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Found 116 results

  1. In addition to being Long Island's worst fisherman, I have a terrible habit of always changing my mind. So instead of buying a 7' inshore rod which I now believe is too small to handle the lures I use bay fishing (thread here), my new plan is to buy a new 9 foot surf rod rated for 1/2 to 3oz, or something similar. I also want a new reel, and I'll keep my current 9' surf rod for friends and family. Looking for something more sensitive than my current 9' Tica TC2 (1/2 to 3oz) moderate power with mod/fast action- it's mounted with an older Shimano reel which has seen better days. I think a 9 foot rod is a great length for the kind of fishing I am doing - targeting stripers, blues from the surf/ocean beach and also in calmer bay waters. I like to use lures like poppers, minnows and trying to improve with bucktails. I rarely use bait but I'll probably do more of that later this summer from the beach. Suppose you had up to $350 to spend on a surf rod, 9' with faster action. I don't need the best gear available but won't mind spending a few extra $$$ to get a really nice setup I can keep for a long time. I'd love to hear some opinions on these rods, and would love any recommendations: * ODM NXG-93 Genesis * Tsunami Airwaves * St. Croix Mojo * Penn Battalion Paired with a Shimano Saragosa 6000 size (does this make sense?) Thoughts?
  2. Greetings everyone! Now that things are opening back up, I'm heading down to OBX for an extended weekend (wife's birthday). Pops bought a house in southern Nags Head a little over a year ago, so that will be my base of operations. This will be my first attempt at surf fishing. I've been through a lot of posts and articles, bought some gear (that will be staying at the house for many future uses), and would like your tips and thoughts! Time frame: June 4th late pm through June 9th am Luckily, this will give me a outstanding opportunity to catch the spring tide (if I can stay up late enough) and the next very low tide around 2pm. Scouting out where the 1st and 2nd troughs are as well as cuts. I bought two 9' X-Heavy Fast action rods w/ 7000 series spinners, one for me and one for my father in-law. Planning on doing almost matching setups, middle of the road, soaking bait and learning the ropes. Not worried about catching anything in particular. Main setup: 20# mono w/ 50# shock leader, two hook bottom rig w/ 4 oz pyramid and 4/0 circle hooks. Second setup: 17# mono w/ 40# shock leader, two hook bottom rig w 2 or 3 oz pyramid and 3/0 circle hooks. Do the hook sizes and weights seem middle of the road? I'm worried they might be on the big end considering the time of year. Does this seem like a waste (too close together)? should I stick with one setup and have the other be something "more different", like fish finder rig or much lighter/heavier setup? Plan on soaking the bait (and sun), probably squid and shrimp (and beer). Depends what the tackle shop guys recommend. Will mostly be walking/carting out a mile or two from the house. Might take a drive a few miles south but not onto the beach (have 4wd), and staying far away from the point. Also, I will have plenty of opportunity to go out at night, is there anything that is a "must have" for surf fishing at night (do those rod lights actually work)? Let me know what you guys think and I'll be sure to update here and let you know how it goes! Bill
  3. Hello all, looking to purchase a new reel for my 10 foot Lamiglas surfrod. I will predominantly use it off the beach. Looking at either a Penn Spinfisher Longcast (5500 or 6500), Regular Spinfisher (5500 or 6500) or a Slammer III (5500 or 6500). Thoughts?
  4. WTS my like new St. Croix Legend Surf rod. 11ft rated 3-8 oz, 2-pc, medium-heavy/Moderate action. Rod was only used a few times. Absolutely perfect, only light marks from being stored. $350 picked up.
  5. Ok I need guidance, just moved to Long Island and love fishing. I never realized how much goes into the sport. I have a lot to learn. The last two seasons i’ve Been surf fishing but with not much luck( yes, i’m a bait soaker). I have tried some lures ( buck tails, diamond jig, spoons) out a few times but since I didn’t know what I was doing I kinda gave up. I have yet to catch a fish on a lure. I would like to be able to learn the lures and someday catch a damn fish. I have been to the trusty YouTube watched a few videos in hopes that things would change this year. Watched vids on how to tie different rigs, on how to read the beach which I still don’t know if I’m doing right. My gear so far: 10’ st croix mojo surf paired with penn battle 6000 12’ penn rod with penn fierce 2 live liner 8000 the 6000 has 40lb braid I believe the 8000 has 50lbs mono i think both rods are medium to heavy what the hell do I need to do other than “ get out and fish more”? More YouTube I guess any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. I'm trying to choose good surf spinning fishing rod that will work for me on the ocean beach. I want to launch my bait about 200 - 250 ft from the shore. Here are a few I have been looking at. Any thoughts / advice? 1. St.Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rod - Moderate Fast, Heavy, 12' - $299 2. SHIMANO TIRALEJO SURF SPINNING ROD - 12'0" MH MF - $299 3. Shimano Speedmaster Surf Spinning Rod - SPMS120H2 12', Heavy - $149 4. Ocean Master® Surf Spinning Rod - 12', heavy - $169 Planing to use it with Shimano Big Baitrunner 14000 XT B LC Thanks! PS: ft not yards ..
  7. Hello, I am 14, can somebody please explain the breaking tides and when that occurs. Also drop some good locations on the canal and what time of the year to go. Thanks
  8. WTS a TFO 11' Mag H Surf Rod 3-8 oz. Setup is for spinning. As you may know. TFOs are lifetime warranteed rods/blanks. If ever an problem with rod, simply call TFO and ask for a new blank. In most cases they dont even ask you to ship back the old blank. They just send out replacement for small fee. These rods just dont break not likely you'll ever use the warranty. This rod was never used much. I dont spend much time at the beaches. Used less than 5 times in the last 5 years. Rod is in phenomenal working order and still aesthetically pleasing. The shrink wrap has a small cut and I taped it with a little duct tape. $215 Cash and pickup only. Willing to meet at location convenient for me.
  9. Looking to sell an Emblem Pro 5500 w/ a spare spool. Reel is spooled with 50lb braid if I remember correctly. Comes with box and paperwork. Selling because I just don't need it anymore. Cosmetically it is used but works great. $85 tyd / $75 pick up near Cape Cod. Cash or Paypal.
  10. Does anyone know of a company or builder that makes giant darters? Mike's customs is the only one I've found but was wondering what else is out there. By big I mean 7 inches+ weighing 3 or 4 oz
  11. Hey guys, I've been combing this forum and all over the web to decide on the appropriate rod to bring to mexico this December. Right now, I've got it narrowed it down to the Daiwa Ardito 11 foot or the St. Croix Triumph travel 9 ft. My plan is to use the rod from the Cabos beach to fish for Sierra Mackeral, Jacks...whatever swims. From what I understand, people throw 2-3 oz poppers/lures/ rangers out there. For that purpose, will the 9 ft get the baits out far enough? I just ordered a Daiwa BG5000, which is what I will be pairing the rods with. The thing holding me back from the Ardito is the heft and the small first guide ( which some people say isn't too big a problem). I know there is a 10 Ft St croix triumph, but I don't think I can get my hand on one. Will there be a worthwhile difference in the casting distance between the 9 and 11 ft? Thank you y'all. As someone with barely any surf fishing expereince, this website is a wealth of knowledge, so I appreciate your input!
  12. What weight bucktails is everyone using for the surf for stripers?? I know it usually depends on the current etc but on average what are some good sizes to get for the tackle box?? Thanks
  13. we can go by Region or Metro: Boat fish do count. Miami Inshore: we've had consistent East North East winds and a recent dose of King Tides. Lots of beach erosion. It appears that the Mullet have moved on northward as my evening jaunts have been without sight of schools or predators. I will hit the beach this weekend to see if the beach erosion has stirred up the food chain. The last time we saw this was after Irma and it turned on the ladyfish as well as rare reports of redfish being released. Offshore: Dolphin and Swords still showing up at the marina for the Offshore crowd. I anticipate a banner year for Sails. Wahoo tend to show up inshore when you are flying kites. Bridges: Not seeing or hearing much activity. Some snook being spotted in the residential areas, but that's a tease. Freshwater: Exotics on tap. As of last week we had a slow-pick and mostly smallish peacocks on rapalas and yo-zuri stick baits. The spawn is a little late but should pick up.
  14. WTS Mojo 8' Surf Rod Rated 3/4-3 oz. Good condition. Has some cosmetic scuffs after 3 years use. Pick it up for $50 cash in Providence RI. What: Used Mojo 8' Surf 3/4-3 oz. Price: $50 cash Where: Providence Thanks for Looking!
  15. Looking to see if anyone has the bottom half of the 10'6" TFO surf rod (blue). I broke the bottom of mine, hoping someone else sent one in for warranty when their top broke and has an extra bottom laying around. Thanks for looking.
  16. I’m looking to concentrate on albies this fall. I’ve read some reports about them being caught on party boats but haven’t heard anything hitting the surf yet. Does anyone have reliable reports?
  17. Im looking for a smaller reel to complement my 10' mojo surf....Im using a shimano ultegra xtd 14000 which is a tank of a reel but to heavy to plug all day long. which reel between the bg stradic or slammer (if the slammer is on sale for less then 200$) should I get for the rod? Im thinking a bg 3000 for plugging up to 4 oz pencils? but the shimano reels have always been my favorite....
  18. The Old Man passed away Monday. He would have been 85 in August. The older guys down at Giglios knew Ted Wheeler as “Ten Pound Ted”. Whenever Dad had some free time, he went fishing. He grew up in Hoquiam, Washington, which is on Grays Harbor, which opens up to the Pacific. Fishing in the northwest corner of Washington state was mostly done on inland rivers and streams for Cutthroat, Steelhead, Rainbow Trout and Salmon and away from the surf. Back in the '40s and '50s, hardly anyone fished the Washington State Pacific surf. The surf was too big and the first break was a mile or more out to sea and probably nobody knew there were any fish in the swirling whitewash. Ted’s Old-Man Roy (my grandfather) must have gotten anxious waiting for the Steelhead or Cutthroat Trout season to start, or he got bored of throwing spinners at Dolly Varden Trout, (Steelhead and Dolly Varden were the Striper and Bluefish equivalents, in that order, of Pacific Northwest streams and rivers), so he took my dad to the beach to find something to fish for. Dad always claimed his father discovered that you can catch Surf Perch on those huge Pacific Beaches with a piece of clam, which is what they did when they needed to fish, and the trout and salmon seasons were closed. When Dad was in the US Army he did not have much time to fish. After the Army he went to Clemson and found out you can catch trout in the streams of some of the Appalachian foot hills. On one of his trips, his fishing buddy, a 270 pound offensive guard for the Tigers was bitten by a cottonmouth. Dad said he couldn’t get the guy to leave and go to the hospital because the Football player was not going to let a snake bite ruin his fishing trip. In 1970 “Ten Pound Ted” moved to Little Silver and stayed there until Hurricane Sandy forced him and mom to move to Shady Oaks. After a long stretch of little or no fishing while in the Army or college, or starting a career and family, moving to the “Jersey Shore” in 1970 allowed him to fish whenever he wanted to, and he did. He would tell you the trout and salmon fishing was better on the West Coast but the surf fishing was better on the East Coast. Dad probably went 10 years before he caught his first Striped bass. It was not for lack of trying. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Stripers were extremely rare. When he wanted to catch “a fish”, any fish, he would usually take me. When we wanted to catch bluefish and probably a weakfish or two, we would drive to the Monmouth Beach Club Jetty and wait for the Bluefish to trap the spearing, tinker mackerel and other baitfish in the northside corner of the jetty. If not the Monmouth Beach Jetty then Tradewinds, or the Asphalt Jetty, or Surfrider or any of the other jetties up to the Hook, that are now mostly covered with sand. When the fish were stacked up on the Ocean Avenue sea wall, and the birds were diving just on the other side, we would scale the wall with our fiberglass polls, Penn reels and Hopkins or treble hooks. If my mother knew at the time, as an 11 year old, dad let me climb down the ocean-side of the sea wall, with waves crashing, to gaff a twelve pound weakfish stuck in the rocks, she would have killed my father for letting me do that. There was a run of “Tide Runner” weakfish back in the early eighties. The Monmouth Beach Car Toppers would bring in fish close to 20 lbs. and occasionally those fish would come in close enough to catch from the wall. I remember the old man hooked into one that nearly pulled him off the wall, which easily would have killed him. That fish ended up lost in the rocks buts we had fun. If the blues and weakfish weren’t running, and at a time when Striper Fishing was mostly futile, we would find other species to catch. Dad liked a good tasting fish so we went out for blackfish a lot on the local jetties. That’s when he started making his own sinkers for easy breakoffs. The jetties in Northern Monmouth County were usually productive though those blackfish were usually on the small size. We also fished Sandy Hook for blackfish a lot. Our favorite place was where that large chunk of white concrete stuck out of the sand at low tide. Besides some decent sized blackfish, those rocks produced kingfish and the occasional sea bass. If it wasn’t bluefish, weakfish or blackfish, fluke were a good diversion in the middle of the summer. I remember hiking up to the tip of the hook at 6:00 AM with him and then sprinting when we noticed the thousands of mosquitos we attracted while crossing through the swampy parts of the dunes. The huge ships that passed within casting distance in the Sandy Hook channel were always impressive. By the time the Stripers had recovered and catching one wasn’t so rare, I was involved in too many high school sports to fish for them, or was in college, or lived in the city. When Dad retired in the 1990s he was in his full fishing glory. He could still hop the rocks, walk miles of sand, or just stand at the end of Peninsula Avenue in Sea Bright to fish and “shoot the breeze” with guys with funny nicknames. His nick name was “Ten Pound Ted” because he couldn’t catch a striper that weighed more than 10 pounds. Dad’s retirement and the peak years of the Striper cycle lined up perfectly. He had the most time to fish when there were the most fish to be caught. His “retirement” from fishing was long and enjoyable and in stages. First he stopped going on the rocks, and hung up his cleats. A few years later he stopped wading in the surf and hung up his waders. As he got older, Dad stuck to the inside and liked to fish Peninsula Ave and then Branchport Park, where he probably did more talking than fishing. Finally, visiting Giglios, having a coffee and cigarette, and listening to fishing stories was his version of a fishing trip. When I moved to the Jersey Shore in 2009, my 20 year hiatus from fishing was over. The old man of course had collected tons of equipment over the years and he was pretty happy to hand it all over to me instead of letting it collect dust in the garage. I still use his Penn 700 series reels, which he always swore by, and the rod Jim Cousins gave him as well as any number of plugs and lures. These last few years, the closest Dad could get to the fish was to ask me how the fishing was. I would show him a phone picture of a fish I caught, or tell him the “black ducks of death” had landed out front and it was over for the season. Even in his last few days Dad wanted to know if I was catching anything. He liked to fish calicos and sand bugs in July and August. I told him I’ve been floating bugs just off the drop and had a few hits earlier in the week. He liked the sound of that. -------- A Memorial Gathering will take place at the John E. Day Funeral Home, 85 Riverside Avenue, Red Bank, NJ 07701, on Thursday July 18, 2019 from 4-8PM. A Memorial Mass will take place at 9:30AM on Friday July 19, 2019 at St. James RC Church in Red Bank.
  19. I just jumped on the baitcasting bandwagon. I ordered a LEXA HD 400 7.1:1. I haven't used a baitcaster in a looong time, but WTH, right? I do most of my fishing on jetties, almost never use bait and most stuff I throw is under 3oz. like everyone else. I'm looking for a plugging/BT/Tins rod under $200 to learn with that will be able to get distance and handle the load. Has to be 2 piece. Has to be under $200. Is anyone plugging and distance casting with these reels? Also, what pound test.should I be spooling the reel with, I'm also getting a boat rod to maybe fish for tuna.
  20. I'm looking to enter the dark side and get a conventional setup for surf fishing from the beach. I read about magnetic brakes and windlevels being convenient but effects distance. Cabela mentioned Abu garcia c3 striper and Penn Rival I've been fishing for years but no nothing about a conventional reel. I'm looking first for maximum distance for casting 3-8 plus bait. I like the idea of the magnetic break and windlevel but dont know. I would like to keep it under 200 if possible. any advice is much appreciated.
  21. Good morning everyone, I have a pretty extensive book collection when it comes to fishing books, (how to, stories, guides, basically everything. But I’m always looking to add more to the collection. Anyone have any recommendations. Rare books or discontinued ones. If there still in print I most likely have it, but I’d still like to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks!
  22. Hello everyone...Im looking for recommendations for a fluking spinning rod to be used off the surf, inlet, or jetty. Length probably 7' or under. The type of fishing I'll be doing will be jigging bucktails off the bottom. My budget for this rod is under $100. Under $75 would be even better. What do you guys recommend?
  23. I recently bought a Shimano Saragosa 8000 and am looking for a surf rod in the $130-$230 to pair it with. I would prefer it to be on the lighter side (so I can cast for hours) but still strong enough to handle canal slobs. What do people recommend?
  24. I'm going to do some fishing from shore on the pacific coast of costa rica for a few weeks and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what tackle would be best since I'm a complete newbee to fishing from shore. I've read a lot of the existing threads and am currently thinking about the following set up: - Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod NTS-S-1004MH Other options are the Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod NTS-S-904M or the St. Croix Triumph Surf Travel Rod TSRS90M4 or St. Croix Triumph Surf Travel Rod TSRS100M4. Which of these is best suited? Is the 1004MH overpowered for the job? Or are the others underpowered? - Penn Spinfisher VI 5500 Does this reel balance well with the above mentioned rods? Too smal or big? Is it suitable for long casts from shore? - Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line 30lbs for mainline Does this choice of main line balance well with the rod and reel? - Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader 40lbs for short leader - Spro Power Swivel 130lbs to attach leader to mainline - Tactical Anger's Power Clips 125lbs to attach lure to leader Is this set up well balanced? Am I missing anything? Which lures are recommended? Also how would I go about setting up a live bait rig and what tackle would I need for it? Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks in advance!