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  1. Hey y’all I just got a used ci4 ultegra 5500. It is the Shimano Ultegra 5500 ci4 xsb model which came out 9 years ago. I was wondering if any owners of either the new or old model could tell me if I had the long spool. The guy that sold it to me told me there was an extra spool. I am aware that it comes with one regular sized spool and a “long spool”. However the two spools I got are the same size. I added pictures below and both the spools seemed to measure 2.5 inches. Furthermore the plastic slow-oscillating unit below the spool, seems to not align straight hence the rattles and the uneven feeling when I turn. I understand that since it is an older model that it won’t be perfect but I would like to know if I got what I paid for. If not, I may have to buy a spare long spool for the reel. Thanks IMG_4967.mov
  2. Hey y’all I ordered the 45mm gomexus knob. I tried putting it on my 2014 ci4 ultegra 5500. However unlike my other gomexus knobs the screw that I have isn’t long enough to fit through the bearing and the hole. Do I have to get another screw or is there a way I can fix this? Because if I were to screw it without a bearing, the knob wouldn’t spin. I wonder why gomexus doesn’t just give a screw as part of the set UPDATE: I found out that the old ultegra model has a different shaft than every other model so none of the bearings or washers fit. I am disappointed that I was told it would fit by a gomexus member when it didn’t. Contacted them again and waiting for a response now IMG_4979.mov
  3. 1.) Customized handle daiwa DX swimbait rod 8 foot heavy rated 2-8 with shimano cardiff 301 spooled with 20 lb big game - $125 2.) Aubut custom swimbait rod 8 foot medium heavy rated 1-5 moderate action with daiwa lexa cc 300L spooled with 20 lb big game - $150 3.) 13 fishing blackout combo 7'3 mh with matching reel spooled with 20 lb bps fluoro (I'll throw in the jig for free) - $75 Located in Hull MA but can meet up within reason. More pics upon request. Thanks for looking!
  4. Fs: Calcutta 200 gtb tsunami trophy combo, daiwa costal sp surf 9ft, daiwa bg 2000 fenwick combo, concept z 13 fishing fate #1: Calcutta 200 gtb with 20 pound 8 strand power pro with tsunami trophy series acid wrap 7ft heavy 20-40lb 50-120g (1.75-4.25 oz). Would be a great bucktailing fluke rod, jigging for seabass, black fish jig rod, or flutter spoons for bass. Used for one season light wear on it #2 daiwa costal sp surf 9 foot medium 2 piece 70-30 split 1-4 ounces 10-20lb would be a nice plug rod from the surf for bass I just have no use for it being a boat fisherman. Used one time #3 daiwa bg 2000 with 7lb sunline braid, rod is a fenwick eagle 6ft6 medium 2 piece 1/8-3/4 6-12 used less than 5 times would be a good light fluke rod or largemouth bass rod #4 13 fishing concept Z 8:1:1 20 pound spider wire with 13 fishing fate black 7ft4 heavy 3/8th-1 1/2 oz 14-25 pound line would be a nice large bass frog rod #1 asking 300 obo for the Calcutta #2 asking $120 obo for the daiwa costal #3 asking $150 obo for the bg #4 asking $200 for the 13 combo asking $700 for everything Meet up Monmouth or ocean county New Jersey Personal Message about shipping I’ll post more pictures of them later
  5. Looking to sell some reels that I’ve collected over the years and were barely used. All are in great shape - no visible scrapes, gauges or nicks except for the Shimano that has slight marks from the rod reel seat. All payment via PayPal FF or in person in SE/Central CT. 1. Daiwa Laguna LT4000c - loaded with 20# braid (can’t remember the brand) - super light and very smooth for a budget reel - $35 shipped 2. Shimano Spheros SW 4000xg - great reel but I have a Vanford and Stradic so this one just sits. Comes with box. $70 shipped 3. Penn Pursuit 2 and 3 4k - selling as a lot. These were probably fished 2 or 3x each for porgies from a pier. $50 shipped thanks for looking!
  6. $650 shipped to your door (PP F&F would be nice, established member here on SOL, sold several reels no issues) US version Bought new in box on ebay back in 2019, member had it in closet for years, i did have it serviced by Shimano Dec 2019 (cleaned/serviced) just because it was sitting in closet not being used. Cosmetic: 8-8.5 (one small nick in pictures/minor scratches) not a big deal Mechanical: 10 I've take on one boat trip and caught a few 5-7lb red snappers, other than that nothing else. Comes with 400 yards of 40lb test Jerry Brown braid ($100 right there)
  7. got these for a guy. bought from hedgehog shop in japan. he didnt want them afterwards. some cussing and words later. i let it go. got them in black as it blends well with most reels. i just put it on a reel to demonstrate how it looks or its purpose. You can see how it lifts the reel up off the bottom. want to sell. i have no use for it personal. My boat reels uses similar but with line clips instead. reel stands are nice to stand your reel off the ground, sand, concrete, whatever. protects it from ALOT of scuffs marks when laying rods down. $12 shipped. no need to order from japan and pay like $30 shipping. take all 3 for $30 shipped. PPFF venmo zelle fits the reels ill list underneath. please make sure you have a model on the list with a Type A size hole. generally smaller size reels, fw, inshore sizes. i cant confirm other fitments, daiwa and shimano uses a standard thread for those reels. which is classes as Type A. the diameter of the threads are 11MM. Compatibility DAIWA - 22 EXIST (supports up to No.4000) - 18 EXIST (supports up to No.4000) - 15 EXIST - 12 EXIST - 05 EXIST - 17 STEEZ - 14 IGNIS TYPE-R - 08 IGNIS - 21 LUVIAS AIRITY - 20 LUVIAS (supports up to No.4000) - 15 LUVIAS - 12 LUVIAS - 07 LUVIAS - 19 CERTATE (supports up to No.4000) - 16 CERTATE - 13 CERTATE - 10 CERTATE - 10 CERTATE HI GEAR CUSTOM - 17 morethan - 14 morethan - 17 紅牙-KOHGA EX - 17 紅牙-KOHGA AIR - 14 紅牙-KOHGA - 21 EMERALDAS AIR - 15 EMERALDAS AIR - 12 EMERALDAS - 09 EMERALDAS - 17 月下美人-GEKKABIJIN EX - 08 月下美人-GEKKABIJIN - 21 PRESSO - 14 PRESSO - 08 PRESSO - LUVITO - CAYEN - Racing Condition - LIN * Corresponds to reel No.1000-3012 class of the above reels. * LT concept reels are available from No.1000-4000. * In the case of old reels, the reels No.3500-4000 cannot be installed. * Please note that it may not be possible to install on old tournaments - TD-Z - SILVER CREEK, etc. due to individual differences. * Cannot be installed on early model CERTATE- CERTATE HYPER CUSTOM- BRADIA. SHIMANO - 22 STELLA - 18 STELLA - 14 STELLA - 10 STELLA - 07 STELLA - 21 TWIN POWER XD - 20 TWIN POWER - 17 TWIN POWER XD - 15 TWIN POWER - 11 TWIN POWER - 08 TWIN POWER - 20 VANFORD - 20 STRADIC SW - 19 STRADIC - 18 STRADIC SW - 16 STRADIC CI4+ - 15 STRADIC - 19 Vanquish - 16 Vanquish - 13 Vanquish LIMITED EDITION - 12 Vanquish - 17 SUSTAIN - 21 EXSENCE - 20 EXSENCE BB - 18 EXSENCE CI4+ - 17 EXSENCE - 13 EXSENCE LB - 11 EXSENCE LB SS - 10 EXSENCE LB - 12 EXSENCE CI4+ - 10 EXSENCE CI4 - 09 EXSENCE - 14 EXSENCE BB - 19 Sephia SS - 18 Sephia BB - 17 Sephia CI4+ - 15 Sephia SS - 12 Sephia CI4+ - 08 Sephia CI4 - 09 Sephia - 06 Sephia - 13 Sephia BB - 12 RARENIUM CI4+ - 09 RARENIUM CI4 - 11 BIOMASTER - 08 BIOMASTER - 21 ULTEGRA - 17 ULTEGRA - 12 ULTEGRA - 21 NASCI - 22 SAHARA - 18 SoaRe BB - 17 SoaRe CI4+ - 13 SoaRe CI4+ - 13 SoaRe BB - 10 SoaRe CI4 - 07 SoaRe - 07 SoaRe 30 - 19 SPHEROS SW - 21 COMPLEX XR - 17 COMPLEX CI4+ - 13 COMPLEX CI4+ - 10 COMPLEX CI4 - 13-14 AR-C AERO CI4+ - 炎月-ENGETSU - 18 CARDIFF CI4+ - 12 CARDIFF CI4+ - CARDIFF AREA - BB-X 10-09 TECHNIUM Mg - BB-X 06 TECHNIUM Mg - BB-X 12 Remare - BB-X 06 尾長スペシャル-Onaga SP - BB-X 13-14 HYPER FORCE - BB-X 08-10 HYPER FORCE Mg - BB-X 16 DESPINA - BB-X 11 DESPINA - BB-X 16 Larissa - BB-X 11 Larissa
  8. ***This is a banned member - do not do business with them on any platform for any reason ****
  9. Brand New Saragosa 8000, with 50lb power pro. $245 shipped PayPal FF
  10. Thinning out some of the backup reels I won't be needing. Up for sale is a brand new Shimano Spheros SWA 8000PG (This is the latest model.) Price: $140 shipped
  11. Like new, never used. Comes with box and everything included from the original purchase, reel was taken out of box and that's it, no longer in need of it. Not a single blemish on it. Great size for tog, seabass, fluke, striper. I can grab better pics outside when its nicer out. $175 Shipped Located in RI if local. Specs: Gear Ratio: Inches Per Handle Turn: 38" Mono Capacity: 12/440, 14/340, 16/285 Braid Capacity: 40/390, 50/330, 65/240 Max Drag: 24lb Bearings: 3+1 Weight: 15.5oz
  12. Selling a used, good condition 5K Saragosa SWA. 8/10, no box/papers, not been serviced. $210 shipped.
  13. Thinning out the reel collection. Up for sale is one of my backup gold Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000. Not boat fishing as much so letting this one go too. This is the Japanese version of the Shimano Trinidad 16. It is in great condition. No box, reel only. Great for any sort of jigging. Price: $250 Shipped
  14. Looking to sell the below gear... Cash, Venmo, or Zelle as payment. Shimano TLD-15 Lever Drag Reel (7.5-8.0 cosmetic - surface scratches on housing see pic but performs perfectly) loaded with 65lb braid ($85.00 shipped) Used once Like New/Excellent Condition - 6.5ft Penn Rampage Rod model# RAMBW2050CC66 ($50.00 picked up) Asking $125.00 for the combo located CNJ, local meet up only
  15. So I own a few Stella’s 2- 20k and 1-30k, love and trust them. Wouldn’t trade them for any other reel. Now, I have not fished with one, but I have got my hands on the TP’s a few times. They are unbelievably smooth and have nearly identical drag ratings to the Stella. Obviously not made in all the sizes as the Stella is. Can anyone actually tell me in detail what the actual differences between the two are, other than color, the name, and the sizes they come in? For 1/2 the price, if you’re in the market for a reel in the sizes offered for the TP and the Stella, why choose a Stella other than the name? Again, Stella owner here. Have also owned Saltiga’s.
  16. Have a Brand new in box Shimano Twin Power 6000 USA purchase. Has XL Smooth casting 14lb on the spool. $469 PayPal F&F (Firm price!) I will cover USPS Priority Mail Insured. Thanks for looking!
  17. I've been eyeing the Shimano TOR14HGA Torium Star Drag Conventional Reel for surf fishing. I have an old Shimano Calcutta (No level wind) that has worked very well for a lot of years and I thought I might look at their current offerings. Thoughts are appreciated.
  18. I have a Stella that I need out to service the drag. I have a few of these and it’s the first time I felt the need to send one to Shimano. Certainly thought better than to send during holiday. I can insure the package TO Shimano, I have concerns getting my reel back. Anyone have any issues with the Shimano Service?? I’m in NY and believe there are 2 service centers. Is one better than the other? TIA - Andrew
  19. Selling my Stradic 5000XG , used once. In 10/10 condition and comes with the box . Just looking to upgrade to a bigger size reel. Paid $239 asking $175 .
  20. (2) Star Handcrafted 6'6" 30-50# roller stripper and tip with single speed TLD 25’s loaded with 40# momoi and 80# wind ons. The reels have upgraded carbon fiber drag washers and power handles. The rods have intact foam grips and an Aluminum gimbal butt. These were used for school bluefin tuna trolling south of Block Island for two seasons and caught fish up to 65” and 150lbs. The length makes them ideal for trolling in the long rigger position out of a gunnel rod holder on a smaller boat without outriggers pulling narrow side trackers. (2) Star Handcrafted 5'9” 16-30# roller stripper and tip with single speed TLD 25’s loaded with 40# momoi and 60# wind ons. The rods have intact foam grips and an Aluminum gimbal. These were used for striped bass trolling umbrellas, T-man tubes, mojos, and large soft plastics. (3) Okuma Custom Black 6'6" 20-40# with Okuma SLX20 reels. These combos are made exclusively for West Marine and retail for $150ish now. If I remember correctly, they were well above $200 when I purchased them. Two are loaded with 30# Berkeley Big Game, the other is empty. These were bought for mahi trolling but are unfished. One setup has been on a few boat rides. I am asking $900 for the entire package, or $700 for the four Star combos and $300 for the Okumas. I will entertain reasonable offers. I would prefer local pickup, but shipping can be arranged in the CONUS. These would outfit a boat nicely for inshore and light offshore trolling. Thank you for your consideration and Happy Holidays.
  21. Selling a used, great condition Saragosa SWA 5000XG. Fished frequently, (since release of new model) but always rinsed/cleaned regularly, undunked. Has not been serviced, but spins smoothly. Some amount of cosmetic wear/tear, shown in pictures below. No box/papers. Also selling two SWA 6000HG spools, used sparingly, very clean, no wear/tear. Take the reel for $220 shipped, $200 pickup (20794). Spools for $85 shipped, $70 pickup. *SOLD* Take it all for $300 shipped, $265 pickup.
  22. Only used 3-4 times on my boat. The reel is like new . I have 2 of these and would like to trade for another Stella SW 10K-20K size, 2013 model or newer. Or maybe a Saltiga. I need a larger reel, more capacity and drag. Only mark I can find on the reel is a tiny mark on the base of the spool where it looks like a nick from a razor or something when putting the line on. Comes with box, bag, shims, and line cover.
  23. Selling a used Saragosa 18000F in good working condition, just doesn't get enough use. It's spooled with 80lb powerpro. $180 TYD via paypal. Mike
  24. Hey Everyone, Recently had some issues with one of my reels and am looking to replace it. Searching for a Shimano Stradic in the 1000 size. Not too worried about which generation, just more so curious about what everyone has to offer. Not really looking for anything new since I am trying to save some money purchasing used. Thanks in advance, Salty
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