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  1. New, Never Fish or Carried Googooman Bottles and Pikies $50 Shipped Paypal FF or Buyer Covers Fees Lot Price $700 Shipped
  2. I have a Tsunami SaltX 10 ft surf rod I am mostly using 1,1/2 ounce to 3 ounce buck tail and diamond jig should I get the SaltX 4000 or 6000 reel ?
  3. Is moderate action rod good for surf fishing stripe bass?
  4. Penn carnage H vs the OM H, which can handle more weight? Anyone with experience with these two rods? I know what the online ratings say but I’ve heard rumors of the newer OMs snapping within their casting range and some saying the carnage can handle more.
  5. Hello has anyone done a comparison between the heaviest versions of these two rods? I need the strongest 12’ spinner for under a couple hundred bucks I can find.
  6. Hello hello this is my first post I’ll try to keep it to the point. Im going sturgeon fishing in Idaho and I need a rod capable of spin casting 6-12oz of weight, preferably a 50/50 12’. I’d love to hear what recommendations you guys produce. I usually backlash casting so I am looking for a spinner. It’ll be paired with a SV7500 65lb braid. Thanks.
  7. Hey everybody! As I was wondering my local Walmart I saw an interesting item. A reel that looks suspiciously similar to a tsunami shield. Upon further inspection it has the same amount of seals and used the same proprietary tool as the shield. I love my shield and these reels are half the price. Does anyone have any experience with the Ozark trail branded saltwater reel?
  8. Hi folks, for the last few years I have been just fishing the spring run for bass and blues using bunker on the bay side, but after really getting into fishing I want to expand my horizons and to start fishing hard though out the summer and try the beach front. I am in the Long Island area and have access to the ocean, and wanted to see if anyone could give me some tips on trying to get bass and Blues in the summer months? Does anyone here still do well with the Bass blues here in June, July and august off the beach? What setup do you use? I would assume that night fishing is king in the summer months and that bunker is still probably the preferred bait? Is the day better for Blues? Also are there any true sharks here in the Summer not just sand sharks? Thanks for the help!
  9. Hello all, for the last few years I have been chunking bunker with a simple rig set up and now I am switching over to the fish finder rig. I have one rod with 50lb braid and another with 65lbs braid. For todays trip I have set up FFs as such.. mainline braid, then barrel of FF, swivel, 18 inches of 40-60lbs mono to 6/0 circle hook. It is my understanding that the whole point of a FF is to allow the fish to be able to run with the bait and not feel the sinker. I see some people use a 3-4ft mono leader from the mainline braid to the swivel, with the FF barrel on the mono thus being restricted to the 3-4ft... but I was thinking that this defeats the main purpose of the FF? or does that 3-4ft section of leader from the braid to the swivel enough so the fish can get a run in without feeling the sinker? I really don't need a big 10-20ft shock leader, I have never really had a issue with braking off 3-5 once weights with braid, but I would consider using that 3-4ft of mono leader from the braid to the swivel if there was real benefit. Also what hook line leader Length do you use? Thanks for the feedback!!
  10. Hi everybody! I bought an okuma 8k surf over this off season. I currently have it loaded with a whole lot of 20lb mono. I have seen people taking about using alot of 65lb braid and then a topshot of heavy mono. Supposedly it is strong enough to bring in medium sized sharks and heavy rays. Does anyone else agree with that? It's not a metal body reel but it is strong. I just wanna know if it would hold up to some abuse.
  11. Looking to purchase a rod blank from Carolina cast pro looking in between the 12’8 4-8oz or 13’ 6-10oz or even the 13’ 6-12 oz. I am mainly targeting red drum or small sharks; even pompano at that, off South padre island Texas and pairing it up with a Seigler SM reel using 20lb mono. I’m a 5’2 male and I’m not used to casting heavy action rods as I’ve been mainly using breakaway tackle rods 12ft gdx but looking for more oz rating to cast out there and keep bottom on windy days. I was looking into the blank when I saw them on YouTube and wondering if it’s worth the changing brands to the Carolina cast pro rod or should I just spend the money on a Breakaway HDX rod and reason why I’m so interested is because I been practicing using a Zziplex rod and adjustable reel seat and want the ultimate rod for my short stature since I’ll be building it I can measure out the butt section and make a perfect seat for my arms position if you know what I mean hope this post isn’t too messy but please do share if your had experience with these rods and I’m leaning towards the 13’ 6-12 oz because it resembles a Century Drum Gun rod but I’m afraid it might be too heavy but anyways thank you! PS I apologize if this isn’t the correct forum to post in.
  12. Hello new here just signed up. My family and I rented a house on south ponte beach in Florida. Was curious what fish are around the surf for fishing this area. We will be there 3/26/22 for a week. My brother and I got into surf fishing last year and enjoyed it. Just want to make sure we're prepared properly. Thanks for any info!!!
  13. Hello everyone, I am planning on buying a Saltiga star and a CCP for surf fishing in Texas. Mostly targeting reds, big ugly's, and sharks. I plan on getting the 6-10 CCP but also am thinking about the 8-12. Im wondering what size Saltiga I should get and how I should spool it up. I'm thinking either a 30, 35, or 40 for the reel. What would be the in use difference between the taller 35 and 40 and something like a 30 other than weight? For the line, I want to go 500yds of Berkley whiplash and top it with 0.4 Double X or 17lb Sufix tri plus. Wondering what the difference is between full braid, full mono, and braid+ mono. I don't usually fish places with a ton of people so I think I could get away with full braid. Thanks for all the help.
  14. I started getting serious about surf fishing this season. My main goal is to start targeting sharks. I just bought an okuma solaris surf rod. 12ft heavy action. It has the ability to lob up to 16 ounces of lead. I also have a df100a on the way and some carbon washers to boot. It's nothing fancy and I still plan on getting a penn prevail or airwave rod for my bg 8000. Anyone else wanna share what they started with for surf sharks?
  15. I wear my plug bag on my belt with its belt loops and even though I have a quality surf belt, the bag can still weigh the belt down a bit. I know many guys just wear theirs around their shoulder with a strap but I feel like that'd get uncomfortable after a few hours of casting and 10 lbs of lures in the bag. How do you guys wear your surf bags comfortably and effectively?
  16. I am fishing for Surf Perch with a 10 foot salmon rod and a Lew's Speedcast round, level wind bait cast. I will probably use a 15# test. I have read on this forum that braid is tricky on a bait cast reel due to backlash. For a beginner, is mono better to start with?
  17. Hi all, Longtime freshwater fisherman here, kind of new to surf fishing, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. My family will be staying in Broadkill Beach in mid-August and I’d like to try fishing while the kids are playing on the beach. I’ve heard lots of reports of people catching small sharks there lately. Is there anything else near shore that time of year? Flounder, drum, etc? I have a 10 ft rod, I’d be grateful for any tips on rigs and bait. Thanks.
  18. Guys, I have been surf fishing for nearly thirty years. Just the last few years I have been building a collection of high end gear. There is a big difference forsure. I own Van staal reels and like them. I have been in the market for a Zee Baas reel but I am not sure how the sizes compare to a Vanstaal. I own a VS200,VS150 and VS100. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. I am on the hunt for a new set of waders. I am using an old pair of LL Bean boot fit waders but after about 10 years they are leaking on the boot seam. I don't think I can prove purchase to use the lifetime warranty of the LL Beans since it has been so long. So I am on the hunt for new ones and am wondering if I should go with stocking foot or with boot fit. I exclusively fish from the surf. But came across these https://www.sierra.com/simms-headwaters-pro-gore-tex-waders-waterproof-stockingfoot-for-men~p~17mdr/?filterString=waders-and-wading-boots~d~243%2F and was wondering if there are surf fishing waders specifically. Of course going with stocking foot would require getting wading boots, which there does seem to be some salt water specific options there and would require additional cost. But the boot foot waders seem to be more clunky and poor fitting than stocking foot. So I was looking for people opinions/suggestions.
  20. I think it's time, a lot of the other forums on this site have one...it's time for the Main Forum to have one Pictures of fishing, fish, fishing trips, lures, tackle, people fishing, etc, etc, etc - let's see them Couple guidelines - please don't post images that are water marked with promotional logos or URLs - please don't post promotional or commercial/advertising type images - and if you are posting pictures of girls fishing, please make sure they are appropriately attired I'll start I've got miles of pictures...I'm sure lots of you guys do - let's see some! TimS
  21. I saw this video and thought it was really cool. I didn't know that there were striped bass running the coast of california. This was pretty crazy to see that there all over the west coast and east coast.
  22. Looking for some help on Delaware permit. I’m a non resident and I will be spending some time at a beach home in Lewes area. I wanted to do some surf fishing from the beach near the house I’m staying. I’m not sure if I still need a permit to fish the surf. Is the permit that’s sold for vehicles to drive up on the beach or do you need a permit regardless? I saw online that non resident permit is $180 but I got conflicting info that states a fishing permit for 7 days is $15. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks In Advance.
  23. I am curious as to what some folks may be using for GoPro LEDs & mounts for night footage? - i.e. waterproof LED lights, camera rigs for the yak, and setups for surf fishing pics (specific brands and/or DIY recommendations).
  24. Hoping someone can help me sort through some thoughts. Although I fished saltwater when younger, I have not surf fished much at all. I'm now looking to get into it primarily fishing the NC coast and Outer Banks. I recently bought a Penn Squall 30LW and paired it with a Penn Battalion II, 10ft, 15-30lb medium heavy. However, I came across several articles saying the SQL30LW is not the best choice for casting/surf fishing. Reasons cited include, weight, LW which hinders casting distance, designed for trolling, etc. I chose this reel because I thought I would need a LW as a conventional reel beginner however I did look at the Squall Star Drag as well (I don't mind taking the time to learn to use conventional reels). My plan is to use this rod and reel set to cast live bait past the breakers and place it into rod holder. Not targeting a specific fish so want something for about anything. I'm also going to purchase a spinning rod and reel to use for lures while my conventional sits in the rod holder. I've looked at the Spinfisher and the Fierce III options. What do you think and do you have any advice? Am I on the right track with the Squall 30LW or should I get a 20LW? Perhaps there is something I'm not considering? Should I ditch the whole conventional setup if my focus is on surf fishing? There is so much information out there its hard to sort through. Thanks.
  25. So I've decided I'm not ready to cast a conventional reel! Although I originally put 50lb braid on the Penn Squall 30, I've recently replaced it with 40lb mono. Reason?: I can't cast the braid without making a bird's nest. So....we'll try mono and practice until about mid-March before taking it to the beach. Meanwhile, I've bought a Penn Battle 5000 and a Penn Battle 4000 and paired them with a Penn 11ft and 9ft rod respectively. I've had pretty good luck catching whiting, blues, and puffers while fishing Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach. I'm using drop leaders and Carolina rigs. What have I've learned: Multiple bait types are necessary to figure out what the darn fish want Fishing after dark (waiting for the tide to come in) is useless without a head light My baseball cart does not work in the sand My 11yr old will not fish if the fish are not biting I'm probably using hooks that are too big for the area that I'm fishing Blood worms work when nothing else works I always purchase too much fresh bait and wind up donating what I don't use to the fishermen beside me or to the fish who refuse to bite my hook Braid is hard to tie! Mono is much easier. Fishing video's are made for those who like to brag...either on their knot tying ability or on the one good day they had all summer. The video editing software contributes to the fake video (news). Even if I don't catch anything, I enjoy being on the beach! Penn Fishing doesn't comment on my posts! I'm a newbie trying to get started in surf fishing! I have all Penn rods and reels....but it's not too late to switch up! And I will, screw the "sunk" cost! I can't keep fresh shrimp on the darn hook! It comes off when I cast and is never on the hook when I reel it in! Mullet, spot, fish bites, and bloodworms are all there... not fresh shrimp! It is very satisfying to tie your own leader and catch a fish with it! My wife wants me to start bringing fresh fish home to cook...it's healthy, she says! But I've got to learn how to catch them first!!!:):)
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