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  1. looking for ideas on ways to store diamond jigs. jigs are to heavy and break plano boxes, looking if anyone has a better idea then plano boxes.
  2. New to the forum. Just wanted to show people a small taste of the striped bass fishery that has exploded here on Prince Edward Island, Canada within the past 6 or 7 years! It's amazing how fast they seem to have recovered here!! I started fishing for them from the beach around the end of September, and have made it out probably 10 times up until the season closed on October 31st. Out of those 10 times myself of the couple of friends who i went with have never been skunked! I know i need to invest in a good net. I can say that although the fish are very sandy, it isn't because i dragged it up the beach. It happened while i was removing the hook and the fish decided it was time to do a couple of flops. I acknowledge that i need to get better with my releases. I had such a great time using light tackle! The "daytime" fish came in at 29 inches, and the 'night time fish" came in at 33.5 inches. Both caught on my Shimano Nexave 6'6 rod, 12lb mono, and 15lb fluorcarbon leader. Mackerel chunk for bait. Would love to get some tips and tricks from any and all!! Tight lines everyone!!
  3. Hey everyone, Updates I got this week from my neck of the woods (mostly Revere/Lynn): Schoolies/small Striped Bass are getting active in Revere & Lynn Harbor. These seem to be holdovers based on what I have seen or heard from other anglers and bait shops. Most guys are bottom fishing, reporting lots of down time, mostly during the day time hours. Last night one or two guys were able to bring in some slot size, no sea lice. Water temps in the channels and rivers are starting to warm up nicely, may even be getting a bit too warm during lower tides, and would suggest more open face fishing (surf) at night. I will update with more info as I get it.
  4. I came across this and thought to share for those that are interested in signing the letter located on ASGA website. I signed it and hope others do the same. These slot fish are getting hammered and now there is only a 15% chance of the stock being rebuilt. I know from experience the 1 @ 36 was so successful because early on no one caught a bass that size. Nearly all went back which is just the opposite of what I have been seeing. If something doesn't change, the future looks very bleak. From the ASGA Website It is clear that some areas experienced excellent striped bass fishing last year. The good fishing was a result of one of the most prolific year classes on record reaching maturity. This translated into over 35 million pounds of striped bass harvested coastwide. ASGA had deep concerns that the slot limit would fully exploit the robust 2015-year class when it was proposed. These concerns are now a reality. The 2015-year class is the last robust recruitment year. While the 2017 and 2018 year classes are average, there are four consecutive years of the lowest recruitment in recent history following. This leaves the stock and those that depend on a healthy striped bass population in a very dangerous place. This increase in harvest decreased the odds of rebuilding by 83-86%. Unless the ASMFC Striped Bass Board changes course at the May meeting, there is little chance that striped bass rebuild to target biomass levels by 2029. According to recent analysis by striped bass scientists, current rebuilding probabilities are less than 15%. During their latest meeting, Technical Committee staff expressed serious concerns about the ability to rebuild the stock if the Board does not act at the May Meeting. Amendment 7, which was just approved and implemented in May 2022, clearly states that the stock must be rebuilt within 10 years. This current rebuilding plan has failed. The 2022 MRIP harvest numbers showed that harvest doubled and decreased the probability of rebuilding to 14.6%. This is unacceptable to our community and clearly violates Amendment 7’s rebuilding provisions. Taking a correction now is far better than imposing draconian measures in a few years. The ASMFC Striped Bass Board needs to initiate Addendum II to implement the necessary changes for the 2024 fishing season. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. The American Saltwater Guides Association will be submitting an official letter to the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board on Tuesday, April 25th. You can read the full letter here. We are asking only that the Striped Bass Management Board follow the rules it established. A new rebuilding plan that has a minimum of a 50% chance of success must be initiated, and those regulations need to be in place by the 2024 season. If you support managing this fishery for abundance and want to see the Board adhere to their timeline of rebuilding this stock by 2029, complete the following form and sign ASGA’s letter. All sign-ons received before Tuesday, April 25th will be included in the final submission. Any questions can be submitted to info@saltwaterguidesassociation.org. Call to Initiate Addendum II to Amendment 7 for Striped Bass
  5. https://6abc.com/philly-bottled-water-bucks-county-chemical-spill-bristol-coast-guard/13021056/ This should be great for the striper run!!!
  6. Hey everyone, it's been a few months, and I'm taking a chance on fly fishing for striper this spring. Watched a few YT vids on the subject and I get the basic concept, but I am curious if anyone has any experience doing this around the Metro Mass area, and any tips on what exactly to look for in these back rivers, estuaries, etc. what kind of lures do you think are best? Thanks in advance.
  7. Feel free to post your Striped Bass catches using a @Winch, Winchmaster Lure! Include the size and weight of fish if available, general location, and conditions fished.
  8. Feel free to post your Striped Bass catches using a Mike Fixter Lure! Include the size and weight of fish if available and general location, and conditions fished.
  9. It’s been 24 years since I last caught a Maine bluefish. This morning was a nice surprise with multiple mid to high 30” blues. I know many people that have been catching them the past few years up here, but I’m not one of them. I sure hope they stick around for a little while! IMG_0780.MOV
  10. Fishing for Striped Bass The Department is currently evaluating Striped Bass fishing regulations and would like your feedback. Responses from this survey will be used to describe the preferences of Striped Bass anglers and may be used to inform the Departments management objectives for Striped Bass. The current regulations for Striped Bass caught in the sport fishery in anadromous waters is: minimum length 18 inches (total length), 2 per day, no possession limit (California Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations (PDF)(opens in new tab)). *
  11. Hi folks, for the last few years I have been just fishing the spring run for bass and blues using bunker on the bay side, but after really getting into fishing I want to expand my horizons and to start fishing hard though out the summer and try the beach front. I am in the Long Island area and have access to the ocean, and wanted to see if anyone could give me some tips on trying to get bass and Blues in the summer months? Does anyone here still do well with the Bass blues here in June, July and august off the beach? What setup do you use? I would assume that night fishing is king in the summer months and that bunker is still probably the preferred bait? Is the day better for Blues? Also are there any true sharks here in the Summer not just sand sharks? Thanks for the help!
  12. Hey everyone, This will be my first year ever exploring Massachusetts salts to try and get into some striped bass. * Does anyone have any rough ideas of where to start looking to get started with striped bass in the Metro South, Downtown and North areas? Not looking for anyone to blow up someones spot, just trying to get a rough idea of where I can make my first moves as a guy with a crazy busy schedule.
  13. Hey everyone! New to the forum and recently moved to Chattanooga TN. I have heard of large Striper being landed in the area. Im curious if anyone has any info on how to hook into a striper above or below the Lake Chickamauga dam. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I received the email below and wanted to share on here. If you haven't done so already, please take a few minutes and compose a quick email to the ASMFC. I just sent mine. Good luck to all of us. We need it. Greetings, I am checking to see if you and your club members have gotten around to writing and submitting your public comments on Amendment 7. These comments are due no later than 4/15/22. Amendment 7 is an extremely important document as it will serve as the bible for how the striped bass fishery will be managed. Some options contained in the draft will direct the Board to take fast and decisive action when the science indicates the fishery is in trouble. Other options under consideration would provide the Board with broad latitude on when and if it needs to act. In our experience, it is the Board's lack of effective action that has resulted in the depletion of the striped bass fishery. It is very important that the ASMFC hears from the public that it must adopt options that require fast and decisive action. The process of writing your public comment will only take 5 minutes of your time: indicate why a healthy striped bass fishery is important to you indicate your preferred options (see below) include your name and your address or location forward your comment to comments@asmfc.org with the Subject line: Draft Amendment 7 We have done the heavy lifting for you in terms of evaluating the options under consideration. The NYCRF recommends all of the following options: 4.1 Management Triggers Tier 1-Fishing Mortality Management Triggers Option A1 Option B1 Option C1 Tier 2-Female SSB Management Triggers Option A2 Option B1 Option C1 Tier 3-Recruitment Triggers Option A3 Option B2 Tier 4-Deferred Management Action Option A 4.2.2 Recreational Release Mortality Option A Option C1 Option C2 Option D1 4.4.1 Rebuilding Plan Option B 4.4.2 Rebuilding Plan Framework Option B 4.6.2 Management Program Equivalency Sub-Option B1a Sub-Option B1c Sub-Option B2b Sub-Option C3 Sub-Option D3 Sub-Option E2 PLEASE take the 5 minutes to submit your public comment. This is very important.
  15. For sale is a nice skin mount Striped bass. I’ve had this on my wall for a number of years but I’m relocating and need to get rid of a lot of stuff. The fish measures about 33 inches. This is not my mount it came from a friend. The condition is pretty good, but there a slight damage to the fins but overall it looks great. Local pick up from Norristown Pennsylvania area. $150
  16. https://youtu.be/WQXa1iN9_F8 Hey folks! I was going through old files and found this highlight reel from an incredible day of scuba diving in Woods Hole during the Fall Run of 2017. In this video, you can watch as big striped bass and albies work a massive school of peanut bunker up against some pilings in about 25 feet of water. One thing I took away from this experience was how these fish actually work together to concentrate the bait by making a wall, with the stripers spacing themselves out evenly and occupying different parts of the water column to ensure that the peanuts couldn't make an escape. Every now and then, you'll see the school of peanuts gain courage and drift further and further away from the structure, only to be picked off by albies screaming through with stripers lazily following them to eat the scraps. By the end, some seabass and flounder were even getting in on the action! You'll have to excuse my shaking in the video - it was COLD water that day. Enjoy!! My favorite parts: 2:00 - Albie crashing the school with a striper close behind 2:25 - 13(?) albies crashing through all at once! 3:45 - My absolute favorite shot, a nice striper parting the sea of peanuts 5:30 - Clouds of peanut bunker streaming around the pilings, running from some truly giant stripers out wide
  17. Hello all, here is the ROUGH DRAFT for my striped bass article, I will be adding to it depending on the suggestions in the comments, and please, do not comment if you are going to say something negative, only comment if you have something positive to say or a suggestion, keep in mind I am only a kid and I do not support the people talking negatively about me in my comments, but anyways, enjoy the article, thank you. Striped bass research.pdf
  18. Sorry if I haven't followed the procedure correctly, this is my first post here... Wondering how effective topwaters are in the wind for striped bass. I've been able to have luck with topwaters and bluefish when they're on the feed, but haven't had much with topwaters and striped bass in the wind lately. ALSO... If it's calm, are topwaters always the go-to lure, even if I am fishing from a boat? If not, when should I know when to switch?
  19. Can anyone ID this thing, or offer any suggestions on how I could restore it to fish it myself? The metal lip appears a bit offset, maybe it warped?
  20. Lately, I have been in a streak where I can normally catch at least a bass each outing. Got me thinking what do others on here consider a successful outing . If you are really intent on fishing? This could lead into other topics possibly? let’s go.
  21. Recently came into possession of these lures, wondering which ones are the top performers of the bunch.
  22. So, I currently have a TICA 8 footer medium-heavy action rod that's an absolute winch with striped bass, but I'd love to be casting further especially during windy days, as well as when that bait is just out of range. But, I still want a rod that makes catching schoolies a bit entertaining. Same goes for the reel, a baitrunner might be nice. Any suggestions? Fish from shore and boat, this would probably be a shore rod/reel combo. Thanks!
  23. I'm just a striper fisherman looking for a hobby, something to talk to people about and network with. Seems like collecting plugs is an interesting outlet to that... At the same time, I'm not trying to go gangbusters and blow a bunch of money. A smaller collection that I can swap and trade around would be nicer. How would I get started? Seasoned Collectors: any mistakes you made starting out that you wouldn't want to repeat? Thanks!
  24. So I have a question: If I'm out fishing in my kayak, what's the game plan? Should I be casting, chunking, trolling? Don't have pedals, so it's difficult to keep a cadence trolling. Basically just looking for tips on striper fishing from a kayak, I guess.
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