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  1. Used only a handful of times. Needed a heavier line. It's cleaned and ready to ship. $45 shipped to continental US.
  2. Hey guys, I recently went fishing for stripers with night crawlers because the I didn’t want to pay for bloodworms or sandworms. I was only fishing for an hour and I didn’t catch anything. The nighcrawlers kept on coming off the hook. Is there a way to use night crawlers for stripers without this problem? Are blood or sandworms effective and worth the price? Will fishbites work instead? Will fishbites work at this time of year? I fish the western Long Island sound if that makes a difference. Thank you in advance for any advice given! Best, Steve
  3. Which one is better for striper fishing? I can’t afford to buy live bait each outing.
  4. Am having trouble finding the right hook for a Bend back pattern. It's basically a Jiggy, but with a heavy metal bead, rather than premade heads. I'll be targeting schoolie stripers with an eight weight, so am thinking that a 1/0 would be about right. I understand that stainless hooks, such as the Mustad 34007, bend easier, but am having trouble finding a longer shanked, heavier wire version. I noticed that some folks here are using plated carbons, like the Gamakatsu Sp11-3L3H and Mustad S74SNP. Are they Bend back suitable, and if not, can someone suggest a better choice?
  5. Looking for opinions on your favorite spook-type lure in the 1-2oz range. Something that rides high and of course, has great action.
  6. New to Forum. Looking for some advice on fishing techniques, and lures in and around the above areas. We will have a small boat to tool around from Birch Island and will be cast netting and saabiki jigging for macs and using lures. Any tips for September fishing in Maine? Looking to catch Stripers specifically but not opposed to other species.
  7. Just moved up here for school. I am coming from NJ so this is a big change of scenery for me. I am 10 min away from the mouth of the Saco River. So far I have scouted the inlet and talked to a few fishermen. From what I have gathered they say it is a tough year for bass and right now according to them the water is too warm so they wont hit plugs. Personally I think bass everywhere will always hit a plug/artificial if it’s the right depth, speed, and profile. Any pointers for fishing this area would be greatly appreciated, also any current fishing reports. Friends I have talked to in NJ said the Maine bite for large fish is all in creek mouths on eels; any truth to this? Also how long do the bass stick around for up here? Ill probably be making a few more posts to pick your brain as I keep discovering the area.
  8. It’s been 24 years since I last caught a Maine bluefish. This morning was a nice surprise with multiple mid to high 30” blues. I know many people that have been catching them the past few years up here, but I’m not one of them. I sure hope they stick around for a little while!
  9. Striper moon by Kenney Abrams’s Inshore fly fishing by Lou tabory Stripers on the fly by Lou tabory Surfcaster Ultimate Guide by William Muller Stripers and streamers by Ray Bondorew The Art of Surfcasting with Lures by Z Hromin The Hunt for big stripers by Z Hromin Fly fishing basics by Dave Hughes Absolute classics in wonderful condition. Both tabory books are hardcovers. $50 shipped
  10. Last week, I saw something interesting which I thought I'd share with y'all: a Texas rig'd (no bullet weight) ~3" swimbait on a C-rig. Never seen anything like it but.... it definitely worked. The guy using it had landed a 12" and 15" perch within 30 minutes on the rig after not getting bit on a 2" camo sandworm (perhaps the most shocking part of this tale). I'm on my way out today to give it a bit of a test run! This experience got me thinking about other unlikely combinations, or unique setups for the surf that people might not have heard about. So, I figured I'd start a thread to either theory-craft new setups, or discuss somewhat unusual rigs that have worked for people in the past!
  11. Hey everyone! New to the forum and recently moved to Chattanooga TN. I have heard of large Striper being landed in the area. Im curious if anyone has any info on how to hook into a striper above or below the Lake Chickamauga dam. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have not used fluoro yet and find conflicting info everywhere. I have just started plugging for stripers, mostly in the surf, in the last year or two and have simply used either 30 or 40 lb mono for my leaders. I had it on hand and it works. But the blues are coming soon and traditionally I tied on a wire leader when blue fishing. The blues will be hitting my striper plugs and I am not sure what weight leader to use and if fluoro is even the way to go. Any advice is appreciated.
  13. I want to expand my horizons when it comes to early back bay fishing for bass with lures. The past several years I have looked to fish tidal flats that drain to 1-2’ at low and are 3-5’ at high also they have a nice current. The only issue I’ve had is that I don’t have any confidence that I will find anything over 25”. Early season how do you target the larger fish, do they hold on different structure? I usually do well by April fishing needlefish at night in similar areas described and catch up to 30” at night only. Early March what are the optimal circumstances (structure wise) to find a striper 25”+?
  14. Right now I have my 9’ ODM DNA paired with a Penn Slammer 3 5500 with 30lb braid. I use this set up for bass in the 35”+ range. I usually toss lures from 1-3oz. Which VSX will: 1. Balance my rod nicely 2. Offer enough size so I can feel confident casting 3oz darters and such. I know the slammer 5500 is slightly oversized for the 9’ but I have confidence when I hook up to nice fish that I can control the fish and the fish is not controlling me. I would like the same for my future VSX. Also at times I will be swapping the reel to a 10’6” star paraflex 2-6oz and will never be casting more than 3oz. Thank you in advance!
  15. Looking for a 10wt cold salt water floating line. If anyones looking to lighten thier collection let me know.
  16. Looking for a 10wt cold salt water floating line. If anyones looking to lighten thier collection let me know.
  17. I don't own a boat, (Its my goal to someday) so I am limited to surfcasting. I went up to Newburyport with my friend and father and had a blast catching them in the surf. I waded up to my chest at times and it payed off. We used clams that we bought from Surfland. I know that it is a common thing to not give away spots, so hopefully these photos aren't too bad. These are probably the biggest fish I've caught, and I hopefully and keep catching bigger ones.
  18. Anyone on here fly fish the coast of New Jersey for Albies,Blues,Striper? I have been there twice and have had mediocre luck and have caught weird species such as northern stargazers on the surf. Just curious if anyone on here chase the striper of albies on the surf with the fly rod in sept,nov,dec months.If so what have you found to be most productive with fly pattern,color, etc
  19. Ive never put so much time and effort into something with nothing to show for it. Ive been to the canal, to Jamestown, breachways and chokepoints during the outgoing tide. Im using eels, soft plastic white swimbaits, bucktails.. and I still havent caught one single legal striper. Past two nights I went to a striper feeding ground during the outgoing tide. Saw them come and go without a single bite. Determined, I went to the jetty, no bites. Then I went to (another place*) and immediately saw bubbling and smacking under the bridge. Cast out a surface jig, no action. Switched to a gulp soft plastic with lead head, still nothing. I dangled a sabiki rig from the bridge but that didnt work. I gathered crabs from the river and tried using those as bait. Still nothing. I couldnt even catch a gd porgie. No lie 3 times they disappeared and I gave up only to see them reappear as soon as I got to my car. /vent
  20. FINALLY ON THE BOARD!!! Right in the surf! Frozen clams! SO HAPPY TO BE ON THE BOARD!!! -Scott
  21. Hwy what's up, I'm from the east coast of Florida and usually fish for snook and tarpon but I need help, I'm taking a trip up to Portland Maine and the Cape Cod Canal with my family and I want to go striper fishing but I have no clue where to start. Currently I plan on bringing my Penn spin fisher 3500 and my 7'6 medium rod. I have a Penn battle 6k but I don't have a rod for it. What type of rod should I get for the 6k for striper. I will be doing land based fishing and plan on using lures. I can also fish off the beach if I want but I don't even know where to start. Also what are some good lures for striper that aren't terribly expensive? Can someone guide me in the right direction? Thank You!!!
  22. For the past week or two I have been fishing the herring run. While trophy stripers have been pulled out daily, it seems as though I am cursed with catching stripers solely in the 25-29 inch range. I am yet to see a 30+ this Spring. Are the lures too small? Go big or go home? Or should I focus on other parts of the river? I hope to break this curse before I end up chasing the stripers back to the salt in a few weeks.
  23. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share an exceptional moment for me today. I live in Boston (in the middle of Backbay) and I sometimes fish in the Charles during my lunch break. I usually fish with a 7'3 medium rod and a baitcaster, and catch small LMB. My PB is a ~6 lbs which is very good for the Charles in my opinion. I also target Stripers from the shore and on a friend's boat at least two days per week (Boston Bay, Cape, Canal, RI) from May to October. Last year..no keeper. Today, it was nice outside and the wind was low so I decided to go fishing around noon. I grabbed my inshore travel setup with the intention of testing new lures that I bought recently, and that I'd like to use down in Florida in two weeks. Early in the season in the Charles, I usually fish a deeper spot (~30 feet), according to depth data that I found online. Sometimes, I lose lures at that spot and I thought the same thing again today when my Dartspin was blocked...but it started moving, or should I say running... and I finally heard the wonderful sound of my drag for the first time this season. I thought I broke my LMB PB but I couldn't believe what I saw after a fantastic fight... I put many hours on the Charles during lunch breaks for the past three years. It is crazy to think that today, I grabbed my inshore setup to test some lures, and secured this fish on the bank. She went back in of course! I know that Stripers have been caught in the Charles but it's a pretty rare thing, in my opinion, especially of that size and that early in the season. The beauty of fishing is that every cast counts and sometimes, we get great surprises! Rod: Glenn Chatfield Custom 7 foot travel rod 1/4oz - 1oz Reel: Shimano Stradic 3000 XGFL Line: 20 lbs Powerpro Superslick V2 black Leader: Yo-Zuri 20 lbs Fluorocarbon Pink (6 feet, tied with FJ knot) Clip: TA 50 lbs & Uni knot Lure: Hyperlastics Dartspin 5 inches
  24. 40$ shipped 2 lures they just don’t fall Into rotation
  25. Morning- It's reading and tying season and came across Bonderow's "Stripers and Streamers: Successful Flies, Techniques and Other Insights". Likely a good read but was wondering if there were other suggestions? Mainly interested in strategy, fish habits, etc and not flies per se, I have that covered. Thanks
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