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Found 96 results

  1. What are everyone's method on labeling weights of plugs for bucktails and needle fish? I hear some scratch the weight on for bucktails. Writing the ounces with black or white sharpie on needle fish seems like another way to me. Thankyou.
  2. Use 7 inch Z-Man Diezel minnows. They're durable and can take some hits from bluefish. How durable are Zinger Baits? Will they hold up from a few bluefish attacks?
  3. Storm approaching. Heavy rain, wind, and coastal flooding. East end of Long Island will see the worst of this storm. So whose planning on getting out to fish?
  4. Please provide some thoughts and insights into Surfcasters and tackle shops in/close to Connecticut. Thanks everyone!
  5. Recently purchased a Lamiglas Carbon Surf 10 ft rated 1-5 oz from Tomo's Tackle online. Want a back up for the upcoming fall run since my 10 ft ODM DNA 3/4-4oz is at the tackle shop. Reel seat was too small for my VSX 200. During a morning outing at the inlet, vsx kept slipping out of the fuigi reel seat every other cast . Switched to my St Croix triumph 9ft rated 1/2-2.5 oz. but it felt like noodle casting 2oz bucktails. Shop is putting a slightly bigger reel seat on the DNA. What do you think of the Carbon Surf?
  6. So who does everything are the best *current/active* custom surfcasting rod builders in Connecticut?
  7. Curious to see if anyone has noticed any increase in hits and total number of catches when using scented soft plastics versus non scented.
  8. This is a real nice, new Scabelly Spook that I would like to trade for an equivalent glider by any builder please.!! Thanks a million for looking fellas!
  9. Hey everybody, I am looking to sell a brand new in box latest run Tsunami SaltX 6000 plus spare reel at a deeply discounted price. This is the latest run reel and was factory-inspected last week. SaltX 6k $399 Spare Reel $99 Total Retail $498 + Tax I am offering this package for $150 off retail, you don’t have to pay tax and shipping is free. SaltX 6000 and Spare Reel $348 to you door. If you would like overnight shipping please add $13 to 50/50 split the cost with me. Thank you for looking everyone!!!
  10. So, I currently have a TICA 8 footer medium-heavy action rod that's an absolute winch with striped bass, but I'd love to be casting further especially during windy days, as well as when that bait is just out of range. But, I still want a rod that makes catching schoolies a bit entertaining. Same goes for the reel, a baitrunner might be nice. Any suggestions? Fish from shore and boat, this would probably be a shore rod/reel combo. Thanks!
  11. Per the title, I would like to trade a black and gold 2.5 oz, foot-long w/ tail After Hours Black with Gold belly Needlefish for an equivalent Needlefish in Burple. **This needle has been fished so if you have a new burple needlefish that is not equivalent to the AH, I will consider. Thanks a million for looking fellas!
  12. Ok Fellas, I am trading for only one nice needlefish day or night colors are fine. I am happy to trade for a super strike but I think in this case two super strikes would be fair for the lot (let me know if you disagree and we can talk) All the lures have been swam except the tsunami and the plastics Thanks a million for looking guys blurple mackerel x-rap chartreuse white belly tsunami metal lip swim blurple mag darter bone bullet sp bone sp sweetener (lol) chartreuse paddle tails eel sluggo
  13. Looking to trade the below lot for one nice, light color needlefish. Most, but not all have been fished at least a little. Helluva deal here fellas Brand new Redfin loaded with shot sps spook mag darrter Thanks for looking everyone!!
  14. Looking to trade the below lot for just a couple of decent needlefish, fine if they are fished. Most, but not all of my plugs have been fished at least a little but 3 are brand new. mag darters x-rap sp’s poppahs Thanks for looking everyone!!
  15. I started to fish regularly off beach in the PRR and S.P. starting end of last July through the end of the season. I'll probably make some trips to southern MA in the spring but this off season I have been doing some reading into how to best read the wave action and the movement of the sand of a beach to increase hook up ratios. I was definitely just swinging and spiking last season without a lot of thought. I usually hit up lots 6 and 7 in the refuge and then run the bar head of sandy point around the bend facing Ipswich. With the amount of water moving around that area, anyone willing to share some insights into how they determine casting selections? I'd like to have a better approach before the run makes it up the coast.
  16. Looking to trade some very nice metal lips plus a spook & a popper for a nice Scabelly Spook is mint, others show a little use. Thanks for looking!
  17. Looking to trade some very nice metal lips plus a spook for a nice glidah! Heddon Saltwater Super-Spook is mint, metal lips show a little use. Thanks for looking.
  18. Per title, I have a new, carried once, Eurojett Pikie. I will trade for a Surf Asylum flat glide or Alan’s large needle preferably light color Thanks for checking it out!!
  19. Per title, I have a brand new, 2021 Giant, Med Diver, Purple Pearl GRS I would like to trade for a new (only) Mike’s Commander or Beast in Bassoline Thanks for checking it out!!
  20. Giveaway #8 is for a brand new Westin Glidebait as I believe has been endorsed by Jerry Audet in his surfcasting seminars. I recently got one of my own! Just reply I'm in" in this thread and you will be entered. Winner will be selected by random number generator and will be announced May 1st Good luck. The WINNER (selected at random) should just copy and paste this text (when creating their thread), but be sure to.. 1.Change the giveaway # in your title and message body. 2. State the item you are giving away. 3. Change the day it will end and the day you will pick your winner. Entries accepted thru Midnight April 30 winner announced May 1st Good luck everybody!
  21. DAIWA EMBLEM SURF LIGHT 2020 - Specialist surfcasting slow oscillation reel Daiwa Emblem Surf Light 35 CW QD-P Ref. EMSL2035CWQDP This beautiful reel was launched in Europe last year 2020 and it was a total hit. Very hard to find now as they sell fast. It is a step up from the previous Emblem Surf 2018. Almost 100 grams lighter (530 grams), more refined overall, carbon composite rotor, more torque, extra seals at the handle mating points with the body, Magseal, conical spool with long cast lip, etc. If you need to reach those fish past the second bar, this is the reel! I did spool it and field tested it and it is smooth, robust and delivers the line flawlessly which translates into far casting distances. It is essentially new. I did my research and maintaining it should be no problem, it shares several of the critical components with US market Daiwa reels (antireverse clutch, bearings, etc.). This will pair very nicely with a Long Cast Rod to reel in any size fish you want. I am a reel hoarder so this one has to go. This Emblem Surf is comparable to reels that are much more expensive and I dare to call it a mini Basia. I would say is comparable to the Shimano Ultegra 14000 Ci4+, which is $340, but with better sealing. If you need the full specs on the reel you can Google "Daiwa France Emblem Surf Light" I paid close to $250 PRICE $234.99 + Shipping Quick specs: Weight 530 grams * Quick Drag System 33lb * Line recovery/crank 35" * Spool 1: 300m/0.30mm * Spool 2: 300m/0.18mm * 6+1 bearings (5 sealed) * Air rotor * Digigear II * Infinite antireverse * DS4 polycarbonate body and DS5 carbon rotor * Double oscillation line lay * Foldable aluminium handle * Anti-tangle guides on the axle and rotor to stop line catching under the spool * Manual pick-up closure * Heavy duty metal line clip with shock absorber for distance marking * Magseal.
  22. We are new to surfcasting and live in the Tampa area. Our first trip was to Indian Rocks beach. Looking for anyone familiar with this area if there are recommendations for additional nearby beaches or inlets?
  23. Tattoo 2oz Yellow Darter Tattoo 2oz Brown & Yellow Darter TA 2 oz SubDarter Bob Hahn 2 oz blue darter LIFishVT 2z Darter $130 shipped
  24. Per title, I have a new from Jan, carried once, NorCalKat Skaredy Kat I will trade for a Surf Asylum flat glide needle thanks for checking it out!!
  25. Orvis original Made in England Battenkill 8/9 This reel landed some beautiful fish and has a little rash so while it is selling on EBay for $250, I would like to trade for a couple nice plugs like Surf Asylum flat glide needles or Alan’s Combat gliders with a value Thanks for looking!!!