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Found 2 results

  1. Lets give this another try. I posted several days ago, but no responses, so at the suggestion of another member, I am trying again, this time with specific questions. First, a little background. I have been fly fishing freshwater since I was a kid, but only recently has it become more than just a part time hobby. Over the last two years I have spent a considerable amount of time on the water in Montana, and more recently in Alaska, where I now live. April will be my first foray to a salt water destination, and while I wont be in St. Maarten specifically to fish, I will have lots of free time and will definitely be bringing my rod. So pretty much I am starting at ground zero. Apologies for the noob status, but I wanted to give some explanation for my questions, should they sound ridiculous, because in truth, I don't know much right now. Now a few questions for your consideration... 1. Are there any specific books/you tube videos/pod casts I should check out before my first salt water experience? Any other sites where I might be able to find good info on St. Maarten? From what I can tell, its not a common fly fishing destination and beta is hard to find. 2. What should I be looking at for a fly quiver to bring down there? I am just starting to tie my own flies, but with job related time limitations over the next 2 months, it is unlikely I will be able to tie enough to use on this trip. If possible, I would like to buy a complete salt water fly kit. It sounds like permit, tarpon, and bonefish are what I will be looking for. What flies should I make sure to have? Sounds like chartreuse clouser patterns are good. Any place online recommended to pick up these and a few others? 3. What rigging options I should try? Steel leader seems to be mentioned for tarpon in other threads. I have WF floating rio grand on my spool now, but should I consider bringing another spool with a different line? 4. What are the regs/license requirement for St. Maarten? 5. Any techniques that I should focus on? I am watching videos on the slow strip that seem to work well for tarpon. What other techniques should I become proficient in that will help me down there? Thank you in advance for anyone that takes the time to respond with info relating to these questions, or any other general beta you are willing to provide. Stoked to give salt water a try, and I am looking forward to exploring the opportunities on St. Maarten. My plan is to post my experiences on this page after the trip, so if nothing else, hopefully it will help someone else out.
  2. Hello, First off, I am new to both this forum and to salt water fly fishing, although I have been fishing fresh water in Montana and Alaska for several years now. This spring I will be visiting the Caribbean island of Saint Martin (or whichever spelling is correct), and I have 4 days with nothing planned, so my hope is that I can pack a rod down and throw a few flies. That said, my initial research on fly fishing on the island has proven fruitless. The only fly fishing guide service I have seen mentioned is Tyt Lynz, but their website is down and I do not see any comments on them in the past several years. However, my preference is to only hire a guide as a last resort. I am hoping someone can give me some general info about places to fish, what fish to expect, how to fish them, and what rod/reel/line setup to bring, as well what flies might work. So yes, I am asking a lot, but my guess is there is someone out there who has fished this island, and I would love to glean some knowledge. My thought was to bring my 9' 10wt. Sage One, as it is the only rod in my quiver that seems appropriate for the larger fish, like tarpon, which seem to be fairly common in the inland water. I just want to catch fish, and I am willing to do what it take to make it happen, so lay it on me! Thank you in advance for any information you share. I know noobs can be a pain in these forums because we don't contribute, but I appreciate you helping facilitate my learning and adventure! CK