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Found 17 results

  1. Well, pleasant suprise for me! They're here in Western Mass guys. Been seeing these guys jump around for about a week now. Got 2 last night, and 3 this am.. I love it because the Stripers are right behind them!! Woo hoo April 4th is the earliest I've caught these. Love the fight. Fun as always.
  2. Dropped by the Weldon boat ramp at lunch to get the status. Folks were hooked up constantly. I need a sinking line asap. I fooled 2 on a chartreuse lead eye dart. 9wt maverick maybe a touch overkill… excuse the death grip fish photo, she bucked as I took the shot and flipped back into the water.
  3. Hey all, doing a research project on shad migration patterns and seeing if there has been any change in when they run as a result of increasing temperatures. If anyone at all has the free time to answer these questions I would be eternally grateful. (For all questions present if you have heard anything from people who have been fishing there you're more than welcome to include that knowledge in your own experience.) (Also state where generally you fish or fished on the Connecticut river) How long have you been fishing in general? How long have you been fishing along the Connecticut river for American Shad? How has the landscape surrounding the river changed in your time fishing along the river? Have you seen any noticeable changes in the height of the river water compared to when you initially began fishing there? If you are able to remember when you initially started fishing for shad on the Connecticut river, has it shifted closer to March or May since then? (If able to give specific dates that is greatly appreciated)? Have you noticed a difference in the amount of fish caught yearly? If so, has it increased or decreased? (If there has been a noticeable decrease) What do you think is the main cause for the decrease in shad populations/catch? (If there has been a noticeable decrease) Have you noticed any ripple effects on either side of the food chain of shad, such as a decrease in striped bass? Thank you all!
  4. Selling a very lightly used Tactical Anglers Assault Pouch (Velcro and interior are perfect, some corrosion on the bottom grommets) and an accompanying lot of lures - 4 new Tsunami Holographic Swim Shad 5” (two in black/purple, two in bunker color), sand eel colored SP minnow (with VMC 2/0 hooks upgraded from factory hooks), Tsunami Holographic Sand Eel, and 3/4oz metal spoon. $45 shipped.
  5. I'm on vacation on the Vineyard this week. I was fishing up-island Monday morning from about 1:00 a.m. to sunrise. There was a nice light wind blowing directly into the beach. About 2 hours into the incoming tide the bite turned on. I was catching stripers that were progressively getting bigger when my needlefish got slammed. A 26" striper was the biggest one at this point. As I reeled in the fish I thought it would easily be a slot fish but hopefully not over. When I beached it I discovered I hooked a tank of a blue fish at 31", and guesstimated at about 12lbs. That was the big fish of the night. A blurple needlefish was the hot lure on the cloudy, dark night. As sunrise approached birds started to show up and there was a lot of fish activity in the water. However they weren't stripers. I put in a 5/8 oz silver Hogy epoxy then proceeded to catch shad like crazy. They were fun to catch. I was getting multiple hits on every cast. The shad were also putting on great aerial shows as they tried to throw my hook. They were mostly about 12"-14" big. Unfortunately I was traveling lightly that night. I didn't have any bait hooks so I could use a small shad as bait to see if any big fish were on them. I also left the box with my sebile magic swimmers in the car.
  6. Saw her yesterday morning (Stamford) can't tell if it's bunker or shad. I didn't think bunker arrived this early.
  7. Want to sell. Everything on the 2 left sheets of paper are new, plus the 7 white shads on the top left. Most others are used, so they would need superglue to stay on the hook. Bag of new 4" gotcha grubs has about 15 in there. All the rigged plastics are in good shape, or like new. Jig strips container has 6" strait and 6" eel tails. Pics show some details. Will ship in baggies and divide based on condition and color. Asking $45 shipped. Shads are 6" for reference.
  8. Been catching lots of 15” Shads (I think they are Shad as per guy on beach) even doubled up today with 2oz diamond jig and white teaser. Should I be cutting these up and using as bait for big Stripers? Bait whole with circle hook? Toss them back.
  9. Hello all, this is my 1st post here on Stripers Online. Intro- New to the forum, not new to fishing. I live in CT and have been fishing since I was 8 years old (now 34). I'd consider myself an amateur fisherman. More knowledgeable than your average joe, but not even close to a pro by any means. My greatest experience of all comes from American Shad fishing. Been fishing most seasons along the Farmington and CT river. I just started fishing again this year (thanks Covid19) after not going the past 5 years (life priorities). Reasons for my post (few things) I'd like to make some friends with some locals. It sucks when your friends aren't as passionate about fishing :(. I am itching to go fish for stripers and blues from the surf and really WANT a Van Staal VSB 150 (bailed), and according to the rules I need at least 7 posts. The last time I fished for stripers was in RI along the breachways using diamond jigs, but mostly caught bluefish (actually all of them were bluefish). I love the fight of the bluefish, but want to catch some bass. I left all my fishing gear when I left RI (breakup with fiance) so I am restarting my fishing tackle collection. Anyway, here are a few pics of some shad my dad landed the first time we went out this spring (in the first 30 min of fishing!) 3/4oz weight with a red/white willow leaf
  10. Ive always wanted to fly fish for shad but I don't know the rig to do it. Im looking for something for the Connecticut River and its tributary's.
  11. I use 75 lb TA clips for most of my striper fishing, but they don't fit through the hook eyes on my small jigs and soft plastics. I'm looking for the following with eyes that can fit a 75 lb TA clip comfortably: 1. 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz bucktail heads (i like to wrap my own) 2. 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 screw lock hooks for small soft plastics like albie snax and flukes 3. 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz jig heads for various soft plastics like shad bodies and fin-s fish If anyone has found examples that work, I'd be greatly appreciative of your input. I'd like suggestions that aren't to costly if possible. *I'm not interested in suggestions for 50 lb TA Clips.
  12. So with the 2020 Shad season approaching I figured i would start a topic to help keep us all informed on their arrival. Im thinking we will have an earlier run this year. Hopefully we will see the first shad caught first week of April. what do you guys think?
  13. 5) 1.5 and 2oz rigged shads with 6” shad 5pack chart/silver flake $15 5 magic bucktails 3oz canal style sand eel and herring color with flash $20 7 lot total al gag, bill Hurley, bkd. 2oz and 4oz in lot. $25
  14. Lightly used flatlander hardly a mark on it. Bag is dedicated bucktail/shad pouch. Approximate interior dimensions are 4" high - 3" wide - 9" long. Has belt loops on back. $120 shipped PayPal.
  15. Has anyone noticed a strange abundance of shad this year? I have been fishing for 10 years so by no means do I have a ton of experience but I’ve been catching shad for months off of the ocean beaches on diamond jigs which I would have always imagined to be too big to catch them on. They also seem aggressive. With that many baitfish around it’s surprising to me that not much else is happening currently. Just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts.
  16. Went out to a Local tidal river yesterday and was greeted by some awesome shad fishing, Herring were also super thick to the point that at dead low they were spooking themselves out of the water almost like they were being chased. I have heard many claims from a few individuals and a tackle shop that stripers are here in very small numbers but I watched many people try for what would have been the first striper I have seen this year on a wide variety of baits and lures from bloodworms to sp minnows and even live herring with 0 success. I did see a guy who swore to me he was getting hits from 28 inch fish pull in a 2 foot eel after losing a whole box of blood worms but thats as close as I've come.. Anyone else claim their first fish up in Maine yet? Also can anyone give insight on this years regs regarding Herring/Alewife
  17. Lately I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos and articles online about people in the New York area catching herring, shad, and mackerel around this time of year off the beaches. This has got me interesting in fishing for them around Cape Cod during the winter. During the spring, summer and early fall I catch plenty of hickory shad and mackerel out of an inlet I fish in Cape Cod Bay. So I’m wondering is it possible to still catch them in these areas during the winter or do they move to different areas. I can fish in the harbor or off the jetties in order to access deeper water (20-30 feet) Is this a fishing opportunity strictly available to the waters around New York or is it possible to target these species during the winter around the Cape? Any experience, tips, pictures or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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