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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, my father is moving to Florida and I would like to outfit our family for fishing along the River and surrounding areas. we will eventually have a boat , but it won’t be devoted to fishing. The property has a slip along the port street lucie river, bridge in close proximity . can anyone give me some ideas what Isize fish we will encounter and possibly throw me some outfits that will handle these types of fish. also, I would like to be able to have a set up for tarpon and maybe another for snook , and flounder. Totally unfamiliar with redfish. also, a good pompano setup. blacktip . thank you in advance and we will down in the fall. Moving from pa. jeff
  2. so I'm down here in North Miami for the next couple of days, closest beach is Haulover Inlet. I've got my fly rods rigged and ready to go, so I was hoping somebody could give me some actionable Intel on where to fish. what species should I be targeting? I was supposed to fly home to Jersey today but my flight got canceled due to the inclement weather, so I'm very excited to capitalize on these extra few days. Any and all information is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  3. These seemingly popular lures have been around for a long time, and production has switched hands a couple times. I've never used one but I've been interested in them all along. However, recently, it seems like i'm seeing more and more reports of these new spoolteks having cable issues, whether it is that they don't deploy as they should or that the cable breaks on the initial hit. What are your experiences with these? Is the lure designed that should the cable break you can replace it or when it breaks the lure is toast?
  4. I have a question about braided line on VR and VSX reels. Is there any reason why you would not recommend deviating from the published line recommendations? For example, will 15# braid cast better than 20# on a VR50 with marginally less strength? On the other end of the spectrum, will the small cup of the VSX150 be a problem for 40# or 50# braid when throwing artificials for snook or tarpon. I normally wouldn't care about experimenting, but braid is expensive and there's a ton of smart anglers who can answer my question and save me a few bucks. I just moved to FL so there is a lot of different fishing going on, not just surfcasting (who knew).
  5. Ok i read lot of advices and topic about the same , which one is more "loved"... my scenario of fishing is beach, a bit windy most of the time (other days is windy as hell), the fish i find here is snook and tarpons, the most "common", i have 30lb jbraid on a Daiwa BG4000 and 40lb supwerpower on a BG5000, On the way is coming 2oz talkin poppers and 2 3/8 pencil, 2oz Spro bucktail (items for a surf starting thinking in the beach i fish every day) , i fish from the rocks (breakwaters), sometimes from the sandfloor, what u recomend me, i have $240 giftcard on my amazon wallet, and i see not much stocks on st croix mojo surfs, but i have 9' 3/4 4 and 1-4, .... Have the TFO 9' MAG L too 1-5 but dont know much about these rods, thank you all.
  6. For someone who followed my last posts, about if penn slammer , clash or shimano saragosa, well... This was my first fight with this duo, penn slammer 5500 + St Croix Mojo Surf 9' MMF2, daiwa jbraid grand 0.28mm, 50lb fluo. For cast the mojo surf mmf2 is a bit stiff, but the fast action helps a LOT with the hook! so, more strenght to cast but less hook out Enjoy the drag cries!!
  7. I will get a penn slammer 5500, its said 30lb 380m, but i dont want to buy 500m jbraid for it, i have some jbraids 30lb rolls with 50 - 80m each, i want to use one of these, and the complete 300m new one, so, how reliable is a braid to braid knot? I will cast 2oz lures with a mojo surf 9' 1 - 4 oz , yozuri 50lb fluorocarbon. If u got some experience, lemme know!
  8. I'm going to do some fishing from shore on the pacific coast of costa rica for a few weeks and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what tackle would be best since I'm a complete newbee to fishing from shore. I've read a lot of the existing threads and am currently thinking about the following set up: - Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod NTS-S-1004MH Other options are the Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod NTS-S-904M or the St. Croix Triumph Surf Travel Rod TSRS90M4 or St. Croix Triumph Surf Travel Rod TSRS100M4. Which of these is best suited? Is the 1004MH overpowered for the job? Or are the others underpowered? - Penn Spinfisher VI 5500 Does this reel balance well with the above mentioned rods? Too smal or big? Is it suitable for long casts from shore? - Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line 30lbs for mainline Does this choice of main line balance well with the rod and reel? - Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader 40lbs for short leader - Spro Power Swivel 130lbs to attach leader to mainline - Tactical Anger's Power Clips 125lbs to attach lure to leader Is this set up well balanced? Am I missing anything? Which lures are recommended? Also how would I go about setting up a live bait rig and what tackle would I need for it? Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey all, This question go out to all who have experience or intel on fishing the south beaches of Florida. Within the next few weeks I will be traveling to the beaches of southern Florida. I am looking to surf cast off the beach for just about whatever bites! I have every piece of fishing tackle a striped bass fisherman could want, however I am extremely ignorant on what to fish down south to target the sport fish of Florida. I plan on bringing a selection of lures to cover the water column but I was curious as to what you all would recommend to bring with me. Thanks
  10. I'll be in Naples next Tue 2/29 - 3/6 and wading the beaches and passes with my fly rod. Any reports from the beaches or passes in the Naples area? Have the Snook started to show up on the beaches yet? Also, if any SOL'rs want to fish together while I'm down there let me know!
  11. Hi All, I'm new to the sight. There is a tremendous amount of information on here! Anyway, I am taking a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica in the middle of May. I am hoping to do surf fishing/kayak fishing around Playa Pelada and around the mouth of the Rio Nosara. I found a few old post on with some information in this general area but I was hoping to possible get some more recent and more detailed info about fishing in this area. Any information folks can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Muskie_1970
  12. It's summer in florida and that means catch and release snook from the beaches. I'm on the atlantic side. I like to get out at the crack of dawn, but was thinking of going out an hour or so before first light. anyone have experience fishing for snook from the beach in the dark? Topwaters I guess, but I also got a mirrorlure catch jr. in glow. Hope these work. Any actual experience would be greatly appreciated​
  13. Caught this beauty fishing rockpiles My personal best by far.....but now I want to have some fun catching juveniles. I know a few spots, but they are hit and miss....Anyone know of a reliable spot for little guys? I really don't care how small, I have a 5wt flyrod and an ultra light spinning rig. I just want to have some fun with numbers of little guys.
  14. Hey guys, I reside in South Jersey so I am not too familiar with species of fish down south. I have a small task to build a list of Yo-Zuri lures ONLY that are used to fish for Snook.... I was wondering if those of you who target Snook happen to use any Yo-Zuri lures to do so. And if so, which ones? Thank you!
  15. In my last post I introduced myself, but for those of you who missed it.... My name is Joey and I live on the central east coast of Florida. During this time of year the mullet run is underway so we usually have some awesome fishing. I went out this morning before work and held my camera in one hand and my rod in the other. I ended up getting some nice action shots of Snook and Redfish blowing up on all the bait and even caught a few fish too. *
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