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Found 310 results

  1. Two Shimano Stradic 5000 FJ spare spools. Lined with Berkeley X9 30 lb braid. Line on both still has some life, but selling just as spare spools. $ 30.00 each or two for $50.00
  2. Try to reassemble my Tranx 301A. This was not a full breakdown, just took it down to removing the handle/drag star/4 frame screws etc to take a look at the inside and apply some grease to the main gear. Anyway, once I get to reassembling the drag star, I'm running into the issue of my drag star also seeming to tighten/roughen up the cranking of the handle. It is progressive... fully disengaged drag = brand new reel smooth...fully tightened drag = barely a full rotation if I tap the handle and a very rough sensation/vibration of the reel in hand. Have watched and rewatched @scoobydoo 's video several as I am assembling and disassembling, I am pretty sure I have everything oriented correctly, but obviously something is off (the video is extremely helpful and detailed, I am just screwing up something). Any input would be very helpful as I am not even sure what to check at this point. My newbie guess as to what the issue is has something to do with the initial hand tightening of the tension nut and/or how it is making contact with the washer that sits between the nut/sleeve.
  3. CMS Built Rainshadow SW 1208 AND Shimano Saragosa 10k combo. Reel just returned from Shimano service. New 50# super slick. $450 obo
  4. Been dealing with some back issues so looks like my kayak fishing is on hold for a bit. Looking to put together surf fishing spinning outfit. Interested in the following reels: Penn Spinfisher vi 4500 Shimano spheros 6000 daiwa bg 4000 looking for 9 ft 1-4 oz rod to pair with it. Looking to stay under $120 on the rod. Located in Philadelphia area. Let me know if you got anything that fits the bill.
  5. Would like to find a new home for these lures. Shimano Orca 145mm brand new $17 shipped Rapala X-Rap Long Cast 5.5” 54g brand new $17 shipped Yo Zuri 3D Magnum (140mm, trolls 12-18’). Has been in the water 1-2x. $13.00 shipped. happy to combine Shimano and Rapala for $30 shipped, plus yo Zuri for $40 shipped, etc.
  6. Hey everyone, I just purchased a 2020 Shimano Saragosa 14,000 and the screw that is in the handle that attaches the handle to the reel has a small bit of movement. It causes the handle to move a small amount and is noticeable when attached to the reel. It will still probably work fine, but is more annoying than anything else. Does anyone else who has a 2020 Saragosa have any experience with this?
  7. After moving to Florida last year, I went on a couple of boat trips and got schooled on Talica 8. I bought the Talica 12 to put heavier test and more line. However, I found out over time that most of the big catches are sharks, which I really don't like to catch. So now, I am using lighter reels with lighter lines to target snappers. Talica 12II is beautiful, but I don't use it much. I took it out on only 2-3 outings. It has very minor scratches on the side plate and some scruff marks that you can see in the picture. I just spent 15 minutes looking for the box, papers, and the clamp, but couldn't find it. It's spooled with 80 lb Sufix 432 with 80 lb Yo-Zuri Pink Fluoro. It could be 60 lb Fluoro leader, but I'm not 100% sure. I am asking for $420 shipped with insurance. I take Paypal.
  8. Looking for a left hand 300 size Shimano or Daiwa baitcaster. Let me know what's out there!
  9. I was just wondering how many of the tradition round reel anglers are using the round baitcasters? Not meaning of the conventional surf casters like 525 mag, fathom etc. I am speaking of the round counter parts to the low pros like Lexa HD, Tranx, Komodo in the 300-400 series Sizes. Reels such as the Calcutta Conquest, Ryoga, Luna etc. I saw quite a few low pro baitcasters spiked at the surf and used from piers bridges and walls at canal and river outlets on my fishing trip to Florida a few weeks ago. Still overwhelmingly spinners as expected. On my Stradic FL 3k, I caught some nice slot red, huge amount of sheepshead with a good nunber of the latter 20"+. Struck out on pompano; think I was a bit early. The typical amount of blues, whiting , ladyfish......and a stupid ungodly amount of sw catfish grrrr. I know a number of people are running the lexa hd from shore & boat. Saw a Zillion TW HD on a boat inshore pulled in a huge bull Snook had to be 25lb+ from the look of it. Saw a Luna 300 as well as a couple of Calcuttas, which caught my attention. Made me wonder if any on here were running the round bc. I am seriously considering a Calcutta Conquest in the 200 or 300 series as a dual role salt protected waters slot reds and striper, tautogs, trout, flounder etc inshore and fresh bass, pike, snakehead, catfish. So anyone, on here, using these round baitcast reels in the 300-400 range in saltwater; boat or shore? Specifically Calcutta or Luna? Any thoughts or input on using them in these fishing scenarios?
  10. Bought a new Vanford 4000 and it has a lot of slack in the spool. Spool actually tilts when cranking or using the drag. I'm hoping to use 15lb Invisibraid but I don't know if it can handle it. Is this going to cause problems if a large fish is on? Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. I’ve taken the new Twin Power 5000FD out a few times now and have been very happy with it so far. I haven’t caught any slot sized fish yet but for the schoolies it’s been a lot of fun to play with. It’s really light and smooth as hell. I have it in a 9’6” black Hole Suzuki and it fishes all day. My only issue is that the power knob is too small. I might replace it but maybe I’ll get used to it. While I love this little reel, so far I give the nod to a similarly sized Daiwa Certate LT. It’s close for me but the Certate feels more sturdy and smoother. I haven’t seen too many reviews on these so I wanted to get the conversation started. I’ll update this as the season goes.
  12. Looking for a Shimano Tranx 401, left hand retrieve. TRX401A, or the HG model will work. Got one you don't use anymore? Thanks
  13. Old style Shimano jig carrier including: Andrus Bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Spro-bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Point Jude black lure (butterfish) Felmlee rubber eel on ball 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. A-47s A-27s A few other lures/bucktails unknown Carrier case included Note: Weights are approximate Total asking $75. Pick-up only near Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn or Rockaway, Queens. Please reach out for further detail.
  14. new in box vanford c3000. super light .paypal $210 pick up/ meet north NJ or $5 for shipping Willing to meet and trade new ballistic 5000/6000 or vanford 5000
  15. WTB 2020 Shimano Saragosa SW 8000 Spinning Reel
  16. Listing 3 reels, pile is building again and I have some offshore gear I need funding for on the way. 1st is a like new VSX200, only a season old. Function 10/10, Cosmetics 9/10. No marks on the reel but the spool bottom has "surf rash" from sand please see pics. Filled with 300 of 40# SSv2 (Never registered, comes with box and papers can't find bag) Asking $650 shipped 2nd is a BNIB Stella 6000SWC. Picked this one up at the end of last season, been sitting in the box under my desk. Literally new (bigger Saltiga replacing it). $700 shipped --SOLD Last is a reel I know nothing about a Curado 201HG (left hand retrieve?). I won this at a fishing event, rarely fish fresh water but when I do I reel with my right hand. $80 takes it --SOLD Please see all pics. No trades at the moment thanks
  17. Looking to get a couple older model reels serviced that are no longer done by Shimano, any recommendations within 30ish miles of Boston? Thanks!
  18. WTS used Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 4000 FB, listing for a friend 8/10 cosmetically and mechanically, used for a season in the salt so it could potentially use a cleaning/servicing but still works great. No box/paperwork $150 shipped PayPal
  19. Shimano Curado 200 HG on a Fitzgerald Vursa. 7’0 MH. 1/4-3/4 oz. Both the rod and the reel are 9.5/10 mechanically. A couple of very small surface scratches on the side plate. I would rate them 8-9/10 cosmetically. Either 15 or 20 lb power pro. Have box. Right hand retrieve. $210 shipped Halo Daylite 7’3” M. 1/4-3/4 oz. Shimano 150 SLX. The reel is spooled with mono and I don’t think I hardly ever used it. Practically brand new. The rod has a few very light scratches. No box. Right hand retrieve. $165 shipped After lots of experimenting, I have decided to stick to Lews. Not coordinated enough to have different kinds.
  20. Stradic 2500 HG FK w/OEM 3000 FK handle. Super clean, cosmetically and mechanically. Comes with box and papers. $135 shipped. Venmo or Paypal.
  21. Looking to purchase at least one of each. Only looking for FL Let me know if you have either. Paypal ready to go or pickup within reasonable distance in CT (I'm in Fairfield County).
  22. I'm looking to get a reel to pair with my Duckett inshore series 7' Med power Mod fast rod. I have it narrowed down to the Stradic FL 5000 or the Vanford 5000. Right now I like the stradic fl more only because the color matches the reel better, lol. Seriously, what's the difference between the 2? It seems that the Stradic might be a little more durable? It's mostly used for smaller stripers, until the Albies show up on Cape Cod. Then it gets a workout!
  23. Hey everyone, I am looking to purchase a Shimano Stradic in the size range 2500-3000. I own many Stradics in both the regular and Ci4+ series and love them all. Only really asking that the reel be in pretty good condition. Nothing against the reel being somewhat new or new, just not trying to spend a ton of money. This is going to be used for a backup rod that will be fished pretty consistently. Thanks so much in advance everyone! Salty
  24. So... With three kids at home and toys taking over the house, my wife made a rule. "One thing in, one thing out." Unfortunately, my toys are included. I just bought a Certate LT from the BST forum, so now I'm selling my reels. I'm two up'ping my wife and selling three reels as a bundle. Please read through for conditions on them. They are not perfect. I'm the original owner and I always rinsed my reels using freshwater after fishing. You may want to apply grease/oil. I just wiped them off with Penn reel cleaner and so some pictures show "rainbow" colors. Stradic sold. Selling Ballistics as a bundle. $320 shipped for two Ballistics. I take Paypal. 1. Daiwa Ballistic EX 4000 (BLS-EX4000H) Retail $210 - Bought from Cabela's. Spooled with 40 lb SpiderWire braid. Cosmetically 8/10. There are some visible scratches (see pics). Functionally 9/10. I honestly can't say anything bad about the reel. Knocking off a point because it's not new. 2. Daiwa Ballistic LT 6000 (BLSLT6000D-C) Retail $250 - Bought new from ebay. Spooled with 40 lb Power Pro. Cosmetically 8.5/10. See pic for minor scratches. Functionally 8/10. Drag is smooth and the reel itself is smooth, but I think line roller needs oil. Last time I used it, I heard some noise, but at home, I couldn't reproduce it. Knocking off 2 points because I couldn't figure out where the noise was coming from. As I said, reeling in felt smooth and drag was smooth when I was working a big Crevalle Jack. 3. (Sold) Shimano Stradic FK (ST4000XGFK) Retail - Retail $210 - Bought from Amazon. Spooled with 30 lb Power Pro. Cosmetically 7/10. See pic for scratches. Functionally 5/10. Drag works fine and the reel itself works without a problem. However, it feels geary now. It started to feel geary two trips ago. I downgraded the reel to 'family and friends' use, but decided to throw it in the bundle. You can probably replace the main gears (if that's what's making it geary) or just use it as a spare for friends and family. I personally think that it has a lot of mileage left in it. Total retail: $670. I actually paid close to retail on all of the reels, if not more - couldn't find discounts at the time. Even on ebay, I paid close to retail. Now the pics...
  25. F/S shimano twinpower SW6000PG with 30lb suffix 832 coastal camo, Gomexus knob, original knob, Box and all shims never dunked used less than 5 hours. I purchased last year new unopened from someone that had it in the closet. $300.00. StCroix legend surf 10’ 1-4 older model so it has been used. $200.00 will ship, PayPal.