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Found 11 results

  1. How do you like to attach teasers to a swivel? I've been using a uni-knot on 80# Ande pink mono to attach it at a 90° angle to the swivel, but no matter what after a few casts the knot slides down a sits against the mainline knot. Is there a better knot to use that won't slide down? Am I knot tying the not tight enough? I know a lot of people use the smaller sized quick clips to attach them, and I have also. The problem is I believe it leads to more fouling of the lines. Is this something that is just going to happen no matter what I do?
  2. Has anyone seen or fished these before? I made a trip to my local overstock store and they had a handful of freshwater plugs that appeared to be buried in a corner and forgotten. All Normans, but these caught my eye. Excited to pair them up with some little Zara Spooks I also bought since the package seems to indicate this is the intended use. I'm not much of a collector so they will definitely be fished. Cool to see something that sort of elevates the teaser a bit.
  3. I have never thought to throw on a teaser, but figure it can hurt. So I am wondering, what you use for a teaser? Does it depend on the trailer fly? How big should it be? How far up the leader should you tie it on? What situations would you throw on a teaser? Thanks for any info
  4. Do you always use a teaser, with every and any lure you cast and in any conditions?
  5. Good evening all, Thought I'd put this in the Main Forum to get more eyes on it..... For those who tie, what are some go to saltwater hook models for homemade epoxy sandeel patterns and clousers? I've been using Mustad O'shaughnessy 3407-BN in size 2/0 and 3/0 but I feel like there are better options out there that I don't know about. Also I haven't been able to find more than 8-packs of these and would like to order 25 to 50 at a time. Open to ideas and suggestions. Look forward to hearing some responses and thank you in advance!
  6. I was wondering if anyone has seen / used a teaser like this - it was mixed in with some saltwater tackle that I got at a yard sale - it looks easy enough to tie and looks like a interesting way to get a longer teaser out of bucktail that I have already - opinions?
  7. Hello all, I need some advice for tying surf candy style teaser flies. I would like to emulate sand eels best I can. Have no experience and I have some of the basic tools needed to do the job. What I cant seem to figure out where to even begin is what type of hair to use. Theres bucktail and synthetics. What are the pros/cons? I went to the local shop and they have a few fly tying supplies but the people there weren't able to help me much. They had bucktail, nylon strands, craft fur in various colors. I want to go for olive over white with a strand or two of the crystal flash. Would like to wrap the hair with thread, use those stick on eyes and then coat with epoxy. I would like to cut down on trial and error as best as I can as that can get expensive. Would appreciate any help you guys have to offer. Thanks.
  8. Fluke season is around the corner for NJ (lucky NY already started) and I am preparing for my fishing trips. Making some Fluke Teaser Tubes out of Rivets. I usually buy the bucktail versions but i can't seem to find any ones made with flashy materials, so I make my own out of Flashabou and Mylar Strands. Check out the video if you want to see a DIY vid, otherwise, I hope the rivet trick will help some of you guys create some flashy teasers for this season!
  9. ****DISCLAIMER**** THIS IS NOT A PROMOTIONAL VIDEO. I AM NOT MAKING ANY REVENUE FROM THIS FILM, NOR AM I AFFILIATED WITH ANY FISHING PRODUCT COMPANY. I AM NOT A PAID FILMMAKER. I AM JUST AN 18-YEAR-OLD KID TRYING TO SHARE MY WORK WITH THE STRIPER COMMUNITY. ENJOY!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!! ______________________________________________ Description: Thomas Barzilay Freund, Michael Kamsky, and Faulkner Wilson are the people behind the film Between the Lines. Over the years, these three childhood friends from New York City have fished together and documented their adventures on film. Although they’ve had the opportunity to explore many different fisheries together, they feel a deep connection to the striped bass of the Long Island Sound which they have relentlessly pursued over the years. They are all currently freshmen in college: Thomas at Bowdoin, Michael at Princeton, and Faulkner at Wake Forest. They began fishing for stripers together in high school. For the final months of their senior year at the Dalton School, the students were given the chance to work on an independent project of their choosing. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something on a topic they deeply cared about. The three decided to make a film about fly fishing for striped bass, with a focus on portraying stripers as the gamefish they believe them to be, and advocating for catch-and-release practices among recreational anglers. Between the Lines is about their quest for large, fly-catchable striped bass in their home waters. The entire film was shot during the spring and summer of 2016 in Connecticut’s coastal rivers and along the rocky shorelines of the Long Island Sound. We hope you enjoy the film; please let us know your thoughts below! -LOP
  10. Any one have some nice NIP 5/0 - 7/0 siwash teasers available? Thanks!!!
  11. Any one have some nice NIP 5/0 - 7/0 siwash teasers available? Thanks!!!