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Found 38 results

  1. Looking for a quality travel tuna rods and reels for casting poppers and swimming plugs at blitzing tuna thanks Tommy
  2. Heading out to Florida in November. I'm targeting some blackfin cobia and whatever's on the bottom, i'm looking at a 8k-10k gosa and wonder if this will work out with 50lb braid. I'm open to other reels also
  3. Looking to get into tuna fishing and wanted to get you guys opinion on these two reels. Thanks in advance!
  4. I just jumped on the baitcasting bandwagon. I ordered a LEXA HD 400 7.1:1. I haven't used a baitcaster in a looong time, but WTH, right? I do most of my fishing on jetties, almost never use bait and most stuff I throw is under 3oz. like everyone else. I'm looking for a plugging/BT/Tins rod under $200 to learn with that will be able to get distance and handle the load. Has to be 2 piece. Has to be under $200. Is anyone plugging and distance casting with these reels? Also, what pound test.should I be spooling the reel with, I'm also getting a boat rod to maybe fish for tuna.
  5. I'm going to have one or two swivel rod holders for bent butt tuna rods installed in 26' fiberglass center console. What is the best way to anchor then soundly? Do anyone make one that can be locked so it can't swivel when you want that option? Thanks for any help you can give me!
  6. Does anyone have any experience with fly fishing Pelagics. I am looking for a nice setup to fly fish for sharks specifically makos
  7. This in new with box professionally spooled 80# spider wire braid, 40# B big game mono top shot. $300.00 or 3 Whisker Seeker 7'6" mh one piece spinning rods new off internet sent to my house ! This is a 2 Speed reel
  8. Howdy folks. Just wanted to drop by and share some pictures from our recent tuna trip. Great way to start up our "salty" season. Hard work that at times paid off. Lots of bites that did not stick, bigger fish that whopped our butts, some that just got away and a few that we got to the boat. A very very stupid genre of fly fishing. So hard, so desperate at time, but at the same time so rewarding.
  9. Remember that they are just a stupid fish, and they will eat a hook with padding from a box spring... Not much action from the material, but holds a good profile, only takes a few minutes to tie, and can be colored to match any bait around! Materials consist of sidewall padding from a box spring, lead wire, WTP eyes, and sharpies. Let's see some more flies with unconventional materials.
  10. Tuna

    Going out Sunday to the north west corner of the bank. I heard it's doing well out there. Hell I even heard mahi mahi made there way up here because the water is so warm. Anyways starting at north bank and gradually hit Middle bank and than south if needed. Anyone hear of a section thats on fire.
  11. Only fished for a month or so but need to fund a new build. Doesn't come with line but can provide some cheap if needed. Prefer cash and meet up within 30 minutes of canal but can ship with money order or paypal if needed - ship $15, paypal $10. $235
  12. Going out Sunday to the north west corner of the bank. I heard it's doing well out there. Hell I even heard mahi mahi made there way up here because the water is so warm. Anyways starting at north bank and gradually hit Middle bank and than south if needed. Anyone hear of a section thats on fire.
  13. Prefer cash meet up at CCC this weekend. Will ship for money order add $3, not open to paypal yet sorry. All are new in package and unfished. Shimano Orca plugs: Mack 7.5in 3.1oz - $25 Ghost 7.5in 3.1oz - $25 Ghost 6.3in 2.05oz - $22 Ghost 5.5in 2oz sink - $20 Mack 5.5in 2oz sink - $20 $80 for both 7.5's and 5.5's Hogy Charter Grade Sliders: Sardine 4oz - $25 will add Gamakatsu XHD Live bait hooks or treble, your call - $25 Purple 4oz - $25 $40 for pair Hogy Harness Jigs: Bone Sand Eel 4oz - $25 Bone Sand Eel 5oz - $25 Bone Sand Eel 6oz - $25 Green Mack 6oz - $25 $90 for all (4) Bill Hurley Tuna Bomb 4XXXX: (2) Black 3.75oz - $25 (2) Bone 3.75oz - $25 $45 for all (4) Shimano Butterfly Jigs 4oz: All (3) for - $35 Carlson 3.5oz Tuna Jigs: All (3) for - $20 Daddy Mac 3.5oz Jigs: All (3) for - $30 Hogy Epoxy jigs: Sand Eel and Pink, (2) 2oz & (4) 1.25oz - $30 for any (4) Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon new: 80lb brand new 25yd - $30
  14. Hey guys. Any reports on tuna. I know the season opened Saturday I was gonna give it a go this Saturday. Wasn't sure if there were any hook ups on the north side or the south side of the bank yet.
  15. So pretty much I always see people recommending types of reels and rods but never actually see numbers example (fishing for fluke 7ft rod 20-30lb rated; single speed reel 5.2.1-6.0.1 that can handle 300 yards 30lb braid with 15 pound drag I am curious what are you recommendations for type of fish. I don’t want to know brands of rods or reels but more of the technical items u need to fight these fish I think this type of info definitely helps out. Add any other species you like to the list. 1. Fluke/sea bass 2. Blackfish 3. Stripers/blues 4. Weakfish 5. Cod 6. YFT
  16. Looking for some advice on a tuna spinning rod from boat, mainly for plugging. Currently have a Stella 14000BXG to pair it with. -First off, what's the optimal size? -Rod rating (power and action)? -Rod manufacturer suggestions and model? I've done some research so far over the internet and it looks like Shimano Terez is a solid setup? Possibly deciding between: TZS78HBLK SHM-1658-6 7' 8'' Heavy Med-Fast 50-100 LC Guide Aluminum Popper Black TZS78XHBLK SHM-1659-6 7' 8'' Extra Heavy Med-Fast 50-100 LC Guide Aluminum Popper Black TZS72HBLK SHM-2361-6 7'2 Heavy Fast 50-100 Stainless Alconite Fuji TK Aluminum - Black TZS72XHBLK SHM-2362-6 7'2 Extra Heavy Fast 65-100 Stainless Alconite Fuji TK Aluminum - Black Let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Blueman
  17. Up for sale is my like new Daiwa Isla 7000 High Gear model. It’s a US reel, so no issues with Daiwa service. The only reason I’m selling is because I’ve moved towards Shimano for my offshore gear, and I like matching stuff...I know. I can’t find any marks on the reel, but I have used it a couple times, so I’d say 9.5/10 condition. Silky smooth, fast and powerful. Has well over 400yds of Jerry Brown hollow 100lb, and a casting wind on from Pelagic Outfitters. Get your tuna popping gear in order now, so when they show up like they have in recent years, you’re ready! Have box and paperwork. $620 shipped and insured to the lower 48.
  18. I do my modest tuna fishing on partyboats. It'd be nice to bring live bait. You could jig up snappers at the dock, but keeping them alive is labor-intensive. If we're going sixty miles out during the night before we even troll, I can't be bothered to change their water every fifteen minutes. Squid, mackerel, herring, or whatever may or may not show up. Eels are hardy, just don't let them drown in fresh water or their own slime. Hook them through the back, avoiding the spine, and let the usual sinker take them down. Anyone done that? What about bergals, a/k/a cunner? How hardy are they? I suspect they're pretty good. Anyone know from experience? If I could buy one-foot killifish in September or October, I would, but that doesn't seem to happen.
  19. Bought a large tacklebox and this is stuff I didn't need, heck Not sure what some of it is. There's some large hooks and prewired metal leaders, some Hopkins tins, a large Tuna lure marked Tinker (chipped by one eye) Large Swivels, etc. Everything you see in picture $35.00 $25.00 shipped to lower 48.
  20. My Friend has a 27 foot Grady white and wants to catch mahi, wahoo, small tuna and the like. I told him to look for lobster pots. Can anyone tell me what depths and temps to look for as I've only done it in the canyon and nearshore I've got mahi randomly. Thx
  21. I just ordered the new Horus latest 2017 colors and have a couple of extra ones.These jigs are great and not easy to get (made in Egypt).4 colors left 200G17$ eachOr62$ for all 4accepting trades for stickbait and popper suitable for hots gipgang 78 mh (120g max)all prices are plus shipping.
  22. Anyone ever consider using a drone for recreational tuna fishing It incorporates a rod & reel - sort of like using a drone instead of a kite
  23. I am selling an Avet EX 30 4/01 loaded with 300yds of 80lb Jerry Brown hollow braid and a 100yd 60lb topshot. This is a rare single speed version of the 30 Narrow that has an aftermarket T-bar handle. This reel is in good mechanical condition and received new bearings and maintenance last year. Cosmetically it has some scratches and blemishes from use. Price is $250 shipped and I am located in Massachusetts.
  24. I have two barely used custom spiral wrapped rods by Jigging World. Used the 350g stick 3 times, twice for tuna and once for cod. Used the Micro once jigging sea bass. Both work well, but I find I am just not a fan of spiral wrap rods. Here's a chance to steal them. JW Ghost Hunter Slow Pitch 350g - 5'6" rated for up to 30-lbs. drag for tuna, tile and other large critters. Retails for $299. Will sell for $150. JW Ghost Hunter Slow Pitch Micro Jigging Rod 100g - 6'5". Retails for $279. Will sell for $125. Both have indestructible black blanks, split but grips, Fuji seats and guides wrapped in black with gold trim and highlights. Can be seen on Jigging World website. Located in New Jersey. (*Gary, we ask folks to reserve PMs until the price has been negotiated. Thanks - TimS)
  25. Up for sale are 2 brand new fin nor tycoon trolling rods. They are 6'10". These rods have never even had a reel put on them. They are Aftco HD big foot roller guides. Line weight is 50lb. EVA STUART straight butt. These retail for $430. I would like 600 cash for pick up. I will ship but price will than depend on your zip and PP fees.