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Found 39 results

  1. Wtt my big rock spoon lip for a Sebile stick shadd in fast sinking. Looking for the ghotescent/white color, 7 1/4” preferably but the 6 1/4” works too!
  2. Getting rid of a big salt lot, last few seasons i have focused on freshwater. I hate to see these collect dust in the garage. Looking to get 500 for everything. Cash or paypal, i am located in RI.
  3. Looking to trade plugs or cash for some 152 FL bull minnows. They are the floating version. New is preferred but used will be entertained. I am looking to do some hand carves on this body style. From what I hear most guys never liked em, but I just want to work on something different in the off season. Please list what plugs would interest you in a trade. (No customs, BM, SS, or Gary2) Happy holidays to all! RC
  4. Lot of larger plugs for sale. Includes two 9 inch magic swimmers, rm Smith troller, two 10 inch darters, Gibbs mack pencil, striper maniac needle, creek chub pikie, northbar bottledarter, sp minnow,, and 10 inch metal lip. Hooks and hardware need replacing on some of them. Asking $125 shipped. Not splitting thanks!
  5. Selling large lots of lure, mainly canal specific. Flat rate shipping on all orders is $8, orders can be combined. Will ship within 3 biz days of payment. Pease let me know if I missed out on any rules! Linesider 69 6.5" Darters- believe these are the "fat" ones. Carried, never fished. May have a few nicks, etc. $75 for pair. Bullet Head Style Eel Skin Jigs. 3 with short hook 4 oz, 3 with long wire 4.5 oz. All 6 for $30 Fat head Style Eel Skin Jigs. (1) 3.5oz, (3) 4oz, (3) 5oz . All 7 for $35 Super Strike Little Neck Poppers, carried, may have been fished once, look new. 2 3/8 oz $25 for both (SOLD) Super Strike Zig Zag Darters. All 3 new, two custom painted, one blurple. Hooks as shown. $40 (SOLD) Super Strike Little Neck Swimmers, both new but were custom painted. $30 Sebile Magic Swimmer 228's, Gold new, blue fished. Sebile Stick Shadd 7" (believe it's floating) SOLD. These are originals, if it makes a difference. All 3 $35 2 Magic Swimmers $20
  6. Misc Lot - 1 super strike needle (yellow eye), 1 rapala diver, 1 jointed rapala. 2 sebile Bull minnow (new), 1 ocean born pencil (new) and 1 live target trolling bunker crank bait $70 for the lot shipped. Paypal. Thanks John
  7. 6 lure set. 2 small magic swimmer and 1 small stick shad. 3 SP Bullets. 2 looks brand new and 1 used bullet. Total for the set $50 including shipping.
  8. PayPal or cash meet up. RC Lot 1: Five 2 oz chute rigs and squid umbrella rig. $27 shipped (New) Lot 2: Tsunami poppers sand eel tan&chartreuse. 5 inch cigar minnow and X-ray minnow. 4 oz surface striker bone. $35 shipped (New) Lot 3: Two knuckleheads, NOS long A baby striper, one sebile 165 SS golden shiner. $34 shipped (New) Lot 4: three atoms new and used. Two creek chub 1900s Bunker one old stock rebel windcheater Green Mack. $35 shipped (used with new white atom and new creek chub bunker)
  9. WTS new fish lab wacky Mac fish lab 3.5 oz , large and medium sized Sebile shads at 7 and 5 oz and a rubber tail white shad 4oz . All new Entire lot plus shipped, 46$ Shipped
  10. Two plug lots for sale, some light use and some are brand new just out of the package. All plugs have had hardware replaced with hd rings and VMC trebles. Lot 1 17A Bomber Green/Chrome Choppy Mini Needlefish Black(new) Superstrike Littleneck Popper Black/White Gibbs Pro series Pencil Popper Yellow/White 16A Schoolbus Bomber Point Jude Po-jee black Stillwater smack-it popper yellow Northbar Bottle Darter blurple(new) 3 Vision Sand eels $50 Shipped Lot 2 Large Gibbs Needlefish black has white water spots Large rebel windcheater green/white same water spots Large Sebile Stick shad Bunker no hooks (new) Large Yo-zuri mag darter black 16A Bomber Green Mack 2 Vision Sandeels black Med Yo-Zuri Magdarter Green Mack (new) 5" Redfin Black (new) Yellow/Gold Superstrike Darter (new) $60 Shipped
  11. (3) Sebile Slow Sinkers (New) (3) Chub Creek Knuckle Heads (Used) (3) Diawa SP Minnows (Yellow Used, others New) $65 shipped. Thx.
  12. All are Slow Sinking (1) 165mm (6-1/2") (2) 228mm (9") $40 plus $4.95 shipping. Thx.
  13. $85 shipped. Thx.
  14. $80.00 5 New in Box (Older Model) Magic Swimmers~ Slow Sinking~ 9 Inch $80.00 Shipped PP
  15. $30 shipped These are either fast sink or sinking with upgraded hooks (one doesn't have hardware.
  16. WTS 5oz Savage Mac stick and 228 green Mac Sebile 228 both new 39$ Shipped pp
  17. Prices are clearly listed on pictures. Discounts available for multiple lures.
  18. Clearing out some gear, rods are price + actual shipping, everything else the price is shipped. PayPal preferred Located near Reading, PA for rods. 1) Sebile Magic Swimmer, 228, slow sink. 1 LNIB. $20 2) Savage sand eels. $10 SOLD 3) Two Penn Long Beach 65’s, great condition with boxes, wrenches and lube. $35 each 4) Cabo 40 PTS, about 15? years old, line roller was sticking, sent to beavertail reel repair last year for service and haven’t fished since. $40. SOLD 5) Triumph TSRS70M, 7’ medium power, has some very light scratches below first eye. $50 6) Star Rods, Aerial EX510, 6’-9”, 1/2 to 1- 1/2oz. Never fished, small indentation in the Eva grip. $20 7) Star Rods, Stellar Lite,SG1530ISL , 7’-6”, 5/8 - 3oz, cork is a little dark, some small scratches, great rod. $65 8) Two ugly stick casting rods, small eva gouge in butt of one, otherwise good. $10 for both
  19. I’m a big fan of slow sinking magic swimmers (after upgrading the hardware) and own these plugs in a variety of sizes, colors, and weights. However, I find it difficult to get the right action out of the floaters, especially in heavy current or the surf. They seem to easily flip on their side and lose their natural swimming action if the water has any bit of chop to it. How do you effectively fish these? Are they relegated to use in only calm water? I normally fish breachways with heavy current so began loading my floaters up with buckshot to get more use out of them, but have to ask myself if I’m missing something. Opinions? Tips? Sage wisdom?
  20. I have six brand new Sebile magic swimmer, and 8 packs of al gags, 4 green mac and 4 blue mac. I will also throw in a 4oz sand eel. Looking for get $150 shipped or $145 local pickup in RI. I accept paypal.
  21. I recently placed an order directly with Sebile. Several days passed and my order still hadn't shipped, so I sent the company a message via the customer service intake form on their website. I didn't receive a response after another two days, so I sent a follow up inquiry. I've since received my order, but I still have not heard from Sebile. Has anyone ordered directly from Sebile or had any experience with Sebile customer service? I like their products, but this experience (long shipping delay and no response) has really tarnished my opinion of the company. Wondering if this is an isolated experience or if this is their M.O.
  22. I am debating on wether to get an sp minnow in mackerel color or a sandeel color or if I should get a sebile magic swimmer in ghostescent. I am fishing in the southern Maine area so their are lots of pollock that the striped bass are feeding on as well.
  23. Tsunami taking popper xd 5 inch bomber long cast swimmer in mackerel creek chub popper ba donk a donk -walk the dog top water bomber swimmer zara super spook Sebile stik shadd- suspended - original 40$ with shipping. Or meet in person for exchange. I live in Shelton, ct and work in Darien. all plugs except the sebile are lightly used
  24. See below for pricing and details. No breaking lots. The price includes the shipping cost. The numbers below represent the lot numbers on the pictures above I'd prefer that the plastic jigs and bucktails be local pick ups in Boston because they're expensive to ship due to their heavy weights. I'd take $2 off all local pick ups. When I say the lot is yours, please send the PayPal payment to and include the lot number, your name and shipping address. Thank you. The lots marked with a strike-through have been sold. MINNOW $22 DOC MANIA + PENCILS $28 RM Smith waverers $58 WASHED ASHORE DARTERS AND MINNOW $50 Guppies 9" - $40 DRAGSTERS (1 NEW 1 LIKELY NEW) $65 SS BOTTLE NECKS + POLARIS $50 RM SMITH JIGSMITH (LIKELY NEW) $36 RM SMITH DANNY AND PEANUT BUNKER & NEW BI GREEN TSUNAMI TIMBER 6" SWIMMER $45 Left Hook Pencils (2 likely new): $50 TWO 9" SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMER + ONE NEWCANAL PERFECT SWIMMER $45 SEBILE MAGIC SWIMMER (2017 MODEL), CANAL SWIMMER & SHAD $50 Canal Magic Swimmers $33 TSUNAMI TALKIN' POPPERS (1 NEW, 1 LIKELY NEW, 1 USED) $25 BOMBERS AND SP MINNOWS (NEW AND LIKELY NEW) $22 BOMBERS MINNOWS (LIKELY NEW) $22 CANAL SHADS $18 SUPER STRIKE DARTERS $33 METAL LIP SWIMMERS $28 Tsunami Holographic 6.5" Swim Shad $30 Tsunami Swim Shad Heavy 5"$15 Savage Sand Eel Sinking Lure, Mackerel, 7.5" - 3.5oz + Two plastic jigs $13 $12 Savage Sand Eel Sinking Lure, Mackerel, 8" 5 1/3oz + 2 plastic jigs $15 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $12 $12 $10 $10 $0 $10 $10 $10