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Found 16 results

  1. FS, Penn Spinfisher VI 4500, pretty much as new. Not a mark on it, No jetty drop, no dunk. All Penn 'as greased from the factory" still present. Drag knob still suctioned on with factory grease. Includes everything when bought. Box, shims, papers. $150.00 Includes USPS Priority Mail shipping for East Coast.
  2. I am looking to get a new surf fishing setup to upgrade from my garbage $50 combo. After a lot of research I think i'm starting to settle on a Spinfisher VI (although right now Slammer IIIs can be found for cheaper than spinfishers, i don't like that the min drag on a slammer is so high). I have never used a Long Cast or a Bail-less reel and both interest me, i don't think i'd mind the lack of a bail as it's one less part that can break due to salt/sand ingress; and I feel like any advantage to casting distance is a plus (why aren't long casts more common?). So i have a few questions: 1) Why is there no Long Cast + Bail-less reel? Can I convert a Long-Cast into a bail-less long cast or will removing the bail allow for salt/sand ingress or throw off the balance of the reel when i crank it? 2) Can anyone with experience with the Long Cast version tell me how much difference it makes? 3) If the reel gets dunked or i crank it underwater, will it last? What parts are likely to rust/corrode and are they easily replaceable?
  3. Penn 702 $150 shipped Penn 711Z $100 shipped Postal money order is preferred. FTF cash in Langhorne, PA.
  4. Looking for a Penn Spinfisher VI. Prefer 4500 size but would consider 3500. Would also consider LL version as well. Located by Philly and willing to drive about an hour to facilitate deal. Shipping is fine too. let me know what you got. Thanks
  5. Been working on my technique a lot lately but still can't always get it where I need it. Soo i've decided ill either get a longcast (probably ssvi 65/7500 or maybe a ULTEGRA XTC), or an 11ft casting rod for one of my conventional reels. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both and how distance compares. How would the level wind affect distance. Should i use the one without the LW. Would prob end up using mono on the conventional reel at least to start so how will that change things. I think i'm inclined to get a longcast reel because i think id be more willing to wade in which would give me a good extra bit of distance and maybe a cheep casting rod cause i think i want to learn. But any thoughts welcome.
  6. Hey everyone, I have an unused Penn Spinfisher SSVI 4500 spare spool and a Penn Slammer handle for sale. Slammer Handle will fit a 3500 or 4500 Slammer or Spinfisher VI. Handle has been used a few times but no noticeable marks. Spool - $15 Handle - $40 Add $5 shipping. Located outside Philly. Can meet in South Jersey or PA suburbs. Also shore points south of AC on occasion.
  7. I am getting ready to move and have decided to slowly move some of my gear that I don't have a use for! Here I have 2 new in box reels from Penn. I will upload pictures for them in a bit once I step away from my computer. The first one is a Penn 420 SSG that has never been taken out of the box except to look at it. It has never been fished and is just collecting dust in my basement. Its a perfect light tackle reel. Asking $55 shipped or $45 local pickup. (Live in Bristol and can travel just about anywhere in southern RI) The second reel is a Penn 4500 SS that also has never been fished. It also comes with with the original box and paperwork as well. Asking $85 shipped or $75 picked up. This reel was Made in the USA and comes stamped with that under the reel seat and the box reflects that as well. Both reels are mechanically and cosmetically 10/10, I just have no use for them and they have been sitting on a shelf for the past 5+ years! Let me know if there are any questions you need answered! Thanks guys
  8. Hello all, looking to purchase a new reel for my 10 foot Lamiglas surfrod. I will predominantly use it off the beach. Looking at either a Penn Spinfisher Longcast (5500 or 6500), Regular Spinfisher (5500 or 6500) or a Slammer III (5500 or 6500). Thoughts?
  9. Hello all. I am hoping this reaches the Penn rep himself "Penn". I purchased a spinfisher vi 8500Live liner model from an Australian tackle seller. * They have over 10K great reviews and seem like an honest reliable seller. I received my spinfisher reel and when i opened it and began spinning and inspecting it i could feel a slight ticking sensation and hear a wobble/tick noise coming from the reel. Something did not feel right. I released the drag and took the spool off to find the rotor cap busted, 2/3 screws stripped, and a greasy fingerprint as well as grease shoved into a little hole on the bail assembly (pics attached). There is doubt in my mind that this thing was assembled properly. The seller has agreed that something is definitely wrong and would like to amend the issue. He says the item is eligible for the same 1 year warranty as all penn products and would reimburse my shipping to penn. My concern is that because this is an item through ebay that this may not be the case. If this is still covered can you advise me as to how best provide proof of purchase? (specifically what do i need screenshots of?). Also would i be responsible for paying for anything other than the shipping TO the headquarters in PA? Best, Daniel
  10. I am restoring an old greenie Penn spinfisher 716. I am short a handle and drag knob. I would be open to purchasing an old/beat up model just to strip it for parts. Thanks!
  11. Hey everybody. I’ve been using Penn Spinfisher V reels for the past 5 years due to their bang for the buck and durability. I know they’re heavy and a bit clunky compared to shimano, daiwa, etc. alternatives in that price range but after taking a few falls on the rocks I appreciate an all metal reel with beefy components. Which brings me to my question. My main surf and jetty reel for the past 2 years has been a SSV 7500 long casting and I love it. However, after landing countless fish on it, I noticed that it started to grind while under load with bigger fish. It feels fine when turning the handle under no load but if I get into a good fish it grinds and adds a lot of friction resistance. I rinse my reels off after every use and don’t dunk them. I open them up and clean/grease once a year. Is this common on an SSV that’s seen a lot of use or am I mistreating them maintenance wise? also, which components are the most likely culprits with these reels? Thanks in advance, tight lines!
  12. Hey guys and gals, I’ve never fished an old 700z series reel before and picked up a “customized” a 704z that was converted to bailless at a yard sale last week. I opened it up and serviced the reel but then noticed a hole that appeared to be drilled in the stem of the main body that leads to the handle (see photo). Why the hell would anybody do this!? Isn’t the point to keep water and sand out? I’d appreciate your thoughts and sage wisdom, if there’s no good reason for it I’m going to plug and epoxy it shut. Thanks!
  13. Selling ligthly used Penn Spinfisher SSV6500BLS. $120 Pickup in local (Boston or Cape). or $120+shipping shipped.
  14. I have my dad's old reel in need of repair and i am looking for somebody May be in the Florida area west-coast area,That can fix this I remember as a kid my dad catchin everything on this poll salt water bluefish striped bass to fresh water anything I would love to fish with this once again like my dad did ,And fish with my kids and my dad's Reel. From what I understand this is the 1st of the spin Fisher series I believe from 1961 and I was born in 65 to believe my dad had to have been the original owner of the real and back then I understand it cost quite a bit so just happen to look up the real up and found it on this page each so I figured that put this post up their peace a to are you fisherman tight lines bent rods and have a good day
  15. What are the lure weight ratings for the Penn Spinfisher reel/rod combos for the 6500 and 7500? I am asking about the front drag reels, not the bailless or live liner models. I am also asking about the 7ft. rods. Thanks.
  16. Hi everyone I have acquired a Penn 716 spinfisher spinning reel with box, catalog, manual, wrench and lube all in really good condition the reel does have some paint rubbed off on the back upper rear body, stand and foot with a hairline crack in the handle. I am not too familiar with the vintage spinning reels but I have begun collecting quite the assorted collection including Mitchell Garcia, Heddon, Bronson, Horrocks, and others anyways I was curious as to how collectable this reel is and what it may be worth because I think I over paid for it. Thanks Phil