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Found 89 results

  1. Anyone ever use the blackhole striped bass special? I won a 9’2 and 9’6 in a raffle. So I have both coming to me. I never tried them but does anyone have any experience with them? Also might be looking to trade one or both of them
  2. I was fishing last night in MA and there was a guy that was snagging herring and then casting them out on a J-hook. I tried to tell him that he can't do that, but there was a language barrier and he couldn't understand what I was trying to say. It was frustrating and he kept doing it over and over. Did that guy know that what he was doing was wrong? Probably not, but ignorance is not a good excuse. So, I made these flyers/handouts (attached)--in English and Spanish--which I will be printing and bringing with me when I'm fishing from now on. It talks about the new slot limit, inline circle hook requirement, no gaffing, no herring, and includes pictures. I figure that if people know the rules, then they'll be more likely to follow the rules. And, if I know someone has/knows all this info, and they continue to break the rules anyway, then that's a completely different situation than someone just being ignorant...and karma's a b****. A lot of the text/pictures is copy-and-pasted from an OnTheWater article I found online and other sources. I don't claim ownership of anything attached; it was all sourced online. I have no idea how good the Spanish translated from English; it was copy-and-pasted from an online translation tool...but it should get the point across. Feel free to use these yourselves if you want; and distribute to others as you wish. I figure it can only help the more this info is distributed. Let me know if there's anything missing or wrong. Good luck to all this season! 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).docx 2020 striper regulations (english, spanish).pdf
  3. looking for ideas on ways to store diamond jigs. jigs are to heavy and break plano boxes, looking if anyone has a better idea then plano boxes.
  4. WTS trolling lot. Used maybe once. All in excellent condition. $30 for lot, shipped. Bomber CD 30 Bomber CD 25 Magnum Rapala CD 18 (sinking) Magnum Rapala CD 18 (sinking)
  5. I'm selling my Penn Leveline 350 Conventional with an upgraded spool. Reel details: -Self Leveling Line Bar -was unique to this reel for many years. -Mint Condition. -Upgraded Aluminum Spool for better casting (costs $40 on its own). -Use for Shore Casting, Jigging, or Trolling. Asking $30 cash picked up in Providence Happy holidays
  6. Looking to trade this #3 yellow and green Tony Maja bunker/herring spoon. Willing to trade for plugs, small reel for trout, or make a good offer.
  7. Bought an old whaler and I am looking for a net that can handle big bass without causing them much harm. Any suggestion. Size brand etc
  8. Not good news; The Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced the results of the young-of-year striped bass survey, which tracks reproduction of the species in Chesapeake Bay. The 2019 juvenile striped bass index is 3.4, below the 66-year average of 11.6.
  9. Hi. I'm new here. I wanted to ask for some pointers and possibly share some information about fishing *the south shore. My son and I are reasonably experienced fishermen. But we're entirely new to Jamaica Bay and all of the South Shore for fishing - and fairly new to blues and stripers. For the last couple months we've been renting a small boat and fishing for blues and stripers in the back *. We've probably gone out 7 or 8 times, starting in early September. We've caught a lot of nice, if not wildly large blues and stripers, a few into the 7 or 8 pound range, all catch and release. We're working entirely off the surface, using lures, hunting around for surface commotion and baitfish getting corralled near shores and marshes etc. Last weekend we went out and we didn't see a single instance of surface commotion and we didn't even get a bite, let alone catch any fish. Clearly something pretty dramatic had changed from the previous six weeks. But we were in the dark about what. I was especially curious because my understanding at least was that blues and stripers in that area should be heating up over October rather than trailing off. Has anyone else seen that shift in the same area or in that general area. And for those who know the area better are there obvious things about recent weather or the runs or anything else that would explain it? Obviously, sometimes a day is just a bum day and it's a fluke. But it seemed like something more than that. So I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts, has seen the same thing or has any ideas based on knowledge of that water. Thanks in advance! Josh
  10. WTS Mojo 8' Surf Rod Rated 3/4-3 oz. Good condition. Has some cosmetic scuffs after 3 years use. Pick it up for $50 cash in Providence RI. What: Used Mojo 8' Surf 3/4-3 oz. Price: $50 cash Where: Providence Thanks for Looking!
  11. I've had this reel for 10 years and still works like the day I bought it from original owner. Always maintained and serviced by Paulie's in Montauk. Never been abused or dropped and I added new power handle 4 years ago. $525
  12. I am going to be up in the Port Clyde area starting around 9/21 for a week. I'm a total newby on striper fishing, but would love to give it a try. I have a son in law who can supply me with some surf casting tackle. Anyone have any feedback on whether there are striper that can be caught from shore anywhere in the Port Clyde area? Not that I mind just standing there and casting for a couple of hours :-) But if there were a fish at the end of the line at the end of the day that would be nice too! Any suggestions much appreciated.
  13. Well I mostly enjoy doing videos of my trout trips in the fall for the big browns and steelhead of upstate NY. I decided to break out the old Go Pro for a little local jetty action for summer stripers. Overall it’s been a great year for me where I fish for numbers, however finding fish of size has been few and far between. Anyhow it’s still fun to get out and enjoy my limited time on jetty (quick trips before or after work!) Looking forward to October stripers then it’s November and up to NY and the big browns! Good luck this fall for whatever your “hunting”! Small video of the action!
  14. In case anyone is interested. Now is your chance for your voice to be heard. Letter are also being accepted until 5:00 pm Oct 7. Max Appelman Fishery Management Plan Coordinator 1050 N Highland St Suite A-N Arlington, VA 22201 703-842-0741 (fax) (subject line:Striped Bass Draft Addendum VI)
  15. Hi, I'm going Peaks Island next week. Are there site fishing flats on the island? I'll be wading. Bigger question: is the water cool enough that stripers are coming into shallow waters. I'm a Long Island fly fisherman and the waters are too warm now for the most part, but since it is an island, I'd think so. Thanks and tight lines.
  16. The Little Harbour Charitable Foundation (LHCF) has a children's Striped Bass Tournament coming up on Sunday June 23rd. It's a fun event for kids.
  17. Fish around Boston and Lower Cape often. I am planning on going to the canal. Instead of going during the sunrise and low tide rush, I am planning on going at high tide in the evening. Never fished the canal before but hoping for some advice. Is the East End better at high tide? Planning on casting top-water plugs.
  18. Hey all, going down to OCMD this upcoming weekend 17th -19th and I’m looking to do a little saltwater fishing. Place we are staying at is right on the bay , but besides the obvious of fishing the bay I was wondering if anyone knew some areas to check out. Targeting any saltwater species from the shore/jetties/sods. Let me know!
  19. After years of fly fishing Rhode Island's East Bay, I am ready to share my knowledge with others in the form of a new blog: S.K.S Adventures. The blog is still in it's infancy, and I still have much to learn, but I hope that those who are interested in learning more about striped bass fly fishing will add the site to their regular rotation of online fly fishing content. There are posts about a whole range of fly fishing topics, with lots of content scheduled for the future. So far this blog has been a lot of fun for me. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! Website: Facebook page: S.K.S Adventures
  20. Hey Everyone, Heading down to my house in Hyannis at the end of next week for a few days of fishing. Will probably be focused on the south side as that's close to my home. With that said wanted to start a thread to discuss GENERAL activity going on on the South Side of the cape. General areas where fish are found, best tides, lures being used and what the bait abundance looks like. Feel free to get as specific as you want, just not trying to get lit up for spot burning. If there is already one of these threads let me know and I will delete it. Best, Chad
  21. I went down to RI's south shore chasing holdovers in one of my brackish rivers and found a nice school of holdovers all in the 15-19" range but fun all the less, considering we were out there 40 minutes. Anyone else having luck here in Mass? Are the rising herring populations going to attract more early season fish? Just a thread to talk early season fishing, tight lines!
  22. I wanted to share this FaceBook post with the group. I have met Captain John and he gets the importance of a sustainable fishery for all. I suggest those of you that share these same views read the article below and email NY Senator Kaminsky. CALL TO ACTION: Looks like we need to get those letters written now to Senator Kaminsky. The NY Recreational & For-Hire Fishing Alliance is prodding their members to send letters to Senator Kaminsky seeking to have John McMurray removed as his proxy and inserting a proxy more beholden to the for-hire fleet. So now we need to have these emails show up in numbers – big numbers. Emails should be sent to Senator Todd Kaminsky at; his aide Haile Meyers should be copied on the email; her email address is Some points that you may want to reflect in your email - PLEASE PERSONALIZE YOUR LETTERS - they do not need to be long: 1. The email that you are writing is in response to an online posting by the NY Recreational & For-Hire Fishing Alliance (NYRHFHA) seeking John McMurray’s removal (BE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS FACT). 2. Fisheries Management must be based on the best available science – not unsubstantiated claims and anecdotal evidence. 3. The recent draft of the striped bass technical assessment reveals the striped bass fishery to be overfished with overfishing occurring. This is what the best available science has revealed and is consistent with what many in the recreational sector have been saying for years and in direct contrast to what the for-hire industry has been claiming. 4. The for-hire industry represents a minute fraction of the recreational fishing sector. Using the Vessel Trip Reports provided by the for-hire industry in 2018, there were less than 13,000 anglers on party boats where a striped bass was caught. These VTRs are required to be completed by the NY DEC. * 5. In contrast to the number of anglers on for-hire vessels, the NY Marine Fishing Registry has over 400,000 recreational anglers. * 6. There are over 8,100 recreational anglers in the NY Marine Fishing Registry that reside in Senator Kaminsky’s legislative district alone.* 7. Of the 515 for-hire permits issued in 2018 only 101 vessels submitted a Vessel Trip Report where a striped bass was caught.* 8. Only 8 of these vessels had more than 40 trips where striped bass were caught.* 9. The for-hire fleet continues to deny and discount the best available science with unsubstantiated claims about fish swimming in other parts of the ocean, effects of Hurricane Sandy, and more. None of these claims are backed by scientific research. 10. We have no interest in causing economic harm to the for-hire fleet. Our interest is in insuring a robust striped bass fishery that all segments of the recreational and commercial sectors can benefit from. We find the comments from the for-hire industry to be based primarily on their financial interests and they do not represent the great majority of conservation minded recreational anglers. 11. John McMurray has demonstrated an extraordinary grasp of fisheries management and marine science, not only for striped bass but all species he has been involved with on the ASMFC management boards. 12. We have not agreed with every comment that he has made or vote that he has cast but he has shown himself to be a fair representative of the overall recreational sector. *This data was provided by the DEC in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.
  23. Anyone familiar with best spots for fly fishing coastal Maine? As of now I'm thinking York, Kittery, Biddeford, Cape Porpoise areas but wanted to see if there are any secret gems out there that should be explored. Cheers!
  24. Hello Everyone. Essentially, I am hoping to build "one rod to rule them all" to fish both the area surrounding my new address in Washington, and to be somewhat practical for fishing back here in Rhode Island. In order to carry it on flights, the rod will have to be built off a travel blank, 3 pieces and no longer than 8 ft. The weight rating will will have to be roughly 3/8 to 1 1/2 oz to handle small steelhead floats, spinners, medium SP Minnows, and 1.5 oz bucktails. Most guys out in Washington seem to use their steelhead rods for fishing species like rock fish and surf perch, and some even use them for ling cod. I'm hoping to build a rod that bridges the gap between a pure Steelhead float rod and a lighter surf rod you might find in a RI surfcaster's arsenal. That means I'll also need a blank with a moderate responsive backbone and a quick taper to a soft tip. Does a blank like this even exist? Has anyone built on a blank like this before? Suggestions are much appreciated. Preferred Blank Specs: Length: 8 ft Lure weight: 3/8 oz-1.5 oz Pieces: 3 Action: medium/fast Application: (Shore Fishing) Steelhead,Salmon, Lingcod, Cabezon, Halibut, Rockfish, Greenling, Surf Perch, Stripers, Bluefish, Tog, Albies, Bonito, my cousins left ear. Other Notes: -Pairing with Stradic 4k or Gosa 5k. Maybe a VR 50 or VSX 100 bailed if I ever get back to RI. -Most likely building With BKWAG stripper and first reduction guide followed by single foot alconites. It's also worth mentioning the nearest population of ocean dwelling stripers resides about a six hour drive south of my new address, so the rod will come along to help investigate at some point.
  25. I think it's time, a lot of the other forums on this site have's time for the Main Forum to have one Pictures of fishing, fish, fishing trips, lures, tackle, people fishing, etc, etc, etc - let's see them Couple guidelines - please don't post images that are water marked with promotional logos or URLs - please don't post promotional or commercial/advertising type images - and if you are posting pictures of girls fishing, please make sure they are appropriately attired I'll start I've got miles of pictures...I'm sure lots of you guys do - let's see some! TimS