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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a pair of Okuma nomad travel rods never used one spin one cast 10 to 20 line class each rod comes with 2 tips one medium one medium heavy these are brand new never used One of the rods has small chip in cork …it came that way model numbers C-703 M-MH 7 FOOT 10-20 S-703 M-MH 7 FOOT 10-20 these rods will come in one travel case all together $250.00 shipped conus priority mail thank you fror your consideration
  2. I started this in another UK forum but thought it might get more traction here. So, since I started traveling and fishing about 10 years ago, it has been much harder to check full size rods on some airlines. Prohibitively expensive in some cases. It has also been difficult to find quality travel rods and even more difficult to find reviews or guides on the options that are available. I have always hoped that I could find a comprehensive guide that focused on travel rods. I have a experience with a few and I'm sure the rest of this community does to. Would it be possible to start a list with our thoughts on the various options? If so, I can start! For the purposes of this I count a travel rod as anything that has sections under 40" (100cm) as that is usually the limit for a carry-on on international carriers. It also doesn't draw much attention at check-in. I think the distinction is important because many jigging rods can be carried on as their sectional length is less than the 40" (100cm) mark.. Below are a few rods that I have used. With as much info as I can give/remember. Spinning Rods Albright EXP Series Explorer Surf ESS904 Length: 9', Sections: 4, Lure rating 1/2-3 oz, Line: 15-40lb Explorer Surf ESS804 Length: 8’, Sections: 4, Lure rating 1/2-2 oz, Line: 10-25lb Notes: I have used both of these rods and was pleased with them. The lure rating was generally well below what they could actually fish. The 9’ rod could easily throw 4oz and the 8’ model can throw 3oz. I have caught some decent fish with both (20kg trevally and plenty of 15kg tuna). I generally fished 50lb braided lines and kept the drag at 15lbs or less just to ensure I wouldn’t break anything. The rods have a fast action and are not at all parabolic. While fighting a fish, the top two sections do all of the work. They used to be great budget options as they were under $100 each but sadly Albright has closed its doors. You can still find them on sale used or on auction sites from time to time. They are a good deal if you can get them for less than $100 – even without a warranty. Price: Discontinued but usually under $100 if found used. Westin 3776 Popping G.C Length: 7’8”, Sections: 3, Lure Rating: 100-180gr Notes: This is one of the most pleasurable rods I have had the opportunity to use. This belonged to a friend I was fishing with. I was using a Saltiga GT86 rod and a Saragosa 20k reel. The Westin rod paired with a Stella 14k felt outstanding and very light. It could cast the big 180gr poppers and most importantly, POP THEM! Although the rod was almost 12” shorter than the Saltiga GT86, the difference in casting difference was negligible. I didn’t catch a fish on it but the owner did. It handled the big GT well as expected. Good travel rod if you plan on being on a boat! The only downside is that this rod can be hard to find and is pricey. My friend waited 2 months for his as it was on backorder but it was well worth it. There are plenty of dealers around Europe though. Price: $500 Shakespeare Agility Travel Beach Spinning Surf Rod - SAP1270432, Length: 11’6”, Sections: 6, Lure Rating: 4-8oz Notes: This rod is a beast. Without a doubt, if I needed a good spinning surf rod to bait for sharks from the beach, this would be it. It has V-joints for each section and is extremely stout. I only used this rod a few times, but I would say it could probably cast closer to 10oz if necessary. This rod is also heavy. You will not be casting jigs into the surf all day with this rod. It is a great rod for what it is but I do not fish bait often so I resold this fairly quickly. If you need to pull sunken ships onto the beach, this is your rod! If you need to cast 6+oz to hold the bottom in your area, this is your rod! Generally a good deal as well. Price: $165 Jigging Rods (Spinning) Sting-O G-Rod STG562S-300 Length: 5’ 6”, Sections: 2, Lure Rating: 300gr Note: This is another rod that has been discontinued. It was not light, was not thin, but was excellent if you needed to jig all day and needed a rod you could carry-on. Its rated at 300gr but I generally try to fish as light of a jig as I can. The heaviest jig I used with this rod was 270gr and it handled it fine. I would have no worries dropping a 350gr jig down with this rod. It is a sturdy rod that can handle almost any fish you throw at it. Good buy if you can find a used one under $125. Price: Discontinued but usually under $125 if found used. Shimano Jig Wrex S554 Length: 5’ 5”, Sections: 2, Lure Rating: 200gr Note: This is a true 200gr jigging rod. It is fairly thin and light. Easy to work jigs under 200gr but would struggle with any more than that. It served me well but never truly tested on a fish bigger than 20kg. This is a decent buy if you are starting out and need something easily packable. If you are serious about jigging however, it may be better to choose something else. I can’t comment on durability unfortunately. Price: $150 to $200
  3. On the Surfcaster's Journal Tip of the Week #13. Anyone know anything about these - availability, cost, etc...
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