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Found 159 results

  1. I am just beginning to get into surf fishing and I’m looking to purchase a rod and a reel. Any suggestions on an affordable set up for a rod, reel, line and etc.? What brands are best for rod and reels? Looking to spend less than $200 for everything. Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, I realize this might be a long shot, but I'm interested in a new condition G Loomis IMX Surf 11 footer IMX1325-2S. Open to similar recommendations as well. Would need to have it shipped and will cover the shipping costs!
  3. Hello all. I am a recent transplant to SF from Chicago. I moved out here May of 2021 and was really looking forward to getting into some striper action, being a lifelong largemouth and smallmouth bass angler in the Midwest. Unfortunately, one year later and I have yet to find success from the surf. I'm hoping for feedback on what I have tried so far. Places I have fished: * (all from the surf) Setup: Shimano Saragossa 6000 with a Lamiglas Carbon Surf 10'6" M Mod/Fast Terminal: 30lb Power Pro with a 2ft flourocarbon leader and size 7 snap Baits: I have mainly been throwing white Spro bucktails between 1 and 1.5oz as well as Kastmaster spoons, but have given floating SP minnows a shot too A majority of my time has been spent at Ocean Beach * . Some important notes about my strategy that I think are in need of refinement: Time of day - I normally fish 2 hours before and 1 hour after midday high tide. Casting distance - I was told that Ocean Beach is shallow and that I should go no heavier than 1.5oz. However, even with the 10'6" rod, my casting distance is limited to 50-60 yards max. I have waders that allow me to extend this a bit, but the breakers and rip current prevent me from gaining significant distance. It feels like most of the time my bait is either swallowed up in the breakers or getting caught up in the rip current, and if I could cast into the trough in front of the offshore sandbar, my bait would spend more time in more promising water. Identifying fish-holding beach features - This has been the most difficult thing for me. The waves during high tide have been so rough that it has made it hard for me to identify any breaks/sandbars/troughs/holes within casting distance. I'm mainly fishing blind, walking up and down the beach in hope of hitting a productive spot that fish are stacked up on. Any and all feedback on my setup, tackle, strategy, or location is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to make big progress this spring and summer season and finally land the first striper. Tight lines.
  4. Used once after snapping my rod during a blitz and needing a replacement ASAP. TFO Tactical Surf. 11’ 70/30 split. $275 no shipping. Located in NJ
  5. For Sale: G. Loomis saltwater Spinning rods and Shimano Spheros 8000SW reel Canadian striper guy here looking to sell some rods currently located in Cape Cod. This sale is for pick-up only on the Cape. Just before the pandemic hit, I left four rods and a reel at my buddy's place in the Cape, intending to go back in the spring. It beat driving back and fourth from Canada with these rods in the car. Well we all know what happened to 2020 and 2021. Figured I might as well sell them for who knows when I'll ever fish them again. Greenwater GLX GWMR843S 7' 1 piece spinning rod, lure weight ¼ to ¾ oz. $150.00 Greenwater GWR981S 8'2" 1 piece spinning, lure weight rod ¼ to 1¼ oz. $100.00 IMX Surf 965S 8' 1 piece surf spinning rod, lure weight ¾ to 5 oz. $150.00 IMX Surf 1264-2S 10'6" 2 piece surf spinning rod, lure weight ½ - 3 oz. $200.00 Shimano Spheros 8000SW spinning reel $100.00 The condition of all of these rods is excellent with the Spheros 8000SW having been used only a couple of times. My last trip to the cape was the first trip for this reel as I had only just bought it. The IMX Surf 965S hasn't been used very much. The two Greenwaters and the IMX Surf 1264 have had more use, but they're still in excellent shape. Terms are pick-up only at my friend's place in the Cape. Cash or electronic transfer only. Disadvantage, you have to drive to pick them up. Advantage, you get to see and handle the tackle before handing over your cash. PM me if you're interested and I'll send you his contact information. NOTE: These pictures are from a few years back and the sale does not include the reels. Since the rods and the Spheros are at the Cape and I'm in Ontario, I had to use old pictures.
  6. Hi everybody! I bought an okuma 8k surf over this off season. I currently have it loaded with a whole lot of 20lb mono. I have seen people taking about using alot of 65lb braid and then a topshot of heavy mono. Supposedly it is strong enough to bring in medium sized sharks and heavy rays. Does anyone else agree with that? It's not a metal body reel but it is strong. I just wanna know if it would hold up to some abuse.
  7. For sale I have 5 rods (all in excellent condition) A* 3 piece (5’x3) saltiga surf 15’ custom rod 8-12 oz 25-50lbs This is my go to for bait fishing from the beach. This casts a 6-8oz and bait super far effortlessly, due to the custom reel seat). This rod was designed to fish casting or spinning. I’ve fished on beaches where I was the only one catching because others couldn’t cast out far enough $200.00 B* 2 piece(5’x2) saltiga surf 10’ mh rod 3-6 oz 15-30lbs $100 C* 2 piece (8’&2’)Abu Garcia Beast fantasista 10’1”rod 8-18 oz 60-100lb $100 D* 1 piece shimano trevala 6’9” jigging boat rod ml 20-50lbs $100 E* 1 piece wSt Croix legend inshore 7’6” medium spinning 8-17lb 3/8-3/4oz $100 I’m in Brooklyn 11210
  8. Up for sale is my used with box Star S7000 spinning reel, currently in bail-less configuration. Bail and components are included in the box. I have no idea what the braid is on it, came spooled from previous owner. One small blemish shown it the photos. Everything shown in the pics is what you get. 125$ shipped to conus + PP 3%. I think venmo now has purchase protection for something like .019% plus .10cents? I would accept that for payment as well. TRADES : I am interested in similarly valued 12' surf rods with up to 8oz ratings+. I know they are not economical to ship, but throwing it out there. May be willing to add cash for a rod that I cannot live without. I am also interested in long cast surf model spinning reels. I also am willing to add cash for a reel that I am very interested in.
  9. Hi SOL, In the market for a 12 ft+ surf rod (50/50 split) and reel that can sling a 4-5 oz sinker and a big chunk of squid as far as it will go. Looking for a combo that is as light as possible and not terribly expensive as I'll be using it on the rocks here in California. From the research I've done, looks like the Shimano Speedmaster with the Ultegra 5500 XTD Ci4+ is a possibility but want to hear what others with more experience have to say. Thx!
  10. I'm Selling a Custom Made Cape Cod Canal Lure Bag that I purchased 25 years ago and I also added the Van Staal Patch. It's a Heavy Duty Surf Bag as pictures will show. It measures 7 3/4 inches in height and 12 inches long top and bottom and 8 inches wide. Back Pocket is 4 1/2 wide and Front Pocket 3 1/2 inches wide. It also has 6 Bucktail Holders. I don't know who made bag maybe SC will know. I'm asking $550.00 or $575.00 shipped. I'm in Suffolk County Long Island. Thank You rreelman!
  11. I started getting serious about surf fishing this season. My main goal is to start targeting sharks. I just bought an okuma solaris surf rod. 12ft heavy action. It has the ability to lob up to 16 ounces of lead. I also have a df100a on the way and some carbon washers to boot. It's nothing fancy and I still plan on getting a penn prevail or airwave rod for my bg 8000. Anyone else wanna share what they started with for surf sharks?
  12. I’m looking to buy a new spinning reel for a 1-5oz 10’ surf rod this coming year and was wondering what reels you’d recommend. My budget for this reel would be maxed at $400. Any thoughts?
  13. I was fishing the Brigantine Surf on Saturday and saw some ducks...Can anyone ID? I tried googling ocean duck but nothing matched. Thanks
  14. Letting go of some gear, I have become one of those guys that has become to busy, lazy, and crippled to get out in the last two years. These plugs will hopefully find a home where they will be given the time in the salt that they deserve lol! Prices are negotiable, I’d prefer pick up but will ship if your willing to pay for it, will sell single or lots. I don’t know the brand or name of some of them. SP minnow bullet - 5$ savage gear - 3$ Bombers- 4$ per one or all 6 for 20$ bomber topwater - 2$ sp minnow small - 2$ cotton Cordell (at least I think that’s what they are, the pink and black ones, some silvery) 4$ per one- less for multiples all other random not specifically named plugs 3$ per one or discount for multiples 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  15. Anyone north of the cape still fishing the surf? I live on the south shore and usually hang it up by now but might give it a few more weeks considering there's been so much bait around. Any tips would be appreciated!
  16. In the market for one of the older Legends. Just not a fan of the looks on the newer models (fantastic rods I know, just personal preference). My question for you guys that fish the older rods with the lowriders, how are they as far as fish fighting power and durability goes? Thanks!
  17. Is lightning really a great risk? It's start of that part of the year where surf fishing in daylight is really the only viable if the sky is masked. I always get the urge to head out for freshwater, or surf when heavy overcast days set in to try and get some day fishing in. I do know for me that the shittier( sun bathers perspective) the weather, the better the bite. How much of a real risk are lightning strikes? I've scanned forums, and Google and haven't found much evidence on cases of anglers being hit. Maybe because they are weary, or maybe because the risk is not as great as the emotional triggers lead us to believe. I cycle quite a bit and have ridden when lightning has been crashing down around me, it's a bit frightening, but is the fear outplaying the real risk involved? For example: a cycle ride through a rural back road in a downpour and lightning I 'encounter' 50-75 strikes for the 2 or 3 miles stretch (event happened), this appears to be a hazardous situation, but in reality this is a pretty large area for those strikes to be distributed. Anyone have any experience where they were teetering on my thought process and had an event quickly, changes their mind? or Is anyone of the train of thought that the emotional stimulation the lightning brings just outweighs logical thinking? PS. I am not in the camp that avoids any or all risks. I do choose to cycle knowing people 'drive' and text among other things.
  18. So I recently just bought an ODM DNA Backbay 7'6" and only had it for a week and took it out this morning and found this?! Haven't even hooked up to anything big that would cause it to be under pressure for the epoxy to crack. I was shocked when I looked at it and saw that the epoxy had cracked all the way around the reel seat. I hope this is covered under their one year warranty? Anybody else's rod have this defect?
  19. FINALLY ON THE BOARD!!! Right in the surf! Frozen clams! SO HAPPY TO BE ON THE BOARD!!! -Scott
  20. Has anyone fished these rods? I was looking at the 9' med-light for a light surf setup (1/2-3/4oz jigs/plastics for fluke and small stripers). I'm wondering how much it weighs and what taper is really like but also overall impressions. Listed as fast but I'm concerned It might be a little too soft with that length and listed lure weights. I'm also hoping it's pretty light (around 5-6 oz) so I can bomb it all day. Thanks
  22. Right now I have my 9’ ODM DNA paired with a Penn Slammer 3 5500 with 30lb braid. I use this set up for bass in the 35”+ range. I usually toss lures from 1-3oz. Which VSX will: 1. Balance my rod nicely 2. Offer enough size so I can feel confident casting 3oz darters and such. I know the slammer 5500 is slightly oversized for the 9’ but I have confidence when I hook up to nice fish that I can control the fish and the fish is not controlling me. I would like the same for my future VSX. Also at times I will be swapping the reel to a 10’6” star paraflex 2-6oz and will never be casting more than 3oz. Thank you in advance!
  23. I am looking for a Tsunami Airwave Elite 8'8" MTSAWESS-882M either shipped or not extremely far from NY. Let me know if you are looking to sell one!
  24. I'm trying to choose good surf spinning fishing rod that will work for me on the ocean beach. I want to launch my bait about 200 - 250 ft from the shore. Here are a few I have been looking at. Any thoughts / advice? 1. St.Croix Mojo Surf Spinning Rod - Moderate Fast, Heavy, 12' - $299 2. SHIMANO TIRALEJO SURF SPINNING ROD - 12'0" MH MF - $299 3. Shimano Speedmaster Surf Spinning Rod - SPMS120H2 12', Heavy - $149 4. Ocean Master® Surf Spinning Rod - 12', heavy - $169 Planing to use it with Shimano Big Baitrunner 14000 XT B LC Thanks! PS: ft not yards ..
  25. Brand New Penn Torque II 7500 Bailless Silver color. I am asking $550 picked up near Annapolis Maryland. I can ship the reel as well. I was planning to use this reel for shark fishing but I want to go a different direction. I am willing to trade for similar quality conventional reel in 30/50 class