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Found 46 results

  1. looking for information on how to fish *reefs for striped bass from shore or boat.
  2. Brand new. Never fished. Tags attached. Jigging World Nexus XH (equivalent of cutting the top four inches off the heavy like Skinner) Quantum Accurist. 6.3.1 ratio model. Power handle added. 15lb suffix. $265 OBO picked up in Queens/Nassau
  3. Brand new. Never fished. Daiwa bg3000 spooled with 20lb suffix 832. Jigging world power handle added. Jigging World Shogun Spinner. ML. Rated 15-30lb. Tags still attached. $325 picked up. Queens/Nassau Price is firm, already discounted, and non negotiable.
  4. Hi there! Fishing newbie here with another question, Do swivels/fishing clips scare away your fish? especially striped bass? I know when you are using hard baits it doesn't really matter but sometimes I use a jig head and soft plastic and wonder if that scares away the fish. All help is appreciated!
  5. Anyone fish the Hackensack ? Usually fish down south but trying to find something local since difficult to travel with work. Live in area but have never fished area.
  6. For sale. Fished once. Mint. Tranx 300a with powerhandle and spooled with 15lb jbraid. Nexus 7’ extra heavy. Awesome fluke combo. Great for jigging tog. $400 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  7. As the the title states, who has one and how do you fish it? I'm curious, as a learning experience, as to how people are setting it up for fluke, tog and striped bass. Especially if you're from the cape or long island, montauk, jersey... What test braid are you using for each specific species. What are you finding it can handle real world in terms of sinker weight, diamond jigs... I appreciate Kil's perspective, but he also may be fishing a different technique and I'd like to know how it's working out for others.
  8. Fished once. Seagate 20 with 15lb jbraid. Tsunami classic 7’ XH rated 20-40lb. Used for a few drifts in montauk. Picked It up for friends to use. No longer needed. Washed down. Box included. $215 or best offer picked up in Queens/Nassau
  9. Looking to buy jointed mambo minnows. Any color will do and slight use is fine. Thanks for looking!
  10. Used twice and washed down. 7’ extra heavy model. Perfect action for fluke bucktailjng. Very light. Great rod. $140 picked up Queens/Long Island.
  11. For sale. Custom Jigging World Night Ranger. 7’6 heavy model with three inches cut off the bottom, so 7’3. Built by joeys custom rods. Wrapped with blue and neon green. Eva split grip. Great for ocean fluke and striped bass. Never fished. $360 picked up. Queens/Long Island.
  12. For sale is a shimano tranx 300a upgraded with jigging world power handle. Spooled with 15lb jbraid. Fished once and rinsed down. $260 shipped in the US.
  13. Just curious what others are thinking. Been reading the study and surrounding articles about the striper population being under severe stress. Several commentaries from folks at the trade pubs talking both sides of the slot limit argument and approach. What do you think we need to do to ensure the next couple generations have striped bass out there to torment them? Slot? Closure? Really interesting to read how much worse the morbidity on released fish is compared to my personal assumptions. As one who sucks at catching bass in Western CT, I guess the only consolation is not being a proportionally large part of the problem.
  14. Hello! I've got a few questions about fishing for striped bass during the winter months, as I REALLY don't wanna be playing video games indoors and would rather be catching fish! So here are my questions; Where do you fish for them? What lures to throw? What tactics should I use to find some fish (Doesn't matter if its big or small I'm just trying to get some fish!) And also I live in the Fairfield Area. Any information is very appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  15. For sale is a brand new tranx 300. Low gear. Spooled with 20lb Jbraid chartreuse. Jigging world power handle added. $250 shipped.
  16. Stopped by tackle world today. Looked at their selection, Shogun, black demon, black widow, and the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight was the closest in weight, action, and backbone. Infact, if blind folded, I would have a hard time telling the two apart. That being said, the challenger 7’3m is rated 20-25lbs and the Dark Knight 7’2 is rated 30-65lbs. I didn’t have my challenger with me to compare on the spot. I looked at mine when i got it. So I didn’t pick it up as I’ve wanted a second. Has anyone handled a Dark Knight or fished it? Is it really a 30-65lb rod or is this greatly exaggerated. I can’t imagine a 30-65 being advertise as an all around inshore including fluke. Seems like a great tog rod tho.
  17. For sale: Brand new never been fished Jigging World Black Widow 150S. Rated 15-30lb. Please note, some are used to the old green color they used, they are now blue. This comes with a Shimano Stradic Fk 4000. Also never been fished. Please note that a jigging World Power knob has been added. Original knob will be included. Fairly priced at $360 picked up Brooklyn/Queens/Nassau Will also trade for a brand new with tags Blackhole Challenger 7’3M conventional (non spiral) and a few bucks my way.
  18. Have two Tranx 300 for sale. One is literally out of the box. Never fished or spooled. $250 local pickup Queens/Nassau The second has never been fished. I’ve added a jigging world power handle to it and spooled it with 20lb super slick. Original handle included. $275 local pickup Queens/Nassau Both have boxes and paperwork. Please add 8.95 for shipping.
  19. For sales is a custom United Composites CE700L made by Bobby at causeway. Fished once and rinsed down. Very nice black and blue threading. 8 fuji guides. Fuji trigger seat with eva cushion for the palm and shrink wrap fore and rear grips. Used this rod once togging and the action is beautiful. Will load better photos when I have a chance. $275 local pickup in New York, Queens/Nassau Feel free to make a fair offer. Will also trade for a Phenix M1 inshore 7’3mh plus a few bucks.
  20. For sale is a never been fished Phenix M1 inshore. Tags have been removed but i still have them. Beautiful rod with great action and perfect for the next fluke season or schoolie stripers. Great for light jigging tog. $140 local pickup Queens/Nassau
  21. For sale is a light tackle blackfish combo. Jigging World Black Widow rod (15-30lbs) with some wear on it. Please see photos. Daiwa BG 3000 only fished once. Still have the box. $225 Local pickup in New York only. Queens/Nassau
  22. Hey there! I've got a question about where to fish for striped bass(either big or small, I'm just trying to catch some fish!) in the winter months (December-March) and what to use to catch them (lures,tactics,etc.) I live in Ct. and also if there are some fellow Connecticut fisherman could you give me some recommendations as well? All help is very appreciated!!!
  23. Hi guys! I have some questions about what I've heard is one of the most versatile lures out there; The Buck tail. Now, I rarely use these and that's probably a bad thing as from videos on you tube, forums and articles they say they produce a lot and even catch some pretty nice sized bass! I've only used buck tails for fluke but want to try it for striped bass. In my Area, there are mostly bass in the 12-24 inch range (mostly school bass) but sometimes a 28 inch or bigger will appear. So my questions are; What size buck tails should I purchase? How should I fish these buck tails? and what are some other methods and tactics to use Buck tails? All help is very appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  24. Howdy! Fishing newbie here with another question, what are some good lures or lure colors for dirty/murky water? I'm targeting schoolie striped bass and bigger. There's a lot of rain coming my way down here in CT, but I just can't wait the two to three days of water clearing up after all this rain. That's probably just what I have to do to catch a few fish but I still really wanna try! The conditions are probably gonna be cloudy, breaks in between when its gonna rain in the day, I'm gonna fish in a creek and then the mouth that connects it to a channel and marina/harbor. I hate playing damn video games inside and would rather save it for the winter! All help is VERY appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  25. scup

    How successful have y'all been in livening scup? i had some 40's on liveling from shore. saw a 70 doing it and didn't even believe they got that big!!