg spinning reel. Bought it and haven't used it, figure I should try and dish it off to someone else who can make use of it. $125 shipped PayPal.
  14. Tough Decision! I have Ultegra ci4 5500xsb, DAIWA Tournament 5500 Entoh. DAIWA is on mojo 10'6" 2-6 and Ultegra on AirWave Elite 962m 3/4-3. Here is my Question. Need an 11'6 or 12' for 6n bait. What Rod n Reel do y'all think I should look at ?
  15. I must have lost the instructions when I picked this up last month. Does anyone have an idea of the spool capacity for 30 and 40 lb of 832 braid using the various plastic inserts? I see online that it is about 360 yards of 30 lb braid without inserts but I am sure that can vary widely. Separately, has anyone had any issues with the inserts? Getting ready to spool everything up over the holidays and I don't like the idea of putting all that line on or even using backing. Regards.
  16. I can really use advice from you who've used this reel extensively. I've now got the Ultegra XSC 10k and the 12-ft Tiralejo. I'm an old school dude, only switched to braid last year and I'm used to essentially drama-free Penn reels. A little leery of this machine. 1) Some have advised that the reel needs to be opened up and greased before use. Though it seems that Shimano only recommends oil on the drive train. How are you guys prepping and maintaining this reel in general? 2) 40# braid is the lightest listed by Shimano for this reel. I assume 30 is fine and maybe 20? I want max distance, but I don't know if lighter line will increase the likelihood of twists and knots. Or decrease it. No rocks around where I'll be fishing this. And 20# mono has been plenty for the fish I catch. 3) Spooling line on. Lots of conflicting advice out there for this reel. Shimano say no machine, but to reel it on off of a free-spinning spool held vertically. Some say this is best, others say it will cause problems without the stronger tension applied by a machine. But then a machine will leave you with a horribly twisted first cast. Etc, etc. Haha. Perhaps I'm worrying too much about this. What to do? 4) The spare spool. I was assuming it would be an identical spare. It's not. Why? It's a 6000 with about 40% of the line capacity. Still plenty though...it can hold 250 yds of 30# PP. For the main spool, which can hold 600+ yds of 30# PP, what kind weight mono backing for 20 or 30# braid? Is there a ratio for braid to mono that works? 5) Lastly, the shims. There is nothing in the manual or website explaining why or how to install. Baffled. Is this something that I need to just watch for at first? An uneven line lay? Sorry for all the questions. My "distance" caster has been a modestly powered 10.5 ft GLoomis 1264-S. Real nice, but this new rig reminds me of the day my dad took the .22 from me and handed me the 12-gauge for the first time.
  17. Does anyone know the amount of line per the pound strength that can fit into the spare spools? If anyone can give me the exact numbers thats noted on them I would be very grateful of it. Thanks!!!
  18. I bought these at the end of last season from Tackle Direct. Ultegra- $290 shipped: I bought a Votex knob to replace the joke OEM knob on the Ultegra and used it once last winter, and three times this year. It is indeed, the farthest- casting spinning reel I have ever used. It was never dunked, but it did get splashed a lot 4 weeks ago. I opened up the sideplate and did not see water intrusion. The main spool has 20# white Sufix 832, one has new, unfished / uncast green Sufix 30 or 40# Spectra, and the third spool remains unmolested. There is one faint scratch on the reel stem from transport in my Rod Vault (5th pic). Other than that, this super-lightweight carbon fiber hybrid reel could pass as new. Saragosa- $240 shipped: Spooled up with new unfished / uncast yellow 30# Spiderwire Stealth, I mounted it on a few rods and never got a chance to use it. All reels come as shown with boxes, spool shims, and papers. Why am I selling these? Despite how smooth, light, and sexy these are, I decided they don't really fit my current fishing style. However, because of how smooth, light, and sexy these are, I'll just as easily keep them rather than get low-balled like crazy . Thanks for lookin'! Buy 'em both for $515 shipped.
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