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Found 45 results

  1. Hey everyone, I have always heard stories of people catching monster stripers from the beach and jetty while throwing live rigged eels. I guess that I have simply never had the chance to do or try it out. My question is, should I start? I know people do this live eel fishing technique in places like cape cod and other areas that are prone to 40+ pounders, but is it going to be successful in the NJ area? And if I were to try this, what time of year should I go, where should I fish (Open beach, from the jetty, along the jetty, etc.), and what type of gear should I be using? Thanks in advance, Salty
  2. We typically head up to Maine for a few weeks camping and surf cast fishing. Anyone know about camp grounds there? How about surf cast fishing? We have never visited but it looks very interesting for a new place for vaca. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. What would be the ideal rod for a vs275 for surf fishing 1piece Rod blanks only please
  4. Used with normal marks and scratches but nothing crazy (see pics) she still looks good works just fine. Spooled with 50# spiderwire stealth. $500 local pick up by Philadelphia in NJ or $515 Shipped Venmo is preferred but PayPal is ok as well. Thanks for looking
  5. Has anyone ever used a gf100j blank as a spinning rod I want to build a 10ft 1 piece for surf casting.
  6. Can anyone explain to me what they think the deal is this year? There's an abundance of bait and loads and loads of schoolies but my success (and many people I've talked to) has been absolute s*** when it comes to bigger fish compared to the past few years. By bigger I mean fish 20 pounds and over, and this applies to both surf and boat. Last year was phenomenal for me with 40 inch + bass the norm and I made sure I logged everything. But trying to repeat it this year, fishing the same tides and winds, same techniques, etc. and I've yet to catch anything over like 32". Am I doing something wrong? Or are the bigger fish just not as abundant this year?
  7. Hey, looking for new friends to fish with around the nassau south shore area. It seems these days if I want to get out I am always on my own. I mostly fish from jones to robert moses. If anyone is down to meet up send me a msg. Im cool with surf, pier, jetty, whatever. Tight lines.
  8. Hi All, new to the community here, I will be in Goose Rocks Beach Maine for a few days, I primarily surf cast in southern RI and the CCC. I am planning on trying surf casting over there but have a bay boat to get a little further out there if the shore fishing is slow. I was planning on loading up on mackerel Al Gags and poagie chunking. I have lots of top water plugs and divers, needles etc, any recommendations for that costal area?
  9. Anyone know how i can get my hands on a CTS blank preferably a heavier one i can use to throw big plugs like GRS and trolling style lures. Ive tried the website but the biggest 11ft blank they had only throws 3-6 oz plugs
  10. How's it going out there everyone? It's been a while since I've been into the surf, or beach in general due to medical issues and hospital trips over the course of 2 years. I was just looking for general info on where I can wet a line for striped bass, blues, porgy, seabass, dig for clams, squid jig or crab net. I fished Plum Island yesterday and it was slow for me last night, not much bait anywhere except for a clams every 15ft {are these surf clams edible? white big shells} looking to try something new . I currently am using a mojo surf 10'6 3/4-4oz medium and a pen spinfisher v 6500, I also have a Tsunami trophy surf rod 3-6oz medium heavy for chunking or throwing big bucktails/jigs in the Merrimack river. I am willing to drive 1-2 hours for spots. Just looking for general areas to explore and gain more experience with the plugs in my bag which I'm trying to limit to 8 or less to become proficient with specific techniques. I have fished , Deer Island , Plum Island, some beach fronts in Ispwich and Salem. I have only really fished from shore and do not have access to my own boat.
  11. @Rolfe1 @mark stotesbury I'm going on a family vacation to South Africa (in 6 hours!) and we're staying in Cape Town for a few nights before heading north for a safari. Our hotel in Cape Town is in the V&A Waterfront and -- as is my modus operandi on such family trips -- I'd like to sneak in some early-morning fishing before the wife and kids wake up. So... I'd appreciate some last-minute advice on fishing near the V&A Waterfront. We're only taking carry-on luggage, so I can pack a travel Ugly Stik rod with a Penn Fierce 3000 (running 25 lb braid and a 30 lb flouro leader) and just a few hooks and a couple of soft baits w/ jig heads... but not much else. Or should I just leave everything at home? Thanks!! Ed (PS -- I won't have the time to do a charter trip!)
  12. I need a conventional reel for a 12' Penn heaver. The guy at the tackle shop mentioned three different reels- Daiwa Sealine X30, a Daiwa Saltist 30, or a Penn Squall 15. I'm leaning against the Squall because of line capacity- rated only for 190 yds of 20 lb. mono. So with the Sealine or the Saltist, is the Saltist worth the extra money? What is the difference between the two? Thanks!
  13. I started to fish regularly off beach in the PRR and S.P. starting end of last July through the end of the season. I'll probably make some trips to southern MA in the spring but this off season I have been doing some reading into how to best read the wave action and the movement of the sand of a beach to increase hook up ratios. I was definitely just swinging and spiking last season without a lot of thought. I usually hit up lots 6 and 7 in the refuge and then run the bar head of sandy point around the bend facing Ipswich. With the amount of water moving around that area, anyone willing to share some insights into how they determine casting selections? I'd like to have a better approach before the run makes it up the coast.
  14. Looking to head down to catch the spring run in Jersey. Was wondering what month would be the best to fish Island Beach State Park. Never fished the spring run, only made the fall. Please feel free to inform about spots, gear suggestions, baits to use, and anything else.
  15. Does anyone know any good Striper spots in Southern Maine?
  16. I am planning a summer surfcasting trip to the Block this year. I was wondering if anybody had experience with bringing a truck or renting a vehicle on the island. I've heard people say that you don't really need a vehicle to get around, but I don't know if walking a few miles with all of our gear to fish certain areas of the Island is exactly a good idea. Any info or tips on this would be great. If bringing a vehicle, what ferry should we take and whats the cost? Tight Lines in 2018
  17. Did anyone get into any herring bites from shore last year? Last few years? I haven’t heard about them being around in years but I always wonder whether anyone finds them from time to time. Thank you
  18. Buy three or more plugs and receive free shipping... Buy 2 or less add $4 for shipping.. All plugs are very lightly used, carried, or brand new. Paypal ONLY and buyer must cover fees Northbar Montauk Darter - Parrot 2oz - $15 Northbar Montauk Darter Bunker - 2oz - $15 Sporting Wood Bottledarter - Yellow over Bone 2.2oz - $19 SOLD Workhorse Floating Sandeel - BI Green Scale 1oz - $15 Lemire Jr. Needlefish - Sea Robin 1.5oz - $16 Lemire Stubby Needlefish - Parrot 1.5oz - $14 Lemire Stubby Needlefish - Parrot 1.5oz - $14 Lemire Stubby Needlefish - Black Cherry 1.5oz - $14 Lemire Senior Wavejammer - Fire Blue 3oz - $17 Lemire Senior Wavejammer - Parrot 3oz - $17 Guides Secret Pencil - Yellow over White 3oz - $14 SOLD Workhorse Stubby Spook - Yellow over White 1.5oz - $13 Yo Zuri Mag Darter - Bone 2oz - $15 SOLD
  19. How do you guys feel about using the Saragoa for surfcasting And if you have one give me some feed back
  20. I surf cast, i boat, and i kayak, but hands down love the Hobie way of life
  21. So i just got back from block island for a surfcasting trip, it was my first trip and it was pretty insane. met three of the coolest surf guys that were willing to teach me an my buddy a few things about fishing the island. The waves were intense and i would have to say it was the "real deal" im from CT and we really dont get waves the way i seen on the island over all a great experience.
  22. Fairly new to surfcasting with plugs need to get in the right direction
  23. I am looking into getting a new surfcasting set up this year. I did quite a bit of research and decided I want to get a Penn Spinfisher V and the LLBean surf rod (because of the warranty). I am wondering what size Reel and rod I should get. I am relatively new to surfcasting but not to fishing. I do not see myself getting fish bigger than 40lbs in the near future but am not sure on the size. Also for line I have never tried braided but I have been fishing long enough (15 years) that I believe I am capable of using it without getting constant bird nests. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  24. What's up guys, I'm on a serious mission this summer and I need all the help I can get lol. Basically I'm trying to make new friends that love to go fishing, and hopefully some folks that can show me how to consistently catch Stripers. I'm a Dorchester native, been fishing since I was a kid but I have yet to catch a keeper , and I feel like I have tried almost every method besides getting on a boat lol. Maybe my timing hasn't been good, perhaps I've just been unlucky. Either way, I love fishing too much to give up no matter how many times I head home without having gotten so much as a nibble. I think my main problem is that I don't have any real fishing buddies, sure there are folks who will come on a trip with me, but nobody to cast lines out with. Maybe someone out there wouldn't mind showing me what real Striper fishing is all about! I'm just tired of catching schoolies all the time lol.