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Found 38 results

  1. Hello, I would like to sell six various plugs: Tsunami Poppers, Rebel Windcheaters,SP Minnow, Bomber, etc. QTY:1 Plug: Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Size: 6 3/4" 1 7/8oz (sinking) Comment: Like new, never used, no packaging QTY:1 Plug: Bill Lewis Saltwater Rat-L-Trap Size: 4" 1oz Comment: Like new, never used, a few hook marks, no packaging Qty:1 Plug: Rebel Windcheater Size: 6" 1 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, no packaging, newer Bomber version Qty:1 Plug: Rebel Windcheater Size: 6" 1 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, opened package, original USA made Rebel, not Bomber version QTY:1 Plug: Tsunami Talking Popper XD Size: 6" 2 3/8oz Comment: Good condition, a few hook marks, was in storage for awhile, split ring on nose has some surface rust QTY:1 Plug: Tsunami Talking Popper XD Size: 5" 1 5/8oz Comment: Good condition, a few hook marks, was in storage for awhile, no split ring on nose QTY:1 Plug: Bomber Magnum LongA (16A) Size: 6" 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, a few hook marks, belly treble removed, no packaging $40 for all, includes shipping. Free shipping for U.S. only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska...sorry).
  2. Has anyone had a chance to check out the Tsunami Forged 8? It looks like it has some decent specs and was wondering if anyone on here has any experience fishing the bigger sizes which I believe are the 10 & 12? The price on the reel also seems to be very reasonable, I believe it's around $170 which is less then other reels in it's class just based on its specs.
  3. And I gotta say... I didn't expect them to be as nice as they are out of the box. Yeah I know time will tell and all that. I'll be doing my standard overview, analysis, tear down over the next few days. But damn....turning the handle is not much different than some of the best out there And I say that with a Daiwa Saltist Back Bay 4000 sitting right next to them. Great looking. Great drag knob. Great handle knob options. Stainless gearing, seals. Unique and really nice color choices too. I'm curious if they are available from another company under a different name like the Shield or if it's unique. Doesn't matter either way but curious. Which size should I tear down. I have the 2000 3000 4000 5000 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Combined the threads and added this to avoid clutter
  4. Once again, this isn't a review as I never had them out on the water. Just an unboxing, analysis, and teardown to show what this new series of egg beaters is all about from an un-biased perspective. (even if you muted me you would get a good picture of what they're about) That said. These reels are pretty smooth out of the box. And once run in I'd bet get even better. Though...I don't understand why they would leave the rear end of the reel and clutch of the smaller reels so exposed. When they obviously saw the benefit to add seals elsewhere. Time will tell I guess. For me and my fishing. Would I buy this reel. No I wouldn't. If I bottom fish I use conventional reels. And for other applications where I use spinners in this size range. I don't winch fish it and prefer a more water resistant design. So I can still get years of high performance out of a non stainless gear train, and shave off quite a bit of weight. While keeping water out.
  5. St. Croix's are both same model # - all 3 rods are 1 piece so I will not ship. Pickup all 3 for $200 - Kearny to Keyport, NJ area 1 used conventional St. Croix Mojo - I circled some boat rash in picture (from sitting in a rod holder) on the split grip section, guides are all in good shape. 1 new conventional St. Croix Mojo with tags still on 1 new spinning Tsunami Shield with tags still on
  6. Hello, I am looking to buy a 10’ MH Surf Rod with a rate of 1-4oz or 1-5oz. I would prefer in person buying and I am located in Boston, Ma so north or south shore is also fine. I am open to shipping if the price is right as well. Looking to spend up to $150ish depending on the rod. Open to suggestion, thank you for looking!
  7. Have to many rods. Going to unload a few for some bills 1. Tsunami slim wave 7ft med action spinning used a few times in the river. Awesome rod I have 3. So this can go . $80 2. Shimano tiralejo 9’6 surf spinning new model. Light use. Awesome rod just have too many in this size . $175 prices are picked up in brick nj no shipping
  8. Model TSSPJ-C701H, 7' conventional, spiral wrap concept guides, rated 1 3/4 - 4 1/4, very light - weighs 7 oz, bought 3 months ago and never used. 1 year warranty, can provide the sales receipt. Bought the spinning version and decided to keep that and sell the casting version. $85 picked up in Ocean County NJ
  9. Selling a penn fathom 12 loaded with 40lb suffix 832 paired with a tsunami 7’6xh rated 40-65lb and 3.25-7oz. Asking for $230 for the combo. Located in Atlantic county and can meet up within a reasonable distance.
  10. New 3oz Yellow SS - 14 Used Tsunami Popper - 4 Gags Mr. Bunker - 4 SportingWood Black 3oz Bottle - 20 x2 Used LS69 Darter - 10 Black 15F SP Minnow - 5 Please add 5$ to all orders for shipping
  11. Hi- I currently fish a Penn Conflict 2 4000. i have caught some big bass with the reel over the past 7 months. its kept in wonderful condition and really haven't put it to the "test" in my opinion. it recently has been getting harder and harder to reel when tension is on the line ( Fish, Snagged Bunker, Diver Bait. etc ). Something is wrong. i am currently going through warranty with Penn. In the mean time,i have an itch to buy another Conflict 2 4000 while my original one get fixed or try something different in its class such as try the Tsunami Shield 4000. i like light tackle and really don't think i would go any bigger than a 4000 size reel. let me know your input with Conflict 2, Shield 4000 or any other reel you enjoy fishing with. Thanks Zambots
  12. 2 tsunami rods for sale Tscc701mh 7ft medium heavy rated 10-20 and a Tsunami Airwave Coastal Tsawcc701 mlf rated 6-17. Both rods are in excellent shape, no rust or corrosion, cork is mint and treated with u-40 cork sealer.Perfect fluke rods.Located in Bayshore Long Island for local pickup. Asking 50 bucks each
  13. Looking to sell or trade. Selling: prices below for each lot or take everything for $150. Cash pick up in Red Bank NJ area. Trades: interested in a for a 2 or 3 tube bag (flatlander, odm, gearup, etc), 9-10 foot rod rated about 1/2 to 3 (odm, fsc, lami, etc.) or pliers holder that will fit Sargent Sportsmate pliers. I can add cash to the deal to make things fair. Lot 1 (hard plastic plugs) $100 Lot 2 (unrigged rubber) $10 Lot 3 (metals) $25 Lot 4 (trolling- metal is not included) $15 Lot 5 (wood) $15 Lot 6 (shads) $15
  14. Hi, this is my first post and I need a new rod. I was thinking about the new Tsunami Slow Pitch 7ft XH, wanted to know if anyone else used this rod (pros and cons). Or if anyone has any other recommendation. I’ll be using it for stripers/blues (deadsticking and jigging) and some deep ocean fluke jigging from time to time. Thanks
  15. Anyone have experience with Tsunami Airwave Surf rods? I just got the 10' MH rated 15 -30lb and 2-4oz lures. I was wondering what size of lures you guys using. I have heard that some of these rods, the blanks explode if you use too big of a lure. I got few 3oz lures, wondering if that would be ok (assuming since it is rated 2-4 oz).
  16. 6.5in MagDarters (New) - 27 6in SuperStrike (Carried) - 16 Tsunami - 8 Single Hook Loaded Needle lot ( Habs, Lordship, Surfcaster ) - 57
  17. Looking for a Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6 TSAWESS-962M. Was about to pull the trigger on a new one, but figured I'd see if there are any used ones out there, in pretty good shape. I'm located in MA, can go north of Boston, or south to the Cape and down into RI as well. Shipping is fine too, but at that point I might be better off just going with a new one. Thanks.
  18. closed lack of interest
  19. Wanted to pick up a first rod for light surf that won't break the bank, and after some homework settled on the Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6' (TSAWESS-962M) as my current front runner. Sounds like the consensus is that this rod should be able to throw up to about 2.5 oz comfortably, but the 3 oz range might be pushing it a bit. That's fine for my purposes. Plan is to use it on jetties and in light surf from the beach. Would be throwing bucktails, plugs and some soft plastics. Am I making a mistake by not considering the 10'6 model instead? And is the moderate action still ok for hooksets with soft plastics? Thanks for any input!
  20. Tics dolphin surf basically new. I think I used it one time. 10'6 2-8oz. Asking $80 Tsunami five star 10ft 2-5oz...$25 Penn spinfisher 9ft 1-5oz.... $25 Ugly stik 7ft w/mitchell...... $25 Ugly stik lite 6'6 casting..... $25 Penn pursuit 7ft casting .... $25 *Pick up only. Matawan nj 07747*
  21. Im looking to upgrade from my tica dolphin 9' with Penn spinfisher v to something 10'6. I'm thinking tsunami airwave elite or st croix mojo. Leaning a little towards tsunami because I want to put a new reel on and it'll save a few. Any objections. And any suggestions to a good reel pairing for either rod. In a perfect world of go vs but I don't think it'll happen just yet so something a little more economical. Was considering sheild but not completely sold on it and my price range is by no means restricted to that low either
  22. GLoomis GL2 MBR 783c, 6'6, 10-17lb, MH, conventional (great condition, used a few times for fluking, great rod) -$135 Lamiglas Tri Flex BL7020 CG, 7'0, 10-20lb, conventional ( great condition, used on a couple of fluke trips) -$100 Penn Power Stick Plus PC 3661mh, 6', 20-50LB, 1-4OZ, conventional(Used once if at all) $30 Ugly Stik Tiger BWS2201 7', 10-50lb line, M, spinning(good condition) - $25 Tsunami TFSBC 6'6, 15-40lb, MH, 1-4oz, conventional (good condition, used several times) -$20 Tsunami TFSC701MH 7", 10-25lb, MH, 1-2oz conventional (good condition, used several times) - $20 2 - Allstar Pro Series PR846C, 7", 12-25lb, MH, 3/8 - 1oz, conventional(good condition, this is a great affordable graphite rod, very loomis like sensitivity) -$25 each 2- Allstar Pro Series PR845s, 7", 8-17lb, M, 1/4 - 5/8oz, spinning(good condition, like the above but spinning)-$25 each Pickup/meet in/near Brooklyn. No shipping at this time. Thanks
  23. All gear in very good condition Loomis SUR1142S, great Bomber, SP Minnow Rod 3/8oz-1.5oz 9'6" $150 Penn 710Z, made bail-less. Loaded with 20 lb Fireline. 704z handle, extra spool w/20 lb mono $75 Feels great as a combo! Combo price $200 Tsunami Trophy TSTSS702M. It's 7 ft, 2pc, rated 1/2 to 2oz. $40 Tica Libra SA3500. Everything in VG shape, the reel was serviced at Tica, and not used since. It has 20 (or 30) lb braid, but it has been on a while. $40 Combo price $70 Prices are for gear picked up near Parsippany, NJ (or meet up) Cash/check/MO
  24. thinking about buying one of these and am wondering if anyone had any experiences with this rod. hoping they would share experiences whatever they were
  25. Older Gibbs is lightly used 1.75oz Tsunami is new 1.5oz Lemire's is lightly used and has a small chip on one side, otherwise in great shape. Custom matching dressed siwash as well. 2.2oz. $36 shipped for the lot, PayPal preferred