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  1. Hi all, I broke my 2 hand cannon last week on the beach, I am hoping someone has the same rod,or rod tip, and is willing to part with it. See photo
  2. Selling a TFO Axiom II X fly rod. Used for a 2 week trip to Martha’s Vineyard last fall. No issues at all, great rod!! 325 plus shipping
  3. Used once after snapping my rod during a blitz and needing a replacement ASAP. TFO Tactical Surf. 11’ 70/30 split. $275 no shipping. Located in NJ
  4. I guess it's time to unload some of my unused rods. I live in Florida, so I will be listing only the travel rods here. I'm going to try to sell longer rods locally. I estimate shipping to be around $30-$40 dollars (UPS says $42 ground shipping for a random house I picked in San Diego) for a travel rod. Depending on your zip code, I may have some wiggle room on the price. Rod: TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Series Travel Casting Rod (GTS TRC885-4) I probably fished it 1-2 times. Price: $150 Comes with Cabela's travel rod case. I'm looking to trade with light 4k/5k spinning reel to keep as loaners. I have some trips coming up with buddies and they are flying from different places. I'll probably need to keep a couple spares, LOL.
  5. Used but in Perfect condition: TFO 425 Fly Reel. Very few small scratches on edge of frame I tried to show on picture. Chartreuse backing. Set for left hand retrieve but it is reversible. $160 shipped. I would trade it for 375 in red color. Pm if you are interested. Catalog description ans specs: TFO Large Arbor reels are machined from 6061 aluminum and offer a state-of-the-art draw bar/carbon fiber disk drag. Three bearings give our reel its smooth as silk spin, and a one-way roller bearing makes it easily convertible from left- to right-hand retrieve. Model Description Diameter Width Weight Capacity Retail Price TFR 425 TFO 425 Large Arbor Reel 4.25" 2" 9.2 oz. 275 yards/30lb./WF10F $389.95
  6. I have LIKE NEW black TFO 425 reel. Actually I have two but keeping one. I would like to trade this 425 for smaller model 375. Color does not matter. I know its small chance and long shot but... Of course I will provide pictures as needed. Thank you for checking.
  7. Star VPR Surf vs. TFO Tactical Surf. Looking at the 10’6” MH 2-6oz in both, as well as the 9’ and 11’ sizes possibly. For anyone who has tried either or both of these brand rods, which do you prefer and why? Are they comparable? They VPR is about $40 more expensive. I need 2-3 new setups for next year (one lighter and one heavier for canal and surf, and maybe one for jettys and piers). I can’t decide between Star or TFO. Going to be using this in Cape Cod Canal, NY, NJ, and VA surf, as well as FL surf, and possibly FL and NJ jetty’s. I travel a lot to find fish lol. Considering pairing with some Vissers. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  8. Wts 9’6 1145 slingshot for $360 if your willing to pick up. Rod is in excellent condition. I’m located north shore, Ma.
  9. For sale. Almost new tfo 9’ gis scs 902-2 used maybe 3x. Pickup monmouth county nj i will not ship 220$
  10. Getting rid of some stuff that hardly sees use. Everything here is mint. The fly lines have only been used a few times...no cracks or wear to speak of. Everything always rinsed and cleaned TFO Esox 9' 10wt 4 piece $275 Allen Kraken XLA #4 $300 (no backing) V-spey 2 hander 9/10wt 14' $75 Beulah serum 550 grain $75 Rio outbound short 10wt intermediate 425 grain $75 All prices are shipped to your door. Paypal payment please. I may entertain spinning gear trades/offers. Specifically looking for a 9' gsb1201L before I have one built. I realize that wouldn't be a shippable trade- I often work in Westchester/Rockland counties and could meet up within reason Thanks for looking!
  11. Hello all, For you consideration are five different rods, three JDM and two domestic, for sale. I bought these rods for fishing 24-32" stripers from a large freshwater spillway nearby that always has a very heavy current going. I have determined these not to fit my needs but they are each fine rods in like-new condition. Notes: * The rods weights shown below are as I have measured myself, not manufacturer claimed. The rod actions are my personal assessment as is the sweet spot, which can be interpreted as +/- 0.25 oz. Additional pictures can be provided upon request. Prices are firm but I'll offer -10% for two rods, -20% for three rods, etc. Unless otherwise indicated, prices include shipping. Accepting Paypal, Venmo, Zelle. Ships within 24 hrs of payment. I am located in Baltimore, MD. Shimano Coltsniper XR S96H Action - Fast-MF Length - 9'6” Rod Weight - 11.02 oz Casting weight - 2.2 - 4.2 oz (3.2 oz sweet spot) Line PE - 5.0 (max) Pieces - 2 (50/50 split) Comments - For its casting range, this is an extremely strong fighting rod with great sensitivty and feel. In addition to slaying rockfish, it easily handled +25 lb blue cats in heavy current. Nice large grips give it solid feeling in the hand while still being rather lightweight for its rating. I can't say enough good things about this rod - the 96M and 96ML rods from this series remain in my quiver. I'm only selling this one because I expected the casting range to be overrated, which it wasn't. Used once, never in the salt, rod sleeve included. Price - $319 Major Craft N-One NSS-962MH Action - Med-MF Length - 9'6” Rod Weight - 9.36 oz Casting weight - 1.4 - 2.8 oz (2 oz sweet spot) Line PE - 3.0 (max) Pieces - 2 (50/50 split) Comments - Super all-arounder rod with a wide sweet spot despite its MF action and the grip is amoung the nicest feeling I've held. Major Craft rods are widely regarded as punching well above their price point. I also have two other rods from this series that remain in my quiver - selling this one because I prefer faster actions. Used once, never in the salt, rod sleeve included. Price - $219 Daiwa Lazy 90L Action - MF Length - 9'0” Rod Weight - 4.42 oz Casting weight - 0.16 - 1 oz (5/8 oz sweet spot) Line PE - 1.2 (max) Pieces - 2 (50/50 split) Comments - Ridiculously lightweight for its length yet feels quick and responsive during the cast and retrieve, not whippy. This would make an excellent panfish or walleye rod which is what I got this for but never found the motivation to chase smaller game. Used once, never in the salt, rod sleeve included. Price - $179 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then, these are the two rods readily avaiable domestically that most folks will have heard of Temple Fork Outfitters GIS SCS 1065-2 Action - MF Length - 10'6” Rod Weight - 11.13 oz Casting weight - 2 - 6 oz (3 oz sweet spot) Line PE - 3.0 (max) Pieces - 2 (60/40 split) Comments - Great rod, popular at the canal. Happens to be my favorite rod of this bunch but selling because I have moved to 50/50 split rods for mobility's sake. Condition is 8/10. Price - $149+ship Tsunami Trophy 2 Action - M Length - 10'0” Rod Weight - 11.07 oz Casting weight - 1/2 - 2 oz (1 1/8 oz sweet spot) Line PE - 3.0 (max) Pieces - 2 (70/30 split) Comments - This is the distance casting model and is a great rod for its price point. It has a parabolic action - too much so for my preference and the 60/40 split means it must go. Used once, never in the salt. $69+ship
  12. Looking for St. Croix Avid Salmon/Steelhead rod in either the 9' or 9'6" length in med heavy 8-17 lbs. Also looking for 9'6" Elite med heavy 8-17 or a TFO STS 905-2.
  13. Never used. Built spinning. Beautiful gold/dark/black dec wrap. “Felt” shrink wrap grip like on factory ODM rods. Fuji K guides. Fuji reel seat with black hoods. 24” butt to reel. Cut 6” off the butt. It’s now a 10’ rod from 10’6”. Feels very well balanced with 20-22oz reels. Rated 2-8oz. But don’t go over 4. This is a TFO blank and not a rebuild. $200 pickup southeastern MA. Will trade for certain NIB reels: 706Z, Slammer III 4500, Saltist 4000, BG MQ 6000,
  14. How much difference is there really between a medium, fast action 8-17 lb test rated 7ft rod and a medium heavy, fast action 10-20 lb test rated 7 ft rod, same exact company/rod type? Looking at the TFO Tac Inshore for some saltwater pier fishing. Leaning towards medium-heavy because it can handle slightly higher lure rating and I'm trying to practice bucktail jigging, but got me thinking. In reality, to the average joe fisherman (goes out once a week), how noticeable would the difference be in casting/sensitivity/fight etc, if at all, all other things equal? Or is it really just a paper (spec) difference that you would only really notice if slinging a 1 oz and up lure?
  15. It's brand new. Perfect plugging/jigging rod for the CCC. $200 pickup in Plymouth, MA only.
  16. WTS a TFO 11' Mag H Surf Rod 3-8 oz. Setup is for spinning. As you may know. TFOs are lifetime warranteed rods/blanks. If ever an problem with rod, simply call TFO and ask for a new blank. In most cases they dont even ask you to ship back the old blank. They just send out replacement for small fee. These rods just dont break not likely you'll ever use the warranty. This rod was never used much. I dont spend much time at the beaches. Used less than 5 times in the last 5 years. Rod is in phenomenal working order and still aesthetically pleasing. The shrink wrap has a small cut and I taped it with a little duct tape. $215 Cash and pickup only. Willing to meet at location convenient for me.
  17. Looking to see if anyone has the bottom half of the 10'6" TFO surf rod (blue). I broke the bottom of mine, hoping someone else sent one in for warranty when their top broke and has an extra bottom laying around. Thanks for looking.
  18. Hi, I broke the tip of my TFO rod and I was wondering if anyone replaced their rod with the warranty and how did you do it? I purchased my rod from Tomos tackle in salem, MA and I still have the receipt. Can I just go back to Tomos tackle show the receipt and get a replacement or do I have to go through TFO customer service? any feedback would help. thanks!
  19. Hi guys, Long time reader of this forum and the time has come to seek for advice. Don't beat me up right away, since i have already used a search function in order to find the best fishing rod for the Canal. Basically have two questions: 1. I am looking for a spinning rod that could be a good fit for the PENN Slammer 3 6500 High Speed. I am primarily looking for jigging, throwing jerkbaits, maybe even throwing chunks from the surf occasionally, with the least priority given to the topwater lures. Is there any rod that is multifunctional and does everything not perfect, but just good? Anything in 2-8 oz range. 10-12Ft. Budget: $350. I currently use 9ft Star stellar 1-4 oz fast, but this is definitely not enough to make long casts on the Canal. I have stopped my choice on St. Croix Mojo Surf and St. Croix Avid Surf, but i have seen a lot of debates on perfect rod for the Canal and there are a lot of opinions about my choice being not a very reliable one. People seem to give their favor mostly to everything from ODM Jigster, TFO, Star Paraflex, XSRA 1205, Tsunami Airwave Elite to 600$+ custom made poles. But unfortunately, i can not try every single rod and learn from mistakes, especially by spending seasons of trial and error and thousands of dollars). Please advice! 2. I would also love to hear any comments on SLAMMER 3 6500 HIGH SPEED as well, since i haven't seen a soul using it on the Canal. Seems to be a really good reel with an amazing retrieve rate (48 inches per crank!). Which reels are competitors to this one? (besides Saragosa) Thank you very much for any advice in advance, truly appreciate it.
  20. WTB/ WTT for either TFO or Fenwick Inshore Rod Looking for either one of these rods TFO: TAC INSHORE # TAC ISS 806-1 Fenwick: Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Spinning # ETIN76MH-FS Have a Tica 10' Surge Surf or a Tsunami Airwave Elite 9' 3" that can be included with cash.
  21. Models I am interested in: TAC ISS 765-1 GIS SCS 1065-2 I can meet in MA, RI, North Eastern CT. Open to shipping as well. Thanks!
  22. Retired and have way too many rods, reels and other fishing equipment. Downsizing to just what I need. Billy Pate Anti Reverse RH (Ted Juracsik) Tarpon on TFO BVK 9' 12WT 4 piece. $450 picked up. Billy Pate Anti Reverse RH (Ted Juracsik) Bonefish $290 picked up. I can meet within an hour of zip 08759. I am in Whiting (Manchester Township), NJ in Ocean County. The reason for meeting is I want to make sure you are happy with the condition and equipment before purchasing. Thanks Gil
  23. So I just picked up a new TFO 11' .5 - 2.0oz rod. Looking to pair with a nice, relatively in-expensive, reel. My head is spinning. Every time I think I've narrowed it down, I find something else. This being my first lighter weight setup for throwing sp's and stuff, I'm also torn if I should go 30# or 40# braid route. The rod is light, 11.4oz, so I want to keep the reel under 16oz max. Slammer III 4500: 14.7oz : 250yds 30#: 30 drag Daiwa BG 4000: 14.3oz: 280yds 30#, 200yds 40#: 17.6 drag -- I like the 4500 better, but 22oz weight: 22 drag Spinfisher 4500: 15.40oz: 200yds 30# Anything else in the sub $250 range?
  24. I’m looking to buy a 9wt, 9ft fly rod for a beginner. I’m looking to get back into fly fishing again.
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