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Found 4 results

  1. $165 shipped First photo is the whole lot, following photos I am trying to give you an idea of how much of each item and/or what each item is. PLEASE DO NOT assume that the qtys on the labels are how many pieces are in each bag. Some bags are fuller than others. However i did count the tactical angler 75# clips and there are at least 43. Most items are brand-new however I have discounted the entire lots based on reduced quantities and then discounted at least 50% off what I paid. These area all of the hooks that I would swap out the 1x junk some manufacturers use. Some of the hooks have been sharpened in the trokar style, some haven't. The 50# flouro, 100yd spool looks full. Some pre-cut leaders in the ziplock below the flouro spool. The kalin-style swim lead heads, one bag has been epoxy dipped, one bag hasn't. The yellow packs are siwash hooks with open eyes, except the 6/0 CL those are closed eye Bonus items some hand poured black sluggos about a dozen. (Not Shown) .
  2. Show your best/worst terminal failure. Let's see how that one big fish owned you and what it left you with. Provide a short story and if possible a picture included. Will also be interesting to see what brands fail more than others. Ex: hooks, split rings, swivels. Here's mine. This is a mustad 34185 8/0 jig hook bent out by a very big fish. Fish ate it me at my feet (thought I was stuck in rocks). Gave two sharp rod snaps and it took off with no turning back. Tried to set the hook couple more times and it ran faster, even with a tight drag. It rounded the bolder point I was on and spit the jig before I could catch up with it. left me with a bentout hook and seaweed on my leader for extra insult.
  3. Who makes the nicest split rings? Spro or .. who? I had a flash of the stuuuupids the other day and left a large white bucket with a double - sided box containing a large assortment of VMC trebles, bent - shank hooks for surgical tubes on diamonds, split rings in various sizes, and split ring pliers (two of them) .... somewhere. I probably left them at the fishing beach at Mt. Sinai harbor, where I'd been swapping hooks around a bit on various plugs. Since I'm mending tackle at the moment, I had to replace the inventory in part. I don't like Rosco split rings. The problem shows up when I have to get them wide, wide open, to put them on Graves or Pasquale tins. Once I've had them that wide open, they'll never close adequately again. For diamonds with nice built-in wire loops, they're OK, but if you have to open a split ring wide for a jig with a grommeted hole, they just will not close snugly. Who makes a better one? Every open-eyed Siwash I see on store shelves came from Mustad. Does any one make a better hook? Mustad SS is hard to sharpen, too, if there is a Japanese carbon-steel Siwash with an open eye, I'll try it.
  4. Getting rid of some surplus I won't use. Prices include shipping, paypal preffered. Could meet up locally in SE CT to save you some money too. Lot 1. Couple pounds of treble hooks - mostly new removed from plugs, some used (first two pics). Most are lower quality but usable. $15 Lot 2. Couple dozen dressed siwashes, some flags and some mostly cheap dressed trebles. Most of the siwashes are new, mostly VMC hooks. $18 Lot 3. Assortment of stainless split rings, some heavy duty some not. Range in sizes from probably #3 to #6. Couple hundred maybe? $6 Lot 4. Mustad Squid eyes (for making flags). One box is full, other is partial (At least half full? I'm not counting them...). $6